Jan 22 17:37

Friday Humor: Does Chuck Schumer Have Something Else On His Mind Today?

"Senators will have to decide if they believe Donald Trump incited the ERECTION against the United States."

Jan 22 16:33

Continuity of Government under Insurrection Act active with DEFCON 2 and Trump/military in charge? Corrupt USA Inc. dissolved? Powerless Biden/Congress/Media targeted for removal? Gene Decode videos

If President Trump signed the Insurrection Act, and US military is under DEFCON 2, then continuity of government forbids President Trump to transfer leadership. If US military leadership is in agreement that DNC/Biden/Harris appear guilty of an attempted coup through election fraud, then their “inauguration” was a show with criminally-complicit corporate media.

Gene Decode provides compelling testimony to the above in 32 minutes.

Gene has two current interviews here and here.

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Jan 22 16:14

Trust In MSM Is At An All Time Low & They Say It’s YOUR Fault

Americans’ trust in the mainstream has never been lower. But they aren’t taking responsibility for the lies, propaganda, and misleading news reports, it is all our fault for using our own minds and our own discernment to logically understand what they are doing.

Jan 22 14:08

As Biden Became President, Medical Journal Quietly Retracted Study That Claimed Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective

This retraction appears to validate the claims then-President Trump made about the medication being a frontline drug in the battle in the pandemic.

Jan 22 12:25

FLASHBACK - MSNBC 'Its Our Job To Control What People Think'

Jan 22 11:00

Media bias: CNN and NPR are afraid to say “Apartheid” out loud

On January 12, the respected Israeli human rights group B’Tselem released a bombshell report entitled “This is Apartheid: Jewish Supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.”

The “apartheid” label is big news – especially from an Israel-based organization. It is relevant to every American because our government gives Israel $10 million a day in aid.

Those familiar with the Israel-Palestine issue have known for years that Israel is an apartheid regime – but also know that the bias in mainstream media has led to a shortage of deep reporting on stories critical of Israel (If Americans Knew has been reporting on it since the organization’s inception).

Jan 22 10:47

CNN Asks Biden Spokeswoman If Admin Will Deny Access To News Outlets That ‘Lie’ About Biden

On Wednesday night, Biden’s Communications Director Kate Bedingfield was asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota if the Biden administration would deny access to news outlets should they decide to “lie” about Biden.

Camerota referred to Biden’s inaugural speech, in which he stated, “Recent weeks and months have taught us a painful lesson. There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit.”

Camerota made it clear who she was referring to: “They are right-wing companies, some are more fringe than others, at this point, or more extreme than others.”

Jan 22 10:36

‘The Most Popular President Ever’ Is Getting DESTROYED By ‘Dislikes’ On YouTube.

Videos posted to Joe Biden’s White House YouTube account are getting flooded with ‘dislike’ interactions from the American public – some even dwarfing the number of likes on a video by over six times.
The data is the latest evidence at odds with President Biden receiving the most votes in any presidential election in U.S. history.

At the time of publishing, of the seven videos uploaded to the account – which now has comments turned off – all have more dislikes than likes. In most cases, the like to dislike disparity is striking.

The video “President Biden Reviews the Readiness of Military Troops in a Pass In Review” has 12,000 dislikes – nearly seven times the mere 1,800 likes the video garnered.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YouTube cannot keep up with deleting the dislikes!

Jan 22 10:34

Finally! Politico Is First Fake News Mainstream Outlet to Hint at Joe Biden’s Obvious Dementia

Something miraculous happened on Thursday.

A mainstream media outlet actually published something factual for a change!
Politico was the first liberal outlet to post on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

It was obvious to the rest of us and has been for over a year.

Jan 22 10:33

OANN: Michelle Malkin, RSBN and Gateway Pundit Suspended on Twitter for Violating New Orwellian “Civic Integrity” Rule

Last week Twitter banned a Gateway Pundit tweet questioning fraud in the election.

Twitter handed The Gateway Pundit account a 12-hour suspension for questioning the stolen election. Then upped it to a six-day suspension. This was doled out in the middle of the night. Someone on the late shift was targeting us.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 120 websites in America today and a leading voice for conservatives.

Jan 22 09:22

Psycho Pompeo Exits With Nary A Scratch Of Media Criticism On Him

My eclectic news feed looks odd as the hours count down to the end of the Trump administration. Westerners are largely celebrating the exit of Donald Trump himself, whereas with those I follow from areas targeted by US imperialism, the man they’re happiest to see the back of is Mike Pompeo.

It looks very bizarre, as this part of our weird collective adventure comes to an end, how Pompeo’s tenure first as CIA Director and then Secretary of State were almost entirely unmarred by criticism from the political/media class. This is after all a man whose word and deed have been easily more depraved than Trump’s during this profoundly corrupt administration, yet both rank-and-file Democrats and rank-and-file Republicans have been kept only dimly aware of his existence amidst the nonstop scandalous shrieking about the president and his other goons.

Jan 22 09:12

Media Literally Compares Biden to God, Whitewashing New Face of US Police State & War Machine

January 20, 2021 was a historic day for Americans. It marked the day that Joseph Robinette Biden was sworn in as President, ridding the planet of orange man bad once and for all and restoring hope in the land of the free. All problems will be solved, debts forgiven, pandemics cured and a glorious heaven on Earth will flourish in the wake of the inauguration….or so the mainstream media says, almost verbatim.

