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October 27, 2020

Oct 27 08:57

Texas prepares to send 1,000 troops to five major cities, DC boards up its stores and Washington state puts the National Guard on alert as the US braces for post-election violence

Texas is preparing to send in 1,000 troops to five major cities across the state 'to deter any civil disturbance' post-election while stores in Washington DC begin to board up their windows Monday.

Oct 27 08:51

Show us 'the real costs of Covid-19': Tory backbench leader Sir Graham Brady demands ministers start accounting for the wider impact of lockdowns on NHS care and the economy and act in 'the best interests of the nation as a whole'

Sir Graham Brady said the Government had 'a duty to take into account the best interests of the nation as a whole' but could not do that without vast improvements in the data available to it.

Sir Graham, the chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservatives, is the MP for Altringham and Sale West in Greater Manchester, which was last week placed in the highest Tier 3 lockdown.

He said that the Department of Health and Social Care should compile and publish data on deaths caused by reduced access to care, and for the Treasury to do the same about 'shuttered businesses and lost jobs'.

He warned that amid Labour demands for a 'circuit break' lockdown and increasing numbers of cities being placed into the Very High lockdown, there needed to be recognition of 'the extraordinary toll that these measures are taking on the country'.

Oct 27 08:48

This happened (Picture)

Oct 27 08:48

Large corporate landlords have filed eviction actions against 10,000 tenants in five states since September - despite a federal ban on evicting residents impacted by COVID-19 until the end of the year

Some of the country’s largest residential landlords have moved to oust thousands of tenants from their homes during the coronavirus pandemic despite federal eviction protections, according to a new report.

Oct 27 08:46


The popular icon of a witch is an ugly old woman riding across the sky on her magic broomstick and wearing a pointed hat. But as with all mythologies there is an element of truth behind the image. Witches did ride brooms, after a fashion, the brooms were magic, in a way, and the pointed hat was the mildest of the punishments inflicted on them for their activities!

Oct 27 08:44


Oct 27 08:43

Two firefighters are gravely injured and more than 90,000 people are forced to flee their California homes as two wildfires approach their neighborhoods in 90mph winds while power is cut to one million

Two firefighters have been gravely injured fighting fires in California as state officials ordered 90,000 people to evacuate as two wildfires in Orange County spiral out of control.

Oct 27 08:34

There IS water on the Moon: NASA reveals tiny pockets of ice on the lunar surface could provide enough oxygen, hydration and rocket fuel to support a human colony

NASA has today confirmed, for the first time, that there is water on the sunlit surface of the moon.

Oct 27 08:29

‘Hunt for Red October’ + ‘Hunters become the hunted’ + sex/drug videos with promise of worse = DNC + corporate media + Deep State destruction? The whole world is watching!

gnews.org is releasing hourly videos of Hunter Biden engaged in sex and drug activities, with promise that these videos will conclude before the election with extreme sexualized violence against children. This source also promises 2016 video evidence of then President Obama and Vice President Biden selling foreign “favors” for $1 billion payment into Hunter’s business account. Perhaps this begins today (and here).

Q’s coded messages since 2017 have promised total and Biblical justice to expose, arrest, and end the ongoing psychopathic, parasitic, evil, illegal rogue state American empire. They specifically state “The Hunt for Red October” and “Hunters become the HUNTED” as prophetic hints to Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

As a professional historian, illegal rogue state empire is the most factually-accurate description of American history I have after 43 years’ engagement with both political parties’ “leaderships” that led to two UN summits for heads of state.

Oct 27 08:23

Revolver Exclusive: New Emails Raise Ethical and Legal Questions About Hunter’s Financial Dealings With Whitey Bulger’s Nephew and John Kerry’s Stepson

Revolver News recently obtained screenshots of never before released e-mails that raise serious questions regarding the ethics, security, and legality of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, particularly in China. Although Revolver staff have not yet cross-referenced the screenshots to the hard drive, we can with an extremely high degree of confidence attest to their authenticity.

