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April 1, 2009

Apr 01 08:50

The Fed Did Indeed Cause the Housing Bubble

In 1995, a senior Clinton Administration official shared with me the Administration’s targets for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage volumes in low- and moderate-income communities. We had recently reviewed the Administration’s plans to increase government mortgage guarantees — most of these mortgages would also be pooled and sold as securities to investors. Even in 1995, I could see that these plans would create unserviceable debt loads in communities struggling with the falling incomes expected from globalization. Homeowners would default on mortgages while losses on mortgage-backed securities would drain retirement savings from 401(k)s and pension plans. Taxpayers would ultimately be hit with a large bill . . .

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And look at the implied admission that the people pushing for globalism KNOW that it means a reduced lifestyle for the world's working people.

Apr 01 08:48

FLASHBACK - UK arrests British diplomat for insulting Israel

Britain has detained a Foreign Office diplomat over insulting Israel in protest at the Israeli Army's recent offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

England's "Special Relationship" on display.

Apr 01 08:42

Earth population 'exceeds limits'

There are already too many people living on Planet Earth, according to one of most influential science advisors in the US government.

Nina Fedoroff told the BBC One Planet programme that humans had exceeded the Earth's "limits of sustainability".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, overpopulation will always be a problem because sex is a lot more fun than dying.

The real question is what the self-declared rulers of the world plan to do about it. Global war to use up that surplus population of "useless eaters" (Reg Trademark G.H.W. Bush), or a manufactured pandemic (which doesn't change the borders around but leave the pretty monuments intact)?

Me, I don't plan to play along with either plan. I hope you will join me.

Apr 01 08:36

Living the Thug Life in Armani

You can also rightly assume that government has nothing to do with the principles behind it. That business has nothing to do with fair exchanges and able dealing …and that religion has nothing to do with God. What we have are thugs in Armani.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 01 08:34

Prime Minister is ‘struggling with angry people’

Lord Malloch-Brown, the Foreign Office minister, declared that "incumbency is hell nowadays", noting how every government was "struggling with terrible opinion polls and very angry people".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every day we get angrier, and there are more of us!

Apr 01 08:33

Bank losses spreading

Last Friday, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency reported that for the first time in history commercial US banks have suffered a $3.4 billion quarterly loss in a giant sector that they thought, until now, was solid: that is, bets on interest rates. The loss was more than seven times worse than their previous quarterly loss in that category.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, no problem. We start confiscating childrens' piggy banks tomorrow!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 01 08:31

John Yoo Arrested

John C. Yoo, a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the United States, was arrested on Tuesday in Milan, Italy, and is being held for possible extradition to Spain, where he and five other retired officials who served under former President George W. Bush are expected to be indicted by a Spanish court for violations of the Geneva Conventions, the Convention Against Torture, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh that it were true, but this is an April Fool's joke, as the "Rompi Testiculo" gives away.

Apr 01 08:29

Lindzen on negative climate feedback

The earth’s climate (in contrast to the climate in current climate GCMs) is dominated by a strong net negative feedback. Climate sensitivity is on the order of 0.3°C, and such warming as may arise from increasing greenhouse gases will be indistinguishable from the fluctuations in climate that occur naturally from processes internal to the climate system itself.

Alarming climate predictions depend critically on the fact that models have large positive feedbacks. The crucial question is whether nature actually behaves this way? The answer, as we have just seen, is unambiguously no.

Apr 01 08:26

Reports surface that teens are taking cow drugs for abortions

Veterinary and medical professionals in Wisconsin said Friday that they have been warned about a potentially alarming practice among the state's rural youth: teenage girls ingesting livestock drugs to cheaply and discreetly end their unwanted pregnancies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for the abstinence approach.

Apr 01 08:23

NYPD moves to cloak midtown with camera license plate readers, and radiation and bio scanners

The NYPD wants to cloak midtown with the same security blanket it rolled out for lower Manhattan: camera license plate readers, and radiation and bio scanners.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relax, the DC boys will stage the next false-flag on the west coast!

