Jul 19 10:29

Birthday card thief sentenced to 5 months in prison

An East Linda man who stole cash from children's birthday cards while working at the U.S. Postal Service facility in Olivehurst will serve five months in federal prison.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 19 09:21

Obama Ally Throws Cold Water On Health Care

""I have a lot of concerns as a governor," Schweitzer said from the National Governors Association meeting in Biloxi, Mississippi. "Now, let me lay this out, there are only a few states that have a budget surplus, we are one them, we have about $400 million in cold hard cash in the bank. Very few states have got that. And we got there through good fiscal management. You can't put more things on your plate than you can afford to pay for. Now what is happening in Congress right now, things that disturb us as governors, is first they are looking at the rules and one of the proposals would be that the way we are going to pay for a portion of this health care is we will turn to the states and ask them to bond, to pay for some of the health care.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is not about people who need health care actually getting healthcare.

This is about more and more taxation on an already tax-strapped population, taxed for money borrowed by this government to continue their wars without end.

At the end of the day in Congress, we don't have democrats or republicans; all we have is the War Party.

And even though we go through our kabuki-style elections every so often in this country, what we have come to in recent years is a new version of taxation without representation, the very issue which caused the
American colonies to rebel against the British government.

Representatives no longer represent We the People; they represent those large interests which have acquired them (through overt and covert campaign contributions and perks), and the people be damned.

Schweitzer is absolutely correct in stating that an intelligent government won't spend more than it has, something the federal government has blown by a wide margin, looking at the national deficit.

Were we not borrowing money to fund these wars without end, then perhaps we could actually fund meaningful health care reform.

But this legislation, which Obama is hoping desperately to stampede through congress without it even being read and digested by congress members, cannot logically be paid for under the current circumstances.

This appears to be just another ploy to stave off the very real possibility that the US will default on its debts before the end of this year.

Jul 19 09:20

'Biting The Rabbit'

About a week later my mother and I went to The Big Store and I pointed it out to her. She gave no indication that I could one day own that rabbit. Easter 1962 arrived and with it....the chocolate rabbit! I was ecstatic!

But when I opened the box, something did not seem right. The weight did not match the size, and when I bit into the ear the awful truth hit me like a framing hammer....the rabbit was hollow!

What I thought was a week's worth of chocolate was the equivalent of two Hershey bars! That was my first inkling that things are not always as they seem in this world and that sometimes things are misleading on purpose.

Jul 19 07:57

Internal Rifts on Road to Torment

Interviews Offer More Nuanced Look At Roles of CIA Contractors, Concerns Of Officials During Interrogations

In April 2002, as the terrorism suspect known as Abu Zubaida lay in a Bangkok hospital bed, top U.S. counterterrorism officials gathered at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., for a series of meetings on an urgent problem: how to get him to talk.

In August 2002, as the first anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks approached, officials at CIA headquarters became increasingly concerned that they were not learning enough from their detainee in Thailand. When the interrogators concluded that Abu Zubaida had no more to tell, Langley scolded them: "You've lost your spine." If Mitchell and his team eased up and then al-Qaeda attacked the United States again, agency managers warned, "it would be on the team's back," recalled the former U.S. official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss classified information.

Jul 19 06:53

Walter Cronkite – The Most Dishonest Man in America

(LRC) – Never being one to buy into that nonsense about “speaking ill of the dead,” I want to bring to your attention the following statement that the recently-deceased Walter Cronkite said in accepting the 1999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award at the ceremony at the United Nations:

“It seems to many of us that if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government [emphasis mine] patterned after our own government with a legislature, executive and judiciary, and police to enforce its international laws and keep the peace. To do that, of course, we Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That would be a bitter pill. It would take a lot of courage, a lot of faith in the new order. But the American colonies did it once and brought forth one of the most nearly perfect unions the world has ever seen.”

Jul 18 23:34

Swedish Man Attacked & Molested by Tattooed Girl Gang

As the man was lying defenceless on the ground, the women proceeded to pull off his trousers and underwear and molest him sexually before fleeing the scene.

“It’s downright unusual for five girls [to do something like this]. Perhaps there are others who’ve had the same thing happen to them,” Haaster told Aftonbladet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Used to happen to me all the time. I just never felt the need to ... call ... the ... police! :)

Jul 18 23:29

Wienermobile crashes into home in Wisconsin

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Oh I'm glad I'm NOT an Oscar Mayer wiener...!"

