Aug 09 10:54

Bodies of 8 servicemen involved in Marines amphibious vehicle accident recovered

The remains of seven Marines and a Navy sailor involved in a training accident have been recovered. The servicemen were involved in a mishap when an amphibious assault vehicle sank off the coast of California on July 30.

Aug 09 10:53

Florida man arrested for what he allegedly did to a child when he refused to remove his mask

Police arrested a man in Treasure Island, Florida, after he allegedly grabbed a child when he refused to take his mask off.

Aug 09 10:53

Michigan official refuses to resign after using N-word to explain why he isn't wearing a face mask

A local official in Michigan is refusing a chorus of demands for him to resign over his startling use of an offensive racist slur to explain why he wasn't wearing a face mask.

Aug 09 10:51

'Hundreds gather in Beverly Hills for pro-Trump 'Rescue America' rally, encouraging Californians to walk away from Democratic party

Hundreds of demonstrators attended the "Rescue America" rally in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon. The pro-Trump march was organized by the #WalkAway Foundation, a campaign that "encourages and supports those on the Left to walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today."

Aug 09 10:48

Trump Extends Weekly Unemployment Boost At $400 After Relief Negotiations Fail, Takes Three Other Actions

President Donald Trump took four executive actions — one executive order and three memoranda — on Saturday addressing the pandemic after Republican negotiators and Democratic leaders failed for nearly two weeks to negotiate a coronavirus relief package that could pass through both chambers of the legislature.

Aug 09 10:42

HORROR! Iranian-Backed Hezbollah Forces Open Fire on Lebanese Protesters in Beirut (VIDEO)

Massive protests took place in Beirut, Lebanon Saturday following the mega-blast earlier in the week that tore through Lebanon’s capital with the force of an earthquake.

Aug 09 10:41

Corrupt COVID-19 ‘Death Harvesting’ Distorts Improving Reality in State of Florida

The miscounting and fraudulent numbers related to the China coronavirus just keep coming. Unrelated deaths are being counted as COVID-19 related and deaths from days and weeks ago are suddenly being attributed to today’s COVID-19 mortality counts.

Aug 09 10:26

Elderly Women Speak Out After Being Attacked by Antifa for Defending Police Precinct

Two women in their seventies who were attacked by Antifa terrorists Thursday night as they tried to defend the East Precinct of the Portland Bureau of Police spoke to local TV station KGW about the attacks. One woman had her face concealed from the TV camera during her interview, apparently afraid of further attack by Antifa.

Aug 09 10:25

Fauci Warns Vaccine May Only Help Control Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci cautioned about high expectations about the efficacy of a vaccine for the COVID-19 China coronavirus in an interview Friday with the Brown University School of Public Health.

Aug 09 10:24

Fascism on display: The NIH owns HALF of Moderna’s new coronavirus vaccine

Axios and Public Citizen have obtained new documents suggesting that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns half of the key patent on Moderna’s up-and-coming vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Should the vaccine come to market, the NIH will reportedly collect half of the royalties associated with its distribution. At the same time, four NIH scientists have filed provisional patents on their own claiming to be “co-inventors” of the experimental jab.

Many people do not know this, but the current cap on royalties for agency scientists who help develop a vaccine is set at $150,000. This means that there is a financial incentive to attach one’s name to vaccine development, incentivizing the creation of potentially useless and dangerous new drugs.

Aug 09 10:23

Democrat NYC Councilman Paul Vallone Credits Hydroxychloroquine with Saving His Life

New York City Councilman Paul Vallone came out this week and credited Hydroxychloroquine for saving his life.

Aug 09 10:22

Biden Vice Presidential Pick Narrowed to Five Women, Including Michigan Gov. Whitmer: Report

Five women are said to be at the top of former Obama Vice President Joe Biden’s list of potential vice presidential running mates, according to a report by NBC News citing sources “familiar with the matter.” Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, has taken advantage of the month delay of the party’s Milwaukee convention, now set to start August 17, to announce his pick for V.P.

Aug 09 10:19

COVID: How self-entitled frauds at Imperial College changed the world

Ferguson and his team at Imperial College are, at best, delusional. In a world filled with actual computer-science experts, they chose to take a broken-down Model T Ford for a spin and made predictions that have led to the takedown of national economies and horrific human suffering.

And then, to cover their boggling faults, they floated the psychotic claim that AVERAGING the results of their individually crippled predictions would yield accurate and vital results.