The above is an e-mail from Xin Wang, a managing partner of the private equity firm Bohai Harvest (BHR), to Devon Archer, James (Jimmy) Bulger, Hunter Biden, and other business associates. Revolver cited a report on BHR in an earlier article on Hunter Biden’s suspicious dealings in China:

Oct 27 08:22

'She did go to college, right?' Donald Trump mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at Pennsylvania rally over the cost of her environmental proposals

Donald Trump has mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's qualifications, asking the crowd at his Pennsylvania rally on Monday afternoon whether she had been to college.

Oct 27 08:20

German foundation cancels anti-Palestinian seminar

The German Konrad Adenauer foundation has cancelled the seminar, “Palestine” - History and Problems of a Concept, just a day after it was announced.

The cancellation comes after protests were raised over an invitation that suggested that the seminar would discuss the “anti-Semitic associations” of the term “Palestine.”

Among those who called for the cancellation of the event were the foundation’s own Ramallah branch as well as its sometime local partner organization, the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD).

PIPD’s director Salem Barahmeh said his organization was “outraged and disturbed at an upcoming event conflating our existence and identity with anti-Semitism. This is dangerous, racist and erasure.”

Oct 27 08:19

UK universities reject Israel lobby’s anti-Semitism definition

Only a minority of UK universities have adopted the misleading and politically motivated definition of anti-Semitism promoted by Israel and its lobby.

Despite repeated British government threats, fewer than 22 percent of higher education establishments have adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s “working definition” of anti-Semitism.

The IHRA definition has been repeatedly condemned by free speech defenders, Palestinians, Jewish activists, Palestine solidarity, Black and Asian groups.

Oct 27 08:15

Elections, Nukes, and the Future of the South Korea–U.S. Alliance

The impressive victory of President Moon Jae-in’s Democratic Party in South Korea’s April 2020 National Assembly elections obscured underlying security policy tensions within South Korea (or the Republic of Korea, ROK). These tensions reflect a deep and long-standing domestic split over how to deal with a nuclear North Korea and, to a lesser extent, concerns about the security alliance with the United States amid rising regional threats. In public opinion polls a consistent majority of South Koreans support acquiring nuclear weapons in some form, and centrist and conservative political parties have adopted official platforms calling on the United States to re-station nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula. Looking beyond the November 2020 U.S. election, the stage is set for a potentially disruptive period in ROK-U.S. security relations. If today’s tensions build, a worst-case clash of ideas and priorities between Seoul and Washington could rupture the ROK-U.S.

Oct 27 08:08

UK study finds evidence of waning antibody immunity to COVID-19 over time

Antibodies against the novel coronavirus declined rapidly in the British population during the summer, a study found on Tuesday, suggesting protection after infection may not be long lasting and raising the prospect of waning immunity in the community.

Oct 27 08:07

Fires sweep through Orange County, driving tens of thousands from their homes

A pair of wind-driven wildfires raced toward neighborhoods in Orange County on Monday, critically injuring two firefighters, forcing tens of thousands of residents to evacuate and smothering much of the region with smoke.

The larger of the blazes, the Silverado fire, broke out shortly after 6:45 a.m. in the brush country around Santiago Canyon and Silverado Canyon roads, burning more than 7,200 acres as Santa Ana winds pushed it west to the suburban edge of Irvine and Lake Forest. By Tuesday morning, more than 70,000 people were under evacuation orders in the foothills.

Oct 27 08:06

Hubble Examines Massive Metal Asteroid Called ‘Psyche’ That’s Worth Way More Than Our Global Economy

A new study by the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a clearer picture than ever before of one of the most intriguing and most valuable asteroids we know of.

It’s also one that NASA is planning to visit in 2026.

Here’s everything you need to know about “16 Psyche.”

Oct 27 08:04

Trump Leading Nationally in First Poll to Show Him Ahead in Over a Month

Anew poll finds President Donald Trump with a slim lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for the first time in more than a month.

The Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday found that Trump was favored by 48 percent of likely voters, compared to 47 percent for Biden. Another 3 percent said they would vote for a third party candidate, while 2 percent were undecided. A Rasmussen poll released on September 16, also giving Trump a 1 point advantage, was the last publicly released national survey to show the president in the lead.

The candidates were statistically tied in the poll since the result falls well within a 2.5 margin of error. The poll was conducted online and over the phone among 1,500 likely voters on October 21, October 22 and October 25. The firm had been releasing weekly polls of the presidential race, but Monday's survey was the first of several daily polls planned to be released until Election Day on November 3.