Jul 18 13:12

If you like Organic GMO-Free foods... TOO BAD!

If you like Organic foods and don't want to feed yourself or your families Genetically Modified foods, this is a MUST READ article.

Here's an excerpt:
We might, as American eaters, still be having a healthy debate about whether we want to eat genetically-engineered corn, soybeans, and other foods. But the USDA data shows that our farmland is much farther along in making up its mind.

See a new chart showing the huge increase in the percentage of farms planting GMO crops here

Read the rest of the article & take action here:

Jul 18 13:01

MoD computers become part of Ghana’s dangerous trade in e-waste

Britain was accused yesterday of dumping toxic household and industrial waste in developing countries on two continents in breach of an international convention.

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, ordered an investigation into two British companies linked to 90 shipping containers containing 1,400 tonnes of waste. They included syringes, condoms and nappies. The companies that received the waste — sent from Felixstowe to three Brazilian ports — said that they had been expecting recyclable plastic.

Jul 18 11:20

No-bid contracts mean higher costs

The Pentagon saves more than three times as much money when companies compete, the AP analysis showed. Yet more than $242 million in federal contracts — representing more than one-fourth of the military's stimulus contract spending so far — has been awarded under the recovery program through no-bid contracts for repairs and maintenance.

Across the government, more than $543 million in federal contracts have been awarded so far without competition under Obama's $787 billion stimulus program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This means even more tax dollars out of your wallets, folks.

But then, of course, people in the Pentagon and Congress do not care about what those extra taxes mean to your quality of life (or the lack of it).

Jul 18 10:24

Another broken Obama promise - Sell off ROADLESS Nat. Forest logging rights.

"This week, the Obama administration approved the sale of timber in a roadless national forest in Alaska. The Tongass National Forest is a 17 million acre temperate rain forest in southeast Alaska, which is home to both endangered species and native Alaskan tribes. It is the largest temperate rain forest in the United States....

...President Obama supported the roadless rule in his campaign."

Jul 18 10:10

Walter Cronkite—The Most Dishonest Man in America

Walter Cronkite was called “the most trusted man in America”—he was trusted by the Establishment that control America to promote their One World Government Fascist agenda.

Jul 18 09:41

Having Eyes but Never Seeing

Four Montgomery County police officers are refusing to pay speeding tickets they received from speeding cameras.

Two of them were driving twice the speed limit, driving 50 and 51 mph in 25 mph residential zones.

Jul 18 09:39


Jul 18 09:17

W.H.O. Says It Plans to Stop Tracking Swine Flu Cases

In a move that caught many public health experts by surprise, the World Health Organization quietly announced Thursday that it would stop tracking swine flu cases and deaths around the world.

The announcement, made in a “briefing note” posted on the organization’s Web site late in the day, perplexed some experts, and even baffled a W.H.O. spokesman, Gregory Hartl, who said in an e-mail message, “I don’t have reliable info” about what his agency would track instead.

Jul 18 07:50

The coup in Honduras has exposed divisions between Obama and Clinton

Who's in Charge of US Foreign Policy?
By Mark Weisbrot

July 17, 2009 "The Guardian" -- The current stand-off in Honduras, in which the coup government headed by Roberto Micheletti is refusing to allow the return of elected president Manuel Zelaya, is raising questions about who is in charge of US foreign policy for the hemisphere.

Jul 18 07:45

Banana Coup in Honduras? Chiquita in Latin America


Jul 18 01:09

Goldman Sachs' US Thieving Thugs

As Goldman Sachs posts huge profits from the economic crisis, the question is: Did it cause the problems in the first place?
By Alex Brummer
Last updated at 3:39 AM on 18th July 2009
The tentacles of this operation reach right into the heart of Washington. It is no coincidence that President Barack Obama's chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel, who shaped much of the bail-out plan and stimulus package which has helped to save America - and Goldman Sachs - from ruin, served his time inside the hallowed walls of the bank. So did President Bush's last Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson,.... who then persuaded Congress to cough up $700bn worth of rescue funds for America's banks - an estimated $5bn chunk of which (yes, you guessed it) went to Goldman Sachs.

Jul 17 21:34

Hillary Clinton admits that the CFR runs the Government

"...but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future."

