Nov 23 10:38

Trump supporter faces simple assault charges after blowing on anti-Trump protesters

A man wearing a Trump shirt and seen breathing on anti-Trump protesters in a video that went viral over the weekend has been charged with misdemeanor assault by Virginia police.

Loudon County police charged Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling, Virginia, with misdemeanor simple assault after he allegedly blew on two women

Nov 23 10:32

Donald Trump Appeals After Federal Judge Dismissed His Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit And Called His Legal Arguments 'Frankenstein's Monster'

President Donald Trump is appealing a federal judge's dismissal of his campaign's effort to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania.

Nov 23 10:27

Daft dog! Moment Nala the Labrador gets her head stuck in the steering wheel of her owner's buggy

Nala, a six-month-old black Labrador, got her head stuck in a steering wheel
Owner Ryan Wangler, from Kensal, North Dakota, found her trapped in the gaps
She was stuck for 15 minutes until Ryan finally managed to wrestle her free

Nov 23 10:27

Allowing ISIS bride Shamima Begum back into UK would be 'an affront to justice' that would be 'real and serious' threat to national security, Supreme Court hears

ISIS bride Shamima Begum's Supreme Court hearing has been told allowing her to return to the UK to appeal would be an 'affront to justice'.

The 21-year-old's case is being considered after her British Citizenship was revoked by the then Home Secretary Savid Javid.

Nov 23 10:26

Man Fails His Job Interview Immediately After A Trick Test At Reception

No matter how many job interviews you’ve had in your life, it doesn’t make them any less nerve-wracking. Every job search starts from a blank page where the first impression (and the last) can make it or break it. No wonder a whopping 93% of job seekers have experienced great anxiety related to job interviews, according to a recent JDP survey.

Nov 23 10:26

Viral Video: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Confronted At Restaurant For Not Wearing Mask

“Oh my God, Murphy, you are such a d***,” one woman says in a video posted on social media. Murphy does not respond.“You’re having fun with your family, in the meantime, you’re having all kind of other bulls*** going on…,” another woman says.

Nov 23 10:25

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is heckled by diners and called a 'd**k' while out eating with his wife and children as he pleads with people to keep Thanksgiving dinner small

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy has been accosted while eating with his family at a restaurant by two women who told him: 'You're such a d***'.

Nov 23 10:21

TSA screens more than ONE MILLION travelers Sunday - the highest number since mid-March - as Americans ignore CDC travel guidance and head off for Thanksgiving... but at what cost?

More than one million people were screened by the TSA yesterday, which is the highest number of travelers since mid-March, as Americans start heading home ahead of Thanksgiving despite pleas from health officials for people to stay home.

Nov 23 10:17

Oxford-AstraZeneca announces COVID-19 vaccine that is up to 90% effective and can be stored in a normal fridge - and America has already bought 300m doses

Oxford-AstraZeneca has announced its COVID-19 vaccine is 70% effective on average but works 90% of the time if given with a half dose, giving public health officials hope they may soon have access to a vaccine that is cheaper and easier to distribute than some of its rivals.

Nov 23 09:30

It's true (Picture)

Nov 23 09:30

Donald Trump's closest Wall Street ally Blackstone billionaire Steve Schwarzman tells president to give up doomed legal fight and says 'country should move on'

Steve Schwarzman, the billionaire businessman who's been a long time supporter of Donald Trump's, now says the election is over and the president needs to move on in a sign of dwindling support for Trump's doomed legal battle.

Nov 23 09:23

NYC cops raid illegal swingers club with 80 revelers in a room with 'a buffet, DJ, and boxes of condoms' and shut down a speakeasy with 120 people in COVID crackdown

New York City sheriffs busted an illegal swingers club in Queens early Sunday morning, in which officers found upwards of 80 revelers crammed into a secret location without masks in violation of the Big Apple’s pandemic orders.

Nov 23 09:20

It's all in the eyes! Body language expert reveals how to read expressions when faces are hidden by a mask - including 'angry' accelerated blinking and an arched brow indicating attraction

Body language expert revealed tips for reading facial expressions behind a mask
Judi James says fear is an eye expression and involves rounding of eye shape
Added pupil dilation is physiological response when we look at someone we likeA body language expert has produced a guide to reading people's facial expressions – when they are hidden behind a face mask.

Nov 23 09:20

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein lists 21 GOP senators who have 'privately' expressed their 'extreme contempt' for Donald Trump

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein has called out 21 Republican senators who he says have expressed 'extreme contempt' for President Trump in private - but have refused to air their grievances in public.