Oct 27 08:02

USPS put to the test by Fox News ahead of 2020 election

Fox News put the United States Postal Service to the test ahead of the 2020 elections.

As part of a special investigation, senior correspondent Eric Shawn, the I-Unit and others sent 500 envelopes from more than 50 locations throughout the country to test how quickly they traveled between addresses, and to a single destination in New York.

A little more than two percent failed to reach their destinations, including nine envelopes that have not been delivered more than a month later.

Oct 27 08:01

Stop eating cold cuts right now if you live in one of these states

A multi-state outbreak of Listeria has been traced to deli meat, and unfortunately, the illness has already claimed at least one life. The CDC issued a bulletin revealing that a total of 10 hospitalized cases of Listeria infection have been linked to “Italian-style meats” in Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.

So far, all 10 of the people who had to be hospitalized from the sickness were in Florida, though the meats have also apparently made people sick in the other states, just to a lesser degree. The CDC is still working to figure out what common thread exists between the deli meats sold in the various states in the hopes of narrowing it down to a single supplier.

Oct 27 08:00

NASA spacecraft will stow asteroid sample to stop it from leaking into space

A week after collecting a sample from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will stow the sample to protect it from leaking into space on Tuesday.

The mission team received images sent by the spacecraft last Thursday that revealed the sample collection head was full of surface material -- so much so that a flap was wedged open by rocks, allowing particles to escape into space.

Oct 27 07:59

'Borat 2': Why Sacha Baron Cohen Might Be Sued for KKK Scene

Borat 2 has angered many of those who appear in it as much as it has delighted viewers across the world. Though Rudy Giuliani has notably criticized the movie, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and its organizers the American Conservative Union (ACU) have gone one further and threatened legal action over their depiction in the Amazon Prime Video movie.

In a letter sent to Sacha Baron Cohen and production company Four By Two Films (per Fox News), the ACU demands that they, "immediately cease and desist from using any content filmed during CPAC in Borat 2 and its trailers.

Particularly, the ACU has taken objection to a scene in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm in which Borat (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) or another member of the Borat 2 crew appears to enter CPAC dressed in the robes of the Ku Klux Klan. In the letter, the ACU's representatives write, "any implication that KKK style hatred would be welcome at CPAC is false and malicious."

Oct 27 07:30

UK Private Pensions are in trouble

Oct 27 07:17


It is all but certain that the next head of the influential World Trade Organization (WTO) will be an African by birth and a woman. But neither is what makes the all-but certain naming of Nigerian-born Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala cause for alarm. Rather it is who she is and who she presently is tied to that insure she will implement the unfolding agenda of the Great Reset transformation of the world economy, using the coronavirus pandemic as a prime lever. She presently heads an organization created by the seeming omnipresent (not omniscient) Bill Gates together with the Davos World Economic Forum—both involved in implementing the Great Reset–and she is deeply tied to the prime institutions of globalization and international finance. Some background we should know about.

Oct 27 07:12

Arctic blast brings minus-29 degree cold to Montana as snow and ice plaster central U.S.

A blast of frigid Arctic air has descended over the Western United States, toppling records far and wide as readings plummet to some 40 degrees below average for this time of year. Temperatures throughout much of the Rockies dipped below zero to start the week, falling as low as minus-29.2 in Potomac, Mont., early Sunday — the coldest temperature ever observed this early in the season across the Lower 48.

Oct 27 07:10

Biden Meets With Tiny Gaggle of Supporters 20 Minutes From His Home After Calling a “Lid” on Campaign

After officially calling a “lid” on in-person campaigns events, Joe Biden met with a tiny gaggle of supporters in Pennsylvania just 20 minutes from his home.

With over a week to go before the election, Biden visited a field office and voter activation center in Chester, Pa., with video footage showing not much more than a handful of supporters present.

Oct 27 07:09

While the FBI Sleeps, Call the SEC: Exclusive New E-mails Raise Disturbing Questions About Hunter’s Financial Dealings

Revolver News recently obtained screenshots of never before released e-mails that raise serious questions regarding the ethics, security, and legality of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, particularly in China. Although Revolver staff have not yet cross-referenced the screenshots to the hard drive, we can with an extremely high degree of confidence attest to their authenticity.