Jul 17 21:32

National Security Advisor James L. Jones admits that the CFR runs the Government

“Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal [sic] Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft retire from government service years ago? Hmmmmm?

Jul 17 21:25

Matt Taibbi Accused of Being Anti-Semitic for Goldman Sachs Article

The most ludicrous of these, and the one that surprised me the most, is the accusation that my article was anti-Semitic propaganda. The first letter I got on this score I actually mistook for a joke sent to me by one of my friends. Then I got another one which I quickly realized was not a joke at all.

Jul 17 21:04

Pat Buchanan

Coming to America to feast on this cornucopia of freebies is the world. One million to 2 million immigrants, legal and illegal, arrive every year. They come with fewer skills and less education than Americans, and consume more tax dollars than they contribute by three to one.

Wise Latina women have more babies north of the border than they do in Mexico and twice as many here as American women.

As almost all immigrants are now Third World people of color, they qualify for ethnic preferences in hiring and promotions and admissions to college over the children of Americans.

Jul 17 16:54

Top 5 reasons healthcare in America is broken

"Doctors are rewarded for prescribing drugs."

Jul 17 12:58

1018 Pages of HealthCare "Reform" Being Fast-Tracked Through Congress

Quote of the Day: "If every member pledged to not vote for it (the health care bill) if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes." -- Senator Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader

Read the bill & take action here (it only takes 90 seconds & a few clicks to take action):

Jul 17 11:43

Buy a truck get free AK 47

The owner of a Missouri dealership is giving away free AK-47s with the purchase of any truck.

Jul 17 01:32

Senate Passes Hate Bill - Yet Democrats Compromise

Sen. Patrick Leahy's hate crimes bill, amending the National Defense Authorization Act, effectively passed the Senate tonight at about eleven o'clock p.m. EDT. A call for cloture, or termination of debate after thirty hours, was passed 63 to 28. Clearly, the Senate majority had spoken. Once cloture is invoked there is usually little more that can be done to resist.

There was no floor debate. A complete end run had been done around adequate Senate hearings, a Mark-up session and Rules Committee debate. Total Senate debate of the hate bill amounted to little more than a brief "kangaroo" hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee several weeks ago. Witnesses, which included Attorney General Eric Holder were stacked 4 to 2 against conservatives.

Jul 17 00:28

Vilified, Courageous Cynthia McKinney inside Gaza

Spokesman: Cynthia McKinney Enters Gaza
Updated 7/16/2009 7:42:46 AM
Posted By: Ben Mayer
July 14, 2009
The vilification of Cynthia McKinney
by Time for change
Our country desperately needs politicians like Cynthia McKinney – those who speak truth to power. Her words and actions mark her out as a prime target for those whose main interest is in maintaining the status quo.

Jul 17 00:00

The Conspiracy Business and All That Jazz

The Conspiracy Business and All That Jazz
July 15, 2009 in New World Order, ZOG |
The one real danger to all these plans has long been evident and targeted. And that’s White solidarity. I’m not talking about just white skin, now. But the non-Jewish White Goyim, who sometimes get the inconvenient notion that Jews are bad for them and must be put a stop to.

Jul 16 22:15

Chavez: 'Obama is biting off more than he can chew'

On Obama: He "is not going to trick us with an ambiguous discourse or with a smile," and he wants to be seen "as a peaceful dove, as an innocent lamb."

On the "imperial" U.S. forces that Chavez thinks killed JFK: "I hope they do not kill Obama, because Obama is biting off more than he can chew."

On his Bolivarian revolution: "The process of change in Latin America is not going to stop, President Obama. You can send the Fourth and the Sixth Fleet, or the world's largest bombers, but changes will not end."

On the responsible parties for the Honduras overthrow: "The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US Department of State and the Pentagon."

Jul 16 17:31

LOL! Barbara Box[er] has more she can handle

I'm no fan of some "Black" Chamber of Commerce (in fact, I've come to despise all "Chambers of Commerce" lately but that is beside the point) but this guy is right in more ways than one.

Jul 16 14:10

545 People

By Charlie Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

You and I don't propose a federal budget. The president does.

Jul 16 13:57

Is Vigilante Justice Justifiable?

James H. Lilley
By definition, a vigilante is a protector, defender or guardian and, as such, may belong to a vigilance committee. But, when you define vigilance committee according to Webster, you have “a group organized outside of legal authority to keep order and punish crime, because the usual law enforcement agencies do not exist, or are alleged to be inefficient.”

