Oct 27 16:39

Meet Walter Wallace Jr, The Career Criminal Whose Shooting by Police Triggered Riots in Philly

Black Lives Matter rioting and looting in Philadelphia on Monday night was triggered in response to police shooting a career criminal with a lengthy record who charged at them with a knife.

Oct 27 14:53

1984 here

Oct 27 11:36

Mainstream Media Now 'Not So Certain' Of Biden Victory, Here Is One Major Reason Why

The November election is now nearly one week away, although, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had no campaign events listed on Monday, even as President Trump travels to Pennsylvania seeming to kill the former vice president's lead.

The Trump campaign has often aimed at Biden for his lack of campaign events -- Trump has named his Democratic enemy "basement Joe" -- and repeated that judgment on Monday.

"No events for Joe Biden today???" Jason Miller, a senior adviser for the Trump campaign, commented on Twitter. "He's lid crazy!" (Calling a lid refers to a nominee or campaign showing to the press that they will not operate any more events, typically for the remainder of the day).

Oct 27 10:10

Is News Media Ignoring These Biden Clips? Is It Gaffes or Dementia? | DIRECT MESSAGE | RUBIN REPORT

Oct 27 07:02

‘Election misinformation pre-bunking’? Twitter again censors Trump as it begins spamming Americans with new Orwellian warnings

Twitter has slapped a “misleading” label on yet another tweet from President Donald Trump, as it rolls out a new effort to “pre-bunk” criticism of mail-in voting and warns Americans not to expect final results on election night.

In a tweet on Monday night, Trump stressed the need to have a final vote tally on the day of the general election, stating there are “big problems and discrepancies with mail-in ballots all over the USA,” reiterating previous complaints about potential flaws in universal distance voting. The post was soon appended with a notice warning users the tweet is “disputed” and “might be misleading,” directing them to a link explaining that “voting by mail is legal and safe,” citing a coterie of favored “experts.”

Oct 27 06:50

Twitter Goes Full Orwell, Censors All Topics "Likely To Be Subject To Election Misinformation"

Twitter is pulling out all the stops, with just 7 days left until the 2020 election.

As if a complete and total coverup of the Hunter Biden story by the mainstream media and big tech wasn't far enough; and as if every social media product and app you use annoyingly reminding you to vote on November 3 wasn't enough, Twitter has now apparently gone "full Orwell" and, through a spokesperson, basically said they will prompt users with warnings on "topics that are likely to be the subject of election misinformation".

The news hit Bloomberg around 12:30pm EST on Monday:


Oct 27 06:48

CBS Being Called Out For 'Obvious Bias', Even Dems Say Biden 'Handled', 'Trump Challenged'

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden performed in back-to-back interviews on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” showing contrasting opinions on which country is the greatest threat to the United States.

Asked by Lesley Stahl who the country’s greatest enemy is, Trump mentioned China, blaming the Communist Party-run country for mishandling the pandemic and putting the entire world at risk.

“They’re a foe in many ways, but they’re an adversary. I think what happened was disgraceful, should never have happened. They should never have allowed this plague to get out of China and go throughout the world. A hundred eighty-eight countries. Should never have happened,” Trump said in the interview that aired Sunday evening.

Oct 27 06:25

Nolte: New York Times Accidentally Confirms Breitbart’s Voter Fraud Reporting

The Times article is 1300 or so words long and not a single word — not one — is utilized to point out a single fact in a single one of our voter fraud reports that we got wrong.

The Times went through 30 articles we published on voter fraud — thirty! — and could not come up with a single misreported fact, a single example of fake news, or anything we reported that was misleading or deceptive.

You’ll note that the one article they cherry pick, they don’t even dispute the facts. No one claims our reporting was wrong, only that “the problems” — oh, so there were problems! — we reported on “weren’t examples of fraud and don’t call into question the integrity of the results” — which is what I call gobbily-gook.


Oct 27 06:24

Latest Biden mishap highlights how US media ‘loves to censor and hide’ his mistakes

Oct 27 05:56

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

Oct 27 05:55

When Trump 'wins', the media 'will be exposed as the true enemy of the people''

Oct 27 05:55

Facebook’s abandoned drilling equipment poses no environmental risk, company-commissioned report says; Oregon coast advocacy group plans to sue

An environmental assessment, commissioned by Facebook for the drilling equipment it abandoned under the Oregon coast, has found that the machinery and lubricating fluid pose no significant risk to the environment, according to a report released Tuesday.

The equipment — including more than 1,100 feet of steel drilling rods and 6,500 gallons of drilling fluid — was lost 50 to 70 feet under the seafloor after an accident in April as Facebook was drilling to connect an international undersea fiber optic cable between Asia and the tiny coastal community of Tierra Del Mar.

Oct 27 05:25

How The DoJ's Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Google Could Hammer Apple At A Critical Time

The DoJ's push to punish Google in the first of what's expected to be a flurry of civil actions against the Big Tech players could have seriously negative repercussions for a third party: Apple.