In stark contrast to how the media portrayed Donald Trump as a reincarnation of Hitler, Joe Biden — a career politician, segregationist, police state worshiping warmonger — is receiving a warm embrace by our alleged non-partisan mainstream media.

As the newly elected racially diverse gift to the prison industrial complex duo assumes their respective thrones in the nation’s capitol, they can take solace in the fact that the mainstream media will be salivating over them as they take the torch from Trump and continue America’s worst policies.

Jan 22 09:10

Mostly Peaceful Protests

Jan 22 08:39

Anti-Trump "Oversight Board" To Determine Whether Trump Will Regain Access To Facebook

Facebook has announced it will leave the decision on whether or not to uphold Donald Trump’s suspension to its “oversight board,” a body that includes a Muslim Brotherhood activist and a leftist who once publicly made Barron Trump the butt of a crass joke.

Facebook suspended Trump for 2 weeks after the Capitol building incident and has now extended the suspension, although it hasn’t yet gone as far as Twitter in permanently removing Trump’s account.

In a statement released today, the social media behemoth said it would put the decision on whether to restore Trump’s access (and potentially permanently removing his account) in the hands of it’s “independent” Oversight Board.

Jan 22 08:13

Twitter locks account of China's U.S. embassy over its defense of Xinjiang policy

Twitter has locked the account of China’s U.S. embassy for a tweet that defended China’s policy towards Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang, which the U.S. social media platform said violated its stand against “dehumanizing” people.

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that it was confused by the move and that it was the embassy’s responsibility to call out disinformation and clarify the truth.

The Chinese Embassy account, @ChineseEmbinUS, posted a tweet this month that said that Uighur women had been emancipated and were no longer “baby-making machines”, citing a study reported by state-backed newspaper China Daily.

The tweet was removed by Twitter and replaced by a label stating that it was no longer available. Although Twitter hides tweets that violate its policies, it requires account owners to manually delete such posts. The Chinese embassy’s account has not posted any new tweets since Jan. 9.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But child porn is okay, right?

Jan 22 08:08

Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason

Netflix’s 2019 second-quarter results were nothing less than disastrous. The streaming company saw its first major loss of US subscribers (over 130,000 cancellations) while the number of international subscriptions barely reached 50% of what was forecast (2.7 million new paid customers). Stocks dropped by more than 10% immediately after the release of the report.

Several reasons were cited for the loss of US subscribers: The price hike from $10.99 to $12.99, competition from other streaming services, the arrival of new streaming services (WarnerMedia, Disney, and Apple) and the stagnation of Netflix’s content library.

Jan 22 07:26

Google suspends second AI ethics researcher: union

Google has suspended an artificial intelligence ethics researcher weeks after dismissing another member of the team, a recently formed union said.

The Alphabet Workers Union, which was created by employees of Google's parent firm, said in a statement this week it was "concerned by the suspension of the corporate access of Margaret Mitchell," a union member and lead researcher.

Mitchell's suspension came in response to her downloading and sharing of company documents, according to a Google statement to Axios, which reported that the documents were aimed at showing discriminatory treatment of Timnit Gebru, another member of the AI ethics team, who was fired last year.

Jan 22 07:18

Secret Warrants for 'All Emails' and Metadata of WikiLeaks Supporter Reveal Far-Reaching State Power

Nearly 500 search and seizure warrants were executed as part of the Mueller investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. Some of those warrants were for the electronic data belonging to a graphic designer, that contained 'gag orders' preventing Google and Microsoft from informing him that his data had been handed over.

Somerset Bean is a British graphic designer who works with whistleblowers, journalists and activists. Bean (who prefers to be referred to by his pseudonym) discovered in 2019 that Google was served with a warrant by former special prosecutor Robert Mueller for the "contents and metadata of all emails" associated with his account, back in 2018. A 'gag order' within the warrant prevented Google from informing Bean that the warrant had been served. More than one year later, in January 2021, Bean was notified of another warrant that was served for more his digital records, this time from Microsoft.

Jan 22 07:18

Google Threatens to Shut Down Its Search Engine in Australia if New Legislation Gets Green Light

Google, among other media platforms, appeared on Friday before an Australian Senate committee examining the federal government’s news media and digital platforms mandatory bargaining code bill.

Google and Facebook said they might have to stop offering some of their services in Australia if a new law which compels companies to negotiate payments to media for their content goes ahead.

The legislation in question is the Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code bill which establishes a mandatory code of conduct, which it says should address “bargaining power imbalances between digital platforms”.

According to the bill, digital platforms and news media businesses would be “incentivised” to reach agreements on payments for news content on the aforementioned platform services.

Jan 22 07:16

Twitter rejected pleas to remove child porn from platform because it didn’t ‘violate policies,’ lawsuit claims

A new lawsuit has accused Twitter of turning a blind eye to child pornography on its platform, claiming that it snubbed repeat requests from an underage sex trafficking victim to remove explicit images obtained through blackmail.

The suit, filed by the teenage victim and his mother in the Northern District of California on Wednesday, argues that Twitter refused to pull the sexually graphic videos on the grounds that they did not violate its policies, allowing them to rack up well over 150,000 views.