Keep in mind, as I mentioned earlier in the article, that Ferguson’s work is bankrolled by Bill Gates. Gates wanted alarming predictions of deaths, leading to lockdowns—as a prelude to a COVID vaccine for every person on the planet. He got those predictions.

Minus Bill Gates and Neil Ferguson, plus a few staunch and sensible political leaders, we would be living and working OUT IN THE OPEN, WITH NO RESTRAINTS, through a season called “another year of the flu.”

Aug 09 08:39

Protesters pelt Portland Police with rocks and concrete and shine lasers to try and blind cops on the 72nd night of violent clashes after Trump called the demonstrators 'lawless rioters'

Police in Portland said on Friday night that they were attacked with rocks and chunks of concrete, after the 72nd-straight night of protest descended in to violence once again.

Officers said that some of the protesters were attempting to blind officers by shining lights in to their eyes.

Amidst the chaos, the police tweeted their apologies to the local residents for the disruption and noise, with officers using a sound truck to blast warning to protesters to leave the scene, which they declared an unlawful assembly at 9.45pm.

Aug 09 08:30

“Frankly, I Don’t Believe They Love Their Country” – Trump RIPS Democrats For Sabotaging Stimulus Talks — Goes Around Them (VIDEO)

President Trump announced on Saturday he will sign executive orders on China Coronavirus talks.

Aug 09 08:30

“They Want To Steal The Election!” – President Trump RIPS Pelosi-Schumer For Holding Stimulus Talks Hostage – Announces He Will Sign Coronavirus Executive Orders (VIDEO)

President Trump announced on Saturday he will sign executive orders on China Coronavirus talks.

Aug 09 08:27

Caught on Video: Far Left Antifa Protesters Call Black and Brown Trump Supporters “F*cking Coons”

The tolerant left strikes again.
A group of Trump supporters were confronted by far left Antifa protesters in the Los Angeles area.

Aug 09 08:27

Twitter Locks Out Emergency Room Doctor Simone Gold for Posting Non-Approved COVID-19 Information on Their Platform

Front line doctors from across the US held a “White Coat Summit” last week in Washington DC to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding the coronavirus.

Aug 09 08:26

New York City is Illegally Housing Pedophiles a Block From Elementary School Playground

New York City is illegally housing pedophiles at a luxury hotel a block from an elementary school playground.

Aug 09 08:26

SATANIC TEMPLE: Abortion is a ‘Satanic Ritual’ and Should Be Protected Under Religious Freedom Laws

In a bizarre attempt at protecting the right to abortions under “religious freedom,” the Satanic Temple is urging women to recite satanic incantations during them as a “satanic abortion ritual.”

Aug 09 08:26

Joe Biden Goes Bike Riding, Trolls Fox Reporter on Vice President Pick

Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden went bike riding Saturday in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. As Biden rode by a press gaggle, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he had chosen a running mate. Biden said, “Yeah, I have.” Doocy asked who it was and as Biden pedaled close to Doocy he looked at him and said, “You!”

Aug 09 08:25

Sleazy Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell Attacks Republican Senators – Accuses Them of Working for Russia

Yesterday two Republican Senators called out Democrat leadership for “knowingly” spreading disinformation on foreign Intel. They were right of course. This is why sleazy Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell came to the Democrat’s rescue.

Aug 09 07:20

Former New York City Mayor and Trump Attorney, Rudy Giuliani, Buries Biden Campaign in Awesome Letter

The former Mayor of New York and current attorney for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, trolled the Biden campaign recently in a big way.

Aug 09 07:19

Party Leader Ocasio-Cortez Pushed to the Side at Democrat Convention — But Lolita Express Frequent Flyer Bill Clinton Given Prominent Speaking Slot

Bill Clinton will be given a prominent speaking slot at the Democrat convention in Milwaukee this month. Bill Clinton was listed on Epstein’s Lolita Express flight logs 27 times.

Aug 09 07:09

Have ‘We the People’ already won, and Q’s ‘Show’ a scripted performance to wake the sheeple to at least 50%-50% by 2020 election? 13-minute intro + 98-minute documentation: I can’t refute this explanation; can you???

