Jul 08 07:19

US Issues Visa Restrictions on Chinese Officials Over Tibetan Access

The US Department of State announced on Tuesday it had imposed visa restrictions on Chinese officials deemed to be responsible for Beijing's policies controlling foreigners' access to the Tibet Autonomous Region.

"Beijing has continued systematically to obstruct travel to the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) and other Tibetan areas by US diplomats and other officials, journalists, and tourists, while PRC [People's Republic of China] officials and other citizens enjoy far greater access to the United States," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in the statement.

Jul 08 07:16


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a recent video conference suggested that the US might move some of its troops from Germany to the region around India, citing growing US security concerns in the Asian region.

Jul 08 05:16

China derides US move to place Chinese flags at empty seats in nuclear talks with Russia

China says a move by the United States to place Chinese flags at a table of nuclear arms control negotiations with Russia was an act of “performance art.”

China had said it would not be participating in the talks because the US, under President Donald Trump, had unilaterally withdrawn from international treaty after international treaty.

The negotiations in question were on the replacement of New START, a nuclear arms treaty between the US and Russia that would expire next February and that has nothing to do with China. Washington had invited Beijing nevertheless and had been planning to portray the Chinese government’s refusal to participate as a sign of Beijing’s reluctance to take part in any arms control treaty.

Jul 07 08:07

China Touts "Aircraft Carrier Killer" Missiles As US Supercarriers Operate In South China Sea

China has slammed what it calls the United States flexing its muscles in the South China Sea to try to provoke tensions and conflict among countries of the region. But the Pentagon has called the maneuvers by two supercarriers sent to the region days ago, namely the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz, an act of standing up “for the right of all nations to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows” and further as a “symbol of resolve”.

Each carrier has 90 or more aircraft and about 6,000 personnel, making it a significant display of force off China's coast. Given this, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is said to be tracking their movements closely, with Chinese vessels said to be within eyesight of the US carriers.

The carriers have been conducting flight drills since exercises commenced on July 4. Nimitz commander Rear Admiral James Kirk told reporters in a telephone interview: “They have seen us and we have seen them” - in reference to a nearby Chinese flotilla.

Jul 07 07:30

China Pulls Back From One Disputed Border, Makes New Claims on Another

China and India began pulling back troops from the site of a deadly border clash, as Beijing opened another front in the region’s territorial disputes with a new claim in nearby Bhutan.

Chinese and Indian troops both started to withdraw from some friction points in disputed areas along the two countries’ Himalayan border, Indian security officials said Monday, following talks between senior diplomats and military commanders to calm tensions.


Jul 07 06:57

China & India pull troops away, set up ‘buffer zone’ in Himalayas weeks after bloody border clash – reports

China and India have moved their soldiers away from the site of a deadly June skirmish along the disputed border in the Himalayas, reports say. The news comes a day after senior officials agreed to expedite mutual disengagement.

Chinese soldiers have moved their tents and other structures away from the site of the bloody melee in the Galwan River valley that took place last month, Indian media reported, citing official sources. Indian troops are said to have pulled back as well, and a buffer zone was set up between the soldiers from both sides.

Indian military sources told AFP that that the disengagement of the Chinese troops began in accordance with the agreement reached during talks between high-ranking army officials from both countries.

Jul 07 06:54

Suspected case of BUBONIC PLAGUE registered in China, days after Mongolian outbreak

A suspected case of bubonic plague has been registered in China’s north, according to local health authorities. The news comes after two similar cases were detected in neighboring Mongolia.

The case was registered at a hospital in China’s Inner Mongolia region, its health commission said in a statement on Sunday.

This prompted a third-level warning of a potential epidemic in the region. The alert comes into force immediately and will be in place until the end of this year. It’s believed the patient in question is suffering from the bubonic form, which causes swollen lymph nodes, and is considered to be the most easily treated variant of the disease.

Jul 07 06:47

China Could Invade Taiwan's 'Oil Island'

Jul 07 06:36

Trump mulls executive orders on China, manufacturing, immigration: Aide

US President Donald Trump is purportedly considering several executive orders targeting China as well as manufacturing and immigration, amid heightening tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, broke the news at a press briefing on Monday, declining to provide further details.

"It's dealing with a number of executive orders that may go all the way from dealing with some of the immigration issues that we have before us, to some of the manufacturing and jobs issues that are before us, and ultimately dealing with China, in what we need to do there in terms of resetting that balance," Meadows said.

Jul 06 06:31

Nightmare in New York: How Covid-19, BLM protests and a liberal mayor are turning the city into a no-go zone as murders skyrocket, shops are looted and 500,000 middle-class residents flee

Two bullet-ridden bodies lay sprawled on bloodstained concrete steps. Alongside, relatives of the victims are wailing and collapse to the ground. In another part of the city, a gang of youths use spray paint to disable security cameras before robbing a corner store. Later, video footage captures police officers sitting helplessly in their patrol car as a baying crowd hurls glass bottles at them.

This is lawless New York – a city that was once America’s glittering crown jewel but which risks descending into mob rule.

Murder figures have skyrocketed and a combination of the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and weak political leadership is in danger of achieving what Osama Bin Laden never could: bringing the Big Apple to its knees.

