Oct 27 15:39

Hunter Audio Released As Dems Double Down On 'Russia Origins & Election Meddling'

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe again shot down charges by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that emails revealing that Biden knew about his son’s business dealings in Ukraine are a “smear” organized by Moscow. This came the same day a damning audio of Hunter was released.

“Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” Ratcliffe said.

“Let me be clear: The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress,” he said.

Ratcliffe then shattered Schiff.

Oct 27 13:12

Ilhan Omar: Progressives Ready To Fill Biden’s Cabinet, Force Him To ‘Act Accordingly’ In Banning Fracking

Rep. Ilhan Omar, in an interview with Axios, said that progressives are waiting to fill Joe Biden’s cabinet and will push him to “act accordingly” on several policies including banning fracking.

Omar’s comments are another in a long string from members of the ‘Squad’ – a more radical faction in the Democrat party – that they intend to push Biden to do their bidding should he win the election.

The Minnesota Democrat believes “all of the cabinet positions should be filled by progressive Democrats.”

She then ticked off a litany of policies that other Democrat presidential candidates supported but were seemingly too much for voters to swallow as they shifted towards Biden.

“A president is only as successful as his collaboration is with Congress,” Omar explained.

Oct 27 13:10

Joe Biden’s Not-So-Secret Plan To Restructure The Supreme Court

This we know for certain: if Joe Biden wins the presidency and the Democrats capture the Senate, the Supreme Court will be restructured.

Candidate Biden has been coy about his plans. He has repeatedly refused to answer pointed questions about packing the Supreme Court. Now he has announced that as president he would appoint a commission to make recommendations after the election about how to reform the court system.

Don’t be fooled. All this is temporary political cover to obfuscate his intentions.

Vice President Biden is following FDR’s political playbook, and this time it might work.

Oct 27 12:00

Adelsons Got a Lot from Trump for $75 Million — But Media Won’t Tell You What

The news late yesterday was that Sheldon and Miriam Adelson poured $75 million in September into a new super PAC that supports Donald Trump. Way more money than other donors, on either side.

Many news outlets have now reported the outsized sum, which is plainly important to Trump’s flailing campaign. Oddly, none of them is reporting the Adelsons’ number one issue, Israel, or the fact that Miriam Adelson is Israeli, or that the Adelsons are close to Netanyahu, or that our transactional president has done just about everything Israel wants. Nope, the big story is still Russian influence.

AP has a sizeable story on the donation with Sheldon Adelson’s name in the headline, but a neutral characterization:

A major funder of Republican causes, Adelson has donated over $250 million to GOP candidates and super PACs since 2015.

CNN has the Adelsons in their headline, but the donation seems to be about Miriam’s Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Oct 27 11:56

SCOOP: Hunter Biden associate emails show deal they were working on that included Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - @OANN

Oct 27 11:55

BREAKING: New audio of Hunter Biden talking about his partner “the f**king spy chief of China”

Hunter Biden – in an audio file labelled “Most Genius Shit Ever” – appears to be referencing Patrick Ho, who was a former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong, as a “spy chief of China” while lamenting how his business partner Ye Jianming of CEFC China Energy had disappeared.

Ho was also involved in the CEFC venture, as originally reported by the New York Post and suppressed by the media and Big Tech firms.

The audio breaks the mainstream media’s narrative that the hard drive is somehow “fake” or does not implicate Hunter or Joe Biden in criminal investigations and/or business deals with the Chinese Communist Party.

Oct 27 11:53

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named As Criminal Case Witness

Hunter Biden – in an audio file labelled “Most Genius Shit Ever” – appears to be referencing Patrick Ho, who was a former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong, as a “spy chief of China” while lamenting how his business partner Ye Jianming of CEFC China Energy had disappeared.

Ho was also involved in the CEFC venture, as originally reported by the New York Post and suppressed by the media and Big Tech firms.

The audio breaks the mainstream media’s narrative that the hard drive is somehow “fake” or does not implicate Hunter or Joe Biden in criminal investigations and/or business deals with the Chinese Communist Party.

Oct 27 11:37

China Preparing For Biden Administration, Sanctions US Companies Over Taiwan Support

China will inflict sanctions on US companies including Boeing and Lockheed Martin for providing weapons to Taiwan, a foreign ministry representative announced Monday.

Raytheon also will be a target, continued the spokesman, Zhao Lijian. He provided no details of what punishments might be inflicted or when.

Oct 27 11:36

Mainstream Media Now 'Not So Certain' Of Biden Victory, Here Is One Major Reason Why

The November election is now nearly one week away, although, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had no campaign events listed on Monday, even as President Trump travels to Pennsylvania seeming to kill the former vice president's lead.

The Trump campaign has often aimed at Biden for his lack of campaign events -- Trump has named his Democratic enemy "basement Joe" -- and repeated that judgment on Monday.

"No events for Joe Biden today???" Jason Miller, a senior adviser for the Trump campaign, commented on Twitter. "He's lid crazy!" (Calling a lid refers to a nominee or campaign showing to the press that they will not operate any more events, typically for the remainder of the day).

Oct 27 10:10

Is News Media Ignoring These Biden Clips? Is It Gaffes or Dementia? | DIRECT MESSAGE | RUBIN REPORT

Oct 27 09:29

Pelosi Flirts With Packing Court And Suggests ‘Maybe We Need More District Courts’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday that we should “take a look and see” whether we should pack the Supreme Court thus growing its size and added “maybe we need more district courts as well.”