Jan 22 07:11

Americans’ trust in mainstream media has never been lower – but journalists insist it’s the audience’s fault, not theirs

Fewer than half of Americans trust mainstream media, according to PR firm Edelman’s annual “trust barometer.” But rather than attempt to repair the relationship, media outlets blame their audience’s poor ‘information hygiene.’

Long headed for collapse, Americans’ trust in the media establishment hit an all time low in 2021, falling three points overall to just 46 percent, according to Edelman’s most recent annual survey. The figure marks the first time Americans’ trust of journalism sank below the 50 percent mark.

Americans’ trust in social media also hit rock bottom, clocking in at a miserable 27 percent, according to Edelman’s annual “trust barometer.” Globally, people’s faith in social media wasn’t much better, with just 35 percent of users deeming it a trustworthy source for “general news and information.”

Jan 22 07:06

‘If Biden wanted unity, he’d lynch Pence’: NYT writer claims controversial tweet was not a call for violence, remains on Twitter

New York Times opinion writer Will Wilkinson raised red flags on social media after appearing to call for Mike Pence to be lynched. He is now claiming the “error in judgement” was just “sharp sarcasm.”

In Wednesday-evening tweets responding to criticism of President Joe Biden from conservatives, Wilkinson wrote, “‘Aha! Biden proposes policies I dislike. HIS CALL FOR UNITY IS A LIE!’ is all the forlorn conservative mind can seem to muster. Sad.”

In a follow-up tweet that received extensive pushback, Wilkinson added, “If Biden really wanted unity, he’d lynch Mike Pence.”

Jan 22 07:06

'Government becomes God': Jacobin's satirical cover literally idolizing Biden strikes nerve

The issue of Jacobin magazine covering the inauguration features a mock icon, complete with a halo around Biden's head, seraphim-like Clintons and angelic killer drones in the sky. Some don't seem to realize it is satire.

The cover for the winter edition of Jacobin, which was previewed hours after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US president, mercilessly mocks the US' habit of treating its politicians like celebrities. Taking the next logical step, it reimagines the new president as a messiah, borrowing imagery from traditional Christian iconography.

Jan 22 06:51

Who is American media's biggest Biden suck up? Rachel Maddow cries on air, Al Roker fist bumps the President and CNN guy claims Mall fireworks will make our enemies tremble!

The media almost unanimously fawned over Joe Biden and the events of inauguration day with some crying over it, calling it America's 'happy ending' and gushing over new press secretary Jen Psaki who was given a remarkably warm welcome on her first day after years of hostility between the media gaggle and the person at the briefing room podium.

Since Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday and even before then, some media outlets have relaxed their impartiality to welcome him and his administration with open arms.

Unsurprisingly, many belong to the organizations that President Trump made enemies of throughout his presidency.

Jan 22 06:50

'Canceled for being white': NY sportscaster will sue his former network after he was 'dropped from a social justice show when a black co-host refused to appear with white guys' to discuss George Floyd protests

A veteran New York City sportscaster says his former employer chose not to renew his contract after a bi-racial colleague refused to appear with him on a televised segment about race relations in America because he is white.

Jonas Schwartz, 45, is planning to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit in Manhattan federal court next week accusing the SNY regional sports network of retaliation as well as race discrimination, according to his attorney.

The lawsuit is based on a complaint filed by Schwartz with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a prerequisite before any legal action is initiated.

Jan 21 22:11

56-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (January 21, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, David Scorpio, and I discuss current events here on BitChute and here on YouTube:

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Jan 21 16:47

They Didn’t Even Give Joe Biden One Day Before They Started Rioting…

The corporate media was so quick to use the term “domestic terrorists” when it was Trump supporters that were going crazy. -- Will the corporate media dare to use the same term for these nutjobs?

Jan 21 16:30

They Didn’t Even Give Joe Biden One Day Before They Started Rioting…

The corporate media was so quick to use the term “domestic terrorists” when it was Trump supporters that were going crazy. -- Will the corporate media dare to use the same term for these nutjobs?

Jan 21 15:52

Amazon can keep Parler's servers offline, judge rules

A judge has denied Parler’s attempt to get Amazon Web Services to restore its service. A federal judge cited “dwindling slight” evidence for Parler’s antitrust claims, as well as the dangers posed by “inflammatory rhetoric.”

The ruling is yet another setback for the beleaguered company, which is also facing the prospect of an FBI investigation. Parler sued Amazon claiming antitrust violations, after Amazon Web Services kicked it off its servers. In its lawsuit, Parler had asked the courts to force Amazon to restore its service while the legal case played out. On Thursday, a judge declined to do so, stating that “Parler has failed to demonstrate that it is likely to succeed on the merits of its Sherman Act claim.”

Jan 21 14:17

Trump Leaves The National Stage — Or Has He?

After descending the marble steps of the White House’s South Portico for his final time as president, Donald Trump couldn’t help himself.

He stopped to chat with the press before lifting off aboard Marine One for his final farewell ceremony and unknown next chapter.

Clad in his trademark scarlet tie and black topcoat, Trump was far more subdued and succinct than usual as he addressed the bevy of reporters he had demonized daily as the “enemy of the people,” “a disgrace” and “fake news.”

Gone were the anger and the accusations – at least in this moment.