As the Wall Street Journal highlighted in a recent story highlighting commentary and research recently produced by Toni Sacconaghi, a longtime tech analyst at A.B. Bernstein, Apple and Google have a special link - and it's one of the elements of Google's business that's come under the microscope as a key element of the government's case.

The government says Google's arrangement to pay Apple billions of dollars to set Google's search engine as its default has been essential in maintaining its market dominance, and preventing another rival search engine from rising up to challenge Google.

Oct 26 21:45

The Smoking Gun: Where Is the Coronavirus? The CDC Says It Isn’t Available.


Oct 26 12:48

The big Trump rallies you don't see

"I can't believe there aren't any newspeople here," said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and pickup trucks idling in long parallel lines in a vast big-box-store parking lot Saturday, waiting to join the Interstate 70 Trump Train. Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.

Oct 26 10:49

Delta Airlines is banning over 450 “anti-maskers;” I wrote to them and told them to add me to the list

Delta Airlines paid for the services off CNN Newsource, CNN’s fake news division (yes there is such a department) to issue a press release and brag about having banned 460 customers from flying on their airline again for having apparently mouth back to the waitress or driver about having to endure the face diaper and inhale their own carbon dioxide for an hours-long flight.

I took the opportunity to send Delta a strongly-worded e-mail:

Corporate media is reporting that your airline is banning 450 “anti-maskers.”

Oct 26 08:11

Facebook Prepares Measures for Possible Election Unrest

Facebook Inc. FB 2.40%? teams have planned for the possibility of trying to calm election-related conflict in the U.S. by deploying internal tools designed for what it calls “at-risk” countries, according to people familiar with the matter.

The emergency measures include slowing the spread of viral content and lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts, the people said. Previously used in countries including Sri Lanka and Myanmar, they are part of a larger tool kit developed by Facebook to prepare for the U.S. election.

Facebook executives have said they would only deploy the tools in dire circumstances, such as election-related violence, but that the company needs to be prepared for all possibilities, said the people familiar with the planning.

Oct 26 07:48

Silicon Valley Campaign Cash Complicates Democrats’ Plan to Break Up Tech Giants

The stage is being set for Democrats to clash next year over a push to rein in Silicon Valley oligarchs. Earlier this month, House Democrats called for the break-up of major tech giants, but Democratic candidates in key Senate races are comfortably out-fundraising their Republican counterparts in campaign cash from the tech industry.

Earlier this month, after a lengthy investigation led by the House judiciary subcommittee on antitrust, Democratic lawmakers on the panel called for regulators to force significant divestment by U.S. tech giants.

“As they exist today, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook each possess significant market power over large swaths of our economy. In recent years, each company has expanded and exploited their power of the marketplace in anticompetitive ways,” said Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler of New York and Antitrust Subcommittee Chair David Cicilline of Rhode Island in a joint statement summarizing the results of their inquiry.

Oct 26 07:41

Beyond Parody: CNN Warns Conservatives Are Seeking to 'Discredit' Facebook & Big Tech Ahead Of Election

Big Tech seizing control of our entire election apparatus, banning right-wing dissidents en masse, rigging search results, giving billions-worth of in-kind contributions to Democrats and tens of millions directly to get-out-the-vote campaigns in Democratic strongholds, and censoring news stories to protect Joe Biden and help defeat Donald Trump is nothing to worry about -- the real threat is conservatives complaining about it online!

CNN's Brian Fung wrote an article on Sunday titled, "Conservatives push to discredit Facebook, Twitter and Google just days before the election."

Oct 26 07:30

Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend

A few days ago, the MSM and their political allies in the Democratic Party celebrated the release of a "compromising" photo appearing to show former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani with his hands down his pants. Giuliani claimed that he was merely retucking in his shirt after removing some recording equipment, but nevertheless, the whole news cycle played out in full view of the public as social media giants like Twitter and Facebook looked the other way, allowing the photo, and links to news stories covering the controversy (orchestrated by "Borat" prankster Sasha Baron Cohen) to circulate widely.

Oct 26 07:22

Facebook could deliberately suppress posts it deems 'dangerous' and will slow the spread of viral content in 'emergency measures' after the election

Facebook is planning for the possibility of 'civil unrest' in the days following next month's election and has set up teams whose role it will be to calm any 'election-related conflict' in the U.S.

The emergency measures being considered, which have previously been employed in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, include a deliberate slowing of the spread of viral content as well as lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts.

Although there will be no obvious difference to users on the site on a daily basis, the company is able to deploy various internal tools which can push 'at risk' material lower down people's feed or block or remove links altogether.

