Jan 23 03:01

Puzzling signal on Saturn’s moon Rhea may finally be explained

A mystery on Saturn’s moon Rhea may have finally been solved. When NASA’s Cassini spacecraft flew past the planet’s second-largest moon before the end of its mission in 2017, it spotted a mysterious compound. It turns out, that compound may be hydrazine, which is often used in rocket fuel.

As Cassini flew past Saturn’s moons, it examined the sunlight bouncing off their surfaces to determine what they are made of. On Rhea, as well as several of the other moons, something on the surface absorbed a portion of that light in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum.

“We noticed there was this dip in the spectrum and wondered what it was, but we speculated that it might be some type of water ice,” says Amanda Hendrix at the Planetary Science Institute in California. “We puzzled over what it is for a long time.”

Jan 23 02:50

Chinese Scientists Develop Gene Therapy Which Could Delay Ageing

BEIJING (Reuters) - Scientists in Beijing have developed a new gene therapy which can reverse some of the effects of ageing in mice and extend their lifespans, findings which may one day contribute to similar treatment for humans.

The method, detailed in a paper in the Science Translational Medicine journal earlier this month, involves inactivating a gene called kat7 which the scientists found to be a key contributor to cellular ageing.

The specific therapy they used and the results were a world first, said co-supervisor of the project Professor Qu Jing, 40, a specialist in ageing and regenerative medicine from the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

"These mice show after 6-8 months overall improved appearance and grip strength and most importantly they have extended lifespan for about 25%," Qu said.

Jan 23 02:46

German scientists make paralyzed mice walk again

German researchers have enabled mice paralyzed after spinal cord injuries to walk again, re-establishing a neural link hitherto considered irreparable in mammals by using a designer protein injected into the brain.

Spinal cord injuries in humans, often caused by sports or traffic accidents, leave them paralyzed because not all of the nerve fibers that carry information between muscles and the brain are able to grow back.

But the researchers from Ruhr University Bochum managed to stimulate the paralyzed mice’s nerve cells to regenerate using a designer protein.

“The special thing about our study is that the protein is not only used to stimulate those nerve cells that produce it themselves, but that it is also carried further (through the brain),” the team’s head Dietmar Fischer told Reuters in an interview.

Jan 23 02:23

Hong Kong orders thousands to stay home for two-days in city’s first Covid-19 lockdown

23/01/2021 - 07:21

Thousands of Hong Kongers were ordered to stay in their homes on Saturday for the city's first coronavirus lockdown as authorities battle an outbreak in one of its poorest and most densely packed districts.

The order bans about 10,000 people living inside multiple housing blocks within the neighbourhood of Jordan from leaving their apartment unless they can show a negative test.

Officials said they planned to test everyone inside the designated zone within 48 hours "in order to achieve the goal of zero cases in the district".

"Residents will have to stay at their premises to avoid cross-infection until they get their test results," health minister Sophia Chan told reporters on Saturday.

The South China Morning Post said the measures covered about 150 housing blocks, with hundreds of police on standby to enforce the lockdown.

Jan 22 16:39

Forced Vaccinations Via Your Job: United Airlines CEO wants to make COVID vaccines mandatory

Over the last week, it’s become clear on how the Biden Administration plans to force vaccinations onto the public; just like the mask bullshit, they will slowly make it harder and harder for you to live your life without it, and it looks they will be starting with work and travel.

Jan 22 16:08

Door-to-door coronavirus vaccines from the government? It has begun

For being as far-left as it is, the city of Seattle sure has taken a liking for vaccines that were rushed into production and distribution by Trump, a man they hate, along with his allies.

Jan 22 14:08

As Biden Became President, Medical Journal Quietly Retracted Study That Claimed Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective

This retraction appears to validate the claims then-President Trump made about the medication being a frontline drug in the battle in the pandemic.

Jan 22 13:18

SpaceX to launch dozens of satellites on Transporter-1 flight Saturday and you can watch it live

SpaceX is preparing one of its veteran rockets to launch a stack of small satellites into space on Saturday (Jan. 23). You can watch the fiery action live online.

A two-stage Falcon 9 rocket flight is scheduled to take off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station here in Florida. Liftoff is expected during a one-hour window that opens at 9:40a.m. EST (1440 GMT).

Perched atop the 230-foot-tall (70 meters) launcher will be dozens of satellites as part of a dedicated rideshare mission. This cosmic carpool, known as Transporter-1, will also be ferrying 10 of the company's own Starlink satellites into space and depositing them in a polar orbit — a first for the growing network of broadband satellites. Other payloads include 48 Earth-observing SuperDove satellites for Planet and one small nanosatellite called "Charlie" for Aurora Insight.

Jan 22 12:01

Heinz removes plastic from all multipack canned products with PEFC certified paperboard

Heinz continues to remove plastic from supermarket shelves with the launch of a convenient & skinny cardboard sleeves on all multipack canned products, the new Heinz Eco-Friendly Sleeve Multipack.

The PEFC certified paperboard used is fully recyclable and comes from renewable and sustainably managed forests. The innovative wrap design uses 50 percent less material than a fully enclosed wraparound box and 10 percent less than a traditional paperboard sleeve design. In addition to selecting renewable, responsibly-sourced material and optimizing the design to minimize the footprint, Heinz is also advancing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturing and transport of this new innovative sleeve is also carbon neutral.

Jan 22 10:33

WHAT A COINCIDENCE: Washington, DC Mayor Lifts Indoor Dining Ban Two Days After Biden Inauguration

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is lifting the ban on indoor dining for restaurants. Isn’t that great news?

It’s probably just a coincidence that she is doing this two days after Joe Biden was sworn in as president.

Democrats would never have shut down our economy for purely political reasons, right?

Jan 22 09:05

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks parts of Mindanao

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit the waters off Jose Abad Santos town in Davao Occidental, with strong intensities felt in some parts of Mindanao Thursday night.