Joe M’s sharp 13-minute overview Q - The Plan To Save The World:

FreakSense TV documents in 98 minutes how Trump/Q/White Hats already conquered the Deep State/Cabal (here on Bitchute). Outline below:

Charlie Freak, the source of the information, opens with claims that Trump and White Hats already drained most of the domestic swamp by the Summer of 2017 by using NSA-obtained “intelligence folders” of criminal activities to acquire cooperation from selected Black Hats.

The Plan is to rescue millions of children used for Satanistic adrenochrome farming while ordering Black Hats to roll out The Show of what Black Hats had planned. The purposes of The Show are to allow optimal operation effectiveness for rescuing children while showing the world how evil the Satanists are.

Aug 09 07:03

Susan Rice Sells Large Amount Of Stock, Fueling Speculation That She Will Be Picked As Biden’s VP

Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice has been a sort-of sleeper candidate for Joe Biden’s running mate.

Aug 09 07:01

Florida Caretaker Arrested For Violently Beating Disabled Elderly Man (Horrifying Video)

A 19-year-old Florida caretaker has been arrested for violently beating an 88-year-old disabled man that he was hired to take care of.

Aug 09 06:55

Georgia Cops Open Fire on Kids Running Home to get Father after Traffic Stop

The 16-year-old teen who was driving told his younger siblings to get their dad after cops pulled them over.

Aug 09 06:55

Tesco apologises as mum expresses her disgust at 'racist' T-shirt which features a black mermaid with 'too fluffy' hair

A mother-of-two was left horrified after finding a T-shirt in Tesco which described a black mermaid's hair as 'too fluffy' while out shopping with her children on Friday.

Aug 09 06:52

Black Lives Matter activists descend on Tottenham police station to support rapper Wretch 32 after his father was Tasered by officers - in protest nine years after death of Mark Duggan

Crowds of people descended on a London police station to support rapper Wretch 32 - whose father was Tasered by police - and to protest 'police racism, police violence and police impunity'.

Aug 09 06:51

An increasing portrayal of transgender characters on TV is 'fuelling rise' in the number of young people seeking medical help to change sex, says a leading expert

The increasing portrayal of transgender characters on TV is fuelling a dramatic rise in the number of young people seeking medical help to change sex, a leading expert has said.

Aug 09 06:45

Kylie Jenner is accused of being a 'culture stealing colonizer' for her leopard print-clad cameo in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's 'Hall of Fame filth' video for 'WAP' - sparking a petition to have the reality star removed

Kylie Jenner's surprising appearance in the new XXX-rated video for 'WAP' from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has left some fans fuming that she is guilty of cultural appropriation.

Aug 09 06:44

British 'Jihadi' bride and mother-of-nine is back in the UK living on a canal boat and claiming benefits after denying leading all-female Islamic State unit in Syria

Natalie Bracht, 45, was alleged to have travelled to Syria at the end of 2014
It was also claimed that she had married IS fighter Celso Rodrigues da Costa
Bracht denies she travelled to Syria but said she had volunteered for Cage
She was repatriated this year when the coronavirus pandemic hit

Aug 09 06:44

Husband, 90, dies of COVID three weeks after insisting on visiting his virus-stricken wife, 86, on her deathbed - but had no regrets

A doting husband has died from COVID-19 less than three weeks after he visited his wife of 30 years in the hospital one last time before she succumbed to the virus.

Aug 09 06:44

Report: Video-Sharing App TikTok Plans To File Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

The video-sharing app TikTok reportedly plans to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration as early as Tuesday over the president’s executive order banning U.S. companies from engaging in commerce with ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese parent company, starting next month.

Aug 09 06:40

British woman uses Facebook honey-trap to snare 'killer who raped and murdered her aunt' 6,000 miles away in South Africa after she got fed up waiting for police and Foreign Office investigation

Lehanne Sergison, 49, turned detective to find her aunt's killer 6,000 miles away
Retired teacher Christine Robinson, 59, was murdered in South Africa in 2014
Her niece used a Facebook honey trap to lure prime suspect Andrew Ndlovu, 30
Posing as air stewardess, Missy, Lehanne swapped hundreds of flirty messages
Last week Andrew Ndlovu was arrested in Johannesburg after six years at large

Aug 09 06:36

Marilyn Monroe's Death: Conspiracy Theories And What Allegedly Really Happened

By the time of Marilyn Monroe's death in 1962, she was one of the most sought-after and successful actresses of the era, but success didn't equal happiness for Monroe. For most of her life, she was dismissed as a brainless beauty despite her considerable talents, and her final years were fraught with bad relationships, drugs, and depression. Monroe's cause of death was initially deemed a "probable suicide," but a lack of evidence has fueled conspiracy theories for decades, implicating everything from UFOs to the Kennedy family in her death. We'll likely never know the truth about her untimely demise. We can only think of what could have been.