Oct 26 07:03


The incredible decision by Twitter and Facebook to block access to a New York Post story about a cache of emails reportedly belonging to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter, with Twitter going so far as to lock the 200 year-old newspaper out of its own account for over a week, continues to be a major underreported scandal.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Imagine the reaction if that same set of facts involved the New York Times and any of its multitudinous unverifiable “exposes” from the last half-decade: from the similarly-leaked “black ledger” story implicating Paul Manafort, to its later-debunked “repeated contacts with Russian intelligence” story, to its mountain of articles about the far more dubious Steele dossier. Internet platforms for years have balked at intervening at many other sensational “unverified” stories, including ones called into question in very short order:

Oct 26 06:59

‘Vanity Fair’ Warns ACB Will ‘Execute’ Women for Getting Abortions

Women could be sentenced to death for abortion if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, according to one Vanity Fair writer.

The Senate plans to vote to confirm Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court on October 26. In anticipation, Vanity Fair condemned President Trump’s nominee for seeing “a scenario in which abortion should be punishable by death.” In a recent piece riddled with errors, politics correspondent Bess Levin went so far as to argue that Barrett’s confirmation means that women will be “executed” for “choosing what to do with their own bodies.”

“The defining feature of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing was her refusal to answer a single question that might actually reveal her opinion,” Levin began on October 23.

Oct 26 06:37

Big-Tech Overreach: Facebook Tells University What To Put In Their School Paper

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook's latest squabble is with the NYU Ad Observatory, a project started last month to collect information on the types of political ads Americans see on the site.

The project reportedly has more than 6,500 volunteers who use a uniquely designed browser extension to monitor the political ads that are being shown.

'Scraping tools, no matter how well-intentioned, are not a permissible means of collecting information from us,' read the letter from Allison Hendrix, Facebook's privacy policy official.

Oct 26 06:10

FLASHBACK - Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Free speech is the bedrock of American democracy. Our Founding Fathers protected this sacred right with the First Amendment to the Constitution. The freedom to express and debate ideas is the foundation for all of our rights as a free people.

In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand pick the speech that Americans may access and convey on the internet. This practice is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic. When large, powerful social media companies censor opinions with which they disagree, they exercise a dangerous power. They cease functioning as passive bulletin boards, and ought to be viewed and treated as content creators.

Oct 26 06:07

A Free Press Has A Responsibility To Be Fair

Surging Media Bias has blown away the notion the free press will be fair and this year it seems these players that shape our opinions are doubling down. This was demonstrated when allegations regarding Hunter Biden and a laptop with damning E-mails surfaced. Rather than letting people see and decide what to think about this information the response of Twitter and Facebook, was to shut it down and block it from getting out. This is where the power of tech companies flexing their muscles allows us to see they have become a major force in the media. Other news outlets also imposed a virtual blackout on the allegations. It didn’t matter that thousands of emails were available for review or that the Bidens did not directly address the material. It was all declared to be fake news.

Oct 26 05:06

Beyond Parody: CNN Warns Conservatives Are Seeking to 'Discredit' Facebook & Big Tech Ahead Of Election

Big Tech seizing control of our entire election apparatus, banning right-wing dissidents en masse, rigging search results, giving billions-worth of in-kind contributions to Democrats and tens of millions directly to get-out-the-vote campaigns in Democratic strongholds, and censoring news stories to protect Joe Biden and help defeat Donald Trump is nothing to worry about -- the real threat is conservatives complaining about it online!

Oct 25 17:57

Biden 'Called A Lid' With 9 Days Until Election, NYT Reports

"With nine days until Election Day, Biden has no in-person events today and his campaign has called a lid," New York Times reporter Thomas Kaplan revealed Sunday, citing reporting from fellow Times reporter Katie Glueck.

Oct 25 07:22

Stahl Admits To Wanting Hillary To Get Away With Crimes

Lesley Stahl has been working in Main Stream Media (MSM) since 1972. She has bragged on her getting hired by CBS as part of Affirmative Action, just because she was a woman, not because of her (lack of) qualifications.

Stahl credits her CBS News hire to the Federal Communications Commission’s 1972 inclusion of women in its affirmative action mandate: “the television networks were scouring the country for women and blacks with any news experience at all. A friend in New York had called to tell me about a memo floating around CBS News mandating that ‘the next reporter we hire will be a woman.'”

This is also seemingly confirmed by her not being as well thought of as other female journalists, as is evidenced by the network reducing her salary by $500,000/year when Katie Couric was hired.

Oct 25 07:17

Top 10% Of Twitter Users Create 92% Of Tweets In US - And 69% Of Them Lean Left

The majority of Twitter content coming out of the United States, 92% of it, is created by just 10% of Twitter users, and 69% of those users are Democrat or Democratic-leaning independents, according to new research by Pew.

Most U.S. adults on Twitter post only rarely. But a small share of highly active users, most of whom are Democrats, produce the vast majority of tweets. The Center’s analysis finds that just 10% of users produced 92% of all tweets from U.S. adults since last November, and that 69% of these highly prolific users identify as Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents. -Pew Research

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, says Pew, including that more Democrats use Twitter than Republicans, and the 10% most active Democrats produce roughly twice as many tweets per month (157) than the 10% of most active Republicans (79). [If it were the other way around, Russian bots would surely be to blame.]