The tremor struck 231 kilometers southeast of Jose Abad Santos at 8:23 p.m., according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology or Phivolcs.

Intensity 5, considered by Phivolcs as "strong," was felt in General Santos City and the municipalities of Kiamba, Glan, Maitum, and Malungon in Sarangani province.

Intensity 4 or "moderately strong" was recorded in Davao City, Cotabato City, Digos City, Sta. Cruz in Davao del Sur, and the municipalities of Alabel, Maasim, and Malapatan in Sarangani province. Intensity 3 was felt in San Francisco in Southern Leyte, Datu Blah T. Sinsuat in Maguindanao, Zamboanga City, and Cagayan de Oro City.

Jan 22 08:54

UK Reports 6,500 COVID-Related Prosecutions In First Six Months Of Pandemic

Almost 6,500 offences related to the CCP virus were prosecuted in the UK in the first six months of the pandemic, according to statistics published by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on Thursday.

Between Apr. 1 and Sept. 30 last year, 2,106 defendants were prosecuted for 6,469 CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus-related offences, with a conviction rate of 90 percent.

Jan 22 08:53

Bavaria-Wide Ban On Alcohol Consumption In Public Areas Overturned

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has struggled to impose lockdowns by consensus with the leaders of Germany's various states, is now seeing Bavaria, one of the most significant and most economically vital regions of Germany, buck the latest national lockdown extension.

According to RT News, in an unexpected win for the people, the Bavarian Administrative Court temporarily suspended the statewide ban on drinking alcohol in public areas, initially introduced by lawmakers to mitigate the COVID-19's spread.

On Tuesday, Bavarian judges temporarily suspended the statewide ban on consuming alcohol in public spaces in Passau, Regensburg, and Amberg.

Jan 22 08:48

EU Set To Implement Bloc-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

The European Union is set to recognize a standard for vaccine passports in a what is being pitched as a move to reignite travel within the bloc.

While admitting that the use of such passports at the moment would be “premature” due to low vaccination rates amongst total populations, the EU says that plans to implement a bloc wide standard will likely be picked up in the near future.

EU commission vice-president Margaritis Schinas told the Daily Mail it was “perfectly imaginable that this can open avenues for other use, including facilitating travel.”

Jan 22 08:40

Suddenly Optimistic Fauci Sees Pandemic "Plateauing," Feels "Liberated" Under Biden Admin

We've seen a flurry of new coronavirus news reported published early this afternoon, beginning with a slight ray of hope for Washington DC residents after a difficult week. On Friday, the inauguration-related "pause" on dining in public will be lifted, allowing Americans to eat indoors, so long as the capacity is 25% of total.

Elsewhere, vaccine skepticism is once again the name of the game in France on Thursday, where President Emmanuel Macron warned French politicians and the French people not to assume that the virus will simply disappear once vaccinations are complete.

In other news, a reporter grilling Joe Biden about the US's weak vaccination targets elicited a frustrated response from Biden, who raged "Give me a Break!" at the reporter in question. Here's how that went down.

Jan 22 08:02

Fauci Now Says COVID-19 Vaccine May Become Mandatory

Will the COVID-19 vaccine become mandatory? That’s a question many are asking these days and, by the looks of it, the answer may well be yes — although as I’ll explain later, I suspect the harms of the vaccine will become so apparent that it’ll kill such efforts before they become widespread.

In a January 1, 2021, Newsweek interview,1 Dr. Anthony Fauci said he was “sure” some institutions and businesses will require employees to be vaccinated, and that it’s “quite possible” the vaccine will be required for overseas travel.

When asked about the possibility of mandating the vaccine on a local level, such as for children attending school, he stated that “Everything will be on the table for discussion.” That said, he pointed out that since “we almost never mandate things federally” — with regard to health — he doesn’t believe a national vaccine mandate will be enacted.

Jan 22 07:59

UK Chief Scientist Claims It Would Be ‘Insanity’ to Lift Restrictions Early

England’s chief scientific adviser has claimed that it would be “insanity” to lift lockdown restrictions early.

The remarks come amidst weeks of government ministers either shifting the projected end date of lockdown further back or saying that they could not tell at all when Britons could have their freedoms restored to them.

Sir Patrick Vallance was responding to those he claimed were “perpetually” asking for lockdown to be lifted, saying according to The Times: “It’s worth remembering Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.”

“The lesson is every time you release it too quickly you get an upswing,” he added.

Jan 22 07:58

Boris refuses to rule out extending lockdown until summer

He said that it was ‘too early to say’ when restrictions would be eased when asked when the rules would relax. Ministers hope that the current lockdown will be the last one needed during the pandemic. But asked directly if he could rule out the lockdown lasting until the summer, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘We will continue to keep all of the scientific evidence and data under review.

Jan 22 07:56

Landmark Publication on Vitamin C for COVID-19

Research review cements case for vitamin C as a standard therapeutic protocol.

Regardless of what the mainstream media wants you to think, many are starting to realize that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin D both have an enormous amount of research showing they provide important immune function enhancements, and that your immune function is your frontline defense against all illness, including COVID-19.

The following was reported in the paper “Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect Against Viral Infections,” published April 23, 2020:

Jan 22 07:51

AstraZeneca Vaccine Facility Under Threat of Flooding in Northern Wales, Reports Say

A major manufacturing and storage facility for the AstraZeneca/Oxford coronavirus vaccine is under severe threat of flooding in northern Wales as Storm Christoph dumps heavy precipitation on the United Kingdom.

Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, told Sky News on Thursday that the local industrial complex required overnight efforts to be secured from flooding.

"We've had the issues on Wrexham Industrial Estate… the Oxford vaccine is manufactured there and we had to work with the company logistically with the storage facility. That was under the possibility of flooding, so we worked through the night with that and that was a success", Pritchard said.

Jan 22 07:50

France has become 'a nation of 66 million prosecutors,' says Macron, rejecting criticism of government's pandemic response

French President Emmanuel Macron has defended his government and its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that he laments France's "incessant hunt for errors," adding that such criticism is counterproductive during a crisis.

