Nov 22 05:55

Far-left San Francisco DA blasts Kyle Rittenhouse posting bail: 'White shooter motivated by racial bias'

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, the far-left progressive who became the San Fran's top prosecutor this year, argued against Kyle Rittenhouse's cash bail by citing "strong evidence" of "racial bias."

Nov 22 05:42

Democratic Minnesota Governor's 4-week lockdown banning ALL social gatherings, sparks protest at Tim Walz's mansion

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced on Wednesday a rigid month-long lockdown order that bans all social gatherings of people who do not live in the same household, even if participants wear face masks and practice proper social distancing. On Saturday, Minnesotans went to Walz's mansion to protest the drastic lockdown orders.

Nov 22 05:41

Ben Carson credits Trump's action after becoming 'desperately ill' with COVID: 'Saved my life'

Dr. Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, credited President Donald Trump for his recovery from coronavirus after the president approved Carson to receive experimental treatment.

Nov 22 05:38

Tucker Carlson responds to anger over Sidney Powell segment, reveals what Trump's own legal team told him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday addressed the anger caused by his previous day's reporting that attorney Sidney Powell had scoffed at his show's request for proof of her voter fraud allegations.

Nov 21 22:44

Stalker, 42, who used a DRONE to spy on his ex-partner and her male friend is jailed for four months

John McDermott, 42, pleaded guilty to using a drone to spy on his ex-girlfriend
The court heard he followed her and used a drone to watch where she lived
McDermott was jailed for four months and banned from possessing a drone

Nov 21 22:35

Artificial intelligence apps that use your smartphone camera to screen for UTIs and kidney disease launch in the UK to help diagnose people suffering in lockdown

Two apps from Israeli health tech firm use AI for at-home diagnoses
Both come with urine test kits that can be posted to UK residents in lockdown
They involve urine test apparatus with an app that uses artificial intelligence (AI)

Nov 21 21:17

Circuit Courts have been Reassigned

Nov 21 19:39

JUST IN: Obama-Appointed Judge Dismisses Trump Campaign Lawsuit Seeking to Block Pennsylvania From Certifying Election Results

US District Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania Matthew Brann, a Barack Obama appointee on Saturday dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to block Pennsylvania from certifying its election results.

Nov 21 19:36

AWFUL. Tucker Carlson Doubles Down, Hits Sidney Powell and Says No Evidence of Switching Votes — HERE ARE 11 TIMES THEY GOT CAUGHT SWITCHING VOTES (Video)

On Thursday night Tucker Carlson from FOX News told his audience that he invited Attorney Sidney Powell on his show to share evidence of elections software flipping votes. Tucker said Sidney got angry and refused to provide evidence for voting software flipping votes.

Nov 21 14:55

What If The Whole Of Modern American History You Know Is Wrong? And What Of COVID-19?

Professor Sutton wrote a number of books how American industry fostered socialism/Marxism throughout the world.  College-educated Americans couldn’t recognize Marxism if they saw it because they have never been taught about it.  Only those Americans who immigrated from Europe and South America who lived under such regimes that suddenly came to power recognize the fascism and Marxism that are now being deceivingly used to overthrow our American way of life.

Nov 21 14:35

So Exactly… What Is “The Great Reset”?

In times like these, it is absolutely imperative to think for yourself, because deception is everywhere and those that tell the truth are often greatly ridiculed.

Nov 21 12:19

The 'Animaniacs' Reboot Faces a Conundrum

cause it was the early '90s, one version of the zippy theme song for the original Animaniacs includes a reference to Bill Clinton playing the sax. Clinton jokes were everywhere in that era, even in cartoons supposedly aimed

Nov 21 11:56

Joe Biden reprimands reporter while dodging 'completely valid' question on schools closing

Joe Biden gathered with his running mate Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Friday. However, Biden had no patience for a reporter, who asked a timely question, and he quickly admonished the correspondent.