Jul 16 09:44


Over 1000 people, including Howard Zinn, Cindy Sheehan, and Michael Parenti, petitioned the NAACP asking them not to give military recruiters access to their young people. The NAACP rejected their plea.

Jul 16 09:18

Police chief denounces 'cowardly' iPhone users monitoring speed traps

Area drivers looking to outwit police speed traps and traffic cameras are using an iPhone application and other global positioning system devices that pinpoint the location of the cameras.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is far more about revenue than it is about safety; the citizens living in these areas know that.

Jul 16 08:45

US smoker chokes on cost of habit

A man in the United States popped out to his local petrol station to buy a pack of cigarettes - only to find his card charged $23,148,855,308,184,500.

That is $23 quadrillion (£14 quadrillion) - many times the US national debt.

"I thought somebody had bought Europe with my credit card," said Josh Muszynski, from New Hampshire.

He says his appeals to his bank first met with little understanding, though it eventually corrected the error.

It also waived the usual $15 overdraft fee.

Jul 16 08:43

At Jail in Bagram, A Detainee Protest

The prisoners at the largest U.S. detention facility in Afghanistan have refused to leave their cells for at least the past two weeks to protest their indefinite imprisonment, according to lawyers and the families of detainees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Indefinite detention has been legitimized by the Bush administration, and seems to be favored as well by the Obama administration.

This is completely antithetical to every core value upon which this country was founded, as enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We cannot, for one moment, as a country, talk about the rule of law, human rights, and human dignity unless we actually practice what we preach.

At both Gitmo and Bagram, we are failing, miserably, to lead the world by example.

Jul 15 20:27

Obama goes to bat for Bush wiretap program

President Obama is adamant about maintaining the secrecy of a wiretapping program authorized by George W. Bush, an administration lawyer told a federal judge in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Justice Department attorney Anthony Coppolino said the administration will cite national security in seeking dismissal of a lawsuit by telephone customers accusing the government of illegally intercepting phone calls and obtaining phone company records.

Jul 15 19:09

Debris Strikes Endeavour During Liftoff

As the space shuttle Endeavour lifted off into orbit Wednesday evening, several pieces of debris fell off the external fuel tank, and at least one hit the orbiter.

Astronauts in space and engineers on the ground will spend the next few days examining and analyzing the damage to see if it might pose a danger to the shuttle on re-entry.

Jul 15 18:37

US considers expanding army: Pentagon

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is weighing a possible temporary expansion of the US army to ease the strain from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, his press secretary said on Wednesday.

Gates was discussing the idea, backed by Senator Joseph Lieberman, with senior officers to add 30,000 troops to the active-duty army, press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder, in a time of continuing wars without end, just where SecDef Gates believes he is actually going to find these 30,000 additional troops without the reintroduction of the draft?

And for those who flatly deny that this would ever happen again in the US, consider this: draft boards have already been quietly resurrected all over this country.

Jul 15 12:26

Missing scientist never absented from duty, says former colleague

Mahalingam, 47, a senior scientific officer working with Kaiga Atomic Power Plant in Karnataka for the last 10 years, has been missing since Monday after he went on a morning walk in Kaiga township.

Jul 15 10:34

LA official opposed to LA Opera's Wagner festival

A county official wants the Los Angeles Opera to cancel performances of Wagner's Ring Cycle planned for next year because of the composer's anti-Semitic writings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I take it California's economic meltdown is not a priority with this asshole.

Jul 15 02:16

To Shelly Roche

I want to Personally thank you Shelly Rocha for helping with this site and fixing the content creation pages!

I went to your site ((actually i go to your site a lot LOL) ) and did not see an email address to send you a Thank You message. so I'll use my Blog here on WRH to thank you!



Jul 14 20:03

Wedding disaster: throwing of bride's bouquet causes plane to crash

That was one heckuva throw! ;)

Jul 14 18:17

Blacks and joblessness, is it really racism?

Blacks and Joblessness: the Toll of Racism
by Tamara Turner
Global Research, April 7, 2009
Fighting beside other autoworkers, African Americans won improved wages, pensions, and other benefits. They created a "Black middle class" that could afford homes, cars, and higher education for their children.
When the auto industry began to decline, so did the situation for Black workers, who for decades had found both more jobs and better jobs there. The heavy layoffs accompanying the current depression are having a devastating impact.