Speaking on Thursday, Macron took a swipe at his critics, saying France had become "a nation of 66 million prosecutors" constantly on the lookout for mistakes and government failings during the pandemic.

"And I say this because what goes with French mistrust is also this kind of incessant hunt for error. That is to say, we have become a nation of 66 million prosecutors. It is not the way we face the crisis or move forward," the president said.

Jan 22 07:41

Joe Biden promises a 'wartime effort' to beat Covid as he unveils plan for a million vaccinations a day - before it emerges his target is barely 10 PER CENT more than what Trump had already achieved

President Joe Biden on Thursday called for the nation to summon a 'full scale war-time effort' to beat back the coronavirus – but snapped when questioned about the ambition of his new 100 million-shot goal.

Biden made the revealing comment as he signed new executive orders to speed vaccine delivery and called wearing a mask a patriotic duty, while touting his authority to use federal resources to scale up vaccine delivery.

When asked by a reporter whether the 100 million-shot goal was sufficient, Biden shot back: 'When I announced it, you all said it’s not possible. Come on, gimme a break man!'

Jan 22 07:17

The UK’s vaunted NHS is a National Health Shambles – it wasn’t ready for the Covid second wave and can’t cope. What a surprise

The UK’s new lockdown is driven by the NHS’s failings – even in a normal winter, it can barely cope with a rise in demand. We need to have an honest debate about it, not put it on a pedestal as the so-called ‘envy of the world.’

The news has been full of images of NHS intensive care units full to bursting. When cases shot up from mid-December, particularly in London and the South East, rising hospital admissions soon followed. This potential to 'overwhelm' NHS capacity was a significant factor in introducing the third lockdown and in the refusal to give any date by which these restrictions might be eased.

Jan 22 07:09

Amazon’s push to privatize vaccinations lifts the curtain on the US government’s transformation into ‘public private partnership’

Jeff Bezos’ firm’s offer to the nascent Biden administration to help deliver experimental vaccines across the US is a clever scheme to avoid potential legal liability – and burnish the e-tailer’s own reputation into the bargain.

The e-commerce behemoth reached out to the Biden administration on the day of the new president’s inauguration. It offered to help distribute Covid-19 vaccines to Americans, essentially offering to step in where former president Donald Trump had promised the military would deliver.

“We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination efforts,” the company’s CEO of Worldwide Consumer Dave Clark wrote in a letter to the Biden administration on Wednesday.

Jan 22 06:45

National Guard Forced to Evacuate Capitol Grounds After Alleged Mask Complaint by Democrat Congressman

National Guard troops were forced to evacuate the Capitol building grounds on Thursday and hang out in parking garages, allegedly after a Democrat congressman complained about one National Guard member not wearing a mask at a cafe in the building.

According to a source, Rep. Will Keating (D-MA) reported to the Capitol building authorities earlier in the day that a National Guardsman was seen in a Dunkin Donuts without a mask on.

After Keating commented out loud that masks were required to be worn at all times in a federal building, the National Guard member responded, “I appreciate my freedom,” according to the source.

National Guard commanders are now looking for the National Guard member, according to the source.

Jan 21 14:31

Researchers succeed in taking first 3D photo of coronavirus

So this is what you look like! Until now, there have only been computer graphics of the coronavirus. Now, Austrian researchers have photographed SARS-CoV-2 for the first time in 3D.

Jan 21 14:30

31 New Orange County COVID-19 Deaths; Disney Vaccine Site Closes Again

Orange County Wednesday reported 31 more COVID-19 fatalities, hiking the death toll above 2,500, and the vaccination site at Disneyland had to be closed for a second consecutive day due to windy weather.

Health officials said that despite those setbacks and 1,701 new cases being reported Wednesday, the good news is that case rates and hospitalization rates are trending down.

Jan 21 14:14

Virgin Orbit Successfully Launches Rocket

Jan 21 14:05

Why Hardly Anyone Trusts the Virus Experts

Early in the pandemic, “trust the science!” could actually be used in a debate without attracting derisive laughter. But as the flip-flops, mistakes and, yes, lies have accumulated, a consensus seems to be forming that the health care authorities are no more trustworthy than the people running Congress or the Fed.

For proof, let’s start with vitamin D, which sure seems to lessen the severity of coronavirus infections. As the chart below illustrates (couldn’t find the source, but google “covid vitamin D” and you’ll find lots of studies that track with this data), people with higher levels of vitamin D in their bloodstream tend to experience covid-19 as a non-event while people low levels found the infection life-threatening.

Jan 21 13:25

‘Guilty Of Murder’: Mississippi Bill Would Make It A Felony To ‘Cause An Abortion’

Republican Mississippi state Rep. Dan Eubanks’s bill would make it a felony for anyone who “willfully” cause an abortion.

“Any person who performs or induces any abortion shall be guilty of murder,” the representative’s legislation reads.

The legislation also proposes that “it shall be unlawful for any physician to perform an abortion or to perform an abortion that results in the delivery of a living child and to intentionally allow or cause the child to die” — language referencing situations in which a baby is delivered alive through a failed abortion and doctors choose not to administer care.

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was criticized when he described such an instance, saying, “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Jan 21 11:52

CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ If People Start Dying After Taking The Vaccine

“We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine, not because it has anything to do with the vaccination but just because that’s the place where people at the end of their lives reside,” Moore said.

She then said Americans shouldn’t be alarmed to see people dying a day or two after receiving the COVID vaccination.

Jan 21 11:31

Biden Reverses WHO Withdrawal Plan, Taps Fauci To Lead US Delegation This Week

President Biden has tapped Dr. Anthony Fauci to lead a US delegation at the World Health Organization's annual meetings, as the new president and his team seek to immediately reverse President Trump's plan to withdraw from the international aid group, according to CNBC.