Oct 27 07:05

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed To Supreme Court, Takes Constitutional Oath October 26, 2020 8:07 PM ET

The Senate has voted 52-48 to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, just about a week before Election Day and 30 days after she was nominated by President Trump to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In a White House ceremony following the vote Monday evening, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas administered the constitutional oath to Coney Barrett.

President Trump spoke at the event, thanking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and calling today a "momentous day" for America, the constitution and the rule of law. He also praised Barrett's intellect and poise during the confirmation process. Several Republican senators were also in attendance.

Barrett must still take the judicial oath.

Oct 27 07:04

Struggling Rental Market Could Usher in Next American Housing Crisis

A housing crisis centered on the vast apartment and home-rental markets is emerging in the U.S., threatening to send millions of renters into eviction and leave landlords short billions of dollars.

A large number of renters have been unable to pay some or even all of their rent since March, when the pandemic temporarily shut down most businesses. Many businesses remain closed or only partially open, pushing renters into unemployment and draining their savings.

Federal and local eviction moratoriums have protected many of them from losing their homes if they missed payments during the pandemic. But the national eviction ban and some state and city protections are set to expire by January or sooner. Renters will then be on the hook for months of missed payments, which even those who have jobs could struggle to pay.

Oct 27 07:04

US Reportedly Asked that Devices of Meng Wanzhou Be Secured During Arrest Against 'Remote Erasure'

Meng Wanzhou earlier lost her appeal to unseal confidential documents related to her extradition case as the Huawei Chief Financial Officer claims to have been illegally arrested in December 2018 and sought to disclose the documents which purportedly contain evidence of unlawful actions by the Canadian authorities.

An officer of the Royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) who arrested Meng Wanzhou during a stopover at Vancouver International Airport has testified in B.C. Supreme Court to reveal that Washington had requested that data on her phone and laptop be secured against being “erased remotely”, reports CBC News.

Const. Winston Yep testified on 26 October about the hours leading up to the arrest of the Huawei chief financial officer on 1 December 2018, claiming he knew immediately that her extradition case was "high-profile" when he was handed her file the day before her flight from Hong Kong, although he didn't know who exactly Meng was.

Oct 27 07:03

Special Forces Reportedly ‘On Alert for Jihadis Disguised as Migrants’ on UK Ships

The Liberian-flagged oil tanker Nave Andromeda was stormed by UK special forces on 25 October after the ship was hijacked by stowaways off the coast of the Isle of Wight, in the English Channel, with police saying that seven men were taken into custody.

UK special forces are reportedly on alert for jihadis that might be disguised as migrants and asylum seekers in the wake of Sunday’s incident involving the storming of the SBS oil tanker Nave Andromeda to tackle seven violent stowaways, writes the Mirror.

After an operation carried out by heavily-armed anti-terror troops, the apprehended fugitives now face the possibility of life behind bars after allegedly threatening the 22-man vessel near the Isle of Wight, in the English Channel.

Oct 27 07:03

Live Updates: Armenian MoD Says Azerbaijan Continuing to Shell Country's Border, Baku Refutes Claims

Earlier, Vahram Poghosyan, spokesman for the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), said two Azerbaijani drones had been destroyed.

The US State Department announced on Sunday that a new humanitarian ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh was going to enter into force at 8:00 a.m. local time (4:00 GMT) on 26 October.

The fighting on the contact line in Karabakh began on 27 September. Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of unleashing hostilities, Karabakh reports the artillery shelling of the peaceful settlements of the unrecognised republic, including its capital, Stepanakert. Armenia has declared martial law and - for the first time - general mobilisation, claiming that Ankara is actively supporting Baku. Partial mobilisation was introduced in Azerbaijan.

Oct 27 07:02

‘Election misinformation pre-bunking’? Twitter again censors Trump as it begins spamming Americans with new Orwellian warnings

Twitter has slapped a “misleading” label on yet another tweet from President Donald Trump, as it rolls out a new effort to “pre-bunk” criticism of mail-in voting and warns Americans not to expect final results on election night.