Pelosi said on MSNBC’s “All In,” “I think that Joe Biden has given us a good path. He’s going to have something that people can understand why this is important.”

Oct 27 08:23

Revolver Exclusive: New Emails Raise Ethical and Legal Questions About Hunter’s Financial Dealings With Whitey Bulger’s Nephew and John Kerry’s Stepson

Revolver News recently obtained screenshots of never before released e-mails that raise serious questions regarding the ethics, security, and legality of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, particularly in China. Although Revolver staff have not yet cross-referenced the screenshots to the hard drive, we can with an extremely high degree of confidence attest to their authenticity.

The above is an e-mail from Xin Wang, a managing partner of the private equity firm Bohai Harvest (BHR), to Devon Archer, James (Jimmy) Bulger, Hunter Biden, and other business associates. Revolver cited a report on BHR in an earlier article on Hunter Biden’s suspicious dealings in China:

Oct 27 08:04

Trump Leading Nationally in First Poll to Show Him Ahead in Over a Month

Anew poll finds President Donald Trump with a slim lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for the first time in more than a month.

The Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday found that Trump was favored by 48 percent of likely voters, compared to 47 percent for Biden. Another 3 percent said they would vote for a third party candidate, while 2 percent were undecided. A Rasmussen poll released on September 16, also giving Trump a 1 point advantage, was the last publicly released national survey to show the president in the lead.

The candidates were statistically tied in the poll since the result falls well within a 2.5 margin of error. The poll was conducted online and over the phone among 1,500 likely voters on October 21, October 22 and October 25. The firm had been releasing weekly polls of the presidential race, but Monday's survey was the first of several daily polls planned to be released until Election Day on November 3.

Oct 27 08:02

USPS put to the test by Fox News ahead of 2020 election

Fox News put the United States Postal Service to the test ahead of the 2020 elections.

As part of a special investigation, senior correspondent Eric Shawn, the I-Unit and others sent 500 envelopes from more than 50 locations throughout the country to test how quickly they traveled between addresses, and to a single destination in New York.

A little more than two percent failed to reach their destinations, including nine envelopes that have not been delivered more than a month later.

Oct 27 07:10

Biden Meets With Tiny Gaggle of Supporters 20 Minutes From His Home After Calling a “Lid” on Campaign

After officially calling a “lid” on in-person campaigns events, Joe Biden met with a tiny gaggle of supporters in Pennsylvania just 20 minutes from his home.

With over a week to go before the election, Biden visited a field office and voter activation center in Chester, Pa., with video footage showing not much more than a handful of supporters present.

Oct 27 07:09

While the FBI Sleeps, Call the SEC: Exclusive New E-mails Raise Disturbing Questions About Hunter’s Financial Dealings

Revolver News recently obtained screenshots of never before released e-mails that raise serious questions regarding the ethics, security, and legality of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, particularly in China. Although Revolver staff have not yet cross-referenced the screenshots to the hard drive, we can with an extremely high degree of confidence attest to their authenticity.

Oct 27 07:02

‘Election misinformation pre-bunking’? Twitter again censors Trump as it begins spamming Americans with new Orwellian warnings

Twitter has slapped a “misleading” label on yet another tweet from President Donald Trump, as it rolls out a new effort to “pre-bunk” criticism of mail-in voting and warns Americans not to expect final results on election night.

In a tweet on Monday night, Trump stressed the need to have a final vote tally on the day of the general election, stating there are “big problems and discrepancies with mail-in ballots all over the USA,” reiterating previous complaints about potential flaws in universal distance voting. The post was soon appended with a notice warning users the tweet is “disputed” and “might be misleading,” directing them to a link explaining that “voting by mail is legal and safe,” citing a coterie of favored “experts.”

Oct 27 07:00

'I was born for that': Hillary Clinton says she'd handle Covid-19 better, but Trump & Russian media 'stole' election from her

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is claiming Trump “basically stole the election" from her four years after her loss, a statement that is earning her plenty of ridicule on social media.

In an interview with journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast for the New York Times Opinions network released on Monday, Clinton spoke about losing in 2016 because of a “disinformation campaign” run by then-Republican candidate Donald Trump and “Russian media." She even claimed the election was “stolen” from her.

“I think that Trump and a lot of the people around him know that his victory was not on the up and up. They had an extensive campaign to suppress black voters. We now know much more about that than we did,” the former secretary of state said.

Oct 27 06:59

Supreme Court rejects Democrat request to extend Wisconsin mail-in voting deadline until six days after Election Day

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against a request by Wisconsin Democrats to allow an extension for mail-in ballots that are received after Election Day.

In a 5-3 order, the justices on Monday refused to reinstate a lower court order that called for mailed ballots to be counted if they are received up to six days after the November 3 election.

The court action keeps in place a state policy that mail-in ballots be in the hands of election officials by the close of polls.

Oct 27 06:56

Dems claim Biden was talking to George LOPEZ when he said 'four more years of George’ instead of Trump during virtual rally (but that clearly wasn't what Jill thought)

Democrats and other Biden allies are pointing out that Joe Biden was speaking to George Lopez when he said 'four more years of, George' during a virtual concert, as President Donald Trump continued to ridicule him Monday for not remembering the president's name.