Oct 25 06:23

Pinterest whistleblower: Big Tech fears the pro-life message

Oct 25 06:15

Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend

A few days ago, the MSM and their political allies in the Democratic Party celebrated the release of a "compromising" photo appearing to show former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani with his hands down his pants. Giuliani claimed that he was merely retucking in his shirt after removing some recording equipment, but nevertheless, the whole news cycle played out in full view of the public as social media giants like Twitter and Facebook looked the other way, allowing the photo, and links to news stories covering the controversy (orchestrated by "Borat" prankster Sasha Baron Cohen) to circulate widely.

Oct 25 06:12

"It's Time To Defund NPR": GOP Rep Slams NPR For Refusing To Cover Hunter Biden Laptop Bombshell

Representative Paul Gosar called for the defunding of National Public Radio (NPR) last week as a result of the outlet refusing to cover the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story.

NPR had previously called the story a "waste of time", stating: "We don’t want to waste our time on stories that aren’t really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listener’s and reader’s time on stories that are pure distractions."

Among others who were outraged about the mainstream media actively covering up what is obviously a bombshell revelation regarding the Biden family's business dealings with China, Ukraine and Russia (which we covered in detail in this report) was Representative Paul Gosar.

"It's time to defund @NPR. This is appalling," he Tweeted late last week:

Oct 24 21:56

Big Tech Rush to Censor Hunter Biden Sex Tape Just Days After Amplifying Video Of Giuliani 'Beating Off'

Big Tech together with the media pushed video of Rudy Giuliani purportedly touching himself sexually to the top of their pages only to turn around days later and censor and ban everyone sharing newly-leaked compromising videos and pictures of Joe Biden's son Hunter reportedly smoking crack while having sex with an unknown woman.

Oct 24 09:42


In March, it was just a three-week lockdown, to flatten the curve so as not to overwhelm the NHS. The narrative has quickly evolved. It has progressed from what seemed a reasonable idea of keeping NHS bed space free based on the completely false Neil Fergusson prediction that hospitals would be overwhelmed by patients suffering from COVID19

Oct 24 09:16

NPR, CNN, NYT, Wa-Po, MSNBC, Twitter, Facebook, Google Presstitutes Covering Up Biden Scandals by Refusing to Report on Them

The New York Post’s report that the FBI has laptops belonging to Hunter Biden that contain emails showing Hunter and Joe Biden’s use of the Vice Presidency for business deals that amount to influence peddling and money laundering was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Google. The New York Times, Washington Post and other of the press prostitutes tried to discredit the story with the fake news that it was Russian disinformation to help Trump win the election. National Public Radio refused to mention the story other than to brand it a story that is not really a story, simply a waste of “listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” [1] NPR, of course, was all into distractions that wasted readers’ and listeners’ time on Russiagate and Impeachgate and wasted President Trump’s entire term.

Oct 24 08:32

4 Insane Examples of Overzealous Internet Censorship

The Internet is filled with cultural riches, ranging from translations of ancient Mesopotamian texts to this inexplicable death metal video tribute to Arnold Ziffel, aka the pig from the 1965 sitcom Green Acres.

But that's not all -- the Internet is also home to a borderline unfathomable amount of pornography. And as a result, there are a slew of filters, software, and apps designed to make sure this roiling ocean of filth doesn't completely spill over into the workday, murder worker productivity, and tank the global economy. And given the all-consuming river of XXX fun this blocking technology must stanch, sometimes it backfires hilariously.

Oct 24 07:58

NPR Refuses to Report on Growing Biden Scandal: We Don’t Want to Waste Listeners’ Time

A tweet from the National Public Radio Public (NPR) Editor on Thursday — on the day of the presidential debate — explained why the taxpayer-funded news outlet has been ignoring the growing scandal surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the family’s business dealings in China.

Oct 24 07:42

BBC's upcoming White Helmets ‘documentary’ gears up to be a character assassination of those who challenge Syria war narratives

The BBC is preparing an attack against journalists, former diplomats, academics and scientists who challenge the dominant pro-war narratives against Syria underpinned by the pseudo-humanitarian White Helmets.

Oct 24 07:33

MSM BEAT THE BIDENS to declare laptop leak ‘Russian disinformation’ – when did the media shilling get this obvious?

It’s not the media’s job to cover for Joe Biden. Yet the New York Times and its ilk have fallen over themselves to call the damaging leaks “Russian disinformation,” while also awkwardly publishing the FBI’s denial of the claim.

As President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden geared up to debate on Thursday night, the cable TV commentariat wondered how Trump would bring up the “laptop from hell.” Recovered from a Delaware repair shop last year and handed to Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, the laptop – which allegedly belonged to Joe’s son, Hunter – contained a tranche of emails that implicated the Biden family in numerous foreign graft schemes, all while Joe was in the White House.