Nov 21 11:53

Moment 'predator' uncle, 30, leaves woods where he bludgeoned his niece, 16, to death and 'burned her body in sexually motivated murder'

Shane Mays seen leaving Havant Thicket where Louise Smith's body was found
Mays has admitted the manslaughter of teenager who had been living with him
But he denies murdering her before defiling her body and the trial continues

Nov 21 11:51

Could YOUR childhood video games be worth a fortune? Expert reveals the PlayStation, Sega and Nintendo classics that could fetch up to £800 second-hand

Andy Brown of Console Passion revealed estimated value of retro video games
Includes Mega Man X3 Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1995

Nov 21 11:42

'Secret millionaire' offers to fund four-year-old girl's £75,000 life-changing cerebral palsy surgery so she can walk for the first time - as well as a trip to Disneyland - just 24 hours after her mother set up fundraising campaign

A 'secret millionaire' has offered to fund a four-year-old girl's £75,000 life-changing surgery which will enable her to walk for the first time as well as a trip to Disneyland.

Emily Anderson, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, has cerebral palsy but the operation to aid movement, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), is hard to get on the NHS.

Nov 21 11:41

Food bank lines keep growing across the country as National Guard soldiers hand out turkeys and panic buyers clear shelves before Thanksgiving and amid fears of more COVID lockdowns

Lines are continuing to grow at food banks across the country as the financial devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic is laid bare.

Nov 21 11:39

Lonely office worker must give up the geese he bought for company during lockdown after neighbours complain about their loud honking

Sven Kirby bought the birds for £40 each in June and has hand reared them
They're often spotted walking with him in Leeds and even join him at the pub
He's now been told to 'prevent recurrence of the nuisance' or face a £5,000 fine

Nov 21 11:39

Schools are some of 'the safest places' children can be, CDC director says as he calls shutting down in-person learning an 'emotional response' to surging COVID-19 cases

Schools are among 'the safest places' that American children can be amid surging cases of coronavirus across the country, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr Robert Redfield said on Thursday night.

Nov 21 11:36

Quarantine periods for Covid contact cases could be halved or even ELIMINATED under testing trial - sparing thousands from isolating - as Boris releases video to give update on his own 'house arrest'

Mass testing will be trialled on emergency workers and contacts of Covid-19 cases in Liverpool next week
If successful mass testing could be offered to all contacts across the UK by next year, it has been suggested

Nov 21 11:34

Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak

On Sept. 28, the world marked a tragic milestone: 1 million deaths from COVID-19. That's according to a tally maintained by Johns Hopkins University. And public health experts believe the actual toll – the recorded deaths plus the unrecorded deaths – is much higher.

Nov 21 11:33

So much in common (Picture)

Nov 21 11:32

Texas deploys National Guard to El Paso to help pandemic-ravaged city deal with overflowing morgues as drones are used to drop COVID-19 testing kits

The state government of Texas is sending the National Guard to El Paso, the border town that has been ravaged by COVID-19 to the point where its morgues are overflowing with bodies.

Nov 21 11:31

WILLIAMS: Correct Diagnostics Needed

You present to a physician with severe abdominal pain. He examines you and concludes that your ingrown toenails are the cause of your abdominal distress.

Nov 21 11:30

McConaughey Mulls TX Governor Run, Previously Suggested People ‘Take One For The Team,’ Give Up Some Gun Rights

Actor Matthew McConaughey made news this week by indicating during an interview that he was open to the possibility of running for political office in Texas one day in the future.

Nov 21 11:29

Aide to Sen. Marsha Blackburn says Republican 'misspoke' by referring to Biden as 'president-elect'

A staffer for Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) was quick to tell the press Friday night that the strong ally for President Donald Trump "simply misspoke" when she referred to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as "president-elect" during an evening interview.

Nov 21 11:28

Ben Carson credits Trump's action after becoming 'desperately ill' with COVID: 'Saved my life'

Dr. Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, credited President Donald Trump for his recovery from coronavirus after the president approved Carson to receive experimental treatment.