Jan 21 13:34


Jan 21 13:33

NY Times Contributing Writer Calls For Lynching Mike Pence

Will Wilkinson, vice president for research at the Niskanen Center and a New York Times contributing opinion writer said Thursday that President Joe Biden would lynch former Vice President Mike Pence if he desires unity.

“‘Aha! Biden proposes policies I dislike. HIS CALL FOR UNITY IS A LIE!!!’ is all the forlorn conservative mind can seem to muster. Sad,” Wilkinson tweeted, according to a screenshot. (RELATED: QAnon ‘Shaman’ Allegedly Left A Threatening Note On Mike Pence’s Desk, Prosecutors Say)

“If Biden really wanted unity, he’d lynch Mike Pence,” Wilkinson tweeted, according to the screenshot.

The tweet, posted at 12:33 a.m. Thursday, has since been deleted.

“The Pence tweet was a tart way to drive home the exasperating irony and bad faith of right-wing pundits who have accused Biden of insincerity in his heartfelt calls for unification,” Wilkinson told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Jan 21 11:40

The Masks Are Coming Off

I had intended to start the New Year with a heart-warming piece entitled, “2021: The Year of Censorship of Dissent”. It would have been a somewhat prophetical piece, shocking some readers with predictions of a coming crackdown on dissent, and causing others to hoot with laughter because they haven’t quite caught up with the times we are in. You know, the types who say things like “Oh perrrlease! Social Media companies are private companies and they have the right to decide who they allow on their platform” and “Stop making out it’s the gulag” etc.

Unfortunately, my plans were scuppered by the fact that media and social media companies — let’s call them Global Pravda — have come out of the blocks even earlier than even I anticipated, and have been censoring left right and centre. As a result, my intended “prophetical” utterance seems like yesterday’s news.

Jan 21 11:39

EU President: "Unbridled Power Held " By Big Tech CEOs Must Be "Reined In"

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen informed President-elect Joe Biden ahead of today's inauguration that Silicon Valley CEOs have no authority to decide on laws and rules, according to RT News.

Von der Leyen said in a speech on Wednesday to the European Parliament that the incoming Biden administration must begin to regulate big tech companies.

"This political power, unbridled power held by the big internet giants must be reined in," she said.

European lawmakers are in the process of formulating new digital privacy and antitrust regulation that would have severe implications for Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Jan 21 11:38

Twitter, Facebook And YouTube Allow Incendiary Anti-MAGA Video To Remain On Platforms

While Silicon Valley tech giants spent the last two weeks purging President Trump and tens of thousands of his followers over 'dangerous conspiracy theories' and 'inciting violence' during the so-called "Capitol insurrection" on January 6, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have yet to remove a video by far-left Russiagate conspiracy theorist Dan Winslow which is the definition of incitement.

"They are hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs," Winslow warns. "They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers."

The video, which has over 4 million Twitter views in two days, calls for "an army of citizen detectives" to identify Trump supporters - who he calls Trump's 'army of domestic terrorists,' - who should be reported to authorities.

Jan 21 11:35

MSM Calls For "New Definition Of Free Speech"

Part of the main duty of OffGuardian is to troll through the masses of media output and try and pick up patterns. Sometimes the patterns are subtle, a gentle urging behind the paragraphs. Sometimes they’re more like a sledgehammer to the face.

This has been face-hammer week. In fact, it’s been a face-hammer year.

From “flatten the curve” to “the new normal” to “the great reset”, it’s not been hard to spot the messaging going on since the start of the “pandemic”. And that distinct lack of disguise has carried over into other topics, too.

We pointed out, a few days ago, the sudden over-use of the phrase “domestic terrorism” preparing us for what is, almost certainly, going to be a truly horrendous piece of new legislation once Biden is in office.

Well, the buzz-phrase doing the rounds in the wake of Donald Trump being banned from the internet is “the new definition of free speech”…and variations on that theme.

Jan 21 11:17

YOUTUBE CAUGHT RED-HANDED Removing Dislikes from Biden White House Page — Anything to Fool the Proletariat

What a surprise!

The far-left tech giants jumped in to save the Biden regime on their very first day in office.

Jen Psaki held a press briefing with the leftist horde in the White House Briefing Room on Wednesday after the Biden Hunger Games Inaugural.

After being sworn in Joe Biden signed several executive orders to open borders, shut down US energy production and punish American companies.

During the White House presser, the American public was quick to downvote Psaki’s nonsense. At 3 PM the video had 10,000 down votes.

But by 7 PM YouTube came to the rescue and erased the downvotes by several thousand.

Jan 21 10:52

Twitter Embroiled in New Child Porn Scandal as Lawsuit Claims They Defend Sick Content, Says It Doesn’t ‘Violate Policies’

Twitter has a long history of allowing child porn and paedophiles to proliferate on their site.

Jan 21 09:57

‘Let the Hunger Games begin’? Biden’s inauguration draws dystopian fiction comparisons as new president calls for ‘unity’

President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony has triggered countless comparisons to ‘The Hunger Games,’ as viewers found eerie parallels to the sci-fi flick, whose dystopian themes are a far cry from the new POTUS’ “unity” message.