'Can you even imagine losing to a guy like this? Actually I wish he was a good and even a great candidate because if something happened you'd feel a little better. But can you imagine? He can't remember my name,' Trump told a crowd of supporters Monday in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 'Now, I'm not that big of an ego guy,' the president joked.

Biden and his wife Jill were participating in a star-studded virtual concert Sunday night when he said, 'Four more years of George, er, George, er, he - we're going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we're going to be in a different world.'

Oct 27 06:55

Ocasio-Cortez Declines to Promise Support for Pelosi as Speaker, Will Back ‘Most Progressive Candidate’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday hedged on whether she would support Nancy Pelosi as House speaker again, saying she will support the “most progressive” candidate.

“If Speaker Pelosi runs again, as she just indicated she will if the Democrats keep the House, will you support her?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the freshman congresswoman during an interview on CNN.

“Again, I want to make sure that we win the House. I do believe that we will, but it’s critically important that we are supporting Democrats in tight swing races, making sure that not only all of them come back but that we grow our majority. I believe that we have to see those races as they come, see what candidates are there,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

Oct 27 06:54

Are We Going To Witness The Worst National Emotional Breakdown In History Once The Election Is Over?

Right now we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Many Biden supporters believe that a Trump victory would literally be the worst thing that could possibly happen to our country, but at the moment most of them are quite confident that Biden will win. Likewise, many Trump supporters are absolutely convinced that we will plunge into a horrifying socialist abyss if Biden wins, but for now most of them are convinced that the polls are wrong and that Trump will pull out another victory in November.

So with just a little over a week until Election Day, most Americans that really care about politics are pacified because they believe that a positive outcome is right around the corner.

But soon that will change, and tens of millions of Americans will simultaneously melt down emotionally right in front of our eyes.

Oct 27 06:53

One Client Responds To "Vain, Narcissistic" CEO Of Expensify After Unsolicited Political Email

Over the weekend we wrote about the CEO of San Francisco-based tech company Expensify - one of the world's largest providers of expense account software - and his decision to email the company's 10 million clients pleading with them to vote for Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Bloomberg, the idea elicited "strong debate" within the company, which is based in San Francisco, with some employees disagreeing with the gesture. But CEO David Barrett, the driving force behind the message, said he decided to press ahead and hit 'send'.

"We needed to stand true for what we believe in and hope that most people agree with us," Barrett said in an interview. "It’s not like we did this with a lot of enthusiasm. We did this out of a perceived necessity."

Oct 27 06:53

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

Former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski allegedly has a recording of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet, or he will "bury" the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter's overseas dealings.

According to The Federalist's Sean Davis, Bobulinski will play the tape on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday, when Carlson will devote his show 'entirely' to an interview with the Biden whistleblower.

Oct 27 06:51

Joe And Hillary: Strange Parallels

In 2016, Clinton had an email problem.

She, her party, and the compliant press all tried to hide it, play it down, and do everything else to minimize the damage. When the election was over, Clinton commented that she would have won but for the emails (exposing her corruption). I thought then, what a sick campaign strategy, to hide her corruption long enough for her to be elected, and then make it all go away. We now know others also believed and counted on a lot of activities to be pushed under the rug and forever buried with her election. Well, it did not turn out as they expected, and the evidence is now piling up about levels of corruption never before seen in American politics.

We are now in a 2020 election cycle, and Joe Biden has an email problem, too.

Oct 27 06:50

Twitter Goes Full Orwell, Censors All Topics "Likely To Be Subject To Election Misinformation"

Twitter is pulling out all the stops, with just 7 days left until the 2020 election.

As if a complete and total coverup of the Hunter Biden story by the mainstream media and big tech wasn't far enough; and as if every social media product and app you use annoyingly reminding you to vote on November 3 wasn't enough, Twitter has now apparently gone "full Orwell" and, through a spokesperson, basically said they will prompt users with warnings on "topics that are likely to be the subject of election misinformation".

The news hit Bloomberg around 12:30pm EST on Monday:


Oct 27 06:48

CBS Being Called Out For 'Obvious Bias', Even Dems Say Biden 'Handled', 'Trump Challenged'

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden performed in back-to-back interviews on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” showing contrasting opinions on which country is the greatest threat to the United States.

Asked by Lesley Stahl who the country’s greatest enemy is, Trump mentioned China, blaming the Communist Party-run country for mishandling the pandemic and putting the entire world at risk.

“They’re a foe in many ways, but they’re an adversary. I think what happened was disgraceful, should never have happened. They should never have allowed this plague to get out of China and go throughout the world. A hundred eighty-eight countries. Should never have happened,” Trump said in the interview that aired Sunday evening.

Oct 27 06:38

Violent left-wing rioters attack innocent children and families at “Jews for Trump” rally in NYC

After months of being brainwashed with anti-Trump, race baiting propaganda, violent left-wing rioters took to the streets to assault children and families at a “Jews for Trump” rally in New York City. Hundreds of cars sported American flags and Trump 2020 flags to show their support for the President and a more free America. The caravan, filled with smiles and good cheer, made its way from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Marine Park. The rally went great, with people from all walks of life joining in to show their support for the President. However, these eclectic New York Trump supporters were ambushed several times by violent left-wing thugs.