"Once the United States resumes its engagement with the WHO, the Biden-Harris Administration will work with the WHO and our partners to strengthen and reform the organization, support the COVID-19 health and humanitarian response, and advance global health and health security," the Biden transition team said in a Wednesday statement, adding that the new administration will work with the WHO on an international pandemic response plan.

Jan 21 11:09

Genesis of blue lightning into the stratosphere detected from ISS

Dark clouds, the smell of rain on a hot sidewalk, the flashes of intense light followed by a loud crackling and then a low, rolling thunder—who doesn't love a good summer thunderstorm? We've all seen one, heard one, or been completely soaked by one. But how much do we really know about this weather phenomenon?

As it turns out, there are many things left to discover, such as blue jets, elves and red sprites. These bizarre-sounding things are very difficult to observe from the surface of the Earth. As a new Nature paper reports, however, the European Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM) observatory on the International Space Station is helping scientists find answers.

Looking down on Earth's weather from the International Space Station 400 km above, ASIM's enhanced perspective is shedding new light on weather phenomena and their characteristics.

Jan 21 11:08

First task for Biden’s CDC director: Fix everything Trump broke

Midday today, January 20, Dr. Rochelle Walensky will take over as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and one of her top priorities will be to try to undo all the harms done to the agency by the Trump administration.

“How is it that I make sure that the people who are there—these incredible scientists, these incredible civil servants for their entire career—understand and feel the value that we should be giving them? They have been diminished. I think they’ve been muzzled, that science hasn’t been heard,” Walensky said in a brief, but wide-ranging interview with JAMA Tuesday. “This top-tier agency—world renowned—hasn’t really been appreciated over the last four years and really markedly over the last year. So I have to fix that.”

Jan 21 11:08


IN THE SCIENTIFIC REALM OF PSYCHIATRY, researchers often navigate more unknowns than knowns. Despite decades of scientific leaps and technological breakthroughs, the brain's complexity remains elusive.

Researchers are still searching for the exact underlying mechanisms behind a range of mental health conditions including depression.

In a recent report, scientists announce a crucial piece of this puzzle lies deep in our genetic code. The team discovered a "surprising" shared genetic architecture between depression and another, seemingly counterintuitive factor: intelligence.

Cognitive ability is synonymous with intelligence in the study. The team detected overlapping gene variants associated with both cognitive ability and self-reported depression.

Jan 21 11:07

New Dinosaur Fossils Could Belong to Largest Creature to Walk on Earth

New fossils uncovered in Argentina may belong to one of the largest animals to have walked on Earth.

Scientists attribute the fossils, which so far consist of 24 tail vertebrae and parts of the pelvic and pectoral girdle, to a titanosaur, CNN reported. Titanosaurs are a kind of sauropod dinosaur that stood on four legs, had long necks and were large in size.

"It is a huge dinosaur, but we expect to find much more of the skeleton in future field trips, so we'll have the possibility to address with confidence how really big it was," Alejandro Otero, study corresponding author and a paleontologist with Argentina's Museo de La Plata, told CNN via email.

The research was conducted by the Museo de La Plata, along with the Museo Egidio Feruglio and the universities of Río Negro and Zaragoza. It was published in Cretaceous Research Jan. 12.

Jan 21 11:03

FBI Arrests CDC Critic Dr. Simone Gold on Monday After She Was Filmed in the US Capitol Walking Around with a Bullhorn — FBI Singled Her Out

Dr. Simone Gold led a team of doctors called America’s Frontline Doctors, a group that challenged COVID prevention strategy in America, back in July in Washington DC. The Frontline doctors from across met in Washington DC to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding the coronavirus. The group was concerned with the disinformation campaign being played out in the far left American media today. The group also promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine as a life-saving medication in treating the coronavirus. The American left trashed the doctors and the tech giants blocked their content from the internet.

The American left hates to be confronted on their lies. And for months they went after Dr. Simone and the other doctors to ruin their reputation. Dr. Simone was fired for speaking on the benefits of treating the coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine.

Jan 21 10:43

NY Judge Orders Hospital To Use Ivermectin, Woman Recovers

Jan 21 10:10


Dr. Lee Merritt lays it on the line for Covid and vaccine HERE.

Jan 21 10:02

Space Shuttle Launch Audio - play LOUD (no music)

The creator made this video "Using dozens of different video sources".
I just thought it was pretty cool, so I posted it. [ts]

Jan 21 09:57

Thousands of Israelis test POSITIVE for Covid-19 despite receiving Pfizer/BioNTech jab

More than 12,400 people in Israel have tested positive for coronavirus after being vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab, including 69 who had received their second dose, the country's Health Ministry said.

Some 189,000 people were tested for Covid-19 after being vaccinated, with 6.6 percent getting a positive result, according to ministry data reported by Israeli outlets. The majority were apparently infected shortly after receiving the first jab of the two-part vaccine – a period when the inoculation isn't expected to have kicked in yet.

However, 1,410 people tested positive two weeks after their first injection, by which time partial immunity should have already taken effect.

Jan 21 06:35

Merkel pushes for coordinated bans on UK arrivals to EU due to new variant of coronavirus – British media

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has allegedly proposed that Brussels allows EU countries to shut their borders to UK travellers following the emergence of a more contagious variant of the coronavirus, a report claims.

EU nations would be “free to impose temporary bans on entry and on transporting passengers entering from [non-EU] countries with virus-variants areas,” the Times reported on Thursday, citing a draft proposal submitted to Brussels by Berlin.

According to the paper, the move is being wholly backed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and emphasizes “an urgent need to act in order to prevent or at least slow down the spread of worrying virus variants to and within the EU area.”

European countries were thrown into panic mode when a more contagious variant of the coronavirus was discovered in Britain late last year. More than 40 states quickly suspended flights from the UK in December.

Jan 21 06:35

Compilation of recent stories and videos covering covid vaccine injuries, side effects and DEATHS

Part of the reason Big Tech censors anyone who discusses the truth about vaccine injuries is because they don’t want you to find out how dangerous covid vaccines really are.