While pop star Lady Gaga helped to kick off Biden’s swearing-in on Wednesday afternoon with a performance of the national anthem, observers appeared more enthralled with her oversized broach. Netizens immediately likened the pin to the iconic ‘Mockingjay’ of Hunger Games fame – the symbol of the film’s fictitious rebellion against the despotic ‘Capitol.’

Jan 21 09:55

Get ready for four years of vomit-inducing media fawning as our ‘brave’ journalists transform into PR agents for President Biden

Joe Biden is a swamp creature to his core, but to mainstream pundits, his arrival in Washington is akin to the second coming of Christ. The sycophancy is pathetic, but it’ll soon get dangerous when Joe actually starts to govern.
The return of a clapped-out career politician to the White House has the mainstream media squealing with delight. Their liberal bias hasn’t exactly been a secret these last four years (“fiery but mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests vs. the “extremist insurrection” on Capitol Hill being the latest example), but their outpouring of emotion over Biden’s inauguration would make even a North Korean news anchor blush.

Jan 21 06:52

'We'll bring truth back to the briefing room': Biden's new White House press secretary Jen Psaki promises 'transparency' in her podium debut without mentioning her predecessor

President Joe Biden's new press secretary Jen Psaki promised to bring 'transparency and truth' back to the government - and told reporters that she respects the role they play during her first press briefing.

'I will just state because you gave me the opportunity I have deep respect for the role of a free and independent press in our democracy and for the role all of you play,' Psaki said.

It was a far cry from former President Donald Trump's and his White House press secretaries' war against the media, with Trump often calling reporters the 'enemy of the people.'

Jan 21 06:46

The Donald dilemma: Bolton wants CNN to ERASE Trump coverage, but Graham says Republicans who oblige will get ‘erased’ themselves

US media are struggling to figure out Donald Trump's influence now that he’s no longer president. Ex-adviser John Bolton urged ignoring him altogether, but Sen. Lindsey Graham argued he’ll dominate the GOP for years to come.

“He will go from sitting in the most powerful office in the world, the Oval Office, to sitting by the swimming pool at Mar-a-Lago,” Bolton, whom Trump fired as national security adviser in 2019, told CNN's Jake Tapper on Wednesday. “We are about to see a change of incalculable dimensions.”

Speaking a few hours before Democrat Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, Bolton said supporters and critics alike had yet to fully appreciate that Trump was actually leaving center stage. While supporters can't believe he's actually leaving, critics may struggle to give up “the fun they've had” scrutinizing Trump for the past four years.

Jan 20 22:49

Is ‘The Show’ over, or NSA + military collecting evidence of treason before, during, and after US election? For total victory, do propagandized Americans require total evidence? now directs to

Many American Patriots are distraught with “Joe Biden” being shown inaugurated as US President because he was a demented War Criminal, quid pro quo, child-groping, hair-sniffing, gun-grabbing, pathological liar and plagiarist.

Moreover, Biden is the face of DNC imperial election fraud proven by contested states all stopping “vote counts” in the middle of the night with Trump winning, then resuming with mathematically impossible “vote batches” for Biden to officially win those states and the election. All good-faith attempts for legal remedy were rejected by US courts at every level. Congress was “invaded” just as election fraud was being introduced on January 6 that ended public consideration of that evidence.

Some Patriots therefore question if Biden’s promised “Dark Winter” has commenced, and White Hat Patriots are defeated.

Jan 20 20:55

Tucker: Democratic Party 'Planning A War On Half Of America'

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night said vengeful Democrats are "thinking of new ways to injure, humiliate and degrade their political opponents, make it impossible for them to work again, throw them in jail, and destroy their lives."

Jan 20 08:07

Banned on Twitter? Try These Russian Social Networks!

We’re not guaranteeing you won’t be banned for being outright obscene, but if American social networks have become too much for you with their loose interpretations of what’s harmful and what’s not, here’s a list of Russian messengers and social networks that’ll help fill the gap!

Jan 20 07:36

Words are violence. Voting is terrorism. Free speech is a threat. Where the media establishment can’t win, they’ll redefine

Determined to stamp out ‘wrongthink’ in all forms, the media establishment has declared a holy war against free speech. Once the bedrock of US society, it faces a redefinition into something more convenient – or oblivion.

If everyone is permitted to speak freely, their reasoning goes, people’s lives will be put at risk. Those whose opinions diverge from the mainstream should not be permitted to voice those opinions, lest their words hurt people – not just people’s feelings. Yet at the same time as this self-styled Ministry of Truth calls for free speech to be swept into the dustbin of history, it insists its victims’ freedom of speech is not under attack at all.

Jan 20 07:34

CNN airs guide to DEPROGRAM MAGA SUPPORTERS as cult expert claims ENTIRE country needs post-Trump help

As calls to “deprogram” Trump supporters mount, CNN has hosted a former Moonie-turned-professional deprogrammer who suggested the whole nation had been “negatively influenced” and needed help. Viewers were not eager to sign up.

Cult expert Steven Hassan was on Tuesday brought on CNN to advise on how to deprogram members of what he described in his 2019 book as the “Cult of Trump.” Perhaps with an eye toward boosting his deprogramming business, however, he suggested the entire country was in need of his services.

Jan 19 16:17

This Is An Article About Nothing

Instead, I will just say how happy I am to be living in the People’s Republic of the USSA.  May the sun shine on our glorious leaders, and may we serve the people with vigor.