The Democrat’s radical army attacked families and children during pro-Trump caravan

Oct 27 06:38

Florida’s humdity causing problems for some Suncoast voters

Voters who choose to vote using a mail-in ballot or absentee ballot must make sure to properly return the ballot in a return envelop that is sealed and signed.

Some voters using this system--a week away from the Nov. 3 elections-- are experiencing conflict due to Florida’s humid weather, receiving their envelopes in the mail already glued shut.

Oct 27 06:37

Biden has defused Israel issue and won the battle of the Israel lobby

One of Joe Biden’s political achievements this year is that he has taken what seemed to be a big issue for Trump– Israel — out of the campaign. The Israel lobby trusts Biden.

Biden has quietly sold himself as a hawk who will end the politicization of Israel. He promises to reestablish the consensus on Israel support inside the Beltway and reassert the use of American force in the Middle East. Trump reminds audiences that Biden backed the Iraq war, and he promises to pull the U.S. out of the Middle East–and make Israel a domestic political issue.

On Friday the president tried to elicit a speaker-phone endorsement from Benjamin Netanyahu when he announced the Sudan deal.

Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi? Sleepy Joe. I think — do think he would had made this deal? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Oct 27 06:24

Nancy Pelosi: Congress Will Have to ‘Reverse the Damage’ of a ‘Usurped’ Supreme Court Seat

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on Congress to “reverse the damage” done by a “radical Republican court” after Senate Republicans voted to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court Monday evening.

She also called the seat “usurped,” suggesting that the seat was taken illegally or by force, and claimed that Republicans were trying to “destroy” Americans’ health care with Barrett’s confirmation.

“Congress will have to reverse the damage of a radical Republican court and defend pre-existing condition protections together with every other benefit and protection of the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi said in a statement.

Oct 27 06:24

Latest Biden mishap highlights how US media ‘loves to censor and hide’ his mistakes

Oct 27 06:23

Joe Biden Embarrassingly Delivers his WORST Speech at Pennsylvania RALLY

Oct 27 06:22

Coons: ‘Hundreds’ of Trump’s Lower Court Judges Shouldn’t ‘Be Allowed to Sit Peaceably’

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said that there should be a “wide-open conversation” on rebalancing the courts, including the circuit and district courts, where there are “hundreds” of judges who shouldn’t “be allowed to sit peaceably without our re-examining the process, the results, and the consequences.”

Oct 27 06:22

Kamala Slams ‘Illegitimate’ Justice Amy Coney Barrett: ‘We Won’t Forget This’

Democrat vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) called the Senate’s confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court on Monday “illegitimate” and vowed that the Americans “will not forget” the Republicans’ constitutional responsibility to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Harris tweeted after a 52 to 48 Senate vote along party lines to put Barrett on the High Court:

Today Republicans denied the will of the American people by confirming a Supreme Court justice through an illegitimate process—all in their effort to gut the Affordable Care Act and strip health care from millions with pre-existing conditions. We won’t forget this.

Oct 27 06:06

Biden Appeals to Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Voters Reveal Democrats’ Plans in the Balkans

US Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been on a whirlwind campaign in an attempt to defeat President Donald Trump in next month’s election. Published policy papers has shown Biden’s strong support for Greece, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Albania and Kosovo as he seeks to win over millions of Diaspora votes. The candidate has taken a very strong anti-Turkey position in his bid to win over Armenian and Greek Diaspora voters at a time when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an makes daily threats of war against Greece and is directly sponsoring, arming and facilitating the Azerbaijani invasion of Artsakh, or more commonly known as Nagorno-Karabakh.

However, away from Greece and into the heart of the Balkans, Biden is also appealing to the greatest enablers of Turkish expansionism into the region – BiH, Albania and Kosovo.

Oct 27 06:01

Former CIA: Blaming Moscow for Hunter Biden’s Laptop is “Russiagate Disinformation”

Former intelligence officials, Democratic leaders, and media outlets dismissing the Hunter Biden story as “Russian disinformation” are spreading more Russiagate disinformation, ex-CIA officer Ray McGovern says.

Media outlets are amplifying the claims of former intelligence officials, including John Brennan and James Clapper, as well as of top Democrats, including Joe Biden and Adam Schiff, that the Hunter Biden laptop revelations are “Russian disinformation.”

They have done so even though no one from the Biden camp has disputed the authenticity of a single leaked email or document, or denied that the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden. Ray McGovern, a former career CIA officer who served as chief of the CIA’s Soviet analysts division and chaired National Intelligence Estimates, discusses the widespread disinformation about “Russian disinformation,” and why it raises new questions about the conduct and claims of the intelligence officials behind Russiagate.

Oct 27 05:57

‘Squad’ Freaks Out After Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation: We Must Expand the Court

Progressive politicians, including the far-left members of the “Squad,” immediately cried out for an expanded Supreme Court after the GOP-led Senate voted to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The Senate voted to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court on Monday evening, 52-48. The historic vote makes Barrett the third Trump-appointed judge to join the highest court in the land. Democrats immediately unleashed a host of threats to pack the court, should they win the White House and Senate.