Across the USA and around the world, people are dying from covid-19 vaccines. Many others are experiencing horrific convulsions, partial paralysis, hospitalizations and other bizarre side effects. (See the shocking videos below, all of which are banned on YouTube and Facebook.)

The following is a collection of some recent stories revealing the dangers of covid-19 vaccines. H/t to The Burning Platform for the list.

Jan 21 06:34

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Serum Institute of India, AstraZeneca's Covishield Producer

The Indian biotechnology and pharmaceuticals company, founded in 1966, is considered to be the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world.

A massive fire erupted at the Serum Institute of India in Pune, Maharashtra on Thursday. The blaze broke out at the Terminal 1 gate, according to preliminary information. The causes of the incident are currently unclear. The emergency services arrived at the site to put out the fire.

Jan 20 11:54

Monarch butterfly population moves closer to extinction

The number of western monarch butterflies wintering along the California coast has plummeted precipitously to a record low, putting the orange-and-black insects closer to extinction, researchers announced Tuesday.

An annual winter count by the Xerces Society recorded fewer than 2,000 butterflies, a massive decline from the tens of thousands tallied in recent years and the millions that clustered in trees from Northern California’s Marin County to San Diego County in the south in the 1980s.

Jan 20 11:25

Storing information with light

New photo-ferroelectric materials allow storage of information in a non-volatile way using light stimulus. The idea is to create energy efficient memory devices with high performance and versatility to face current challenges. The study has been published in Nature Communications by Josep Fontcuberta and co-workers and opens a path towards further investigations on this phenomenon and to neuromorphic computing applications.

Can you imagine controlling the properties of a material by just shining light on it? We are used to seeing that the temperature of materials increases when exposed to the sun. But light may also have subtler effects. Indeed, light photons can create pairs of free charge carriers in otherwise insulating materials. This is the basic principle of the photovoltaic panels we use to harvest electrical energy from sun.

Jan 20 10:20

Seagrass collects up to 900 million plastic items in the Mediterranean Sea each year

There is strong evidence that the seafloor constitutes a final sink for plastics from land sources. There is also evidence that part of the plastics lying on the shallow seafloor are washed up back to the shoreline. However, little is known on the natural trapping processes leading to such landwards return. Here we investigate microplastics and larger plastic debris within beached seagrass remains including balls (aegagropilae) made of natural aggregates of vegetal fibers intertwined by seawater motion. We found up to 1470 plastic items per kg of plant material, which were mainly composed of negatively buoyant polymer filaments and fibers. Our findings show that seagrass meadows promote plastic debris trapping and aggregation with natural lignocellulosic fibers, which are then ejected and escape the coastal ocean. Our results show how seagrasses, one of the key ecosystems on Earth in terms of provision of goods and services, also counteract marine plastic pollution.

Jan 20 10:17

The Latest: Portugal leads in average virus cases per capita

LISBON, Portugal — Portugal has the highest seven-day average rate of new cases per capita and the second-highest rate of new deaths in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The daily new cases per 100,000 population rose from 51 on Jan. 5 to 98 on Tuesday. The average daily deaths per capita rose from 0.75 to 1.63 during the same period.

Portugal is in lockdown, but the government is reluctant to close schools. Authorities have launched a program of rapid coronavirus tests at schools in the hardest-hit areas of the country. They say if schools close, some children won’t get proper meals, have computer access or help with their studies.

Some teachers are unhappy about the policy, pressing for a national school closure.

Jan 20 09:06

Mystery of Martian glaciers revealed

In a new paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academies of ScienceS (PNAS), planetary geologist Joe Levy, assistant professor of geology at Colgate University, reveals a groundbreaking new analysis of the mysterious glaciers of Mars.

On Earth, glaciers covered wide swaths of the planet during the last Ice Age, which reached its peak about 20,000 years ago, before receding to the poles and leaving behind the rocks they pushed behind. On Mars, however, the glaciers never left, remaining frozen on the Red Planet's cold surface for more than 300 million years, covered in debris. "All the rocks and sand carried on that ice have remained on the surface," says Levy. "It's like putting the ice in a cooler under all those sediments."

Jan 20 09:06

Georadar reveals 15 burial mounds and 32 Viking Age mysteries

November 2019 found Arne Anderson Stamnes, an archaeologist at the NTNU University Museum, methodically wending his way back and forth across the fields just east of the campsite in Bodø municipality. Behind the four-wheeler he's driving, he's towing a ground penetrating radar device.

GPR sends electromagnetic signals down into the subsurface, and some of these signals are reflected back when they encounter structures deeper down in the ground. This is how archaeologists obtain a kind of X-ray of objects two to three meters below the surface.

Stamnes quickly finds that the ground here is content rich, to put it mildly.

Jan 20 09:05

5G may not be completely safe, according to a new paper, so why in this health-conscious era are all concerns around it dismissed?

An eminent academic has written an essay urging governments to stop rolling out 5G networks based on the ‘precautionary principle.’ Given that the West stopped the world over Covid19, why is any hesitance around 5G dismissed?

An astonishing paper, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, claims that there is not sufficient proof that 5G is safe, and that the only reason the rollout is going ahead regardless is because there is so much money to be made. Its author is Professor John William Frank, a professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Edinburgh and fellow of the Royal Society.

Jan 20 08:53

‘Important Victory’: Massachusetts Rescinds Flu Vaccine Mandate

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) Friday rescinded a flu vaccine mandate that would have required all children over the age of 6 months attending Massachusetts childcare, pre-school, kindergarten, K-12 or college to get the flu vaccine by Feb. 28.

The reversal came on the same date — Jan. 15 — the DPH was due to respond in court to a request for a preliminary injunction that would have prevented the mandate from being enacted.