Apr 01 08:20

Dozens of Israeli Aircraft Involved in Sudan Attack

Israeli security officials today confirmed that dozens of aircraft, fighter-bombers and drones, were involved in the January attack against a truck convoy in Sudan, which killed at least 39 people and destroyed dozens of trucks allegedly loaded down with weapons.

The officials said that the United States was notified about the attack, but played no role in it. They added that it was meant to be a “warning to Iran.” Indeed, though former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert wouldn’t confirm the attack, he did say of it that it proved “no target is out of Israel’s reach.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OKay, so for all the dire warnings about the "threat" from Iran (who hasn;t actually invaded anyone in the last 200 years) who is actually attacking other people's countries and killing their people?

Who killed people in Lebanon?

Who killed people in Palestine?

Who killed people in Sudan?

Who is the real rogue nation?

Who is the real threat to world peace?

Apr 01 08:19

Israel FM rejects Annapolis deal

Israel's new ultra-nationalist foreign minister has said it is not bound by a US-sponsored 2007 agreement to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

"The Annapolis conference, it has no validity," Avigdor Lieberman said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Israel wonders why the world never trusts their promises.

And of course, any second we will see an offended and outraged American government cut all taxpayer-funded support to Israel.

Any second.

Any second.

Any second.

Any second.


And the United States government wonders why the world has lost all respect for them.

Apr 01 08:12

G-20 protesters break into Royal Bank of Scotland

G-20 protesters clashed with riot police in downtown London on Wednesday, breaking into the heavily guarded Royal Bank of Scotland and smashing its windows. Earlier, they tried to storm the Bank of England and pelted police with eggs and fruit.

At least 4,000 anarchists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists and others jammed into London's financial district for what they called "Financial Fool's Day." The protests were called ahead of Thursday's summit of world leaders, who hope to take concrete steps to resolve the global financial crisis that has lashed nations and workers worldwide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the way the media lumps anarchists, anti-capitalists, and environmentalists like that.

Of course, the way governments have been handling this crisis, anarchy is looking really attractive.

Apr 01 07:56

Israel not bound by Annapolis understandings: Lieberman

Israel's new ultranationalist foreign minister said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-leaning government would not be bound by U.S.-backed understandings on a Palestinian state reached in 2007.

Avigdor Lieberman's dismissal of the Annapolis conference declaration could swiftly steer Israel and Netanyahu onto a collision course with U.S. President Barack Obama, who last week reaffirmed Washington's commitment to Palestinian statehood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You back off this Palestinian state thing, or we'll tell everyone what really happened on 9-11!!!


As a sign of the "Special Relationship" with Israel, this telling of Obama to go screw himself with regard to Palesitine will NOT be followed by any discussion of a reduction in money and arms paid for by the people of the United States to Israel.

Apr 01 07:55

ADP Says U.S. Companies Reduced Payrolls by 742,000

Companies in the U.S. cut an estimated 742,000 workers in March, pointing to no relief in sight for the labor market amid the longest recession in seven decades, a private report based on payroll data showed today.

Apr 01 07:54

Senate Legislation Would Federalize Cybersecurity

Addressing what intelligence officials describe as a gaping vulnerability, the legislation also calls for the appointment of a White House cybersecurity "czar" with unprecedented authority to shut down computer networks, including private ones, if a cyberattack is underway, the officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: During the next false-flag staged event, the internet will be shut down so that ABCNNBBCBS have an exclusive "preserve" to spew government propaganda.

Apr 01 07:51

The Pope is 'stupid', says Richard Dawkins after pontiff's claim that condoms increase AIDS

Webmaster's Commentary: 

PS Eppur si muove, Benny.

Apr 01 07:48

'US drone' in deadly Pakistan raid

At least 10 people have been killed in an air raid by a suspected US drone on a village in northwest Pakistan, local officials say.

Al Jazeera's Kamal Hyder, reporting from Islamabad, said that two missiles struck a compound in the Orakzai region west of Peshawar, on Wednesday.