Jul 06 06:30

State Dept Warns Top US Firms To Replace Supply Chains Exposed To China's Xinjiang

Now that the Senate has joined the House in its condemnation of China's National Security Law, and on Thursday passed by unanimous consent a bipartisan bill to impose sanctions on Chinese officials who threaten Hong Kong’s limited autonomy, as well as the banks and firms that do business with them, we eagerly await when (and perhaps, if) Trump will sign the legislation into law (according to a WSJ report from Thursday, the White House hasn’t responded to a request for comment over whether the president will support the bill).

And since it is unlikely that Trump will object to the veto-proof law - after all, the last thing he wants is to be seen as easy on China ahead of the election - on Friday, the State Department warned top American companies including Walmart, Apple and Amazon over risks faced from maintaining supply chains associated with human rights abuses in China’s western Xinjiang region, according to a letter seen by Reuters on Thursday.

Jul 05 06:26

US Expands Remote Pacific Military Base Amid Regional Standoff With China: Report

In late June, a Chinese government think tank warned of a possible military conflict due to the US military’s "unprecedented" deployment to the Asia-Pacific region.

War Zone has reported about "substantial improvements" to the secretive US military base on Wake Island, described by the news outlet as “America's remote outpost deep in the Pacific”.

“The major expansions to the [Wake Island] airfield began early this year and are still underway today”, War Zone said, referring to new satellite imagery that it obtained from the private American imaging company Planet Labs.
The improvements include a large apron expansion on the eastern side of the airfield, construction in the support area to the north, and a complete rebuilding of the runway.

War Zone editor Tyler Rogoway pointed to Wake Island’s “key fallback position” in case of a possible armed conflict with China, which he said would almost certainly affect a key US naval base on the island of Guam.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Throwing the defy at China in this manner is not calculated to ratchet down tensions, but to exacerbate them; President Trump needs to understand just what a dangerous game he is playing right now, with these exercises.

Jul 05 06:10

2 Aircraft Carriers Lead 'Show Of Strength' In South China Sea As Navarro Slams Beijing For "Spreading The Virus"

On the eve of Independence Day, the White House is once again stoking tensions with Beijing, as President Trump continues to embrace aggressive rhetoric toward China as a key campaign issue that (he hopes) will help bring out more Trump voters worried about Biden and/or members of his family's dubious business ties to China and Ukraine.

The exercise will involve the two carriers as well as 4 other warships along with round-the-clock fights and missions.

The news comes as Peter Navarro, who has seemingly been relegated back to a supply closet office in the West Wing now that the trade deal is dead in the water, has apparently been let out of his cage long enough to rant about Beijing and the CCP leadership's unforgivable failure to contain the coronavirus.

Perhaps it's because China has seemingly been on a agricultural commodity buying spree in Latin America?

Jul 03 05:12

China won’t sit idle if UK citizenship offer to Hong Kong proceeds, says ‘days of colonial rule’ are gone

Beijing has warned that it won’t stand back and watch the UK grant citizenship to millions of Hong Kongers. If China’s opposition to the move isn’t heard, some “corresponding measures” will come into play.

PM Boris Johnson said earlier on Wednesday that if China pursues hotly-debated national security laws in Hong Kong, millions of its residents will be eligible for the British National Overseas (BNO) passport.

Jul 03 05:11

Why US sees escalating Sino-Indian border dispute as great opportunity to pile pressure on the Chinese

The United States has strongly backed New Delhi as tension rises between India and China amid stalled border talks. But Washington has its own motives for encouraging aggressive action from the Indians.

Following a bloody confrontation between Indian and Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh on June 15, attempts to reduce tensions by the two sides seem to have reached a deadlock, even though a broad “consensus to disengage” has been reported.

Little else is known of the ongoing military or diplomatic talks as troops from the two countries stand face to face along at least four points on the disputed 3,500-kilometer Line of Actual Control or LAC – Pangong Tso, Galwan Valley, Hot Spring and Depsang.

What is clear, though, is that the United States is taking a keen interest in events. As tensions between India and China escalate, the Americans have very publicly given their backing to the Indians.

Jul 03 03:52


Jul 01 23:25

'Stop interfering in our affairs': China's warning to New Zealand after Winston Peters criticises security law

China has warned New Zealand to stay out of its business after Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters criticised its new security law.

It comes as governments in the United Kingdom and Australia are considering giving Hong Kong citizens safe haven, with Peters not ruling out the same consideration here.

Yesterday Peters expressed his "deep disappointment" in the new legislation which criminalises secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces in Hong Kong.

It also essentially shuts down protest action and freedom of speech. Hundreds have been arrested since its introduction on Tuesday.

*Funny enough, our Labour & Green Govt has said nothing, just the supporting party, NZ First.... Communists must stick together I suppose.*

Jul 01 07:05


Hong Kong Sprays Rioters With Indelible Blue Dye. Hey America – wake up, this is a way to I.D. rioters and arrest them at your convenience, and there’ll be no resistance.

Jul 01 06:33

Delisting Chinese Firms from US Exchanges. “Risks of Military Confrontation”… Destabilization of Capital Markets?