Before the debate kicked off, the New York Times quoted the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) as saying: “No concrete evidence has emerged that the laptop contains Russian disinformation,” and the FBI as seconding this claim.

Oct 24 07:15

A Sordid Conspiracy To Deceive The American Electorate

Have we ever witnessed a stranger anomaly in modern presidential politics than the craven contempt the Biden campaign, the media and social media have shown for the American electorate in their disgraceful conspiracy to hide Joe Biden?

What bona fide presidential candidate would arrogantly hide in his basement during the heat of a campaign, especially in the last few weeks of an ever-tightening one?

If the liberal media weren’t providing Biden cover, he couldn’t get away with this. If they were even raising questions about his intentional invisibility, this campaign would look far different, and far less surreal.

As President Donald Trump has hopscotched the country, traveling thousands of miles to appear at vigorous, humongous campaign rallies, Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, are nowhere to be found. We’ve never had a presidential candidate virtually opt out of the campaign.

Oct 24 07:12

Rep. Gosar Calls To Defund NPR As Backlash Grows Over Biden Laptop Coverup

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar has called for defunding National Public Radio after the outlet officially refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal (while happily peddling anti-Trump rumors for years) - calling it a 'waste of time.'

"It’s time to defund @NPR. This is appalling. #DefundNPR," Gosar tweeted on Thursday.

Oct 24 06:41

Piers Morgan slams CNN for cancelling his interview after he criticized them for not covering the Hunter Biden story because they fear ‘they might lose the Democrats the election’ if they did

Piers Morgan has slammed CNN for canceling his interview with the network after he said they and other American news outlets were being biased for not covering a story about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday morning, Morgan was played clips of journalists, including CNN's Jake Tapper, dismissing the allegations as false.

In turn, the editor-at-large said journalists in the US were being 'hyper-partisan' for failing to report on or investigate the story.

Oct 23 16:05

Video Reveals Rudy Giuliani 'Borat' Scene Is A Total Fraud, 'She's 15' Line Was Dubbed In Post-Production

Video was released Friday of comedian-turned-ADL smear merchant and pro-censorship activist Sacha Baron Cohen's defamatory hitjob against Rudy Giuliani which further confirms Cohen and a complicit media outright lied about what the video shows.

Oct 23 15:24

A Handy Media Guide To Covering (Up) Democratic Scandals

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If it weren’t for double standards, the mainstream media would have no standards at all.

Oct 23 12:20

Report: Hunter Biden Story Was Most Read On Social Media Despite Attempts To Kill It

Despite efforts by Twitter and Facebook to completely censor the bombshell New York Post story concerning Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell”, it was the most popular political topic on those platforms, according to a report from Axios.

The report cites data supplied by social media engagement tracking firm NewsWhip, which revealed that the Post’s story “generated 2.59m interactions (likes, comments, shares) on Facebook and Twitter last week — more than double the next biggest story about Trump or Biden.”

This was despite the fact that Facebook cracked down on users sharing the story, and Twitter censored the link to the initial NY Post story, as well as follow ups and related stories, and locked the accounts of anyone who attempted to share it.

The New York Post’s Twitter account is STILL locked, as Twitter is demanding deletion of all tweets related to the story.

Oct 23 11:10

The left-wing bias of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most widely used source of information in the world, and a great deal has been written about its impact on public perception of certain topics. Wikipedia shapes both scientific research and real-world economic outcomes, and is the top source of medical information for both doctors and patients. The widespread reliance on Wikipedia would not be a problem if it were a neutral and authoritative source, but earlier this year Wikipedia’s co-founder Larry Sanger declared that “Wikipedia’s ‘NPOV’ (neutral point of view) is dead.” Is Sanger’s statement correct?

Oct 23 09:16

Fake Scholarship on “Fake News”

When I first heard this new “fake-news” charge my impression of it was that it was simply the latest version of the cry originated by the desperate conventional news media that “you can’t trust anything you see on the Internet.” That dodge clearly hasn’t been working, as their declining circulation and advertisement revenue indicate, and, furthermore, they have had to resort to the Internet themselves to try to salvage their bottom lines, so they had to refine their attack on the Net.

But it didn’t take long for those defenders of the alternative media, particularly supporters of Donald Trump, to take over the fake-news charge and turn it on its originators when they found examples of what they deemed to be less-than-accurate accounts of events in conventional news media, which everyone knows are out there in abundance. That seemed to have neutralized the charge to a considerable degree.

Oct 23 07:53

COVER-UP! ABC/CBS/NBC bury Hunter Biden scandals (14 minutes in 51 hours)

For Wednesday, October 14 through the morning of October 19 MRC analysts looked at the ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning shows and their Sunday roundtable programs, plus ABC’s and NBC’s townhall events with Joe Biden and President Trump. Out of a total of 51 hours of news programming, there was less than 15 minutes (14 minutes, 15 seconds) spent on the latest scandals involving Joe Biden’s son.