Nov 21 11:26

Anti-lockdown protesters chanting 'freedom' clash with police as hundreds march through streets of Bournemouth and Liverpool in fight against Covid restrictions

Arrests were made, with some protesters being pepper sprayed as they grappled with officers on the ground
Social distancing was nowhere to be seen as huge crowds came together to demonstrate in the drizzle

Nov 21 11:17

Two west London wedding venues are forced to shut down for three months after holding illegal parties during lockdown

The Milan Palace and Tudor Rose in Southall both had their license suspended
The former was fined £1,000 for one breach and the latter £7,000 for three
Their events drew attendances of up to 150 people in September and October

Nov 21 11:16

Seven die after drinking coronavirus hand sanitiser when alcohol ran out at a party in Russia

Two more people remain in a coma in an intensive care ward, say reports
Group of nine people drank the antiseptic hand wash at a party in Yakutia region
The first three victims were a 41-year-old woman and two men aged 27 and 59

Nov 21 11:15

Why Does A Virus Cause Problems In One Region But Not Another? A Study Offers Insight

No one knows the answer yet for the coronavirus. But for another emerging virus, called Zika, scientists now have a better understanding of why it hasn't been a major problem in Africa despite originating on the continent. It likely boils down to the critter that spreads the virus — or more specifically, the subspecies of the critter.

Nov 21 11:13

Joe Biden reprimands reporter while dodging 'completely valid' question on schools closing

Joe Biden gathered with his running mate Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Friday. However, Biden had no patience for a reporter, who asked a timely question, and he quickly admonished the correspondent.

Nov 21 11:12

Teen who met grandma from accidental text shares Thanksgiving plans after COVID-19 loss

Two families who have been sharing Thanksgiving dinner together after an accidental text message in 2016 are revealing their holiday plans amid the pandemic.

Nov 21 11:06

1st drug for rare rapid-aging disease extends kids’ lives

The first drug was approved Friday for a rare genetic disorder that stunts growth and causes rapid aging in children, after studies showed it can extend their lives.

Nov 21 10:59

Feds Execute Arkansas Man For Gruesome 1994 Murder Of 16-Year-Old Lisa Rene

Orlando Cordia Hall, 49, was one of the three inmates on federal death row who currently have a 2020 execution date set. Hall was pronounced dead at the U.S. Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana, just before midnight, according to prison officials.

Nov 21 10:54

Rep. Barbara Lee Says ‘It Would Be An Honor’ To Be The Next California Senator

The most left-wing member of the House of Representatives has publicly signaled interest in serving as the next U.S. senator from California, saying that “it would be an honor” if she was selected to finish the term of freshman Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

Nov 21 10:48

Photo Emerges Of Garcetti Adviser Holding Hand Near Man’s Crotch While Garcetti Gives Thumbs Up

“The picture, obtained this week by The Times, shows Jacobs placing his hand near the crotch of a civic activist as the two posed for a group photo at the U.S. Conference of Mayors convention in June 2017. Garcetti stands next to the two men, smiling and giving a double thumbs-up gesture,” The Los Angeles Times reported. “In an interview Friday, the man said Jacobs did not touch him. He said that when he was shown the photo later that evening he found it offensive and felt Jacobs should be ashamed of his behavior.”

Nov 21 10:45

Good Job.. (Picture)

Nov 21 10:45

El Paso Posts Grim 'Help Wanted' Ad For $27.20-Per-Hour Temporary Morgue Workers Who Can Lift Up To 400lbs To Help Move Bodies Of COVID-19 Victims

The El Paso County Medical Examiner's Office posted a help wanted ad calling for temporary morgue workers to help with the surge of COVID-19 victims.