US anti-China legislation dates from the mid-19th century, including measures to prohibit or limit emigration of its nationals to America.

Today, US war on China by other means rages with no end of it in prospect, things worsening, not improving, a situation fraught with dangers.

Jul 01 06:29

India-Japan naval exercises: a message for China?

Joint exercises by the Indian and Japanese navies in the Indian Ocean at the weekend suggest the two countries are drawing closer to face what they perceive as a common threat from China, analysts say.

While joint military exercises involving the two countries are not uncommon, the latest activity comes amid tensions both are experiencing with Beijing.
Indian and Chinese troops remain locked in a face-off along the disputed Himalayan border where 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a recent clash with their Chinese counterparts, while Japan and China are locked in a war of words over a Japanese move to change the administrative status of the Senkaku Islands, which China claims and refers to as the Diaoyu Islands.

Jun 30 08:26

India Deploys 'Quick Reaction' Anti-Air Missiles To Border While China Warns Of "Prolonged Standoff"

The India-China row in the disputed Ladakh border region isn't over, despite military leaders on both sides last week announcing a cooling and deescalation after the June 15 Galwan Valley clash which left 20 Indian troops dead and an untold number of PLA casualties.

Both sides continue military build-up in the area, despite delegations planning to meet for a third time on Tuesday to attempt a diplomatic way forward and reestablish escalation avoidance mechanisms.

China reportedly has tank and heavy artillery units there, based on satellite images which grabbed headlines days ago, while by the weekend India reportedly deployed quick reaction surface-to-air missile defense systems known as the Akash anti-air system into the northern Himalayan region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I see such a surge toward war on this planet, that it is almost overwhelming to contemplate; to the readers of this blog, and the listeners to Mike's radio show, at the risk of sounding like Mrs. Chicken Little of Indiana, PLEASE, make sure you are prepared to keep yourselves and your families as safe as possible, during these very disturbing times.

Jun 30 07:49

Chinese President Xi Signs National Security Law For Hong Kong

China's top legislative body passed, and president Xi signed, a new controversial law for Hong Kong that would allow authorities to crack down on pro-democracy protesters and "foreign forces" who attempt to destabilize the semi-autonomous region, reported Reuters. The National People's Congress Standing Committee swiftly approved the landmark national security law on Tuesday, signaling Communist Party leader Xi Jinping's desire to seize more control to squash pro-democracy protests in the city to stop subversion, terrorism, separatism, and collusion with external forces.

Jun 30 05:56

The cheap, light howitzer China is rolling out in Tibet

China has deployed a new howitzer designed for rugged terrain to its border regions, as tensions mount with India in the aftermath of a deadly clash in the Himalayas earlier this month.

Most of the country’s five military jurisdictions, known as theatre commands, have been equipped with PCL-181 155mm vehicle-mounted howitzers, according to state media reports.

The most recent recipient of the artillery is the Southern Theatre Command’s 75th Group Army headquartered in Kunming, Yunnan province, which took delivery earlier this month.

Jun 30 05:53

US Plans to Break Up China: CIA Funding for Terrorists, Narco-trafficking and Proxies

Nevertheless US efforts to undermine Chinese power have been steadily growing over the past 30 years, in part spurred on by the Soviet Union’s demise in 1991, partially also due to China’s increasing clout.

The well informed Brazilian historian, Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira, wrote that,

“The CIA’s operations sought to do the same to China, as they had done to the Soviet Union during the war in Afghanistan: Fight their enemy via proxies, i.e., through third parties such as terrorist organisations and countries like Turkey, a puppet state that nourishes pan-Turkish and pan-Islamic ideas”. (1)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Instead of toppling foreign governments, the current administration would be much better served by actually taking care of those people who voted them into power 4 years ago, something to which the Trump administration is, apparently, blind and tone-deaf.

Jun 30 05:51

83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal

Yet one market which seemed stubbornly immune to any counterfeiting was that of physical gold in China, which was odd considering that over the past decade China had emerged as the world's biggest counterfeiter of various, mostly industrial metals used to secure bank loans, better known as "ghost collateral", and which adding insult to injury, would frequently be rehypothecated meaning often several banks would have claims to the same (fake) asset.

All that is about to change with the discovery of what may be one of the biggest gold counterfeiting scandal in recent history. And yes, not only does it involve China, but it emerges from a city that has become synonymous for all that is scandalous about China: Wuhan itself.

With that preamble in mind, we introduce readers to Wuhan Kingold Jewelry Inc., a company which as the name implies was founded and operates out of Wuhan, and which describes itself on its website as "A Company with a Golden future."

Jun 30 05:47

No End to Illegal US Sanctions War on Iran

Last week, militantly hostile to Iran Pompeo said the following:

The Trump regime is “clear about our expectations (and) goals (sic).”

“We (demand that) the Islamic Republic of Iran behave like a normal nation (sic).”

“We’re happy to engage in conversations with them when the time is right (sic)…”

“(C)onditions that suggest somehow we give a bunch of money to the Iranians so they can foment terror around the world is simply ludicrous (sic).”