Nov 23 09:18

We pay £81m so union reps can take time off: Taxpayer foots the bill for the hours public sector staff spend 'lobbying for better pay'

Union representatives had time away from public sector jobs to do union work
At least 920 of them were paid to work full-time for unions, it's been revealed
In central government alone staff paid more than £10.1million for union work

Nov 23 09:17

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: You've spent the year watching every penny, now hear how the public sector has squandered £5.6bn of taxpayer cash on everything from luxury travel to lavish bonuses, and fine dining

Investigation found £5.6 billion in public cash been frittered away on luxuries
Found that Whitehall mandarins banked at least £42 million in bonuses last year
Comes as Chancellor Rishi Sunak prepares to set out a plan for nation's finances
Investigation carried out with the TaxPayers' Alliance – involved more than 4,000 Freedom of Information

Nov 23 09:13

Biden’s Reported Pick As Secretary Of State Mocked Trump’s Foreign Policy: ‘Everyone Is Running In The Other Direction’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has apparently decided that he would pick Obama Administration Deputy

Nov 23 09:12

NYC cops raid illegal swingers club with 80 revelers in a room with 'a buffet, DJ, and boxes of condoms' and shut down a speakeasy with 120 people in COVID crackdown

New York City sheriffs busted an illegal swingers club in Queens early Sunday morning, in which officers found upwards of 80 revelers crammed into a secret location without masks in violation of the Big Apple’s pandemic orders.

Nov 23 09:12

Biden’s Reported Pick As Secretary Of State Mocked Trump’s Foreign Policy: ‘Everyone Is Running In The Other Direction’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has apparently decided that he would pick Obama Administration Deputy

Nov 23 09:06

Biden’s Reported Pick As Secretary Of State Mocked Trump’s Foreign Policy: ‘Everyone Is Running In The Other Direction’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has apparently decided that he would pick Obama Administration Deputy Secretary of State Antony

Nov 23 09:05

48 hours in de Blasio's NYC: Six people are gunned down in Brooklyn, man is shot dead point-blank in Harlem and ANOTHER commuter is shoved onto subway tracks as city violence spirals out of control

At least five people were shot in Brooklyn on Sunday night at the end of a violent weekend that saw a man robbed and shot dead in Harlem on Saturday afternoon, and yet another subway traveler pushed onto the subway tracks.

Nov 23 09:03

HISTORIC: Netanyahu Meets Saudi Prince in Saudi Arabia, Reports Say

Sunday, in a historic first for both countries, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Neom,

Nov 23 09:01

Wisconsin police arrest boy, 15, for 'shooting and injuring seven adults and a teenager at a mall' after an 'argument' between two groups

A teenager from Milwaukee was arrested on Saturday night in connection with a shooting at a Wisconsin mall that left eight people in need of hospital care.

Nov 23 08:58

LA reports 300 homicides for the first time in a DECADE as cops blame the coronavirus lockdown and cuts to the police

The city of Los Angeles has recorded its 300th homicide this year equalling a total last reached in 2009.

Nov 23 08:57

“Murphy, you are such a dick,” heckler says to governor while unmasked family dines

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was heckled while dining unmasked with his family on Sunday and it was all captured on video.

“Oh my God, Murphy you are such a dick,” the heckler said the the 56th governor as he dined with his family outside of a local restaurant.

The governor’s son told the heckler to “put her mask on” which made the situation worse.

“You can go fu*k yourself,” she replied. “How’s that?”

Nov 23 08:55

Biden Turns To Familiar Faces For His Cabinet: President-Elect 'Will Name Confidant Tony Blinken As His Secretary Of State And Longtime Democrat Adviser Michele Flournoy As Secretary Of Defense'

Joe Biden is expected to nominate his close confidant Antony Blinken as Secretary of State and longtime Democrat Michele Flournoy as the first female Secretary of Defense, sources said Sunday.

Nov 23 08:52

Conservative magazine National Review slams Trump's refusal to concede as a 'bid for infamy' and mocks Giuliani's 'outlandish' press conference as they urge the president to respect the results

Editors of the conservative National Review magazine have described Donald Trump's refusal to concede as 'a bid for infamy' in an unusually harsh op-ed ridiculing the president.

Nov 23 08:49

FBI is investigating threats against Georgia's Secretary of State and other top election officials amid allegations Trump's unfounded claims of widespread election fraud are 'putting them at risk'

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia law enforcement are investigating threats made against the state’s top election officials, Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs announced Sunday.