Aug 09 06:33

Lizzie Borden: 1892's Unsolved Axe Murder Mystery Case

We probably all remember the morbid schoolyard ditty about Lizzie Borden, in which we learned that she gave her parents 40–41 whacks with an ax. Officially, however, she was acquitted of the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden. The grisly crime remains unsolved to this day.

Aug 09 06:29

Warren G. Harding's Death: Conspiracy Or Heart Attack? Did His Wife Poison Him?

In the history of the United States, eight presidents have died while in office. Four of them (Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, James Garfield, and John F. Kennedy) were assassinated, while the other four (William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Roosevelt, and Warren G. Harding) succumbed to illness. Supposedly, at least. Plenty of people think Warren Harding is on the wrong list, and shockingly, they point the finger at Harding's own wife.

Aug 09 06:25

Lenny Bruce: True Stories, Trivia, And Facts You Didn't Know

Although he never achieved the massive success of acolytes like Richard Pryor and George Carlin, Lenny Bruce is considered the father of modern comedy. He also arguably did more for freedom of speech in the U.S. than anything since the introduction of the First Amendment—mostly through his obscene routines. Bruce's life was as filthy was it was legendary, so make sure the kids are out of the room and prepare yourself for the wild ride of one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time.

Aug 09 06:18

Trump points to drop in national infections to claim coronavirus is 'disappearing' and cites declining new cases in Florida, Texas and Arizona - despite daily deaths topping 2,000 for the first time since May

Donald Trump has pointed to a drop in national infections and declining new cases in Florida, Texas and Arizona to claim coronavirus is 'disappearing', despite daily deaths topping 2,000 for the first time since May.

Aug 09 06:18

Prisoner, 26, released on bail due to coronavirus concerns is charged with murder after 'stabbing a 63-year-old man to death'

Police say that a Maryland inmate who was released from jail over coronavirus concerns stabbed a 63-year-old man to death in late July.

Aug 09 06:17

Trump Just Admitted on Live Television He Will 'Terminate' Social Security and Medicare If Reelected in November

President Donald Trump on Saturday afternoon openly vowed to permanently "terminate" the funding mechanism for both Social Security and Medicare if reelected in November—an admission that was seized upon by defenders of the popular safety net programs who have been warning for months that the administration's threat to suspend the payroll tax in the name of economic relief during the Covid-19 pandemic was really a backdoor sabotage effort.

Aug 09 06:16

Girl, 4, who miraculously survived the Christchurch mosque massacre wants to face the shooter in court – so she can ask him one tragic question

A four-year-old girl who suffered brain damage in the horrific Chirstchurch mosque attack wants to face the shooter in court to ask him 'why?'

Aug 09 06:16

Fort Hood commander is denied transfer request from troubled base after eight suspicious deaths - as a 28-year-old man is charged with the murder of a private serving at the facility

Army leaders have delayed the planned transfer of the Fort Hood commander, as a team of independent investigators heads to the base to determine whether leadership failures contributed to the murder of a soldier earlier this year, and several other deaths.

Aug 09 06:15

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio loses Arizona GOP primary race after being pardoned by Donald Trump over racially profiling Latino motorists during immigration raids

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio has lost the Arizona GOP primary race, three years after he was pardoned by Donald Trump for racially profiling Latino motorists during immigration raids.

Aug 09 06:00

Could Trump have jeopardized one of his biggest donors? President attacks GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson for not spending more - despite the Vegas mogul pledging $100M to his campaign

The president blasted one of his biggest benefactors in a heated phone call last week accusing him of not doing enough to support his campaign
Aldeson, 87, has shelled out millions to Trump's campaign and the Republican party over the years and had pledged a $100 million donation to his reelection
Three sources told Politico Trump's team went into damage control with the donor but Aldeson's sources warned it is unclear if the call will have cost Trump.