“It’s just not how (the Trump regime) behaves (sic).”

Fact: Intentions of both right wings of the US one-party state are crystal clear — seeking dominance over planet earth, its resources and populations by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives, war by hot and other means its favored strategies.

Fact: Even-handed US engagement with other nations was long ago abandoned. Demanding subservience to its interests replaced it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, to this administration, hard-won, moral negotiations are a completely unknown process with which their members don't want to wrap their brains around, and this administration's actions may put us head-to-head with Russia and China if we invade Iran.

Mr. President; a war against Iran is a really horrific idea; should Russia and China get involved, we may be looking at putting this world into a state which is unrecoverable, due to potential nuclear exchanges.

Jun 29 09:28

China sent martial artists to India border before deadly clash: state media

China reinforced its troops near the Indian border with mountain climbers and martial arts fighters shortly before a deadly clash this month, state media reported.

Jun 29 07:13

Stumbling Towards Catastrophe: The New Cold War With China

With tensions between the US and China at an all-time high, experts warn the two powers are closer to a military confrontation than ever before. A war with China should be unthinkable in Washington since the conflict could be catastrophic to the entire world as the threat of it erupting into a full-blown nuclear war is very real. But with a deteriorating trade relationship, tension over the Covid-19 pandemic, increased US Navy activity in the Pacific, new sanctions aimed at Chinese officials, and hostile rhetoric coming from the Trump administration, the unthinkable is becoming more and more likely.

Jun 27 05:40

Trade War With China: Beware of The Hot War

Jun 25 08:58

India and China reach out to common friend Russia as deadly border conflict still raw

Days after India and China engaged in a bloody border confrontation, Russia, a common strategic partner to each, is this week playing host to the two sides. Can Moscow influence the outcome of their dispute?

The Russia-India-China (RIC) trilateral foreign ministers’ virtual meeting yesterday, hosted by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, was the first time that India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had spoken face-to-face since the recent military confrontation – now in the process of disengaging – along the Line of Actual Control, the de facto India-China boundary.

Reportedly, Jaishankar and Wang had an angry phone exchange just days ago over the border clashes, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed.

Jun 25 08:42

China, India Open New Front of Escalation With Deployment of Heavy Vehicles, Troops in Depsang

New Delhi (Sputnik): The Indian Army on Tuesday announced that it had reached a consensus with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) to disengage from the Galwan Valley and Pangong Tso. Army sources said that the disengagement process started on Wednesday evening.

China has moved thousands of troops, artillery units, and armoured vehicles to a new area of northern Ladakh. Confirming the Chinese deployment, government sources claimed that in addition to troops they have attack helicopters and armoured vehicles to counter any eventuality in the region.

The sources added that for the past two weeks, deployment by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has increased in the region, which is 21 km from an Indian Army post in Depsang and southeast of Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO). Daulat Beg Oldie is very close to the Karakoram Pass separating China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region from Ladakh.

Jun 25 08:37

As 3 US Carriers Patrol Western Pacific, Chinese Analysts Warn US-China Stumbling Toward War

No less than two new separate reports in The South China Morning Post are warning of a coming US-China military conflict, saying the prospect is now higher than ever given that amid a rising number of naval incidents, including a recent near-collision incident, communication channels used for deconfliction have fallen silent.

The observation is based in large part on new studies by China's National Institute for South China Sea showing a steep drop-off in intergovernmental communications channels between the two sides.

This observed sharp decline in communication is also in regard to the military hotline between the Chinese and Taiwan defense ministries. No doubt the report was released in response the no less than three US carriers patrolling the western Pacific this week, including the USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the USS Nimitz. Needless to say, Beijing and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) are pissed.

Jun 25 07:02

Zoom Has a Big China Problem

Jun 24 09:54

China & India Agree To "Cooling" & Disengagement Along Contested Border

China has dismissed widespread Indian media claims that its side suffered 40 casualties during the June 15 night border clash which left 20 Indian soldiers dead as "fake news". It has further condemned New Delhi giving its troops "freedom of action" to respond with deadly fire if under attack by PLA troops.

But despite the soaring tensions which many feared could see war break out along the disputed Ladakh border region, the two nuclear armed neighbors have agreed to deescalation and disengagement at the border.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian confirmed at a news briefing on Tuesday that talks between the two sides' top regional commanders resulted in a positive breakthrough. They "agreed to take necessary measures to promote a cooling of the situation," Zhao said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fingers crossed that this is going to work, and these countries will truly move back from the brink here.

Jun 24 09:52

USA Plunges To 10th Place In World Competitiveness Rankings

The decline of the American empire has been outlined to readers over the years.

A new report shows the US has stumbled into the new decade, losing a competitive economic edge that it had firmly retained in the post–World War II economic expansion.

For the second consecutive year, the US has been dethroned as the world's most competitive economy, thanks partially to President Trump's trade war. The US now ranks 10th (3rd in 2019), according to the Institute for Management Development's (IMD) new report on the ranking of most competitive world economies.

"Trade wars have damaged both China and the USA's economies, reversing their positive growth trajectories. China this year dropped to 20th position from 14th last year," IMD said.