“We are going to take back the White House & Senate next week with a resounding mandate from the people to fight back against Trump’s illegitimately stacked judiciary,” Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said. “We must expand the Court if we’re serious about the transformational change the people are crying out for”:

Oct 27 05:56

'The anniversary of this tweet should be a National Holiday': Hillary is mocked on social media four years after she posted infamous 'Happy Birthday to this future President' tweet

Social media users are mocking Hillary Clinton's 'future president' birthday wish to herself on its fourth anniversary as Election Day approaches again.

On October 26, 2016, Clinton tweeted a childhood picture of herself with the caption, 'Happy birthday to this future president.'

The tweet was posted while she was still in the thick of campaigning for president - just days before she would ultimately lose the 2016 Presidential Election race to Donald Trump.

Oct 27 05:55

Hilton: The 2020 election is about the people vs the establishment

Oct 27 05:44

‘Game’s up’ for Andrews and this time he can’t ‘spin or bully it away’: Peta Credlin

Oct 27 05:42

When Biden spoke of phasing out oil industry, 'a shiver went through the country'

Oct 27 05:39

November’s Choice: Trump or the Establishment

The November presidential election is not about a choice between a Republican and a Democrat, Trump or Biden/Kamala. It is about a choice between Trump and the Establishment.

You are voting for or against the Establishment.

If you vote against Trump, you are voting for your continued dispossession of your personal freedom, your independence, your income and wealth if any, your integrity, the First and Second Amendments, and any hope for your future and the future of your country. It is as simple as that.

Approximately half of the American population are too indoctrinated and brainwashed to understand what is at stake. These Americans see a vote against Trump as a vote against racism, misogyny, Covid, wealth, and orange hair. The mindlessness of these Americans, should their votes prevail, would complete the transformation of American democracy into rule by unaccountable elites.

Oct 27 05:39

'Promises Kept': Justice Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed, Sworn In To Supreme Court

The Senate voted to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, 52-48. The tense, nearly party-line vote comes eight days before an election, after Democrats were unable to block a Republican effort to tip the ideological balance of the court that has been decades in the making.

Trump’s choice to fill the vacancy of the late liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg potentially opens a new era of rulings on abortion, the Affordable Care Act and even his own election. Democrats were unable to stop the outcome, Trump’s third justice on the court, as Republicans race to reshape the judiciary.

Oct 27 05:38

Joe Biden stuck between BlackRock and a hard place

Campaigns to encourage corporations to up their anti-climate change game are great, of course. But environmental activists say voluntary campaigns remain a hard sell on Wall Street.

The Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden proposes net-zero CO2 emissions in the United States by 2050. It's an ambitious target, but 30 years is a long time in politics and there is a key tension between the party's moderate nominee with links to corporate funders, such as the asset manager BlackRock, and progressives whose votes he needs to win. This is perhaps nowhere better seen than on environmental issues, where campaigns to green corporate America have tended to fizzle out.

Oct 27 05:37

Biden Receives More Than Twice As Much Money From Billionaires As Trump In Final Push

As the 2020 election draws closer, Joe Biden is extending his lead over Donald Trump in the race for billionaire donors. During the first two weeks of October, at least 23 billionaires or their spouses made donations to Biden’s committees, handing over a total of $2.3 million, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. Forbes found 10 billionaires and spouses of billionaires who gave to Trump’s committees, supplying $907,000.

Oct 27 05:32

Trump, Biden lawyer up, brace for White House legal battle

President Donald Trump’s and Democratic rival Joe Biden’s campaigns are assembling armies of powerful lawyers for the possibility that the race for the White House is decided not at the ballot box but in court.

They have been engaging in a lawyer’s version of tabletop war games, churning out draft pleadings, briefs and memos to cover scenarios that read like the stuff of a law school hypothetical more than a real-life case in a democracy.

Attorneys for the Republicans and the Democrats are already clashing in courts across the U.S. over mailed-in ballot deadlines and other issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. And as Trump tries to sow doubt in the legitimacy of the Nov. 3 election, both sides have built massive legal operations readying for a bitterly disputed race that lands at the Supreme Court

Oct 27 05:31

Welcome To The Corruptocracy

Most political philosophy is just an elaborate justification for theft and fraud.

What’s called the silent majority is really the ignored majority, who for the most part are happy being ignored. Their lives revolve their families, jobs, friends, and community, not the media, publicity, polls, or politics. They’re sick of elections well before they’ve seen their hundredth campaign ad, received their hundredth mailer, or ignored their hundredth telephone call. They know that politicians are phony and corrupt and make jokes about them, but hope that their rulers don’t screw things up too badly, cross their fingers, and vote for the perceived lesser of two evils.

Oct 27 05:31

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed, Radical Dems Demand "Expand The Court"

If you feel like some self-flagellation, you can watch the entire Schumer show before the vote here:

“You may win this vote and Amy Coney Barrett may become a justice on the Supreme Court. But you will never, never get your credibility back,” Mr Schumer said, side-eyeing his GOP colleagues on the Senate floor.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fired back that Democrats would have done the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.

“The reason we were able to make the decision we did in 2016,” he said, referring to the GOP blocking Mr Garland’s nomination, “is because we had become the majority in 2014. The reason we were able to do what we did in 2016 and 2018 and 2020 is because we had the majority. No rules are broken whatsoever.”

Oct 27 05:29

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

Former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski allegedly has a recording of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet, or he will "bury" the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter's overseas dealings.