ABC spent ZERO seconds on Hunter Biden.

NBC spent just 5 minutes, 2 seconds on Hunter’s emails. CBS led the broadcast networks with nine minutes and 13 seconds.

Even when journalists mentioned the story, they devoted much of their time to knocking it down.

Oct 23 06:53

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The most remarkable thing about the Iraq war debacle isn’t the trillions of dollars wasted or hundreds of thousands of innocent people and US servicemen killed, but the fact that all of the journalists who promoted the lie to the American people were never held to account.

During the 2000s, a bipartisan cabal of overwhelmingly Jewish media personalities coordinated with American intelligence services to concoct the lie that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction to use against the United States.

The role of neoconservatives in this endeavor, primarily as Bush administration officials coordinating the war, is well known. What has been forgotten is the integral role “liberal” publications like the New York Times, Washington Post and others played in selling the WMD hoax.

Oct 23 06:50

Media Throw A Fit After NBC's Doxing Journo Brandy Zadrozny Gets Exposed By Tucker Carlson Tonight

The Blue Cheka journos who work to dox dissidents and get them censored on behalf of our corrupt ruling class threw a fit Thursday on Twitter after one of their own, NBC smear-merchant Brandy Zadrozny, was exposed on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Oct 23 06:39

Babylon Bee CEO: Facebook censored Monty Python Coney Barrett satire article, demonetized site - UPDATE: Facebook apologizes, restores account

Facebook may have hit a new low today in its seemingly eternal quest to rid the world of, well, anything the platform deems problematic.

Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee (The Bee) said that Facebook demonetized the Babylon Bee and removed a satirical article entitled "Senator Hirono Demands ACB Be Weighed Against A Duck To See If She Is A Witch." Dillon also stated that the social media platform warned The Bee not to speak publicly about the matter, which Dillon promptly ignored in a tweet on his Twitter page.

Oct 23 06:26

"Bias, Hatred, & Rudeness" - Trump Posts Full Raw '60 Minutes' Interview, Then Posts Pence's

The Trump admin just posted Vice President Mike Pence's "60 Minutes" interview. Watch:

Oct 23 06:13

American Militarism Marches On: No Discussion or Media Coverage of Washington’s War Against the World

Nearly everyone has heard the comment attributed for former Clinton consigliere Rahm Emanuel that one should never let a good crisis go to waste. The implication of the comment is that if there is a major crisis going on the cover it provides permits one to do all sorts of things under the radar that would otherwise be unacceptable. That aphorism is particularly true in the current context as there are multiple crises taking place simultaneously, all of which are being exploited to various degrees by interested parties.

Oct 23 05:55

US Senate Judiciary Committee votes to subpoena Facebook's Zuckerberg, Twitter's Dorsey over alleged NY Post censorship

Tech moguls Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey will be required to testify about the alleged censorship of two New York Post articles concerning Joe Biden's son, after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to subpoena them.
On Thursday, the committee authorized the issuing of subpoenas to Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Dorsey. The motion was carried by the 22-member committee, with 12 Republicans voting to authorize the subpoenas and 10 Democrats abstaining.

The pair will now be required to testify about the "suppression and/or censorship" of two recent New York Post articles by the social media firms. The censorship of the articles was said to favor US presidential candidate Joe Biden, as the initial story implicated the then-VP and his son, Hunter Biden, in a corruption scandal.

Oct 23 03:10

Trump Trounces Biden In Frank Luntz' Focus Group Of Undecided Voters After Final Presidential Debate

"Nine raised their hands for Trump. Only one raised their hand for Joe Biden."

President Donald Trump absolutely dominated Joe Biden during the second and final presidential debate, according to pollster Frank Luntz' focus group of undecided voters from swing states.

Oct 23 00:45

Hunter Biden's Fmr Biz Partner Tony Bobulinski Flips: 'Joe Biden Is Lying,' He Knew Of Our Dealings With China

"Hunter Biden's ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski accused Democratic nominee Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his family’s overseas dealings in a stunning appearance just 90 minutes before Thursday evening's presidential debate," The New York Post reports.

Oct 22 17:14

WATCH: Trump Releases Full, Unedited 60 Minutes Interview With Lesley Stahl

President Trump on Thursday released his full, unedited interview with 60 Minutes pro-censorship advocate Lesley Stahl.

Oct 22 12:13

NPR says it ‘won’t waste readers’ time’ on Biden emails ‘non-story’ – after happily parroting anti-Trump agitprop

NPR has outright refused to cover the still-developing Hunter Biden emails scandal, calling the story “a distraction.” The publicly funded radio network was slammed for apparently protecting Joe Biden.