Jan 19 16:04

The Unwelcome Return of the Real Purveyors of Violence

With the mainstream media still obsessing about the January 6th “violent coup attempt” at the US Capitol Building, the incoming Biden Administration looks to be chock full of actual purveyors of violent coups. Don’t look to the mainstream media to report on this, however. Some of the same politicians and bureaucrats denouncing the ridiculous farce at the Capitol as if it were the equivalent of 9/11 have been involved for decades in planning and executing real coups overseas. In their real coups, many thousands of civilians have died.

Jan 19 13:54

They have opened the Gates of Hell and it’s a one-way passage

Recently, we received a copy of a private commentary sent around by a tech founder in Silicon Valley, who wrote the following, which we quote here with permission provided the author’s anonymity is preserved:

The entire American tech stack, which enables Americans to buy, sell, pay, and communicate, has been weaponized in furtherance of a radical anti-freedom agenda.

This is the single most chilling week in my lifetime, and America’s since the Civil War.

If you don’t comply with the Left’s dogma and agenda, your ability to provide for your family, communicate with your friends, express your once-free-opinions, and live an American life, will come grinding to a halt.

Jan 19 13:16

Twitter Shares Fall Even More Following Trump Ban

Twitter shares—since President Donald Trump’s permanent ban—slid even more on Monday.

As of Monday at around 11:20 a.m. ET, the San Francisco-based company’s stock was trading at $44.96—dropping about 0.50 percent. Earlier in the day, shares were trading below $44.60.

On Jan. 6, during the Joint Session of Congress, the company’s shares were trading at $53.26. At this point, Twitter is down about 17 percent so far in 2021.

Last week, CNBC analyst Jim Cramer warned that Twitter’s stock could slide even further because of Trump’s ban.

Jan 19 13:01

RETRACTION #330: Bloomberg "Journalist" William Turton's ENDLESS Retraction

Jan 19 09:05

The ‘NY Times’ covers up B’Tselem verdict, that Israel is an ‘apartheid regime’

Liberal Zionists open the New York Times these days with shivers of anxiety. Last week, Israel’s leading human rights group, B’Tselem, declared for the first time that Israel is an apartheid regime, a move that sent shock waves around the globe.

Liberal Zionists know that if the “apartheid” designation spreads even more widely, they will have some public squirming to do — such as explaining why they continue to oppose the worldwide campaign for Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS).

But so far in the New York Times: not a word. Liberal Zionists have nothing to fear yet from the Washington Post either. Nearly a week has passed, but neither the Post, nor the Times, has published a single word about B’Tselem’s announcement in either news reports by their own correspondents or in opinion columns.

Jan 19 08:28

Lobby Group Sues Apple To Remove Telegram From App Store For Allowing "Hate Speech"

A lobbyist group is suing Apple in an effort to get free speech messaging platform Telegram removed from the app store, claiming that it allows ‘extremists’ to spread ‘hate speech’.

Telegram has seen a surge in users since Twitter and Facebook permanently suspended President Trump. Last week the service gained more than 25 million new users in just 72 hours, taking the total users to over 500 million.

The platform promotes itself as a service that believes in free speech and a strong privacy ethic, often polarising itself from the likes of Facebook owned Watts App and Microsoft owned Skype.

Now, amid calls for the platform to be restricted, lobby group The Coalition for a Safer Web has called for it to be completely deleted from big tech app stores.

In particular, the group has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that it has failed to hold Telegram accountable for violating its terms of service.

Jan 19 08:26

Parler’s de-platforming shows the exceptional power of cloud providers like Amazon

Getting kicked off Amazon Web Services is rare, but it has enormous consequences.

It happened this week, when Amazon dropped Parler, a social network that gained traction from conservatives after Twitter banned President Donald Trump and housed content that encouraged violence. Parler filed suit against Amazon in federal district court in an attempt to stop Amazon from suspending Parler’s account, and Amazon pushed back, requesting that the court deny Parler’s motion.

The incident demonstrates a type of power that Amazon wields almost uniquely because so many companies rely on it to deliver computing and data storage. Amazon controlled 45% of the cloud infrastructure in 2019, more than any other company, according to estimates from technology research company Gartner. The app survived without being listed in Apple and Google’s app stores, but getting sent away from Amazon’s cloud has left Parler absent from the internet for days.

Jan 19 08:04

In Today's America, The Wise Person Willfully Suspends Belief

In 2007, then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton deemed it necessary to “willfully suspend disbelief” to accept General David Petraeus’ progress report on the Iraq war.

In 2021, it seems necessary for the American people to willfully suspend belief in our government institutions, the media, and their corporate overlords.

The body politic is putrid and lashing out with the most disgusting displays of immorality, deceit, and coercion. Entertainment, education, social media, and the MSM ‘watchdogs of democracy’ are now the defenders, recruiters, and propagandists for this sick, bloated, and festering bureaucracy.

Twenty years ago, I believed most of what came over the nation’s airwaves. Ten years ago, I was becoming quite the skeptic. Today, after years of unrelenting attacks on the President, I don’t believe any of it.

Jan 19 08:03

"It Was A Non-Event" - MSM Forced To Admit Nationwide Pro-Trump Protest Panic Was Overblown

“It was a non-event today and we are glad it was."