Nov 21 10:43

EXCLUSIVE: Virus, what virus? No panic buying in El Paso as shelves are fully stocked, residents are seen leisurely shopping at strip malls and dining indoors despite the Texas town being the Covid-19 epicenter with hospitals filled to capacity

It's business as usual for residents of El Paso, Texas despite the city being one of the nation's coronavirus epicenters as cases continue to rise.

Nov 21 10:42

Drug Charges Dropped For Former Mexican Defense Secretary

Mexico's former defense minister is back home after the U.S. dropped drug trafficking charges against him. The move raises questions about whether he'll face justice.

Nov 21 10:41

124 'high-risk' Islamists at large in Germany: report

More than 120 Islamists in Germany pose a "high risk," according to the country's investigative police agency. A deadly attack in Dresden last month forced authorities to increase surveillance of dangerous Islamists.

Nov 21 10:40

China Targets Muslim Scholars And Writers With Increasingly Harsh Restrictions

The men were detained in Yiwu, China, an international commercial hub on the country's wealthy east coast and home to a growing community of Muslims. The detentions are emblematic of increasingly harsh restrictions targeting spiritual and educational life for Muslims in China.

Nov 21 10:39

A defensive Nancy Pelosi claims she won the 2020 election despite losing so many seats in the House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) defensively argued that House Democrats could claim a victory in the 2020 election despite losing numerous seats and not flipping one from red to blue.

Nov 21 10:38

Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump, Jr., has tested positive for the coronavirus, but remains asymptomatic, according to a spokesperson. The news was first reported by Bloomberg.

Nov 21 10:38

Alarming red wave map shows how widespread COVID-19 is across US as daily cases surge to record 180k and death toll spikes to 2,000 for the first time since May

An alarming new red wave map shows just how widespread COVID-19 has become across the United States as cases and hospitalizations surge to record highs and the daily death toll increases to levels not seen since May.

Nov 21 10:37

Liberals lash out at former child star Ricky Schroder after he helps bail Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail

Kyle Rittenhouse was set free after paying a $2 million bail on Friday and liberals lashed out on social media after it was revealed that former child star Ricky Schroder helped him foot the bill.

Nov 21 10:36

Vote Jesus 2020 (Picture)

Nov 21 10:34

'He should be writing condolence cards, not a book': Fox News meteorologist whose in-laws died from COVID-19 blasts Cuomo for praising his own leadership efforts in interview

A Fox News meteorologist whose elderly in-laws died from COVID-19 has blasted Governor Cuomo for releasing a book praising his own leadership efforts amid the pandemic, in an interview

Nov 21 10:26

Liberals lash out at former child star Ricky Schroder after he helps bail Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail

Kyle Rittenhouse was set free after paying a $2 million bail on Friday and liberals lashed out on social media after it was revealed that former child star Ricky Schroder helped him foot the bill.

Nov 21 10:01

How in the Hell? (Picture)

Nov 21 10:00

'For best actor?' Social media is left incredulous after Gov. Cuomo is awarded an Emmy 'Founders Award' for his 'masterful' COVID press conferences - a gong that has previously gone to Steven Spielberg

Gov Andrew M Cuomo is being awarded an Emmy for his 'masterful' COVID-19 press conferences which, the Emmys say, he used to 'inform and calm people' around the world.

Nov 21 09:57

Pizza bar worker unmasked: Covidiot whose lie sparked South Australia's needless six-day coronavirus lockdown is a Spanish national whose visa is about to expire - but he will NOT be fined or charged

The pizza bar worker whose lie sparked South Australia's strict six-day lockdown has been identified as a 36-year-old Spanish man whose visa is due to expire next month.

Nov 21 09:53

In North Dakota... (Picture)

Nov 21 09:53

FDA gives emergency approval to Eli Lilly's arthritis drug paired with remdesivir for treating hospitalized coronavirus patients - after WHO warns NOT to use the antiviral

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators issued emergency use authorization for a new COVID-19 treatment using an arthritis drug in combination with the antiviral remdesivir on Thursday.