According to The Federalist's Sean Davis, Bobulinski will play the tape on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday, when Carlson will devote his show 'entirely' to an interview with the Biden whistleblower.

Oct 27 05:29

US Elections: The Risk Of Copying Europe

The United States election campaign is focused primarily on how much will the next president spend and the measures to combat coronavirus. Both issues should point to one conclusion: Unlike what candidate Biden wants to do, the next United States president should not copy the European Union.

As we face a second wave of coronavirus outbreak in Europe, we know that the March measures and aggressive lockdowns were a grave mistake.

Oct 27 05:28

Student Newspaper Condemns Harvard Republicans For Endorsing Trump

The Harvard Crimson Editorial Board condemned the Harvard Republican Club in an editorial for endorsing President Donald Trump, drawing a contrast to the Republican club's position in 2016.

While noting that the group has "every right to endorse the candidate of their choosing," The Crimson's editorial board harshly criticized the group for endorsing the president for re-election after the "shameful debate showing" of September 29.

Oct 26 23:31

'Let's F**k Them Up!' Black Lives Matter Riot, Loot And Run Down Police With An SUV In Philly

Black Lives Matter riots broke out in the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia late Monday night after a Black man was shot and killed after charging police with a knife in an apparent "suicide by cop."

Democrat voters responded by rioting, looting and running down police officers in the streets.

Oct 26 20:11

Are Recent Reports of COVID Surges an Attempt to Suppress In-Person Voting?

Don’t be surprised to see fear porn over in-person voting ratcheted up over the next week, scaring voters into staying home, more Republican than Democrat voters. Nothing else is working for the Democrats and they are pulling out all the stops to pull rabbit out of the hat and salvage a losing candidate and campaign. Get out and vote, as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

Oct 26 15:42

Trump Campaign Calls On Supreme Court To Block North Carolina’s Absentee Ballot Plan

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has once again called on the Supreme Court to block North Carolina’s absentee ballot play after failing to strike it down in U.S. federal appeals court.

Trump Calls On Supreme Court To Step In

Trump is determined to block North Carolina in the state’s plan to count absentee ballots that arrive after the Nov. 3 Election Day, according to Reuters. This comes after the Trump campaign suffered a defeat last week when the U.S. federal appeals court left the plan in place in North Carolina.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 12-3 vote last Tuesday to deny the Trump campaign’s request to stop the North Carolina State Board of Elections from tallying ballots postmarked by Nov. 3 that arrive before Nov. 12. The Trump campaign had teamed up with the North Carolina Republican Party to argue in court that the plan violated the state’s election code.

Oct 26 13:07

Trump 48%, Biden 47%

It’s neck-and-neck, with President Trump just barely ahead in Rasmussen Reports’ first daily White House Watch survey.

The latest national telephone and online survey finds Trump edging Democrat Joe Biden 48% to 47% among Likely U.S. Voters. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, while two percent (2%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Last Wednesday, Biden held a 49% to 46% lead, but the race has been tightening since early in the month. This is the first time Trump has been ahead since mid-September.

Oct 26 13:07

The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election

We can return to the explosive job creation, rising wages and general prosperity we had before the pandemic. We can have economic freedom and opportunity, and resist cancel culture and censorship. We can put annus horribilis, 2020, behind us and make America great again, again. We can do all this — if we make the right choice on Nov. 3.

The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election.

Oct 26 12:54

New York’s anti-gun attorney general plans to use NRA’s assets as a slush fund for “Black Lives Matter”

There’s no doubt that the Marxist attorney general in New York, Letitia Jones, hates the Second Amendment — because all Marxist-Leninists do: Armed people stand in the way of Communist revolution.

We’ve seen it time and again throughout the 20th and 21st centuries: Revolutionaries encourage their followers to help them achieve their political objectives by the gun, then turn around and deprive many of those same supporters of their right to keep their firearms for self-protection against the same government they helped put in power.

Jones demonstrated her anti-gun animus earlier this month when she announced that her office has filed suit to dissolve the National Rifle Association’s charter (which has remained in New York for some reason), vowing to break up the 150-year-old organization and then bar its top officials — including Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre — from ever serving on a New York-based non-profit again.

Oct 26 12:50

US to get 9th justice with Dems powerless to block Barrett

A divided Senate is set to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, giving the country a ninth justice Monday as Republicans overpower Democratic opposition to secure President Donald Trump’s nominee the week before Election Day.

Democratic leaders asked Vice President Mike Pence to stay away from presiding over her Senate confirmation due to potential health risks after his aides tested positive for COVID-19. But although Pence isn’t needed to break a tie, the vote would present a dramatic opportunity for him to preside over confirmation of Trump’s third Supreme Court justice.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and his leadership team wrote that not only would Pence’s presence violate Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, “it would also be a violation of common decency and courtesy.”

But Senate Republicans control the chamber and Barrett’s confirmation isn’t in doubt.

Oct 26 12:49

EXC: Hunter Biden ‘Brought Every Single Person To White House, VP’s House’ That Foreign Business Partner Wanted, Received Resort Villa Stays, Artwork In Exchange


Oct 26 12:48

The big Trump rallies you don't see

"I can't believe there aren't any newspeople here," said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and pickup trucks idling in long parallel lines in a vast big-box-store parking lot Saturday, waiting to join the Interstate 70 Trump Train. Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.