That's how Troy Thompson, spokesman for the Department of General Services - the agency that protects the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg, described yesterday's mass national armed protest "domestic terrorism" event that the mainstream media (and various government agencies) has been "warning" 'good' Americans about all week.

As we reported in detail yesterday - avoiding the mainstream media's jump to a pre-conceived narrative conclusion - armed protesters did indeed appear at multiple state capitol complexes across the country Sunday morning.

Jan 19 07:56

The Digital-Financial Complex is the True Center of Power: “Is the Goal to Ignite Massive Civil Unrest?”

On Tuesday, the U.S. Army General Staff issued a memorandum strongly condemning the violent riots in Washington on January 6 and announcing that the U.S. military will “obey lawful orders of civilian leadership” and “defend the U.S. Constitution against all external and internal enemies.”

In addition, the document states,

“On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt: “In politics, nothing happens by accident.”

The memorandum marks the preliminary culmination of a development which might well end with the assumption of power by the military in Washington. In order to understand this development, one has to recall the words of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who once said, “In politics, nothing happens by chance. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Jan 19 07:09

Unaccountable Silicon Valley billionaires ‘switched President Donald Trump off’

Jan 18 21:44

69-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (January 18, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Chris Weinert, and I discuss current events here on BitChute and here on YouTube:

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Jan 18 16:13

CFR Fears 'American Democracy' May Be 'Doomed' By Populism

The Council on Foreign Relations is afraid that "American democracy" (aka rule by unelected oligarchs) may be "doomed" by the populist forces that Trump's presidency has unleashed.

Jan 18 16:08

Illusion of Freedom

Every moment since January 6 has been used by the Big Tech/Big Gov/Big Corp oligarchy to promote the fake news “insurrection” against a government that absconds with your money at gunpoint, uses the U.S. Constitution like toilet paper, is spending future generations into unpayable debt servitude, has as much vision as Ray Charles and the morality of a $2 whore. I apologize to all $2 whores, who at least provide a service. The compliant media mouthpieces were given the script to propagandize the terms “insurrection”, “sedition”, “coup”, and “armed rebellion” for the last two weeks, beating it to death like a clubbed seal.

Jan 18 10:39

Big Tech Companies Are Not Private

Jan 18 10:36

FBI Arrests 'Noted Anarchist Leader' For Capitol Hill Breach, While Media Still Blames Trump

Federal agents arrested an anarchist and “hardcore leftist” on Friday on suspicion of planning to forcibly interrupt planned election-related protests at the Florida state Capitol.

Plaintiffs said they “averted a crisis” at the Capitol by detaining 33-year-old Daniel Baker, taking him into custody on an indictment concerning making a threat to capture or injure, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida announced in a news release.

“Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday,” prosecutors said. “He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms.”

Jan 18 10:25

Washington Post: the Racial Enemy Is Multiracial Whiteness

What are we to make of Tarrio — and, more broadly, of Latino voters inspired by Trump? And what are we to make of unmistakably White mob violence that also includes non-White participants? I call this phenomenon multiracial whiteness — the promise that they, too, can lay claim to the politics of aggression, exclusion and domination.

Before Trump, conservatives seeking to appeal to Latinos typically embraced the politics of conservative multiculturalism. Politicians such as George W. Bush reached out to Latino voters by showing a familiarity with their language and history, emphasizing the values of diversity and inclusion. Depicting Latinos as a distinct and valuable part of America’s democratic mosaic, conservative multiculturalism connected Latino culture to Republican values, emphasizing conservative approaches to faith, patriotism and the traditional family.

Jan 18 10:19

Twitter Senior Executive Vijaya Gadde Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale

Jan 18 10:16

DOJ Official Admits No 'Direct Evidence' Of Plot to Kidnap And Kill Lawmakers in Capitol Protests

The acting US attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, admitted on Friday that "we don't have any direct evidence" of a plot to kidnap and kill lawmakers by Capitol protesters -- just hours after federal prosecutors claimed in court they believe that was the "intent" of "Capitol rioters."

From Reuters, "No 'direct evidence' of plot to kidnap or kill lawmakers in U.S. Capitol attack: Justice Department official":

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Justice Department official on Friday said there is currently no direct evidence of efforts to capture or assassinate lawmakers in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"We don't have any direct evidence of kill capture teams," said Michael Sherwin, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, in a press conference with reporters.

Jan 18 09:58

CNN Pushes to Close Down Newsmax TV

CNN is making no mistake about it: It wants to censor and close Newsmax from broadcasting as a cable news channel.

Apparently jolted by the fact Newsmax has skyrocketed to become the 4th highest-rated cable news channel in the country, the liberal CNN is decrying what it calls Newsmax's "election denialism" and is seeking to have it "deplatformed" from cable and satellite systems across the nation.

Oliver Darcy, CNN's leftwing media critic, has been demanding cable operators drop Newsmax, which is currently carried by every major system in the nation. Newsmax is also streamed free by most OTT platforms and devices.

Jan 18 09:33


This has been face-hammer week. In fact, it’s been a face-hammer year.Part of the main duty of OffGuardian is to troll through the masses of media output and try and pick up patterns. Sometimes the patterns are subtle, a gentle urging behind the paragraphs. Sometimes they’re more like a sledgehammer to the face.