Nov 21 09:51

Testify (Picture)

Nov 21 09:06

It’s Not A Joke Anymore (Picture)

Nov 21 09:04

New York Printer Receives 'Hundreds' Of Requests For Hilarious $10 Window Sticker Of Cuomo That Makes It Look Like The Governor Is Keeping An Eye On Thanksgiving Gatherings

A printing company in upstate New York is adding a little humor to holiday gatherings by selling stickers that make it appear like Governor Andrew Cuomo is peeking through the window at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Nov 21 08:44

Joe's teleprompter failed again...

Nov 21 08:41

Princess Cruises cancels US trips of seven days or longer for a YEAR and everything less until April as COVID pause is extended

Princess Cruises announced on Friday that it's extending its pause on operations again, cancelling all cruises scheduled through March 2021.

Nov 21 08:38

Bruh (Picture)

Nov 21 08:38

Omaha cops arrest multiple protesters in violent clashes during demonstration over armed black man who was shot and killed by police after refusing to get out of his friend's car

Police in Omaha have arrested several protesters after demonstrators outside their building, calling for the release of body-camera footage from a controversial shooting, refused to disperse.

Nov 21 08:34

A Living Wage (Picture)

Nov 21 08:33

Pharmacist, 41, and online gaming buddy, 33, who plotted to blow up a rival pharmacy to sell prescription drugs on the black market are jailed for up to 14 years

A pharmacist and a drug abuser who met while playing online video games were sentenced to federal prison on Friday after admitting to a plot to firebomb a Nebraska pharmacy to benefit their own online black market drug dealing.

Nov 21 08:32

Is al-Qaeda's leader dead? Report claims terror chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has died in Afghanistan from 'asthma-related breathing issues'

Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has died of natural causes, Pakistani media claimed today, following persistent rumours of the terrorist leader's demise.

Nov 21 07:35

What's even real anymore? (Picture)

Nov 21 07:34

NYPD police union chief says commuters have to defend themselves because city is doing nothing to stop violent thugs as woman who was shoved onto a subway track and run over by a train is identified

A New York woman who was pushed onto the subway tracks by a mentally ill person said that she cannot remember what happened, and thought she had fainted.

Nov 21 07:31

Vladimir Putin 'underwent surgery for cancer in February' claims political analyst who also said the Russian leader had Parkinson's disease

A prominent critic of Valdimir Putin has claimed that the Russian president was suffering from cancer and underwent surgery earlier this year.

Nov 21 07:29

A solid murder (Picture)

Nov 21 07:29

Mystery surrounds shooting of married prosecutors after wife is shot dead at their El Paso home on their 22nd wedding anniversary and husband is in a critical condition

A Texas lawyer was killed and her attorney husband wounded in their home by an unknown gunman, while their teenage son was away at a fencing competition.

Nov 21 07:27

Stay safe out there (Picture)

Nov 21 07:19

In-N-Out In 14 HOURS! Burger Chain Opens Its First Two Colorado Outlets Leading To Fights And Epic Lines As People Joke It's Quicker To Drive To California

Colorado residents waited up to 14 hours to get their hands on In-N-Out burgers and fries after the California chain opened two locations in the state Friday.

Nov 21 07:16

Joe Biden wipes away tears as he recalls the 'significant' time he spent with son Beau in an ICU unit as he meets a struggling nurse who claims there is not enough PPE and says she has never had a COVID test

Joe Biden wiped away tears after speaking to an ICU nurse about her last nine months treating COVID-19 patients as she revealed that the staff in her hospital still don't have enough PPE and that she has never been able to receive a coronavirus test.

Nov 21 07:13

Spruce up! Crews working on sad Rockefeller Center 2020 Christmas tree are spotted ADDING branch 'extensions' after tree was mocked online ahead of lighting next month

Crews were spotted adding branches to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after ir was mocked on social media for looking scraggly.