The annual rankings, now in their 32nd year, show Singapore, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong as the top five most competitive economies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are moments (becoming more frequent as this year moves forward), when I have to wonder at the "wisdom" of this administration's trade policies, and why they are doing things the way they are.

I can tell you one thing, however; whatever these policies are supposed to be doing for American small business, they are doing the polar opposite for legitimate small businesses in this country.

Jun 24 09:47

F-35 Stealth Jets "Elephant Walk" In Japan Amid Rising Sino-US Trade Tensions

On the same day White House trade advisor Peter Navarro told Fox News the trade deal with China is "over" (and immediately, the White House reversed Navarro's comments because of market gyrations) - a massive show off force, likely directed at China, took place Monday at a Japanese airbase involving stealth fighter jets.

Navarro's comments suggest the phase one trade deal is trouble. It also signals tensions are rising between both countries over the origins of COVID-19 and China's assertion of power over Hong Kong. At the moment, China is lagging significantly behind phase one targets it promised, and as we've noted, Chinese buyers ditched U.S. markets for Brazilian ones.

Now it's hard to say if around the time Navarro made the comments that a fleet of warplanes conducting an "elephant walk" at the Misawa base in Japan was connected - but it certainly implies tensions are heating up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like this is going to help already frayed trade relations?!?

Come on, those permanent members of Foggy Bottom, can you please get real for once?!?

Whatever the answers are here, this is not it!!!!!

Jun 24 06:03

Chinese citizen journalist sending coronavirus reports from Wuhan 'is arrested after criticising the city's handling of the outbreak

Independent reporter Zhang Zhan, 40, has allegedly been arrested in Shanghai
Ms Zhang sent dispatches from the former epicentre via YouTube and Twitter
Her clips showed crematoriums, hospitals and her criticism against authorities
She reportedly 'disappeared' in Wuhan in May before being formally arrested
Three other Chinese journalists had vanished over their reports on coronavirus

Jun 24 04:09

India, China Continue Military Build-Up in Contested Ladakh Despite Agreement to Disengage

New Delhi (Sputnik): India and China have been engaged in an unprecedented border face-off at the Line of Control in the Ladakh region over the last two months. Despite around a dozen high-level talks, the agreed upon disengagement is yet to take place at Pangong Tso and the Galwan Valley.

Despite a "mutual consensus" to de-escalate tensions on the Indo-China border, satellite images purportedly show the Chinese People’s Liberation Army allegedly continuing a military build-up in the Ladakh region, along with India increasing motor boat patrolling in Pangong Tso.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, this potentially is about to get very ugly very quickly.

I hope that SOME "adult in the room of geopolitics" with a shred of integrity left, is working the phones between New Dehli and Beijing, in an attempt to get this de-escalated, and quickly.

Jun 24 03:58

Prime Minister Modi Can’t Put the Genie of Indian Jingoism Back in the Bottle

Jun 23 06:14

Newborn boy is found dumped in a bin inside a public toilet with his umbilical cord and placenta still attached

The baby was stuck head down in a plastic bag in a bathroom in China
He was covered in blood when he was abandoned, an eyewitness said
Footage shows a medic checking the boy before taking him to hospital
Police have found the child's mother and are investigating the matter

Jun 23 06:09

Man's bladder is TORN APART from holding urine for 18 hours after he drank 10 bottles of beer and fell asleep

Mr Hu in China was exhausted after his boozy night out and went straight to bed
The 40-year-old was said to have not used the toilet since he started drinking
He was sent to hospital after waking up the next day with sharp abdominal pain
Doctors found Mr Hu's bladder had ruptured in three places due to not urinating

Jun 22 11:31

China culls 1.6 tonnes of rats bred for their meat as it cracks down on the wild animal trade due to COVID-19

More than 900 bamboo rats were buried alive by officials of Hubei last week
Authorities took actions after the country banned the eating of wild animals
An expert previously said the outbreak might be linked to the wild rodents
Chinese bamboo rats have been a food source in the country for centuries
Their meat can detoxify diners' body and make them 'prettier', it is believed

Jun 22 10:12

China-US tensions are now ideological & a potential conflict could be far more dangerous than Soviet-American Cold War

Amid the election race Trump may take risky steps leading to a dangerous military standoff with China in the Asia-Pacific. Ironically, his reelection could be the only chance to avoid a new Cold War or even WWIII.
When future historians write the chronicles of the 21st century, they will probably flag 2020 as a turning point marking the start of a genuine antagonism between the world’s strongest powers, the US and China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, Professor Lukin's assessment is bang spot-on here.

Jun 22 09:41

Videos of Intense Face-off Between Indian and Chinese Troops Go Viral Days After Deadly Clashes

New Delhi (Sputnik): Over the last few days, the two Asian giants - India and China - have been involved in diplomatic talks as the situation on the border is tense following the face-off between troops from the two countries on 15 June that left 20 Indian soldiers killed and many others injured. China hasn't confirmed any casualties so far.

Undated videos showing Indian soldiers engaged in a fierce stand-off with Chinese troops supposedly at a border area in Sikkim Sector are going viral on social media.