Oct 26 12:45

Rapper Lil Pump just endorsed Trump to his 17 million followers

Oct 26 09:10

Six Reasons Why Leftists Love Masks (Hint: ‘Health’ Isn’t On The List)

Now to be fair, overall compliance IS pretty high, sadly. A recent Gallup poll found that 80% of Americans are “highly likely” to wear a mask in public indoor spaces (and yet, astonishingly, the virus continues to spread). Breaking down the politics, however, finds Democrats at 87% and Republicans at 74%. Not huge, but significant, and although there are certainly plenty of Republicans who have tragically fallen for the hoax, it’s pretty fair to say the vast majority of those you see trying to tell the unvarnished truth about the futility of forced masking to stop a highly contagious respiratory virus tend to be conservatives.

Why is this? I’ve got some workable theories, and all have to do with a few key differences in worldview:

Oct 26 09:08

Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Keeps 'Progressive' Values 'Low-Key' To Sway "Rednecks" in Georgia

Oct 26 08:27

Revolver Exclusive: Inside Source Alleges Underage Photos Found On Hunter’s Laptop Were of a Member of The Biden Family

Giuliani said he had turned over evidence to Delaware State Police for possible investigation.

Giuliani has not revealed any of the images, even in a censored form, and Revolver has not been able to confirm their existence. A source close to the matter, though, who claims to have seen the images on Hunter’s laptop, told Revolver that about one-third of the images are of the same underage girl. Some of the images are topless, while in others she is shown in suggestive positions with Hunter himself.

Remarkably, while Giuliani has not alleged this, Revolver’s source claimed that the illicit photos on Hunter’s laptop were of a member of the Biden family.

The New York Post, which also has a copy of Hunter’s hard drive, has already reported that the laptop has a vast trove of sexual videos and images. Giuliani’s claim, though, is the first public allegation that these materials could be criminal in nature.

Oct 26 08:13

Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes. The real news is much bigger than that.

GTV, a Chinese dissident billionaire’s Taiwan-based media outlet, is releasing sordid, depressing videos and photographs of a person purported to be Hunter Biden engaging in sex and seemingly smoking crack. That’s not the big news. The big news is that the same outlet claims that (a) Communist China owns Joe Biden; (b) Joe Biden sold out CIA assets in China who were then executed or imprisoned; and (c) GTV has millions of images showing other presumably influential people in comprising positions. If all this is true, we may see a complete realignment in Western politics.

The Hunter Biden videos and images are at GTV’s video site. I won’t give the link here because the material is pornographic. However, the following are two cropped pictures. In both, the person appearng to be Hunter is naked and with a woman. In the second picture, Hunter appears to be lighting a crack pipe while engaged in sexual activity with the woman:

Oct 26 08:09

US 2020 election could have the highest rate of voter turnout since 1908

More than 50 million Americans have cast ballots in the US presidential election with 11 days to go in the campaign, a pace that could lead to the highest voter turnout in over a century, according to data from the US Elections Project on Friday.

The eye-popping figure is a sign of intense interest in the contest between Republican Donald Trump and Joe Biden, his Democratic challenger, as well as Americans’ desire to reduce their risk of exposure to Covid-19, which has killed more than 221,000 people across the United States.

Many states have expanded in-person early voting and mail-in ballots ahead of election day on 3 November, as a safer way to vote during the coronavirus pandemic.

The high level of early voting has led Michael McDonald, the University of Florida professor who administers the US Elections Project, to predict a record turnout of about 150 million, representing 65% of eligible voters, the highest rate since 1908.

Oct 26 08:03


The federal government has just decided to allow all 19 secret services to use state Trojans. The cabinet has adopted the draft law to adapt the constitutional protection law, which brings it to the Bundestag.

Oct 26 07:48

Silicon Valley Campaign Cash Complicates Democrats’ Plan to Break Up Tech Giants

The stage is being set for Democrats to clash next year over a push to rein in Silicon Valley oligarchs. Earlier this month, House Democrats called for the break-up of major tech giants, but Democratic candidates in key Senate races are comfortably out-fundraising their Republican counterparts in campaign cash from the tech industry.

Earlier this month, after a lengthy investigation led by the House judiciary subcommittee on antitrust, Democratic lawmakers on the panel called for regulators to force significant divestment by U.S. tech giants.

“As they exist today, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook each possess significant market power over large swaths of our economy. In recent years, each company has expanded and exploited their power of the marketplace in anticompetitive ways,” said Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler of New York and Antitrust Subcommittee Chair David Cicilline of Rhode Island in a joint statement summarizing the results of their inquiry.

Oct 26 07:47

Alex Jones: Joe Biden’s Daughter Alleges Years of Sexual Molestation

Report: Diary Of Joe Biden’s Daughter Alleges Years Of Sexual Molestation

Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s youngest child, is no stranger to being in the public eye. Born in 1981, Biden spent a great deal of time at her father’s side when he hit the campaign trail in his days as a U.S. senator. She watched her father go on to become vice president under President Barack Obama, and later, the Democratic nominee for president.

Oct 26 07:44

Grenell Drops Bombshell Announcement About Joe Biden

While he was acting as vice president, Joe Biden was busy “manipulating intelligence” so that Barack Obama’s administration could “weaponize” spy reports against incoming President Donald Trump. Richard Grenell just dropped a tactical nuclear bombshell on the Democrat’s election campaign.