Jul 14 12:00

Audit the Federal Reserve

Rep. Michele Bachmann talks with CNBC's Larry Kudlow about the need to audit the Federal Reserve as a result of the financial and auto sector bailouts and potential bailouts for small businesses.

Jul 14 09:48


This morning scores of people gathered outside the NAACP Convention at the Hilton Hotel to demand that the NAACP follow-up on a pledge made in 2004 to do everything within their power to save Mumia Abu-Jamal who has been on death row in Pennsylvania for the past 27 years.

The situation is particularly urgent now because the US Supreme Court just refused to hear an appeal of his case. They are also demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder, who spoke at the convention today examine Mumia’s case because there was governmental misconduct during his trial.

Jul 14 08:54

The very fabric of society is breaking down around us. What the hell is there left to believe in?

It's all gone wrong. Our belief in everything has been shattered by a series of shock revelations that have shaken our core to its core. You can't move for toppling institutions. Television, the economy, the police, the House of Commons, and, most recently, the press ... all revealed to be jam-packed with liars and bastards and graspers and bullies and turds.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Life is like a cesspool. The really big chunks rise to the top.

Jul 13 11:59

California - Myth and reality

Judges realize that homeowner associations must be defended at any cost even if it means breaking laws and subjecting homeowners to extortions of millions of dollars, and foreclosures and imprisonments by rogue homeowner association lawyers. All this in order to continue the revenue stream that makes their high salaries possible.

Jul 13 09:06

La Toya

La Toya speaks

"In a moving exclusive four-hour interview with the News of the World, grieving La Toya - the closest person to Michael from the whole tight-knit Jackson clan - revealed she and the family are convinced her brother's apparent drugs overdose was "foul play" by a shadowy group out to get their hands on his £1 billion fortune.

"Michael WAS murdered," declared La Toya, 53. "And we don't think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people. I feel it was all about money. Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive."

Jul 12 23:35

It’s Still a Military Coup in Honduras

It’s Still a Military Coup in Honduras
by Al Giordano - July 12, 2009
...if the military sets the terms for a puppet “civilian government”..., then it is still military rule no matter how you slice it: that of unelected generals and colonels determining their very narrow and authoritarian limits of “government.” Democracy is impossible under those circumstances.
Update II: VTV reports that its journalists and those of TeleSur have been forcibly brought to the airport for expulsion from Honduras. Beyond this latest evidence that the coup is neither democratic nor values press freedom, it is worrisome because it reveals that the coup's next steps are likely so repressive and atrocious that it can't withstand reporting of it to the rest of the world.

Jul 12 19:16

Ghana's PR used to cover up the Obamas' ineffectiveness in Russia

Putin Did All the Talking
By John Batchelor July 12, 2009
Behind POTUS’s journey to Ghana was the POTUS embassy in Moscow, and I mention that there are large, unattractive, compelling questions about the three days in Moscow.... The word from Russian sources, via my sources, is that POTUS and his team were ineffective, presumptive, hasty, evasive, unprepared, unappreciative, aimless, superficial. ...The second night, POTUS stayed in the hotel while all official Moscow puzzled what could there be to this behavior. .. At breakfast the third day, Putin lectured POTUS for two hours. Putin usually does all the talking, however he is usually dominating Russians, not a president.
Goodbye Ghana, Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jul 12 18:29

Children: Father didn't abuse us: Ex-Vancouver police officer spent nearly 20 years in prison

A 33-year-old son recalled how, at age 9, he was repeatedly questioned, alone, by now-retired Detective Sharon Krause, of the Clark County Sheriff's Office. He said that after months of questioning, he said he had been abused just to get Krause to leave him alone.

A 30-year-old daughter said she doesn't remember what she told Krause at age 5, but recalled Krause bought her ice cream.

The brother and sister, who live in Sacramento, Calif., said that while growing up in California they were told by their mother, who divorced Spencer before he was charged, that they were blocking out the memory of the abuse.

They said they realized as adults the abuse had never happened.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The dark side of the feminist "male bashing" movement.

Jul 12 17:33

Obama Wasn’t Checking Out That Woman’s Ass - The court is still out on Sarkozy though

We've seen the photo even on this site. It's all over the web. But does the photo lie?

Look at the photo HERE.

Now look at the video HERE

You be the judge.

In my humble opinion, she's not worth a glance. She's only 16 years old for Pete's sake!!!!!!