In one such video, a group of Indian soldiers can be seen jostling and pushing back Chinese troops. They can also be heard asking the People's Liberation Army to go back.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Will somebody out there with a shred of geopolitical integrity left, please get this deescalated, and quickly; we do not have much time before someone does something stupidly irreparable, and we are off and running into WW3 before the world barely knows what hit it.

Jun 22 09:30

U.S. Leads a Coalition of One Against China: Washington is falling dangerously short in its search for allies to defend Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The U.S. determination to resist China’s attempts to exert its power in the Western Pacific has grown still stronger after Beijing imposed a new national security law on Hong Kong in May, greatly diluting (if not negating) that territory’s guaranteed political autonomy. The Trump administration, with bipartisan congressional support, rescinded Hong Kong’s special trade status and adopted other punitive measures.

U.S. leaders also sought solidarity from America’s allies in both Europe and East Asia for a joint statement of condemnation and the imposition of sanctions in response to the PRC’s erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy. The lack of support from European capitals creates serious doubts about how much assistance Washington could expect if a showdown with China emerges at some point over Taiwan’s de facto independence. Allied backing on the Hong Kong issue was tepid and grudging, at best.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bottom line here is, no sane national government (other than some rather unhinged elements in the US Federal Government) wants a war with China.

I cannot tell you who will win the next election, but I would make a very sober-sided prediction about the aftermath of that election; the US will go back to conscription for its military, because the all-volunteer military "just cannot cut it" in terms of quality or quantity of recruits, if there is to be a war against China, or a proxy war against it, against Pakistan, or on India's potential war against China due to the border dispute.

Jun 22 08:02

Indian Troops Given 'Fire At Will' Orders Against Chinese Troops If Threatened, Enraging Beijing

Beijing is enraged over current widespread Indian media reports that the Indian Army has been given orders to shoot or use "complete freedom of action" in hostile engagements with Chinese PLA forces along the disputed Ladakh border region.

The reports come following last week's major border incident with China that resulted in 20 Indian Army troops killed, and an undisclosed number of Chinese PLA casualties in the disputed Galwan Valley area of East Ladakh.

Chinese state-media Global Times editor Hu Xijin called out the reports, saying that if the new 'rules of engagement' are true, it's a serious violation of prior treaties implemented for deescalation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF true, this marks a serious escalation on India's behalf, and I would encourage its leadership to be taking the polar opposite tack vis-a-vis China, and right the heck now.

Jun 22 07:59

China Keeps Loan Prime Rates Unchanged For Another Month, Sparking Confusion Over Beijing's Intentions

One month after unexpectedly keeping its 1 and 5-year Loan Prime Rates unchanged at 3.85% and 4.65% respectively following the April 19 rate cut (which came just as China was supposedly V-shaped recovering), moments ago Beijing did it again and kept China's so-called Libor flat, with the benchmark LPRs for 1 and 5-year tenors unchanged at 3.85% and 4.60%.

As a reminder, the LPR is a recently launched market indicator of the price that lenders charge clients for new loans, released around the 20th day of every month.

While there was some speculation that after last month's People's Congress where the PBOC vowed it would ease financial conditions further including broad and RRR-based rate cuts, in its preview, SocGen correctly said that it expects "no change to China’s Loan Prime Rates, as the PBoC left the MLF rate unchanged last week."

Jun 22 07:55

China's Big Surprise (Years In The Making): An EMP Attack?

Authored by Peter Pry, op-ed via The Hill,

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed dangerous weaknesses in U.S. planning and preparation for civil defense protection and recovery, and those weaknesses surely have been noticed by our potential enemies: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and international terrorists.

The U.S. spent decades, and billions of dollars, supposedly preparing for biological warfare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and the departments of Defense and Homeland Security are supposed to have contingency plans to protect the American people from lethal biological weapons such as anthrax and genetically engineered smallpox, which could have mortality rates of over 90 percent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Through its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the real level of "protection" of ordinary citizens by the US government is being shown for what it really is, in the 21st century; sound and fury, signifying ...nothing.

Jun 22 07:50

India Seeks Rapid Purchase Of 33 Russian Fighter Jets In Response To Chinese Border Fight

India is reportedly seeking to beef up military purchases from Russia following last week's major border incident with China that resulted in 20 Indian Army troops killed, and an undisclosed number of Chinese PLA casualties in the disputed Galwan Valley area of East Ladakh.

Indian government sources were cited in New Delhi-based ANI News Agency as saying "the Indian Air Force (IAF) has pushed a proposal to the government for acquiring 33 new fighter aircraft, including 21 MiG-29s and 12 Su-30MKIs from Russia."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Two nuclear-armed neighbors, at each others' throats, does not augur well for peace, either in the region, or in the world; I am hoping - and praying - that SOMEONE, hopefully, an "adult in the room" with some geopolitical integrity left (that sure as HELL leaves out President Trump), is working the phones intensely between New Dehli and Beijing, to ratchet the tensions down here, and encouraging the leadership of both countries to enact some confidence-building measures here.

Jun 22 07:14

Chinese Warplanes Advance On Taiwan As Tensions Soar

For the seventh time this month, Chinese warplanes approached Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Monday in what could be a deepening phase of geopolitical turmoil between Beijing and Taipei, reported Reuters.