A tranche of emails released by the New York Post last week alleges that Hunter Biden – son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden – traded access to his father with Ukrainian energy tycoons, sought deals for his family in China, and kicked a share of his foreign profits up to Joe, all whilst Joe was vice president of the US. The allegations fly in the face of Joe Biden’s insistence that he knew nothing of his son’s foreign dealings.

Oct 22 11:15

Trump Posts Full Raw '60 Minutes' Interview (FULL VIDEO!)

Oct 22 10:26

NY Times: Facing a Deluge of Misinformation, Colorado Takes the Offensive Against It

The predictable pretext that a clever tyrant uses to justify the stifling of the free and open exchange of ideas and opinions is to say that the regulations are needed to halt the spread of "dangerous" lies or "misinformation." Over just the course of the past three years, we've seen Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon use this argument to hobble TomatoBubble / Real History Chan and so many other excellent sites, channels and books. Up until now, the censorship has been executed by "private" corporations (state-enabled and assisted monopolies, actually). But now, the Demonrat-controlled state of Colorado is set to become the first in the nation to take baby-step active measures to "fight misinformation."

Some relevant excerpts from the Slimes article describe the scheme:

Oct 22 09:56

Twitter Allows Rachel Maddow and an Army of Leftists to Spread Rudy Giuliani Misinformation

In another sign that Big Tech’s rules on “disinformation” only run one-way, Twitter failed to act on a viral message posted on its platform containing a doctored image purporting to be a text message between Rudy Giuliani and Ivanka Trump. Rachel Maddow and an army of Twitter verified leftists spread the image, which deleted after the student that originally tweeted it called it a “parody.”

Earlier today, a student Democrat activist, Nick Roberts claimed to have successfully fooled Rudy Giuliani. Roberts claimed that he tricked the former New York Mayor into thinking texts from him were in fact from Ivanka Trump.

To back up his claim, he posted a doctored picture of a text exchange between himself and Giuliani.

Hours later, Roberts admitted to falsifying the picture, but not before it had accumulated tens of thousands of shares and millions of views across Twitter.

Oct 22 06:14

Human Rights Watchdog Says Governments Using Pandemic To Crack Down On Online Dissent

Governments around the world are using the ongoing pandemic to crack down on online dissent according to a human rights watchdog.

Washington-based Freedom House said dozens of countries have cited CV as a means “to justify expanded surveillance powers and the deployment of new technologies that were once seen as too intrusive.” They added that it marks the 10th consecutive annual decline in internet freedom, Barron’s reported.

The expansion of technological systems is enabling governments’ social control, according to the report.

Oct 22 06:13


Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the censorship of the Hunter Biden controversy by Facebook and Twitter. The response of the Biden campaign and figures like Rep. Adam Schiff has been to dismiss the story as the likely product of Russian intelligence. Notably however they do not address the underlying emails.

As many of us have written, there is ample reason to suspect foreign intelligence and the FBI is reportedly investigating that possibility. However, that does not mean that the emails are not authentic. Hillary Clinton was hacked by Russia but the emails were still real. It is possible to investigate both those responsible for the laptop’s disclosure and what has been disclosed on the laptop. The censorship by these companies however has magnified concerns in the controversy, particularly with the disclosure of close connections between some company officials and the Biden campaign.

Oct 22 06:10


On May 2, 1985 the highest law enforcement officer in the United States, the head of the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General Edwin Meese, held a news conference to announce that the sixth largest brokerage firm on Wall Street, E.F. Hutton, was pleading guilty to 2,000 felony counts of wire and mail fraud. It had also agreed to pay criminal fines of $2 million and up to $8 million in restitution to the 400 banks it had defrauded. The fraud had lasted less than two years, from July 1, 1980 and February 28, 1982, and consisted of the following according to the Justice Department:

“The essence of the charges was that Hutton obtained the interest-free use of millions of dollars by intentionally writing checks in excess of the funds it had on deposit in various banks.”

On the following day, Friday, May 3, the New York Times put that story on the front page of its newspaper.

Now, carefully consider what happened three weeks ago.

Oct 22 06:09

Google Terminates Dollar Vigilante and Last American Vagabond YouTube Channels

Oct 22 05:48

Nolte: AP Downplays Left-Wing Domestic Terrorism to Encourage More

The far-left Associated Press (AP) is deliberately encouraging more left-wing domestic terrorism by downplaying the unprecedented wave of terrorism that has hit countless Democrat-run cities over the past few months.

The domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter are responsible for murders, assaults, arson, looting, and the destruction of large areas of numerous downtowns. And the maniacs at the AP, who want more, are trying to convince us these terrorists are just like us.

Oct 22 05:45

Meet your (Chinese) Facebook censors

China is one of the most censorious societies on Earth. So what better place for ­Facebook to recruit social media censors?