Apr 01 07:48

All charges against Sen. Ted Stevens are dropped

The Justice Department is dropping all charges against former Sen. Ted Stevens, the 85-year-old Alaska Republican convicted of lying on Senate financial disclosure forms to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and home renovations from a businessman, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder said today.

Apr 01 07:47

The 'United Condom': How Jacqui Smith porn scandal made Britain the laughing stock of the world

The Jacqui Smith affair has made Britain a laughing stock around the globe for mistakenly paying for her husband’s porn films with her Commons expenses.

Apr 01 06:05

Commentary: War on drugs is insane

What do you suppose the total price tag is for this failed war on drugs? One senior Harvard economist estimates we spend $44 billion a year fighting the war on drugs. He says if they were legal, governments would realize about $33 billion a year in tax revenue. Net swing of $77 billion. Could we use that money today for something else? You bet your ass we could. Plus the cartels would be out of business. Instantly. Goodbye crime and violence.

If drugs were legalized, we could empty out a lot of our prison cells. People will use this stuff whether it's legal or not. Just like they do booze. And you could make the argument that in some cases alcohol is just as dangerous as some drugs.

Apr 01 05:37

U.S.A to Help Deflect Human Rights Abuse Accusations

The US will run for a seat in the UN Human Rights Council in order to "change" it. Translation=No more criticizing of Israel will be allowed.

Well, this really makes me sick. here comes the USA to defend Israel once again. So much for "hope and change" And notice how it comes after the Gaza genocide? I wonder if this move is so that when the human rights abuses being to come hard and fast at Israel, the US will deflect them for Israel. What a disgrace this move is and totally transparent.

Apr 01 03:57

Chinese quake activist arrested - Over population demonstrates its lack of freedom again.

BBC News - Chinese police have arrested a man who was investigating whether poor construction caused schools to collapse during last year's massive earthquake.

Apr 01 03:49

Obama nominee admits tax errors - Oh, man! I am so sick of this guy.

BBC News - US President Barack Obama's second choice for health secretary has become the latest of his nominees to reveal tax payment problems.

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius [...]

Apr 01 03:25

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Unveils Global Governance Agenda

The Council on Foreign Relations, often described as the "real state department", has launched an initiative to promote and implement a system of effective world governance.

Henry Kissinger, a CFR member, anticipates that President Obama will, "…give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis."

The program, titled " The International Institutions and Global Governance Program," utilizes the resources of the "…David Rockefeller Studies Program to assess existing regional and global governance mechanisms…"

Apr 01 00:38

Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in a Dozen Counties

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh created a stir earlier this month when he said the Bush administration ran an “executive assassination ring” that reported directly to Vice President Dick Cheney. “Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or to the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving,” Hersh said. Seymour Hersh joins us to explain.

March 31, 2009

Mar 31 20:39

Minneapolis cops planted pistol on teen after they gunned him down

The handgun found near a teenager shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer in 2006 could not have been carried by the teen, new court documents allege: It had last been in possession of police before it was found next to the body of Fong Lee.

Mar 31 20:09

California sales tax rises to almost 9 percent

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yep, when people are out of work and losing their homes, raise taxes on them!

Mar 31 20:04

President Obama and the Powers Behind the Throne

I have a lot more questions than answers about this subject, many which I posed in my previous post: What is the purpose of the GAME? When did it start? What are its rules and boundaries, and how have they changed over time? Who makes the rules? Who enforces the rules? How do they enforce the rules? Who are the insiders who know more about it than anyone else? What does the U.S. Congress know about it? What have our Presidents known about it?

The more important question with respect to this post is, What is President Obama’s relationship the shadowy powers that we speak of? Has he actually negotiated with them? Have they made it clear to him that his continuance in office depends on his satisfying their demands? Have they threatened him? I can’t answer any of those questions, and I very much doubt that there are many who could. But it certainly seems that he has done a lot to placate some very powerful people. Let’s take look at some of those things:

Mar 31 19:54

'Worse than the Taliban' - new law rolls back rights for Afghan women

Hamid Karzai has been accused of trying to win votes in Afghanistan's presidential election by backing a law the UN says legalises rape within marriage and bans wives from stepping outside their homes without their husbands' permission.