Jul 12 13:30

Gay panic at the CJC and Toronto Star

It all goes back to an article by Star writer Antonia Zerbisias on July 1st. The outspoken columnist wrote about attempts by Zionist groups to stifle freedom of expression, from trying to cancel funding for an academic conference at York University to successfully banning George Galloway from Canada.

In response, the Star published a letter to the editor from Farber on behalf of the Congress, arguing that shutting down debate was constitutionally protected under the “freedom of expression” of Zionists.

Jul 12 09:30

A closer look at Icelandic and other fires

Now, coincidences do happen and so do fires, even here in Iceland although they are very rare.But what gave me a strange feeling about the whole thing is the date of the fire.
There are 365 days in a year and then two fires happen at closely the very same place and on the very same date 39 years apart. The first one kills a Prime Minister and his family, and the second one destroys a symbolic building.

Jul 11 23:43

Obamas' daughters being used for positive media spin

June 30, 2009
WH restrictions for daughters rankle photogs
The two events reflect both the First Family's insistence on raising their young daughters away from the spotlight of the White House and their penchant for carefully using them to bolster the president's political image.
J. CREW MARKETING USES OBAMA GIRLS:...during Moscow jaunt. July 9, 2009
Asked if having his daughters joining his wife on a high-profile trip helps take the edge off the tough diplomatic negotiations, Obama told CNN it's fantastic to have his girls "being able to see the world and then report back to us on what they are seeing."
O2 for the O’s

Jul 11 21:42

La Toya Jackson: Michael 'murdered by hangers-on who wanted his cash'

Michael Jackson's sister La Toya has claimed that the 50-year-old singer was effectively "murdered" by a manipulative entourage engaged in a conspiracy to get their hands on his money.

Jul 10 16:32

Iceland today, July 10, 2009: an old Parliament burned down, the new one on fire with anger

Very little is left of Valhalla, the hotel-museum built on Thingvellir, the place where the first Icelanders were holding their yearly sessions of Parliament, after a blazing fire today.

Jul 10 15:38

A bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a gecko in my office claims to be descended from a T-rex. The sad little lizard has nothing else to feel good about himself with, so I haven't told him that the actual descendants of the dinosaurs are modern-day birds.

As for David Cameron being a descendant of the twelve tribes of Hebrews that followed Moses out of Egypt, the
latest archaeological evidence is that the exodus actually happened to the Hyksos, and the Hebrews simply stole the story.

As for Moses, I tend to agree with Sigmund Freud that the
historical figure of Moses was actually an Egyptian, possibly even the 'heretic' monotheistic Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Jul 10 15:19

Lead Fever

When they finally cross the line and declare martial law for what ever myriad of reasons that may or may not be orchestrated by "them," will we have descended to the final stage that brings us to shooting the bastards?

Jul 10 11:36

The Government may be Big but it's not Your Brother.

Right now it looks like the government has got Boomslangs coming out of their ears and once they hit the ground they go into a mating frenzy with the Black Mambas. It’s looking like voodoo on steroids. Meanwhile they have only limited and temporary control over the financial horror show that they are propping up with two by fours and bullshit. From what I can see, the purpose of this is to loot the last bloody nickel from the thing before they bring it down on the heads of the public.

Jul 10 08:33

GM now a parody of itself

GM put together a minute of fluff and all-American imagery to convince the taxpayers that the useless, junk-making, taxpayer-fleecing entity known as General Motors deserves to be given some respect.

Jul 10 07:12

Ignorance for Dummies

Ignorance is bliss as it is seemingly better to not want to know. You see, if people really knew the depth of the rat hole into which we've descended, maybe they might have to take action or even consider putting a few cases of bottled water in the closet before the hurricane hits. But no, they don't want to know, and if you try to warn them it will fall on deaf ears because God will save them as their faith in Jesus is all they need. They have put on the armor of the Lord that nothing can penetrate including common sense. These are the so heavenly minded they become no earthly good and they are the poor sacks that were on the rooftops crying for "hep" after Katrina. Jesus must have had inventory problems or maybe his network crashed because I didn't see him delivering any Aquafina. Was there a lesson learned? The ignorant come from all walks of life, found amongst those that have the ability and means to actually do the research and search out the looming menace facing society, so there should be no excuse for the people to come begging. Or should there?