The injunction was filed in conjunction with a lawsuit alleging the mandate was unlawful and therefore unenforceable. The lawsuit, filed in December 2020, in Massachusetts Superior Court by a Massachusetts mother on behalf of her graduate student daughter was funded by Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

Jan 20 08:11

Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 35 studies

•100% of the 35 studies to date report positive effects. Early treatment is more successful, with an estimated reduction of 84% in the effect measured using a random effects meta-analysis, RR 0.16 [0.08-0.33]. Prophylactic use also shows high effectiveness.
•100% of the 17 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) report positive effects, with an estimated reduction of 71%, RR 0.29 [0.17-0.51].
•The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive as the 35 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 34 billion (p = 0.000000000029).

Jan 20 08:03

FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug ivermectin can kill the coronavirus within 48 hours, reports new study

An anti-parasitic medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be used against the Wuhan coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), reports a new study. Australian researchers discovered that ivermectin, a semi-synthetic drug commonly used to treat head lice, scabies, ascariasis and other parasitic infections, can effectively kill SARS-CoV-2 within 48 hours in culture.

“We found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours, there was a significant reduction in it,” said Dr. Kylie Wagstaff, a senior research fellow at Monash University in Australia and the senior author of the study.

Jan 20 07:51

Portuguese health worker passes away two days after receiving Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

A health worker in Portugal died just two days after she received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. Forty-eight-year-old Sonia Acevedo passed away Jan. 1 after being vaccinated for COVID-19 on Dec. 30. The mother of two and health worker at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) in the city of Porto did not report any adverse effects following immunization.

Sonia’s father Abilio Acevedo told Portuguese paper Correio da Manha that she “was okay” and had no health problems. “She had the COVID-19 vaccine, but she didn’t have any symptoms. I don’t know what happened. I just want answers. I want to know what lead to my daughter’s death,” he said.

Jan 19 22:15

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment- PDF Booklet

AAPS - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Excerpt (Ch 3, para 2): "Hospital care for critical patients has a much higher death rate, and far higher risk of long-term lung, heart, neurological, and other complications for those who survive.

Jan 19 16:55

FACEPALM : Wearing 2 Masks Better Than 1; BUT 3 MAY GO TOO FAR… (Feel dumb yet?)

...Doubling Up Masks Creates ‘Obstacle Course’ For COVID, Colorado Doctor Encourages You To Consider It...

Jan 19 16:41

Rockefeller Medicine - CorbettReport

As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies. Join us this week as we explore the real history of modern healthcare and the real motivations behind the family that brought it to you.

Jan 19 13:11

65 And Older Will Soon Be Eligible For Coronavirus Vaccine In WI

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced on Tuesday that adults over the age of 65 will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine beginning Jan. 25.

As of now, frontline health care workers, residents in long-term care facilities and police and fire personnel are eligible to receive the vaccine.

There are 700,000 people who are 65 and older and Wisconsin currently receives around 70,000 first-dose vaccines per week from the federal government. Officials notes that it would take time to vaccinate those 65 and older.

Jan 19 13:04

In the WW3 In Which We Live

Finally, it landed on me: WW3 is here and it is an unforgiving battle between the ‘vaccinated’ and the ‘sceptics’. It is a vicious struggle between those who are convinced that Pharma, Gates and Fauci are committed to salvaging humanity and the rest, who insist on believing in the bond between man and the universe (the sun, the soil, the sea, the human organ, the viruses around, Covid-19 included).

WW3, as such, is a vicious confrontation between people who are libidinally thrilled by social distancing and those ‘suicidal’ characters who are actually nostalgic about human interaction, fresh air, and freedom in general.

Jan 19 12:59

South Africa: Authorities Raid Hospital in Search of Ivermectin

Jan 19 09:24


The government is about to bring the vaccine to your door. Seattle Fire Department paramedics will be going door to door starting Thursday to vaccinate “residents of adult family homes throughout the city.” They will start by going to “adult family homes.”

The city of Seattle was approved late last week as a distributor of COVID-19 vaccines, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced. “The City” refers to anyone employed and currently accepting a paycheck from the city government of Seattle. Durkan framed the new push as the first in what will eventually be a major city effort to distribute the vaccine from sites spread throughout the city.

The Propaganda Is Non-Stop For The Beast System: No Travel Without The Vaccine

Jan 19 09:13

The Corona Crisis: The Conspiracy Is Obvious. Here Are Facts to Construct a Theory

“You notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?” The question boomed by Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof may have never been more urgent than today.

We should all be asking this question and demanding straight answers. The sense of smell provided us by nature in our self-protection toolbox is indispensable when dangers are invisible and inaudible – denied view and voice by those empowered and trusted by the public. This leaves us to follow our noses, and when investigations are met with obvious stonewalling and gaslighting we are probably on the right track.

Jan 19 09:12

A Death and a Settlement as Bayer Continues Trying to End Roundup Litigation

Seven months after Bayer AG announced plans for a sweeping settlement of U.S. Roundup cancer litigation, the German owner of Monsanto Co. continues to work to settle tens of thousands of claims brought by people suffering from cancer they say was caused by Monsanto’s weed killing products. On Wednesday, one more case appeared to find closure, though the plaintiff did not live to see it.

Lawyers for Jaime Alvarez Calderon, agreed earlier this week to a settlement offered by Bayer after U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria on Monday denied summary judgment in favor of Monsanto, allowing the case to move closer to a trial.

The settlement will go to Alvarez’s four sons because their 65-year-old father, a longtime winery worker in Napa County, California, died just over a year ago from non-Hodgkin lymphoma he blamed on his work spraying Roundup around winery property for years.

Jan 19 08:45

Japan: One dead as snowstorm causes 130-car pile-up

A huge snowstorm has struck a highway in north Japan, causing a 130-car pile-up, killing one person and injuring 10.

The storm blanketed a stretch of the Tohoku Expressway in Miyagi prefecture at around noon (03:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

Some 200 people have been caught up in the pile-up and rescuers are currently at the scene, officials said.

Japan has been hit by severe snow storms in recent weeks with some parts of the country seeing double the average expected snowfall.

Authorities had already enforced a 50km (31mile) speed limit on the road due to visibility.