It comes at a critical time in Trump's campaign when he has faced a backlash from voters over his handling of the pandemic and the ongoing civil unrest
Trump's campaign still has a bigger war chest than Biden's, but donations from super PACs and TV advertising spend is lagging.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, this is amazing tone-deafness writ large; did you not have someone do the due dilligence for you before you called Adelson?!? Even in today's economy, sir, one-hundred million dollars is NOT "chump change".

I would politely suggest that your criticism of Adelson, before you had a really accurate sense as to what this man has already done for you, was a screamingly horrific mistake, and may well cost you the election.

Aug 09 06:00

Thousands more bikers pack Sturgis in South Dakota for 10-day festival and fill the bars without social distancing as mayor tells his residents 'we can't stop the crowd of up to 250,000 from coming'

Thousands more maskless bikers have descended on a small town in South Dakota and crowded into bars ignoring social distancing rules.

Aug 09 05:59

NASA gets woke: Space agency is ridiculed for dropping 'Eskimo Nebula' and 'Siamese Twins Galaxy' names for celestial phenomena because they are 'harmful'

NASA is being ridiculed for its decision to stop using the nicknames for two celestial phenomena - the Eskimo Nebula and Siamese Twins Galaxy - because of their 'colonial' implications.

Aug 09 05:59

Days after photos of packed hallways go viral, Paulding County High School in Georgia reports 9 COVID-19 cases

Just days after a photo of crowded hallways at North Paulding High School went viral, parents were informed Saturday of nine confirmed cases of the coronavirus at the school.

Aug 09 05:58

Yo-semite Sam is actually Jewish: After Trump's gaffe it emerges that the 'roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre' is named Samuel Rosenbaum

President Trump's verbal gaffe - in which he mispronounced Yosemite as 'Yo-semites' - is reminding people that famed cartoon character Yosemite Sam is actually a Jew.

Aug 09 05:57

Florida teen, 16, shoots 18-year-old in the head while mocking him as 'so scary' after the alleged killer had a fight with his girlfriend - all while on the phone to 911

A Florida teenager, 16, shot an 18-year-old in the head while mocking him as 'so scary' after the alleged killer had a fight with his girlfriend.
Connor Michael Lewis, 16, of Sanford, shot Artavious Quarterman, 18, through the window of his front door Wednesday all the while on the phone to 911 complaining about several people banging on his door and window.

Aug 09 05:57

Mother Russia's ruin: Shipwreck of 18th century floating gin palace bound for Tsarist St Petersburg is discovered in Gulf of Finland stacked high with bottles of booze and botanicals

The wreck of an 18th century floating gin palace has been found in the Gulf of Finland.
The vessel was spotted by Russia's Baltic naval fleet and has given up its secrets.

Aug 09 05:56

Activist feted by Vogue at the heart of a paramilitary style black power protest group while its leader - who is accused of anti-Semitism - boasts of 100 martial-arts trained members who could replace the police

Fist raised in a black power salute, a woman in a crop top and shorts poses with members of a ‘sinister’ new paramilitary-style protest group.

Aug 09 05:56

Trump bypasses Congress and hands out $400 per week in additional unemployment benefits as part of his COVID executive order and signs a payroll tax holiday for those on less than $100K

President Donald Trump is moving to suspend payroll taxes and extend expired unemployment benefits after negotiations with Congress on a new coronavirus rescue package collapsed.

Aug 09 05:55

Top Oxford vaccine scientists in ethics row over whether to deliberately infect volunteers with coronavirus as professor sets up a human trial for one of the most promising drugs

The two British scientists at the forefront of the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine have clashed over a controversial plan to deliberately infect people with the virus.

Aug 09 05:50

How Woodrow Wilson Planned To Hack His Own Election For The Good Of The American People

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson was pretty sure that he was on his way out of the White House, and although he ran for reelection, he apparently wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. It's not that he was a sore loser or couldn't stand the sight of those carpets any longer—he felt the inauguration process was objectively too long, so he came up with a scheme that he hoped would help the country even if he wasn't the Commander-in-Chief. Basically, Wilson tried to hack the election to make sure his opponent could get to work as soon as possible.

Aug 09 05:31

Joe Biden says Donald Trump is waging a 'reckless war' on Social Security with payroll tax holiday while Nancy Pelosi blasts the president's relief orders as 'weak' and 'meager'

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused President Donald Trump of waging 'reckless war' on Social Security with new executive action on coronavirus relief, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls Trump's steps 'meager.'