From “flatten the curve” to “the new normal” to “the great reset”, it’s not been hard to spot the messaging going on since the start of the “pandemic”. And that distinct lack of disguise has carried over into other topics, too.

We pointed out, a few days ago, the sudden over-use of the phrase “domestic terrorism” preparing us for what is, almost certainly, going to be a truly horrendous piece of new legislation once Biden is in office.

Well, the buzz-phrase doing the rounds in the wake of Donald Trump being banned from the internet is “the new definition of free speech”…and variations on that theme.

Jan 18 09:33

Some of Colorado’s conservative talk radio stations are turning down the volume on “rigged election” claims

Listeners to talk radio station KVOR (740 AM) in Colorado Springs may no longer hear quite so much railing about a rigged election or calls for violent protest.

Cumulus Media, a talk radio company with a roster of popular right-wing personalities, including Dan Bongino, Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro, has ordered its employees at 416 stations nationwide, including KVOR, to knock off the “stolen election” dog whistles.

Jan 18 09:30


On August 4 2020 2.750 tons of ammonium nitrate, stored in a warehouse of Beirut's harbour, exploded. The blast destroyed large parts of the city.

The dangerous load had come on a defect ship which was impounded by the Lebanese authorities. It had been stored since 2013. Despite urgent warnings, the complicate Lebanese bureaucracy had never found a way to get rid of the dangerous load.

Soon conspiracy theories sprang up about the 'real' ownership and purpose of the load and of who might have had an interest in igniting it. None made much sense. The original explanation of a bureaucratic tussle and pure neglect are still the most plausible cause.

But that does not stop the British Guardian from trying to blame the Syrian government for the incident:

Jan 18 09:22

Parler’s website is back online with message to ‘lovers and haters’

The website for Parler, the conservative-friendly social media platform, was back online on Sunday — with a message for the company’s “lovers and haters.”

“Hello world, is this thing on?” Parler CEO John Matze wrote on the website, above a note from the company saying the platform would be restored after challenges were resolved.

“Now seems like the right time to remind you all — both lovers and haters — why we started this platform,” the note read.

“We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.”

Jan 18 08:28

FLASHBACK - Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman

Web-based programs like Google's Gmail will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time, according to the free software campaigner

The concept of using web-based programs like Google's Gmail is "worse than stupidity", according to a leading advocate of free software.

Cloud computing – where IT power is delivered over the internet as you need it, rather than drawn from a desktop computer – has gained currency in recent years. Large internet and technology companies including Google, Microsoft and Amazon are pushing forward their plans to deliver information and software over the net.

Jan 18 08:04

Ex-Facebook exec calls for de-platforming OANN and Newsmax, laments that some conservatives have BIGGER AUDIENCES than CNN

Former Facebook executive Alex Stamos likened Republicans in Congress to ISIS supporters and argued that conservative voices such as OANN and Newsmax must be quieted to return Americans to "consensual reality."

"We're going to have to figure out the OANN and Newsmax problem – you know, that these companies have freedom of speech, but I'm not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes," Stamos said on Sunday in a CNN interview, suggesting that the conservative news outlets be banned by cable TV carriers. "This is allowing people to seek out information if they really want to, but not pushing it into their faces, I think, is where we're going to have to go here."

Jan 18 02:58

CNN Actively Campaigns to Remove Newsmax, OAN From Cable Television

CNN is calling on Verizon, AT&T and Comcast to deplatform conservative news networks like One America News and Newsmax.

“Just a reminder that neither @Verizon, @ATT, nor @comcast have answered any questions about why they beam channels like OAN & Newsmax into millions of homes,” CNN propagandist Oliver Darcy,” wrote on Twitter. “Do they have any second thoughts about distributing these channels given their election denialism content? They won’t say.”

CNN media poodle Brian Stelter hosted a university professor who also called on cable systems to remove the conservative networks.

Jan 17 09:50

Major events show CNN complicit in Capitol raid

To make this clear: CNN was embedded with BLM / Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters videoing them to incite a riot... -- NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

Jan 17 08:08

Fake News: CNN Has Now Resorted To Making Up Stories About Trump Cabinet Resignations

Health Secretary Alex Azar late Friday rebutted an anonymously-sourced CNN report that claimed he had resigned.

“Contrary to the @CNN chyron, I am still here serving the American people at HHS,” he cleared up in a statement, referring to the Department Health and Human Services.

Azar stated he was helping with the transfer of government to President-elect Joe Biden, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan 16 14:02

Foreign Leaders Are Now Condemning US Regime For Brutal Censorship of American Citizens

Despite Angela Merkel’s difficult relationship with President Trump, the German Chancellor made it clear that she is outraged over the decision by Twitter, Facebook, and Google to collectively banish the president from the Internet in the final week of his term.

But Merkel’s statement, which attracted much attention in the U.S., was far from the only statement by a world leader recognizing the enormous power grab made by Big Tech, and the need to reverse that power grab with new regulations, new laws, or even entirely new online platforms. Leaders from all over the world joined in to express the same sentiments, and Revolver has compiled many of them into a list below. But keep in mind: No doubt even more leaders are thinking the same thing, and have only stayed quiet to avoid irritating the incoming BidenHarris Administration.