Nov 23 08:47

Pro-lifer (Picture)

Nov 23 08:44

Dominion Voting Systems says it is 'physically impossible' for their machines to 'switch votes from one candidate to the other' after Trump lawyers accused the company of meddling in the election to help Biden

A spokesperson for Dominion Voting Systems hit back at conspiracy theories that the software company meddled in the election to benefit Joe Biden, insisting it was ‘physically impossible’ for its machines to change voter selections.

Nov 23 08:41

Chris Christie says it's time for Trump to concede as he calls the president's legal team a 'national embarrassment' and calls their conduct 'outrageous'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a prominent ally of President Donald Trump, said Sunday it was time for him to concede the race to President-elect Joe Biden.

Nov 23 08:38

Israeli scientists kill cancer cells with ground-breaking DNA-altering treatment they compare to using 'microscopic scissors' to target tumors

Israeli scientists say they have used ground-breaking technology to destroy cancerous cells in mice without damaging others, in what they say is a world first.

Nov 23 08:37

Trump campaign releases statement: Sidney Powell 'is not a member of the Trump Legal Team'

The Trump campaign released a statement on Sunday evening that lawyer Sidney Powell is not a member of the legal team representing President Donald Trump.

Nov 23 08:35


The GoFundMe page set up for her by her cousin tells us that the grievous sores reaction was incurred in a clinical trial for Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine. The injection reaction is called a "fixed drug eruption" and it is present on both feet. She goes on to say that Patricia has been unable to walk without a cane since her emergency room visit on November 2nd.

Nov 23 08:35

Amen (Picture)

Nov 23 08:34

LA bans ALL in-person dining for three weeks amid a COVID spike after Governor Newsom imposed a statewide 10pm curfew while grocery stores start rationing toilet paper

Los Angeles County on Sunday banned in-person dining for three weeks amid a surge in coronavirus cases less than 24 hours after they imposed a 10pm curfew.

Nov 23 08:32

REVEALED: Hundreds of bodies of COVID victims have been kept inside NYC freezer trucks since APRIL because city morgues are full and officials can't track down family members

Nearly 700 corpses in New York City are kept inside storage freezer trucks at a disaster morgue set up during the first wave of coronavirus deaths in spring.

Nov 23 08:29

California Gov. Gavin Newsom goes into isolation with entire family following COVID-19 exposure

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced that he and his family have entered self-isolation after exposure to someone with coronavirus.

Nov 23 08:29

Operation Warp Speed Chief Says First Americans Could Be Given Pfizer Vaccine As Early As December 11 - And Life Could Go Back To Normal By May With Up To 70% Of People Immunized

COVID-19 vaccine program head Dr Moncef Slaoui said the first Americans to receive a coronavirus vaccine could get it as soon as December 11.

Nov 23 08:27

Sidney Powell responds after Trump campaign says she is not part of legal team: '#KrakenOnSteroids'

Sidney Powell, the headline-grabbing attorney who was seemingly part of President Donald Trump's legal team, responded late Sunday to the Trump campaign's statement that she was, in fact, never a member of the campaign's legal team.

Nov 23 08:26

Propaganda (Picture)

Nov 23 08:26

‘It Will Be Epic’: Sidney Powell Releases Another Statement After Lawyers Say She’s Not On Team

The statement from Trump’s legal team came after Powell made a series of unproven statements ranging from suggesting that the voting software that was used in the election may have flipped votes to suggesting that Republican officials in Georgia may have been paid off to implement the software program

Nov 23 08:25

Tyler Perry's Thanksgiving giveaway causes havoc in Atlanta as thousands wait 16 HOURS in line of cars stretching 12 miles to claim one of the 5,000 free food parcels that ran out in two hours

Atlanta's roads were snarled with traffic on Sunday as people waited for up to 16 hours in their cars to claim a free box of Thanksgiving food donated by billionaire actor and film studio owner Tyler Perry.

Nov 23 08:22

Howling at the Mosque

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Being a dog lover, this video was too funny not to post!

Nov 23 08:22

Hawaii’s most inaccessible island with just 75 residents is the last-COVID free county in the US – 155 years after it was used to quarantine infectious disease patients

A secluded community on Hawaii's most 'inaccessible' island is the last coronavirus-free county in the United States - 155 years after the region was used to isolate patients with Hansen's disease, or leprosy.