Jul 10 03:42

Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family

Akron police say they aren't ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation.

But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear.

It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron.

Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family.

Jul 09 23:46

Massive Power Outage Hits West Los Angeles

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you can read this ... you are not affected! :)

Jul 09 20:59

7 Reasons You Should Decline a Home with an HOA

If you’re ticking off pros and cons of each home to help you make your final decision, here are 7 reasons why you’ll want to choose the home without the HOA.

Jul 09 20:22

Neighborhood seeks to secede from homeowners association

Mary Scott says she cannot sit by idly as the dues in her East Manatee homeowner association have continued to rise and she sees no benefit from them.

The money is not being spent equally throughout the Creekwood community's five neighborhoods, Scott says, and paying monthly dues to keep up a community pool she never uses has frustrated her even more.

Jul 09 19:54

Active duty Army suicide rate on record-setting pace

Suicides in the US Army are on the rise with 88 suspected cases in the first six months of the year, compared to 67 in the same period in 2008, according to Pentagon figures issued.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the pursuit of these seemingly endless immoral wars, many in the military have realized that we are not on the right side of history here.

Jul 09 18:56

Tehran and Tegucigalpa: A Tale of Two Capitals

Jul 09 17:50

The Place of Women on the Court

Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

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"... growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of"???????????????

Jul 09 17:10

Pics From Planet Earth

Jul 09 14:55

Women spend nearly one year deciding what to wear

Women will spend almost one year of their lives deciding what to wear, a study found.

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And us men will spend TEN years trying to get them to take their clothes OFF!

Jul 09 13:54

JINSA's Honduras "not a coup" orders to Obama

An Apology to Honduras is in Order
JINSA Report #: 905
July 7, 2009
But an apology is in order. Secretary of State Clinton, who plans to meet with former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on behalf of President Obama, should apologize to him and to current Honduran President Roberto Micheletti.
We suggest something like this.
"On behalf of the President of the United States and myself, I apologize for having jumped to the conclusion that events in Honduras last week constituted a military coup.

Jul 09 10:39

Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to a 147 mph speeding ticket

At this point, neither faces suspension or any other serious discipline at work, Hirsch reported.

Jul 09 09:58

Four charged after graves dug up, sold for profit at Alsip cemetery

Charges have been filed Thursday morning after as many as 100 bodies were removed from their graves and the plots resold at historic Burr Oak Cemetery in southwest suburban Alsip.

Jul 09 09:14

The Coming State of Chaos and Disorder.

These paid whores are in lockstep toward their own doom. The good men and women who could have made a difference have been marginalized or closed out of the process. No one gets into the club who will not serve the interests of the swine in the shadows. There are good people at various levels and there’s no telling what positive effort they may yet bring in government, the military and law enforcement. We are going to see every human judged according to their capacity to rise to the occasion. We’re going to see the best and the worst of what we have in us.

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"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

Jul 09 05:28

This Is Your War on Drugs

Since 1998, the drug czar has been mandated to lie to the American people. So what would a fact-based drug policy look like?

Jul 09 05:20

The Secret Plan for Citigroup

The Secret Plan for Citigroup: Leave the Bank in a Coma

Q: Why won’t the government put Citi out of its misery and let it fail?
A: The feds have a new strategy to leave the bank in a coma.

Jul 09 05:00

On Marwa al-Sherbiny

Sherbini was a young (32 years old) mother killed in a German court — yes, in an open courtroom during a judicial sesssion — in Dresden July 1 in front of her three-year old son. She was stabbed (18 times)

Oh, sorry, now it appears she was also pregnant with her second child.

(*It’s received very little coverage in Europe or the US, and that fact as well as the crime itself has outraged the Egyptian street to a remarkable degree.)

Jul 09 04:09

O’Reilly’s Comments On Franken’s Swearing In

O’Reilly “In a sad day for America, Al Franken is now a U.S. Senator . . . Franken is a blatantly dishonest individual, a far left zealot who is not qualified to hold any office, a man who trafficked in hate on his failed Air America radio program . . . .”
(*With video, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.)

Jul 09 03:49

Obama’s Approval Rating Lowest Since Inaugaration

Rasmussen Reports: President Barack Hussein Obama’s Approval Rating Lowest Since Inaugaration

Obama’s “I inherited this crap sandwich from the previous administration” (although a somewhat true statement) seems to be running out of gas with the American voters.