The People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) flew at least one H-6 bomber and J-10 fighter jet into the ADIZ at the island's southwest territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US, in its current state of geopolitical, social, and economic melt-down and turmoil, would be hard-pressed to respond in Taipei's defense, should things get more intense between Taiwan and China; Chinese leadership understands this, and perhaps this is the reason they might feel secure in "seizing the moment", at this point, to make Taiwan surrender to its overwhelming relative military might.

Jun 20 05:24

China lays claim to the entire Galwan Valley on Himalayan border where Chinese and Indian troops fought deadly midnight brawl with spiked clubs and rocks

China has laid claim to the entire Galwan Valley on the Himalayan border at the center of Sino-Indian dispute
Satellite images appear to show China bringing in machinery and damming a river at the disputed border
Indian troops recently built a new 200ft bridge over the river on their side of the Line of Actual Control
India says 20 soldiers were killed when troops fought with clubs and fists at 14,000 feet in the Himalayas

Jun 19 09:45


On Monday night a fight between Indian and Chinese soldiers cost several dozen lives

Jun 19 08:21

China is accused of using bulldozers to redirect Himalayan river at centre of deadly border brawl with India as satellite images show China 'constructing roads and bringing in machinery'

The images appear to show China bringing in machinery and damming a river
One expert said China appeared to be building roads in the Himalayan valley
India says 20 soldiers were killed in Monday's clash near the disputed border
Soldiers fought with clubs and fists at 14,000 feet in the western Himalayas

Jun 19 07:28

DOJ Lawsuit Over Bolton’s Book is 'Regrettable Pretext to Cover Up Effort to Suppress His Speech'

In his book due to be released on 23 June, John Bolton, in particular, accuses US President Donald Trump of misusing his powers and claims that POTUS was manipulated and easily influenced by the foreign leaders of China, Russia, Turkey, and North Korea.

John Bolton’s lawyers have filed a motion in court to dismiss a Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit against the former US national security adviser aimed at blocking the publication of his upcoming book for reportedly containing highly classified information.

According to the motion, "[…] Defendant John R. Bolton moves to dismiss the [DOJ’s] complaint for failure to state a claim".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The 23rd of this month, the date Bolton's book is supposed to be released, is next Tuesday; it looks like things are about to get....interesting here, and very quickly.

Jun 19 06:42

China Officially Charges Two Detained Canadians With Espionage

More than 18 months have passed since Michael Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat working for an NGO on the mainland, and Michael Spavor, a Canadian businessman specializing in running novelty tours to North Korea, were abruptly arrested by police in China and informed they were under investigation (in China, police can take you into custody before the investigation even begins) for threatening China's national security - an extremely serious charge.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pretty simple, when looking at the bigger picture, about which which the following story's headline, dateline 27 May, 2020, speaks volumes: Extradition of Huawei Executive Clears a Major Legal Hurdle in Canada

The article goes on to state: "A Vancouver court ruled that fraud charges against Meng Wanzhou in the United States would constitute a crime in Canada, opening the way for her extradition."

These guys are merely "bargaining chips" for the Chinese to use to get Meng Wanzou back from Canada to China before she is extradited to the United States; however, the timing here is very much working against the Chinese government's desire to get this woman repatriated before standing trial in the US.

Jun 18 10:00

India says its soldiers were mutilated after being beaten to death by Chinese troops in brutal Himalayan border battle - and reveals the nail-embedded sticks used in brawl

India has said its soldiers were mutilated after being beaten to death by Chinese troops and revealed the nail-studded clubs used at the disputed Himalayan border.

Twenty Indians were killed in the clash on Monday night, the first deadly conflict between the two nuclear-armed countries since 1975.

China said it suffered 43 casualties, but did not specify whether any of its men had been killed in the grisly hand-to-hand combat in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh.

Jun 18 08:21

Rabobank: "Bolton's Book Marks Another Step Deeper Into The US-China Cold War"

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank

Spy Kvetcher
Excuse the repeat pun today, but there was no need to publish in Australia to avoid the Official Secrets Act: just leak the contents to journalists and, hey presto, the Bloomberg headline (so far) is “Book of Bolton”. Which, it must be said, lands some heavy blows on this US president. The particular hits the media are flagging are that Trump allegedly pleaded with China’s Xi Jinping to help him get re-elected, and was fine with re-education/detention camps in Xinjiang.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is supremely frustrating about the current state of events is having to formulate the question that NO ONE in the bowels of power in DC want us asking, and that is: why are Americans' choices for their President always so absolutely God-awful every four years?!?

Why does someone like a Tulsi Gabbard ( a US Veteran who has seen war, a minority, and a very bright, self-actualized woman) never get a place at the table?!?

Listen, had she been allowed to run by her Party, I would have canvassed for her. I do marketing for a living, and I am not half-bad at it.

So, for our "choices", we have a slezozoid, corrupt Biden, running against a slezozoid, corrupt President Trump, all pumped up by their respective ad agencies to appear as though they are saviors of this country, not to mention the world, when they neither candidate comes close to fitting that particular bill.