Nov 23 08:19

New Jersey police chief won't enforce governor's 'draconian' coronavirus order limiting holiday gatherings to 10 people because it's 'detrimental to our relationship with our community'

A New Jersey police chief has said he will not enforce some of Gov Phil Murphy's 'draconian' COVID-19 orders ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Nov 23 08:10

The case against Jonathan Pollard.

IN the last decade, Jonathan Pollard, the American Navy employee who spied for Israel in the mid-nineteen-eighties and is now serving a life sentence, has become a cause célèbre in Israel and among Jewish groups in the United States. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a consortium of fifty-five groups, has publicly called for Pollard's release, arguing, in essence, that his crimes did not amount to high treason against the United States, because Israel was then and remains a close ally. Many of the leading religious organizations have also called for an end to Pollard's imprisonment, among them the Reform Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Orthodox Union.

Nov 23 08:05

They think you're stupid.

Nov 23 08:02

More Than 200 Firearms Mysteriously Went Missing From Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office, Investigation Finds

More than 200 firearms mysteriously disappeared from a Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office between 1977 and 2015, a new report from the City Controller’s Office found last week.

An investigation was sparked into the office after a confidential complaint was filed in 2019, according to CBS 3 Philly. The investigation took a year to unfold.

The complaint initially alleged that 15 rifles and shotguns were missing from the office’s gun inventory, but the ensuing investigation revealed that 101 service firearms and 109 Protection From Abuse Act (PFA) weapons were also missing from the office’s inventory.

Nov 23 08:02

US officially withdraws from Open Skies transparency pact

The US has exited the Open Skies treaty, which allows countries to observe one another's militaries. Accusing Russia of violating some of its provisions, Trump announced in May that he would withdraw from the treaty.

Six months after US President Donald Trump announced his administration's decision to withdraw from the Open Skies accord, the United States on Sunday officially pulled out of the agreement.

The treaty provides for inspection flights over member countries' territories to monitor military activities.

US officials claim that Russia violated the Open Skies treaty by blocking surveillance flights around certain areas, including the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and the border with Georgia.

Nov 23 07:50

Trump slams 'RINO' Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for spending $9.5M on 'flawed' COVID tests - after the Republican called on President to 'stop golfing and concede'

President Donald Trump has slammed Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, for breaking ranks after the governor called on him to concede the election.

Nov 23 07:50

PICTURED: Smiling assassin who opened fire at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska killing two people and wounding two others after a U-Haul truck exploded in the drive-thru

A man who police said opened fire at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska has smiled for a mugshot just hours after he killed two people and injured two others.

Nov 23 07:46

Sick prisoner on dialysis who feared he would get COVID wrote 17 letters to judge pleading for mercy but was ignored until he finally died from the disease months later

A prisoner with severe kidney disease who wrote countless letters pleading with a judge to be released after fearing he might contract coronavirus while in jail, has died from the disease.

Nov 23 07:44

Britons could get the Pfizer vaccine BEFORE Americans as the regulator prepares to decide 'in less than a week' and the NHS is told to prepare to administer the jab by December 1

Britons could get the Pfizer vaccine before Americans as the regulator prepares to make a rapid decision and the NHS readies its staff for a roll-out on December 1.

Nov 23 07:44

Bette Midler: Trump Will Execute Six More People On Death Row Because 258,000 ‘Isn’t Enough’

Far-left actress and singer Bette Midler says President Donald Trump will execute six more people on death row before the end of his presidency insisting that the 258,000 people who’ve died from the coronavirus “isn’t enough” for a “sadist” like him.

“The repulsive ugly vindictive nature of the most vomitous elected official in US history, #DonaldTrump continues his scorched earth policy: #undermininBiden [sic],” wrote Midler. “AND he’ll execute 6 people currently on #DeathRow; the sadist in him must be floating on air. 258,000 dead isn’t enough.”

Nov 23 07:42

Californians Defy Gov. Newsom Curfew Order, Flood Streets in 16 Cities

Thousands of people in 16 California cities took to the streets on Saturday to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s curfew order requiring people to stay at home after 10 p.m. Carrying Trump/Pence flags and “Open up California” banners, the crowds began to gather at 10:01 p.m., including in Huntington Beach and San Clemente.

Nov 23 07:40

TWO MILLION Americans ignored CDC guidelines to travel by plane on Friday and Saturday: Dr Fauci urges nation to do 'risk-benefit assessment' before Thanksgiving travel as crowds keep flooding airports

Two million people traveled by plane in the United States on Friday and Saturday despite the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) issuing new guidelines last week and as Dr Anthony Fauci urged Americans to do a 'risk-benefit assessment' before Thanksgiving travel.