There was a maximum wind speed of about 100km/h (62mph) at the time of the incident, local weather officials said.

Those who were involved have been given drinking water and food, and have been provided with blankets to keep warm, NHK News reports (in Japanese).

The snow has affected some of Japan's high-speed railway network, with a number of train services in the Tohoku region cancelled.

Jan 19 08:37

Woman who suffered convulsions after taking Pfizer Covid jab being screened for permanent neurological damage, son tells RT

After a video of his mother’s condition went viral, the son of a woman who was hospitalized after receiving Pfizer’s Covid jab told RT that, even though he was not an anti-vaxxer, he had serious doubts about the drug’s safety.

Brant Griner issued an appeal on Facebook last week, after his mother began experiencing serious medical issues several days after taking the vaccine. In a now-viral post, Griner shared a video of his mother shaking uncontrollably as she attempted to walk, using nearby walls and a door to support herself as she inched forward.

“Mom is getting even worse today and I still don’t have any answers from doctors as to how to fix this. Please pray for her. I can’t stand to see my mom this way. It makes me want to cry. knowing I can’t do anything to help her. Please don’t take the covid19 vaccine,” he wrote.

Jan 19 08:30

Washington State Partners With Starbucks For Vaccine Distribution

Starbucks, which is based in Seattle, will assign several employees to work on “operational efficiency, scalable modeling and human-centered design expertise and support,” Gov. Jay Inslee announced Monday.

Starbucks locations will not serve as vaccination sites, but the company said it will use its technology and logistical “expertise” to help with site selection and “optimize vaccination sites with design principles and solutions focused on efficiency to thruput.”

Starbucks is part of a larger public-private partnership announced Monday to help Washington’s vaccine distribution, which includes Microsoft for technology assistance, Costco pharmacies for vaccine delivery and local unions to help staff and train volunteer vaccinators.

The goal of the partnership is to boost its distribution efforts, which like many states has been moving slowly amid logistical and supply challenges.

Jan 19 08:03

California Halts COVID Vaccinations From Moderna Batch Linked To "Unusually High Number" Of Adverse Reactions

As the suspected death toll attributed to COVID-19 vaccines rises around the world, with dozens already reported in the US and Norway, California health officials have asked health-care providers in the state to immediately stop administering a batch of Moderna COVID-19 jabs after an "unusually high number" of adverse reactions were linked to it, according to RT.

On order of State epidemiologist Dr. Erica S. Pan and the California Department of Public Health, the vaccines should be shelved until a proper investigation can be conducted. The lot in question is Moderna Lot 041L20A.

Jan 19 07:56

No Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Will Block Spread of Coronavirus

On Nov. 9, 2020, Pfizer, Inc. announced that the experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) BNT162b2 vaccine for COVID-19 it developed in partnership with Germany’s BioNTech SE had an efficacy rate of 90 percent, based on the results of human clinical trials on the vaccine.1 2 3 This news was followed up a week later with an announcement by Moderna, Inc. on Nov. 16 that its experimental mRNA mRNA-1273 for COVID-19 showed an efficacy of 94.5 percent.4 5 6

Seemingly not to be outdone by Moderna and perhaps in anticipation of an impending emergency use authorization (EUA)—not “approval”—by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the first COVID-19 vaccine to be distributed to the U.S. public and used, Pfizer revised upward the efficacy of its BNT162b2 vaccine to 95 percent on Nov. 18.7 8 9 The FDA granted an EUA for the BNT162b2 vaccine on Dec. 11. It followed with an EUA for the mRNA-1273 vaccine on Dec. 18.10 11

Jan 19 07:55

Fighting a Corona Phantom

Covid 19 is a phantom. Slaying a phantom is what the mythic Spanish hero Don Quijote attempted to do by ‘tilting at windmills’ he imagined to be monsters. But now almost everybody has got into the act, because they have been ordered to follow Quijote’s example by the perpetrators of the grand hoax called Covid -19.

The more one slashes at the phantom with one’s trusty sword, the more tired one gets, because a phantom is a phantom – and a sword does no more harm to it than shooting bullets at a hurricane does to annihilate the eye of a storm. Nevertheless, a large percentage of mankind – under instruction – is doing just that, and after a while it gets tiring.

Yes, phantoms are phantoms. One can try to concrete them in or wall them out. One can try to ‘isolate’ one’s self against them; wear masks to scare them away; avoid others who may be harbouring phantoms under their clothes, all this and more – but do they care? No, not one iota!

Jan 19 07:54

Gym Owners Defiant as State Government Seizes Bank Account and Legal Defense Fund in Midst of COVID Shutdown Fight

First, they arrested the owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey. Then they barricaded the doors to the establishment. The state has been fining the owners for non-compliance with various COVID-19 orders since last spring, with fines reaching into the millions.

Now, state officials have seized the gym’s legal defense fund.

In a Thursday Twitter post, co-owner Ian Smith wrote that New Jersey Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy “and his cronies” had taken the gym’s “legal defense money ($173,613.60) in the middle of our appeals process — effectively and intentionally interfering with our right to council. [sic]”

Jan 19 07:42

Dutch Police Blast Anti-Lockdown Protestors With Water Cannon, Charge Them on Horseback and Attack Them With Dogs

Dutch police turned a water cannon on hundreds of anti-lockdown protestors who were taking part in a banned protest against the Dutch government and its tough coronavirus lockdown.

Police on horseback also moved in to break up the demonstration on a large square ringed by museums, including the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam municipality said riot police took action to disperse the crowd because people weren’t adhering to social distancing measures.

Few of the protestors wore masks, which are not mandatory, and most did not respect social distancing rules.

Jan 19 07:24

'We've closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital': Healthcare assistant who publicly resigned claiming she had 'no work to do for three weeks' at peak of the pandemic says claim the NHS is overrun is 'all lies'

A whistleblower NHS healthcare assistant who publicly resigned after claiming she had 'no work for three weeks' at the height of the pandemic has said the claim the NHS is overrun is 'all lies.'