In a tweet on Monday night, Trump stressed the need to have a final vote tally on the day of the general election, stating there are “big problems and discrepancies with mail-in ballots all over the USA,” reiterating previous complaints about potential flaws in universal distance voting. The post was soon appended with a notice warning users the tweet is “disputed” and “might be misleading,” directing them to a link explaining that “voting by mail is legal and safe,” citing a coterie of favored “experts.”

Oct 27 07:01

Putin’s long game strategy on nuclear missiles in Europe may well pay off because Cold War treaties completely ignored China

In announcing a new variation of his long-held proposal for a moratorium on intermediate-range nuclear forces in Europe, Russia’s president seeks to repeat history, turning an anticipated US/NATO “no” into an eventual “yes.”

In a bold new proposal, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expanded on his existing offer of a moratorium on the deployment of intermediate-range nuclear forces on European soil by suggesting that Russia and the US/NATO engage in so-called “verification measures” (a euphemism for on-site inspections) “regarding the Aegis Ashore systems equipped with Mk 41 launchers at US and NATO bases in Europe and the 9M729 missiles at Russian military facilities in the Kaliningrad Region.”

Oct 27 07:01

‘Pseudo-expert’: College dropout billionaire Bill Gates attacks Trump adviser Dr. Scott Atlas over Covid-19 stance

Self-styled Covid-19 authority and Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has weaponized media demands to “trust the science” to tear into Trump adviser (and actual medical doctor) Scott Atlas for not backing stricter Covid policies.

“We now have a pseudo-expert advising the president,” Gates snarled during an interview at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit on Monday, denouncing Atlas – who, unlike the billionaire software tycoon, completed both college and medical school – as an “off the rails” bad influence on the Trump administration.

Oct 27 07:00

'I was born for that': Hillary Clinton says she'd handle Covid-19 better, but Trump & Russian media 'stole' election from her

Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is claiming Trump “basically stole the election" from her four years after her loss, a statement that is earning her plenty of ridicule on social media.

In an interview with journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast for the New York Times Opinions network released on Monday, Clinton spoke about losing in 2016 because of a “disinformation campaign” run by then-Republican candidate Donald Trump and “Russian media." She even claimed the election was “stolen” from her.

“I think that Trump and a lot of the people around him know that his victory was not on the up and up. They had an extensive campaign to suppress black voters. We now know much more about that than we did,” the former secretary of state said.

Oct 27 06:59

Supreme Court rejects Democrat request to extend Wisconsin mail-in voting deadline until six days after Election Day

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against a request by Wisconsin Democrats to allow an extension for mail-in ballots that are received after Election Day.

In a 5-3 order, the justices on Monday refused to reinstate a lower court order that called for mailed ballots to be counted if they are received up to six days after the November 3 election.

The court action keeps in place a state policy that mail-in ballots be in the hands of election officials by the close of polls.

Oct 27 06:56

Dems claim Biden was talking to George LOPEZ when he said 'four more years of George’ instead of Trump during virtual rally (but that clearly wasn't what Jill thought)

Democrats and other Biden allies are pointing out that Joe Biden was speaking to George Lopez when he said 'four more years of, George' during a virtual concert, as President Donald Trump continued to ridicule him Monday for not remembering the president's name.

'Can you even imagine losing to a guy like this? Actually I wish he was a good and even a great candidate because if something happened you'd feel a little better. But can you imagine? He can't remember my name,' Trump told a crowd of supporters Monday in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 'Now, I'm not that big of an ego guy,' the president joked.

Biden and his wife Jill were participating in a star-studded virtual concert Sunday night when he said, 'Four more years of George, er, George, er, he - we're going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we're going to be in a different world.'

Oct 27 06:55

Ocasio-Cortez Declines to Promise Support for Pelosi as Speaker, Will Back ‘Most Progressive Candidate’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday hedged on whether she would support Nancy Pelosi as House speaker again, saying she will support the “most progressive” candidate.

“If Speaker Pelosi runs again, as she just indicated she will if the Democrats keep the House, will you support her?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the freshman congresswoman during an interview on CNN.

“Again, I want to make sure that we win the House. I do believe that we will, but it’s critically important that we are supporting Democrats in tight swing races, making sure that not only all of them come back but that we grow our majority. I believe that we have to see those races as they come, see what candidates are there,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

Oct 27 06:54

Are We Going To Witness The Worst National Emotional Breakdown In History Once The Election Is Over?