Aug 09 05:30

A Treasure Trove Of Nazi Artifacts Recently Discovered In Argentina

World War II ended in 1945, but the Nazi story didn't end there. With the German defeat inevitable, many top-ranking Nazi officials fled Europe and hid in the relative obscurity of South America, taking with them the items that were important to them. In 2017, acting on a tip, authorities in Argentina discovered a hidden room in a house that was full of Nazi artifacts. This treasure trove offers us priceless insight into the distorted and cultish world of Hitler's Nazis.

Aug 09 05:30

'We are at war with our government': Protesters clash with police and the army in Beirut as an officer is killed and at least 60 demonstrators are wounded amid calls to overthrow Lebanon’s government after devastating explosion

Chaotic scenes returned to Beirut last night as violent clashes between anti-government protestors demanding regime change and security forces saw buildings damaged by Tuesday's huge explosion set on fire.

Aug 09 05:30

Kanye West removed from Illinois Presidential ballot after nearly 2,000 invalid signatures discovered

On Saturday (Aug. 8), TMZ reported 'Ye's name will be taken off the ballot in his home state of Illinois after more than half the signatures on his petition were deemed invalid. According to the report, Kanye's team submitted 3,128 signatures. More than the 2,500 that are required by the state for one's name to make the cut. However, 1,928 were reportedly flagged as invalid.

Aug 09 05:30

Google's Secret Home Security Superpower: Your Smart Speaker With Its Always-On Mics - Google Speakers Are Listening To More Than Just Voice Commands. Using Them For Home Security Could Supercharge Google's $450 Million ADT Deal.

Last week, Reddit user Brazedowl received a curious notification on his phone: Google was telling him that a smoke detector in his home had gone off. Brazedowl, a teacher from North Carolina who goes by Drew in real life, knew about the smoke alarm — he was at home himself and had just fried some sausages in his kitchen. But up until that moment, he had no idea that his smart speaker was able to detect such events. "Google just made my dumb smoke detectors smart," he wrote on Reddit. "Pretty rad."

Aug 09 05:29

The White House reportedly asked South Dakota's governor how to add another president to Mount Rushmore, and she later gave Trump a 4-foot replica with his face on it

It's not possible to carve a fifth president's face into South Dakota's Mount Rushmore national memorial — there's no secure surface left, according to the National Park Service.

Aug 09 05:29

Hillary Clinton pans NYT columnist Maureen Dowd for having 'too much pot brownie' after she forgot her failed 2016 White House bid and wrote that it's been 36 years since a man and woman ran on the Democrat ticket

Hillary Clinton has joked that New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd 'had too much pot brownie' after Dowd wrote that the Democrats had not had a male/female combination for the president and vice president in 36 years.

Aug 09 05:28

Could Trump have jeopardized one of his biggest donors? President attacks GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson for not spending more - despite the Vegas mogul pledging $100M to his campaign

Donald Trump could have jeopardized one of the biggest cash injections for his campaign after he attacked GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson for not spending more, despite the Vegas mogul pledging at least $100 million to help his reelection.

Aug 09 05:28

NYPD retreat after six-hour standoff with angry crowd outside defiant BLM leader's home as they try and arrest him for assaulting a cop - before he turns himself in AFTER they leave

An organizer of New York City's Black Lives Matter protests has turned himself in to police hours after he was besieged inside his apartment by officers seeking to arrest him for attacking a cop.

Aug 09 05:25

Justice from the grave: Troubled stripper who committed suicide at 27 after a lifetime of abuse left behind a haunting memoir - and now police are using it to chase down her tormentor

Chanelle Haffenden, of Auckland, died in a suspected suicide on June 22, 2019
A memoir detailing her child abuse at the hands two men was found by family
Her family believe her troubled life can be traced to the two separate events
She later tried to overdose, was a stripper and escort and spent time homeless
The book has been handed to police who are now investigating the allegations

Aug 09 05:15

Woman who gouged out both of her own EYES in crystal meth-induced psychotic frenzy receives her first pair of prosthetic eyeballs

Kaylee Muthart ripped out her eyes while high on crystal meth two years ago
Doctors told the North Carolina native she would be blind for the rest of her life
But the incident served as a catalyst for change and Kaylee no longer uses drugs
On Wednesday, the 22-year-old received her first pair of prosthetic eyeballs

Aug 09 04:43

University of Utah campus cop is fired for sending explicit photos of a murdered student Lauren McCluskey to his co-workers

A police officer accused of showing explicit images of a murdered University of Utah student while investigating an extortion case she filed before her 2018 death has lost his job, officials said Friday.

