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Is Trump right about Georgia vote?

As it has in many states, President Donald Trump’s campaign questioned the outcome of the election in Georgia, where Joe Biden has a lead of over 14,000 votes, too close for Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to call.

Raffensperger on Wednesday ordered a hand recount of each of the nearly 5 million ballots cast, and while the outcome is unlikely to change, says University of California, Berkeley, statistician Philip Stark, that doesn’t mean the election process in Georgia was fair and the results trustworthy.

“I give it a 20 or 25% chance that Republicans will be able to show what is, in fact, true about Georgia: namely, that their processes are in such disarray that they have no idea who actually won, and then turn over the selection of the electors to the legislature,” said Stark, who is part of an ongoing lawsuit that seeks to force that state to provide every voter the opportunity to hand-mark a paper ballot, in person or by mail, to create a trustworthy paper trail that could be used to audit the results. “That in itself won’t alter the presidential election, assuming that Pennsylvania sticks. Pennsylvania doesn’t look nearly as bad as Georgia, which is a train wreck.”