A viral Facebook video shows Shelley Tasker, 43 - a healthcare assistant at Treliske hospital, which is part of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust - telling members of the public what is 'really going on' behind closed doors in NHS hospitals.

In the clip filmed outside Truro Cathedral with a crowd gathering, Shelley, who is a mother and part-time photographer from Camborne, Cornwall, takes to a microphone and says: 'As much as I've always loved our NHS, it's no longer our NHS. It's run by the corrupt government and the people running this company.

Jan 19 07:15

Germany to introduce tougher restrictions in pandemic battle

Germany is set to extend its nationwide lockdown until the end of the month and introduce new tougher restrictions in a bid to get control of surging coronavirus infections, sources said on Tuesday.

The new rules, which are currently being discussed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of Germany’s 16 federal states, will for the first time ban non-essential travel for residents of hard-hit areas all over Germany.

In towns and districts where the number of new coronavirus cases is above 200 per 100,000 residents over seven days, travel will be limited to a 15-kilometre (9.3 miles) radius, the sources said.

Jan 19 07:14

Anti-lockdown campaigner Lord Sumption says his remarks were 'taken out of context' after he was branded 'inhuman, almost grotesque

Former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption said his remark apparently telling a Stage 4 bowel cancer sufferer that her life was 'less valuable' than others were 'taken out of context'.

Anti-lockdown figurehead Jonathan Sumption, who sat on the Supreme Court until 2018, made the comment to podcaster Deborah James, 39 while appearing on the BBC's The Big Questions this morning.

Lord Sumption was discussing the cost of lockdown on the show and argued that he believed his children's and grandchildren's lives were worth more than his 'because they've got a lot more of it ahead'.

Jan 19 07:08


Delores Cahill explains the significance of a 2012 paper on SARS immunisation which revealed subsequent deaths among animals and children that had received the vaccine.

Jan 19 06:50

Study: Japan’s Suicides Jump 16% in Coronavirus Second Wave

Monthly suicide rates in Japan increased by 16 percent from July to October 2020 compared to the same period the previous year, Japanese researchers have found. The three-month interval coincided with Japan’s second wave of Chinese coronavirus outbreaks, Reuters reported Sunday.

Published by researchers at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology and Hong Kong University in the scientific journal Nature Human Behavior on January 15, the study found a larger increase in the suicide rates “among females (37 percent) and children and adolescents (49 percent).”

Jan 19 06:49

World on the brink of ‘catastrophic moral failure’ as equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines at ‘serious risk’ – WHO chief

The head of the World Health Organization has warned that the ‘me-first approach’ is leaving the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world at serious risk as richer nations scramble for Covid-19 vaccine supplies.

On Monday, World Health Organization chair Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus claimed that “the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure” and the “prospects for equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines are at serious risk.”

Ghebreyesus urged nations around the world to share doses of the Covid-19 vaccines more fairly, allowing people in poorer countries to receive the much-needed resource.

Jan 19 06:48

Hacked emails allegedly detail how EU drug regulator was pressured to approve Pfizer jab despite ‘problems’ with the vaccine

An alleged cache of email exchanges between EU officials and the European Medicines Agency show that the drug regulator was uncomfortable about fast-tracking approval for the Pfizer and Moderna Covid jabs, Le Monde has reported.

The EMA has claimed that the contents of the messages, which were obtained by hackers and published on the dark web, were tampered with in order to undermine confidence in the drugs, without providing further details. However, the agency acknowledged to the French newspaper that the correspondences reflect “issues and discussions” that took place in the lead-up to the decision to grant approval to the vaccines. The agency said it can’t specify which documents are genuine.

Jan 19 06:48

Nearly ONE-THIRD of Covid survivors in England re-hospitalized & over 12% of them died within 5 months, new research claims

Around 30 percent of those hospitalized with the coronavirus in England were readmitted for treatment within five months of their first release, a new study has found, claiming to shed more light on the “long Covid” phenomenon.

The pre-print study, which has yet to undergo peer review, concluded that those discharged from hospitals after receiving treatment for Covid-19 “face elevated rates of multiorgan dysfunction” and frequently require re-hospitalization, citing nearly 50,000 English patients reviewed in the research.

“Of 47,780 individuals in hospital with Covid-19 over the study period, 29.4 percent were readmitted and 12.3 percent died following discharge,” the paper said, with its authors noting that it is the largest study of its kind to date.

Jan 19 06:45

Pilot to reopen nightclubs, karaoke joints put on hold amid increase in Covid-19 community cases

Those hankering for a night out at karaoke outlets and nightclubs will have to wait, as pilot plans to allow for a limited number of nightlife establishments to open have been paused.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announced on Tuesday (Jan 19) that to prevent the formation of Covid-19 clusters in high-risk settings, and to minimise risk of further community transmission, plans to reopen nightclubs and karaoke outlets specifically will be deferred until further notice.

Three bars and pubs under a similar pilot will be allowed to continue to operate for now.

"We have seen an increase in the number of community cases in Singapore recently, of which some cases are currently unlinked and under investigation," said the ministries in a joint media statement.

Jan 19 06:13

Fang Fang: Author vilified for Wuhan Diary speaks out a year on

She has faced a nationalist backlash for her diaries documenting life in Wuhan in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, but Chinese author Fang Fang she says she will not be silenced.

"When facing a catastrophe, it's vital to voice your opinion and give your advice," she told BBC Chinese in a rare email interview with international media.

In late January, when Wuhan became the first place in the world to enter a state of complete lockdown, many of the city's 11 million residents found solace in reading Fang Fang's online diaries. They also provided a revealing glimpse into the city where the virus first emerged.

The 65-year-old's daily posts on her Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, chronicled life living alone with her dog during the lockdown, as well as what she described as the dark side of the authority's response.

They were initially well-received, but later provoked a wave of criticism from those who saw her efforts as unpatriotic.