Jul 08 14:47

All In

The fear on the street is palpable to anyone who is paying attention. Ever since the election of Barack Obama as President of these United States in November 2008, coupled with the election of a democrat party majority in both the U.S. House and Senate, concern for the United States and personal safety has ignited like a fire in dry grass.

Busted World

Jul 08 14:10

NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11

NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11
By Wayne Madsen
Jul 7, 2009, 00:17
(WMR) -- WMR has learned that the National Security “Q” Group, responsible for security, has grown to an immense security and counter-intelligence force, with an estimated one thousand government employees, contractors, and paid informants. NSA’s Security force is reportedly primarily tasked with plugging any leaks of classified or other information that points to U.S. government’s involvement with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Jul 08 13:36

All In

The fear on the street is palpable to anyone who is paying attention. Ever since the election of Barack Obama as President of these United States in November 2008, coupled with the election of a democrat party majority in both the U.S. House and Senate, concern for the United States and personal safety has ignited like a fire in dry grass.

Jul 08 08:18

Cynthia McKinney Speaks on Return to U.S. After Being Held by Israel

Jul 08 08:15

Jim DeMint, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff & Judge Nap discuss the Senate's blockage of S. 604 LIVE today @ 2p EST


Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano welcomes the following guests to the show today:

Rep Ron Paul
Senator Jim DeMint
Peter Schiff
David Ritgers – CATO
Dr Rand Paul

Tune in at 2pm for another power hour of liberty!

Watch here LIVE at 2pm EST every Wednesday:

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Show website:

Can't make it to watch the show live? We'll post links to the youtube videos later this evening.

* * * * *

In case you missed it, Operation Clean Slate 2010 is underway!

Jul 08 05:06

Jewish couple sue over lighting that makes them ‘work’ on sabbath

A Jewish couple are suing neighbours over motion sensors that turn on the lights in their communal stairwell, which they claim make it impossible for them to leave their flat during the sabbath.

Like many Orthodox Jews, Dena and Gordon Coleman will not use electricity between sundown on Friday and Saturday night, which they regard as a day of rest.

Jul 08 03:59


Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland

Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus.

Jul 08 03:16

WE, the USofA are no longer the world's ONLY Super Power

“The main thing that I want to communicate to Russian leadership and the Russian people is America's respect for Russia, that we want to deal as equals. We are both nuclear superpowers; and we have to handle those responsibilities in a way that encourages peace,” he said.

Jul 07 18:41

7/4/09 Tea Party Photos from around the country

Moonbats Respond to Tea Parties
Hundreds of thousands honored the essence of Independence Day Saturday by taking a stand against government tyranny at more than 2,000 Tea Parties. But not everyone was moved by this timely surge of American spirit. Here's how Google reported the events:

Jul 07 17:19

In the Time of the Lifting of the Veils.

This is the time of The Apocalypse. This is the time of the lifting of the veils over what is and what has been. It is not just in the outer sense that the veils are being lifted. The veils are being lifted within also …and we are seeing ourselves. Our own corruptions and weaknesses are being revealed to us. This is why some people are losing their minds. This inner revealing is having another effect as well. A certain amount of people are being driven to transform themselves. To participate in the transforming of themselves and they are not losing their minds. They are discovering their true nature.

Jul 07 08:15

U.K. Police Fear Far-Right Terror Attack

Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command fears that right-wing extremists will stage a deadly terrorist attack in Britain to try to stoke racial tensions.

It looks like supporters of British National Party (BNP) rhetoric are getting their false flags ready so they can kill some of their own and put the blame on the Muslims.

Jul 07 08:13

Calling All Patriots: Operation "Clean Slate" 2010 is Underway!


Please help spread the word! This only works if we can get a critical mass of people behind it :)


P.S. I'm being told I'm "tilting at windmills" by trying to kick out the people who have failed us... but this time, THE WINDMILL IS GONNA LOSE.

Jul 06 21:14

Migden's wild ride costs state $335,000

Several motorists called 911 after seeing the San Francisco Democrat weaving in and out of traffic on Interstate 80 and Highway 12 on May 18, 2007, in her state-issued Toyota Highlander hybrid sport utility vehicle. At one point, Migden sideswiped a guardrail on I-80 near American Canyon Road.

"She's been on the phone and reading a book, doing about 80 miles per hour," one driver said in his 911 call. "She's really scary."