Aug 09 04:43

Bill Gates says the White House 'muzzled' the CDC in its coronavirus response and that US testing is 'completely garbage'

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that the Centers for Disease Control was 'muzzled' by the White House in its response to the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Aug 09 04:29

Twitter 'is in talks to buy TikTok' in bid against Microsoft - as the Chinese app moves to sue Trump over his executive order banning it from the US

Twitter has approached TikTok's Chinese owner ByteDance to express interest in acquiring the U.S. operations of the video-sharing app.

Aug 09 04:28

Could the true coronavirus death toll be much higher? CDC data reveals there have been 200,700 excess deaths during the pandemic - 54,000 more than the 161,000 confirmed COVID fatalities

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed there has been 200,700 excess deaths during the pandemic - surpassing the confirmed 162,000 COVID-19 death toll.

Aug 09 04:20

Fort Hood commander is denied transfer request from troubled base after eight suspicious deaths - as a 28-year-old man is charged with the murder of a private serving at the facility

Army leaders have delayed the planned transfer of the Fort Hood commander, as a team of independent investigators heads to the base to determine whether leadership failures contributed to the murder of a soldier earlier this year, and several other deaths.

Aug 09 04:02

Tesco apologises as mum expresses her disgust at 'racist' T-shirt which features a black mermaid with 'too fluffy' hair

Katie Wells, from Dover, Kent, found T-shirt in Whitfield branch of supermarket
Expressed disgust after garment described black mermaid's hair as 'too fluffy'
Tesco apologised and said they won't be purchasing any more orders of product

Aug 09 04:01

Ignorance prevails again!

Aug 09 04:01

Has the Queen forgiven her governess who wrote the original Royal tell-all book? Crawfie's name was a byword for betrayal - but now WENDY HOLDEN, a novelist who's studied her life, believes there's been a twist

Sheltering from the rain on a half-term break to Northumberland, I was half-browsing in a second-hand bookshop with no particular aim in mind when a book tumbled from a shelf to my feet. Reaching down, I noticed its title: The Little Princesses.

Aug 09 03:59

'The Green New Deal is for children': Trump takes ANOTHER swipe at AOC during his golf club news conference and says her policies will 'decimate our country'

President Donald Trump has again taken a swipe at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, calling her Green New Deal proposal 'childish.'

Aug 09 03:47

Trump supporters rally: Hundreds of MAGA fans march in Beverly Hills urging liberals to 'walk away', crowd in California blasts Gov. Newsom for not reopening the state and pro-police demonstrators gather in Austin

Hundreds of President Trump supporters descended onto the streets of Beverly Hills to protest property destruction and the 'villainization' of police while two similar demonstrations were held in Texas.

Aug 09 03:46

Homeless men are seen sharing swigs of liquor without masks and urinating on the street outside luxury Upper West Side hotels - as it's revealed New York 'illegally housed pedophiles next to playgrounds' in the neighborhood

Residents of Manhattan's Upper West Side are again raising safety concerns about the hundreds of homeless people being housed by the city in three luxury hotels there, after groups were spotted drinking and urinating, and records revealed that six convicted pedophiles appear to have been illegally housed near an elementary-school playground.

Aug 09 03:43

Soccer pals' shock as teenager is accused of hacking the Twitter accounts of leading politicians and celebrities from his mother's house in Bognor Regis

The British teenager accused of hacking the Twitter accounts of leading politicians and celebrities from his mother’s house in Bognor Regis was once a promising young footballer.

Aug 09 03:43

A pool noodle covered in nails, explosives, body armor and a boulder thrown at a cop: Portland police release images of the weapons taken off protesters after they arrested 24 people on the 72nd night of violence

Twenty four people were arrested in Portland in the early hours of Saturday, after the 72nd-straight night of protest descended in to violence once again.

Aug 09 03:39

Trump points to drop in national infections to claim coronavirus is 'disappearing' and cites declining new cases in Florida, Texas and Arizona - despite daily deaths topping 2,000 for the first time since May

Donald Trump has pointed to a drop in national infections and declining new cases in Florida, Texas and Arizona to claim coronavirus is 'disappearing', despite daily deaths topping 2,000 for the first time since May.