While the World Burns, the Road Map to War with Iran Continues | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

While the World Burns, the Road Map to War with Iran Continues

Let’s face it, the long prediction held by many all agree on one thing, the US empire is on the way into the dustbins of history, but not without a fight to the end. Geopolitically speaking, the US military-industrial complex is still occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and is seeking to increase tensions with China, Iran and Venezuela. It will cost the US taxpayers trillions of dollars more on top of the trillions already spent on war, covert actions involving intelligence gathering, targeted assassinations and regime change operations. There is also the fact that several major powers including Russia, China, Iran and several others are dumping US dollars to reduce their exposure to sanctions constantly imposed by Washington.

Meanwhile, in the land of democracy and freedom, protests have escalated into violence, vandalism and looting by various interests over racism and police brutality. Interestingly, organized groups backed by special interests such as Black Lives Matter and others who seem to made up of many white liberals from Democrat-run blue states who are still pissed off about Hillary losing to Trump along with other criminal elements that are instigating most of the violence. Then there is a rise in violent crimes, in particular the murder rates in US major cities like Chicago that continue to outpace those in third world cities while protesters are calling for mayors and governors to “defund” the police. With that said, the US is facing a bigger problem overall with an uncertain economic future. To be clear, the US economy was in collapse mode way before the Corona virus pandemic took place. The U.S. is currently experiencing one of the highest-unemployment rates in its recorded history with more than 46 million people out of work leading to a rise in poverty that is increasing by the day. It is estimated that half of US small businesses will go out of business by 2021. Major retailers and restaurant chains have filed for bankruptcy and liquidation shedding more jobs in the process. Mortgage delinquencies are on the rise coupled with an increase of homelessness, a rise in credit card debt has been a major problem along with student loan debts that are not being paid and the list goes on.