There are at least half a dozen “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship,” a former Facebook insider told me last week. “So at some point, they [Facebook bosses] thought, ‘Hey, we’re going to get them H-1B visas so they can do this work.’ ”

The insider shared an internal directory of the team that does much of this work. It’s called Hate-Speech Engineering (George Orwell, call your office), and most of its members are based at Facebook’s offices in Seattle. Many have Ph.D.s, and their work is extremely complex, involving machine learning — teaching “computers how to learn and act without being explicitly programmed,” as the techy website puts it.

Oct 22 05:20

‘Being a Trump supporter is being a bad person,’ Google manager tells Project Veritas in new revelations of bias in tech giant

Social pressure from Google employees makes it impossible for anyone who supports US President Donald Trump to work there for long, a manager told the conservative undercover journalists from Project Veritas.

“If I say that tomorrow, that I’m a Trump supporter, I’d probably lose my job,” the man identified as Ashwin Agrawal, head of global competitive analysis at Google Cloud, says in the video Veritas released on Wednesday.

Oct 22 05:19

‘Not all Twitter users stay in US’: Anger erupts as Twitter implements temporary changes to retweet function ahead of US election

Twitter has made users jump through an additional hoop before they retweet a message on their platform, as part of a series of temporary measures purportedly designed to fight disinformation ahead of the US election.

In a blog post, the company announced that people who want to retweet a message will be directed to the ‘quote tweet’ composer, where they’ll be encouraged to add a comment before publishing the tweet. However, users can leave the composer blank and simply click the retweet button without adding their own commentary.

Additionally, starting next week, Twitter will direct people who try to retweet messages that are flagged as misleading or harmful toward “credible information about the topic before they are able to amplify it.”

Oct 22 05:05

Journalism is dead

Oct 22 00:33

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Claims He 'Never' Reported On RNC Chair's Hacked Emails, Gets Immediately Exposed As A Liar

MSNBC host Chris Hayes attempted to virtue-signal early Thursday morning by claiming that he never did any stories about RNC finance chair Elliott Broidy's hacked-and-leaked emails only to be immediately exposed as a liar.

Oct 22 00:14

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Blue Check Journos Amplify Fake 'Rudy Giuliani Text Messages' to Millions

Blue Cheka journos on Twitter started Wednesday by falling for/amplifying a hoax from "Borat" smearing Rudy Giuliani and ended it by falling for/amplifying a second hoax smearing Rudy made up by some rando on Twitter.

Oct 21 14:49

Sacha Baron Cohen's Rudy Giuliani Smear Debunked: Rudy 'Tucked In Shirt After Actress Untucked It,' Wasn't 'Sexual'

"[Giuliani] does not have his hand down his pants in a sexual way. He is tucking his shirt back in after she untucks it removing his mic," far-left Mother Jones editorial director reveals.

Oct 21 11:59

Google's Head of Global Analysis: "Platforms are influencing you in a way you didn't sign up for"

Oct 21 09:32

Lobby displays double standards toward Holocaust deniers

The American Jewish Committee displays double standards toward Holocaust deniers and the far-right.

Celebrating three decades as CEO of that pro-Israel group, David Harris has heaped praise lately on Facebook and on Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian chancellor.

Facebook is being applauded because of an announcement that it will remove content that tells lies about or trivializes the Nazis’ crimes.

A summary of Harris’ career published by the American Jewish Committee indicates that Kurz is among Europe’s politicians to have impressed him most. Two years ago, Harris asserted that Kurz had shown “courage and … conviction” by declaring Israel’s “security” to be in Austria’s highest national interest.

At that time, Kurz was heading a coalition that included the Freedom Party.

The Freedom Party was founded in the 1950s by former Nazis.

Oct 21 07:49

Glenn Greenwald: Media and Intel Community Working Together To Manipulate The American People

Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson's FOX News show Monday night to criticize the media for its lack of response to the Hunter Biden laptop story. Greenwald also criticized intel community activity in domestic elections and posed the question that even if Russians are behind the story it just requires journalistic investigation in case Biden is compromised.

"Adam Schiff is seriously the most pathological liar in all of American politics that I've seen in all of my time covering politics and journalism," Greenwald said on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' "He just fabricates accusations at the drop of the hat at the other people change underwear. He's simply lying when he just asserts over and over that the Russians or the Kremlin are behind the story. He has no idea whether or not that is true. There is no evidence to support it."

Oct 21 07:32

Project Veritas Strikes Again: Google Ad Manager Caught on Camera Admitting They Can Offer FREE Advertising Credits to Democrats, Censor Republicans

Project Veritas has dropped another explosive video, this time featuring a Google Ad manager admitting to various ways they could potentially interfere with a free and fair election.

Google Marketing technical account manager Adriano Amaduzzi was caught on camera saying that the big tech giant could meddle “censor out news from your search engine” … “or actually stopping right-wing parties from advertising.”

“You can offer free credits, free advertising credits, to Democratic parties for advertising,” said Amaduzzi.

Amaduzzi also acknowledged that Google’s Trust and Safety staffers are “extreme left” and could get involved in the election.