Biden was deeply involved in the plot

Former acting Director of National intelligence and American hero, Richard Grenell, thought the public might want to know that during the final days of what conservatives like to call the “Kenyan usurpation,” Barack Obama’s administration “weaponized intelligence.” Joe Biden, now the assumed Democrat candidate for the White House, was deeply involved in the plot to overthrow President-elect Trump.

Oct 26 07:43

Uh-Oh! CBS Asks Voters If Hunter Biden Issue Is Resonating – ‘Absolutely’

The leftist media has been avoiding asking Joe Biden tough questions, but in a very brief segment on CBS, they asked Pennsylvania voters if they were concerned about the “behavior” of Hunter Biden. “The President has been making an issue of the behavior of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Is that resonating with anyone?” CBS’s Anthony Mason asked on Wednesday. “Absolutely,” a voter replied. “I’m concerned if Biden got into office that, you know, if something happened with his son or things start coming out, then he’s going to defend his son. He’s not going to be defending the country.”

“Hunter Biden has always been an issue for me quite honestly. His behavior is very questionable. Having said that, I’m as concerned about Hunter Biden as I am about the Trump children,” another voter responded.

“Let’s deal with facts also,” another voter said. “If there’s an investigation going in, or there is more material that has to come out, okay –then let’s deal with it when it does.”

Oct 26 07:42

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

Yesterday we reported on former VP Joe Biden who snapped at a reporter who dared to ask him about his son Hunter. But VP Biden can’t get out of this one.
Biden did not let WYOU reporter Andy Mehalshick get through his question before snapping during an event on Saturday.

“Questions and controversy continue today about Hunter Biden, your son,” Mehalshick began.

“There is no controversy,” he interjected. “That’s all a lie.”

“It’s a flat lie because the president has nothing else to run on.” Biden said.

Biden does not want you to believe your own eyes.

Of course, Biden is the one who is lying, as leaked emails have revealed deep levels of corruption and homemade porn of his son smoking crack with prostitutes is all over the internet.

Oct 26 07:36

OAN Investigates with Chanel Rion and Rudy Giuliani - The Fall of Joe Biden

Oct 26 07:33

Why I Voted Trump: A Coming Out Story

I will not live in a closet for any reason.

I voted Republican almost a straight ticket for the first time in my life.

I am a progressive artist/writer/activist with an impressive 25+ year record of fighting the good fight on a plethora of issues including abortion clinic escort, rape crisis counselor, regular crisis counselor, a decade in Palestinian Solidarity, holding local police accountable in the shooting of two young black men, homelessness, cannabis and chronic pain advocacy.

In this “stunning and brave” essay I will tell you why I made this decision.

Oct 26 07:32

Operation underway to spring Ghislaine Maxwell from jail

“Operation GGO” is underway. The mission: Get Ghislaine out of jail.

A friend has taken up the cause of springing Ghislaine Maxwell from her Brooklyn cellhole, claiming she is on the verge of starvation and humiliated every day by her prison-issued paper clothes.

Brian Basham is a close family friend who wants federal authorities to grant the British socialite bail while she waits to be tried for sex trafficking next summer, the Telegraph reported. Two weeks after Maxwell was taken into custody, a judge denied her bond offer of $5 million, deeming her a flight risk. She maintains her innocence.

Basham insists Maxwell has lost 25 pounds in the four months she has been behind bars, because corrections officials won’t give her the vegan diet she follows. One day, she went 20 hours without food, he told the Telegraph. When she complained, guards removed her scale.

Oct 26 07:30

Biden Boosters Dox Nuns For The Sin Of Attending Trump Rally

A small group of Catholic nuns, wearing "Make America Great Again" masks at President Trump's Circleville, Ohio, rally on Saturday evening went viral.

The nuns were then allegedly doxed by one of presidential candidate Joe Biden's boosters.

Oct 26 07:24

PIERS MORGAN: An extraordinary phone call I received from a fired-up Trump this weekend should be a warning to Democrats that this election ain’t over yet, especially when 'Sleepy Joe' Biden can’t even remember who he’s running against

So, when the White House switchboard rang to say ‘Mr Morgan, we have the president for you’, I was bracing myself for some full-bore Trump bombast of the ‘loser!’ and ‘idiot!’ type he unleashes on anyone who dares to criticize him.

But instead, we ended up having a cordial free-rolling 25-minute exchange which gave me a fascinating insight into the mindset of the world’s most powerful man as he heads into the biggest week of his life.

Oct 26 07:23

'If Joe isn't the "Big Guy" in the Hunter emails, why won't he say?' Republican Rep. Jim Jordan questions Biden's response to the scandal and says his office has confirmed everything on the laptop is real

Republican Ohio House Rep. Jim Jordan has hit out at Joe Biden over his response to the laptop scandal involving his son Hunter, blasting the Democratic nominee for failing to speak out on whether the emails and photos found are authentic.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Jordan, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, also claimed that his staff has since independently authenticated the materials found on the device, which was recovered from a repair store in Delaware.

‘These are real as can be. We have the eyewitness, Mr. [Tony] Bobulinski, who said these are authentic, these are real,’ Jordan told Fox’s Sunday Morning Features host Maria Bartiromo.