Right now we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Many Biden supporters believe that a Trump victory would literally be the worst thing that could possibly happen to our country, but at the moment most of them are quite confident that Biden will win. Likewise, many Trump supporters are absolutely convinced that we will plunge into a horrifying socialist abyss if Biden wins, but for now most of them are convinced that the polls are wrong and that Trump will pull out another victory in November.

So with just a little over a week until Election Day, most Americans that really care about politics are pacified because they believe that a positive outcome is right around the corner.

But soon that will change, and tens of millions of Americans will simultaneously melt down emotionally right in front of our eyes.

Oct 27 06:53

One Client Responds To "Vain, Narcissistic" CEO Of Expensify After Unsolicited Political Email

Over the weekend we wrote about the CEO of San Francisco-based tech company Expensify - one of the world's largest providers of expense account software - and his decision to email the company's 10 million clients pleading with them to vote for Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Bloomberg, the idea elicited "strong debate" within the company, which is based in San Francisco, with some employees disagreeing with the gesture. But CEO David Barrett, the driving force behind the message, said he decided to press ahead and hit 'send'.

"We needed to stand true for what we believe in and hope that most people agree with us," Barrett said in an interview. "It’s not like we did this with a lot of enthusiasm. We did this out of a perceived necessity."

Oct 27 06:53

US Approves $2.4BN Coastal Defense Missile Sale To Taiwan Amid China Sanctions Retaliation

The State Department has made the official announcement late in the day Monday of US approval for up to 100 Harpoon Coastal Defense Systems and related weapons equipment to be sold to Taiwan in a deal estimated at $2.37 billion.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress of the intent to transfer, with the main contractor named as Boeing.

The Boeing-made Harpoon anti-ship missiles will serve as an early reaction coastal defense against enemy inbound cruise missiles as part of ongoing rapid modernization efforts to Taiwan's military as it's increasingly surrounded by threatening Chinese PLA exercises.

Oct 27 06:53

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

Former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski allegedly has a recording of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet, or he will "bury" the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter's overseas dealings.

According to The Federalist's Sean Davis, Bobulinski will play the tape on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday, when Carlson will devote his show 'entirely' to an interview with the Biden whistleblower.

Oct 27 06:52

Health Expert: Mask Wearing Will Remain Mandatory Even After A COVID Vaccine

A top doctor who served as an expert witness for the U.S. Congress says that even after a COVID-19 vaccine is available, mask wearing and other social distancing measures will remain mandatory.

“I feel like there is this perception that once we have a #CoronavirusVaccine life will go back to normal,” tweeted Dr.Krutika Kuppalli.

“Life will not be like it was pre-COVID. Even after we have a #vaccine you will still need to use good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, avoid crowds and wear masks,” she added.

Oct 27 06:51

Joe And Hillary: Strange Parallels

In 2016, Clinton had an email problem.

She, her party, and the compliant press all tried to hide it, play it down, and do everything else to minimize the damage. When the election was over, Clinton commented that she would have won but for the emails (exposing her corruption). I thought then, what a sick campaign strategy, to hide her corruption long enough for her to be elected, and then make it all go away. We now know others also believed and counted on a lot of activities to be pushed under the rug and forever buried with her election. Well, it did not turn out as they expected, and the evidence is now piling up about levels of corruption never before seen in American politics.

We are now in a 2020 election cycle, and Joe Biden has an email problem, too.

Oct 27 06:51

Creditors Finally Wake Up To An Apocalyptic Reality: Bond Losses As High As 99%

Back in March 2016, we published an article explaining how the coming default cycle - when it finally hits - would be different: it would be marked by record low recovery rates. While there were many reasons for that, three stood out: i) the disconnect between fundamentals and asset prices thanks to the Fed's constant manipulation of markets, ii) the record layering of debt upon debt, much of it secured, and iii) the years of covenant-lite deals that stripped most if not all creditor protections over the past decade (something which as we noted recently has resulted in bitter creditor fights and a "civil war" involving some of the most prominent names in investing).

Oct 27 06:50

Twitter Goes Full Orwell, Censors All Topics "Likely To Be Subject To Election Misinformation"

Twitter is pulling out all the stops, with just 7 days left until the 2020 election.