And at the end of the day, the party that ALWAYS wins American elections, is the bi-partisan war party, so what benefit to the average American is this illusion of having choice in the American political process, when, in reality, there is none?!?

I'm absolutely no seer, but I would reasonably predict that no matter who wins the Presidential election in November, that this country will go back to a draft; and this time, they will be conscripting our your women, as well as our young men.

Our troop strength is way down from what it needs to be continue to fight these on-going endless wars, from which there appears to be no respite.

Jun 18 07:53

China's Top Virologist Says Latest Outbreak 'Under Control' Despite Study Showing No Herd Immunity: Live Updates


Global case total tops 8.3 million
Deaths top 447,000
Tokyo reports 41 infections
World reports record jump in new cases, deaths
Beijing top epidemiologist says outbreak in the city has been contained
New study shows many infected don't develop long term antibodies
India reports record jump in new cases (12 k+) as Fitch cuts outlook
Cali reports record 4k jump in new cases
Indonesia reports record jump, surpassing Singapore's case total

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one thing we are NOT hearing about in this mess, from the scientific community, is how to improve your own immune system.

Knowledge is power; please read up about how nutrition, attitude, and exercise (my "three legged stool" for health) can help minimize your risks for catching this, and other viruses.

Jun 17 06:52

US Now Has Three Aircraft Carriers Patrolling the Pacific

For the first time since 2017, the US has three aircraft carriers patrolling the Pacific, part of Washington’s efforts to increase its footprint in the region to confront China. The USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS Nimitz, and the USS Ronald Reagan are all leading strike groups in the Indo-Pacific.

The deployments are likely a show of force by Washington to quash ru

Jun 17 06:21

Protesters burn Chinese flag & Xi effigy in Uttar Pradesh after border standoff leaves at least 20 Indian troops dead (PHOTOS)

A group of Indian demonstrators set fire to a Chinese flag and burned an effigy of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The event, organized by a local NGO, comes after the first fatal clash between China and India since 1975.

In a series of photos, posted by ANI, a group of demonstrators is seen torching an effigy which has a printed image of Chinese President Xi Jinping pinned to its ‘head.’ Another photo shows a man setting fire to a Chinese flag. Some of the demonstrators can be seen playing drums while others hold signs.

The protest was reportedly organized by Vishal Bharat Sansthan, a local NGO based in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Jun 17 06:17

Indian PM Orders to Stock Up War Reserves, Deployment of Assets After Violent Face-Off With China

New Delhi (Sputnik): Amid simmering tensions along the Line of Actual Control, unprecedented border clashes erupted between India and China in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on Monday night. The face-off led to casualties and injuries on both the sides.

In a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last night, the nation's armed forces have been given additional power to stock up war reserves. A green light has also been given to the Indian Navy to deploy its assets in the Strait of Malacca region where it can counter Chinese warships. The Strait of Malacca is one of the world's major maritime choke-points and a primary shipping route for Chinese vessels.

Jun 16 06:28

Wealthy Chinese Rushing To Move Cash Abroad Ahead Of Yuan Weakness

Wealthy Chinese citizens are going to great lengths to move money out of the country amid worries over a weakening Yuan and growing trade tensions with the United States, according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

China caps foreign exchange to $50,000 per year, per person. For overseas investments, buyers typically use multi-member families to pool their funds and exceed the limit, or they will bring cash while traveling abroad - a strategy which has been put on hold during the pandemic travel bans.

"There is no room for negotiation today," a black-market currency dealer said when approached on West Nanjing Road, a bustling commercial strip in Shanghai, last week. "It's going to be 7.2 yuan to the dollar."

The official rate was 7.06 that day, but the man, who was a little past his prime, was defiant. At one point late last month, the yuan had sunk to 7.19 in overseas trading. He was confident in the direction of the weakening currency.

Jun 16 05:55

Chinese Forces Kill 3 Indian Troops During First Deadly Border Clash In Nearly 50 Years

Following days of escalating tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors, Indian Army officials confirmed that three troops - an officer and two soldiers, to be more precise - had been gunned down by Chinese forces during a "violent faceoff" in Galwan Valley in the Ladakh region, which rests along the country's border with China on Monday night.

A statement from the Indian Army says both sides were meeting to diffuse tensions building up on the border in the last several weeks. Other reports indicate the soldiers weren't shot but had been killed during a rock-throwing melee reminiscent of another border incident back in May, where both sides reported injuries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Will a couple of "adults in the room" with some geopolitical integrity left, please start working the phones between New Dehli and Beijing, and get the leadership of these two countries to "cool it"?!?

Two nuclear armed neighbors on the cusp of war is double-plus ungood for the whole world-right now, and China has a defense/trade pact with Pakistan China's Belt and Road plan in Pakistan takes a Distinctly Military Turnwhich could mean if things here go "mammary glands vertical", we have China and Pakistan fighting against India, which is under treaty with the US *(from the Obama Administration) to have access to 99% of US defense technology. India will have access to 99% US defense technology, says Obama Official

This is utterly NOT headed in a good direction, and unfortunately, this Administration has completely bungled its relations with almost every country in the world, save Israel.