Is China really about to invade Taiwan? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Is China really about to invade Taiwan?

China’s increased military posturing near the island of Taiwan has led some observers to worry an invasion might be in the offing. But is it worth it for either Beijing or Taiwan’s backers, the US, to ruin the tense status quo?
As US-China tensions surged in recent months, one of the biggest flashpoints in the standoff has been the Taiwan Strait, which Washington has sought to weaponize in its attempts to contain Beijing. As the United States has sailed war ships through the strait, Beijing has equally increased naval and air exercises around it, prompting fears that conflict could break out. China claims sovereignty over the self-ruled island, which remains a continuation of the “Republic of China” state which was defeated in the mainland in the civil war in 1949.

Beijing points out that its One China policy, as recognized by the United Nations since 1971, means there is only one legitimate government for the entire country. It has insisted that reunification must be the outcome, and urged other countries to respect its position. On the other hand, many on the island itself now advocate a separate identity and are happy with the status quo of de facto independence, a position that Washington has long backed and is intensifying in order to deter China. Beijing sees the legitimation of “Taiwan independence” as a grave threat to its sovereignty, and in turn has stepped up displays of its military might.