As if a complete and total coverup of the Hunter Biden story by the mainstream media and big tech wasn't far enough; and as if every social media product and app you use annoyingly reminding you to vote on November 3 wasn't enough, Twitter has now apparently gone "full Orwell" and, through a spokesperson, basically said they will prompt users with warnings on "topics that are likely to be the subject of election misinformation".

The news hit Bloomberg around 12:30pm EST on Monday:


Oct 27 06:50

Coronavirus: Polish police use tear gas as thousands protest against COVID-19 restrictions

Oct 27 06:48

CBS Being Called Out For 'Obvious Bias', Even Dems Say Biden 'Handled', 'Trump Challenged'

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden performed in back-to-back interviews on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” showing contrasting opinions on which country is the greatest threat to the United States.

Asked by Lesley Stahl who the country’s greatest enemy is, Trump mentioned China, blaming the Communist Party-run country for mishandling the pandemic and putting the entire world at risk.

“They’re a foe in many ways, but they’re an adversary. I think what happened was disgraceful, should never have happened. They should never have allowed this plague to get out of China and go throughout the world. A hundred eighty-eight countries. Should never have happened,” Trump said in the interview that aired Sunday evening.

Oct 27 06:38

Violent left-wing rioters attack innocent children and families at “Jews for Trump” rally in NYC

After months of being brainwashed with anti-Trump, race baiting propaganda, violent left-wing rioters took to the streets to assault children and families at a “Jews for Trump” rally in New York City. Hundreds of cars sported American flags and Trump 2020 flags to show their support for the President and a more free America. The caravan, filled with smiles and good cheer, made its way from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Marine Park. The rally went great, with people from all walks of life joining in to show their support for the President. However, these eclectic New York Trump supporters were ambushed several times by violent left-wing thugs.

The Democrat’s radical army attacked families and children during pro-Trump caravan

Oct 27 06:38

Florida’s humdity causing problems for some Suncoast voters

Voters who choose to vote using a mail-in ballot or absentee ballot must make sure to properly return the ballot in a return envelop that is sealed and signed.

Some voters using this system--a week away from the Nov. 3 elections-- are experiencing conflict due to Florida’s humid weather, receiving their envelopes in the mail already glued shut.

Oct 27 06:37

Biden has defused Israel issue and won the battle of the Israel lobby

One of Joe Biden’s political achievements this year is that he has taken what seemed to be a big issue for Trump– Israel — out of the campaign. The Israel lobby trusts Biden.

Biden has quietly sold himself as a hawk who will end the politicization of Israel. He promises to reestablish the consensus on Israel support inside the Beltway and reassert the use of American force in the Middle East. Trump reminds audiences that Biden backed the Iraq war, and he promises to pull the U.S. out of the Middle East–and make Israel a domestic political issue.

On Friday the president tried to elicit a speaker-phone endorsement from Benjamin Netanyahu when he announced the Sudan deal.

Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi? Sleepy Joe. I think — do think he would had made this deal? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Oct 27 06:36

Covert strikes against Iran recount Israeli campaign against Iraq

The country had become an existential threat. It was ruled by a megalomaniac who wanted Israel eliminated. And now he wanted a nuclear bomb.

The leader claimed his nuclear program was purely a civilian program, but Israel knew that was not true. So, it set the program back. Israel undertook covert assassinations of nuclear scientists. And, when that did not work, it blew up a nuclear facility.

But the country wasn’t Iran. This was Iraq under Saddam Hussein who came to power in 1979 and ruled for 24 years. To challenge the nuclear program, Israel used assassinations, sabotage and targeted strikes in Iraq, a signature that is today found in Iran.

Oct 27 06:35

Sex Cult Leader, Facing Life Sentence, Regrets Nothing

Keith Raniere, the leader of a self-help organization called Nxivm, had been revered by throngs of loyal followers who promoted him as the smartest man in the world. They called him “Vanguard,” believing that his teachings would bring about peace and even influence elections.

Mr. Raniere, 60, is now sitting in jail, convicted at trial as a con man who was exploiting Nxivm to enrich himself financially and recruit sexual partners, leading to its current reputation as a “sex cult.”

He will return to court on Tuesday for his sentencing, facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. His sentencing is expected to include hours of statements from victims.