The Afghan president signed the law earlier this month, despite condemnation by human rights activists and some MPs that it flouts the constitution's equal rights provisions.

The final document has not been published, but the law is believed to contain articles that rule women cannot leave the house without their husbands' permission, that they can only seek work, education or visit the doctor with their husbands' permission, and that they cannot refuse their husband sex.

Mar 31 19:49

Outrage over inflation-busting rises for judges, top brass and mandarins

BUSINESS leaders reacted with fury last night as it emerged that senior civil servants, judges and military top brass are to get inflation-busting pay rises.

Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, was criticised despite agreeing less-than- recommended pay increases for most senior officials.

The rises are well above the Retail Price Index measure of inflation, which currently stands at 0 per cent and is often used as the basis for wage deals.

They have also been announced in the wake of widespread job losses across the UK and private sector firms implementing pay freezes or cuts.

Mar 31 18:15

Mohamed Atta: Terrorist, Patsy, or Scapegoat?

Why would Atta leave a rental car containing incriminating evidence at Logan Airport, rent another car in Boston to drive to Maine, then fly back to Boston again?

Even the 9/11 Commission couldn't explain this conundrum...

Atta picked up Omari at another hotel [on September 10], and the two drove to Portland, Maine, for reasons that remain unknown. [9/11 Commission Report]

...and they didn't look for answers.

The Bukharis provide a key to the enigma.

Mar 31 18:05

Derivatives: the Heart of Financial Darkness

There is sufficient circumstantial evidence from their concerted lobbying efforts to undo and resist regulation to show planning and forethought in what is an almost amazingly straightforward case of fiduciary and financial fraud. Many a blind eye was turned to the decline of the nation as it occurred, as the media and politicians and financial regulators were caught up in a seductive web of corruption.

The perpetrators are still in place, relatively unrestrained, and certainly not facing anything that might be called 'justice.'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That can change.

Mar 31 17:01

Paul V. Rafferty: Hope for Afghanistan Dawns in The Hague

Working in Journalism, there is a tendency to become jaded, particularly in these times, when so many politicians see themselves as an exalted elite, high above the people who pay their salaries.

Nevertheless, this reporter came away from a conference in The Hague with an entirely different point of view, after what he had expected to be merely another spectacle.

Mar 31 16:27

Al-Qaeda – Who Else?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

An email exchange with the BBC confirms that "Al Qaeda" gets the blame for everything bad, even when there is no actual who the perp really is.

Mar 31 16:25

Bushes Had Lowest Job Creation Rates

Mar 31 16:10

Homeowner who shot herself amid eviction dies

Addie Polk, who became the national face of the foreclosure crisis last fall when she shot herself during an eviction, was a quiet woman who never asked for help.

Polk, 91, who was a deaconess at her church, was remembered by friends and churchgoers for her stateliness.

Mar 31 15:44

The Madeleine Haze

Webmaster's Commentary: 

MySpace page of the band mentioned on today's GCN radio show, which was run out of a town in North Carolina because the police did not like their song about 9-11.

Mar 31 15:33

The New Neocon Alliance with Obama

This morning leading neoconservatives such as William Kristol and Robert Kagan held a meeting at the Mayflower Hotel -- in support of President Obama's Afghanistan policy. Kristol and Kagan, as Foreign Policy's Laura Rozen has reported, have formed a successor organization to the Project for the New American Century, which came into disrepute for its advocacy of the Iraq War. The new one is called the Foreign Policy Initiative. Its contention is that America remains, in the words of Madeleine Albright, the "indispensable nation"and, furthermore, that neocons can play a valuable role in coming years in ensuring that it remains one.

At the Mayflower, the neocon pilgrims huddled around John McCain and other conservative stalwarts who spoke at the conference. But California congressman Jane Harman was also a speaker. It's clear that that neoconservatives are staking out a new course and want to retain an influential voice in foreign policy. Their latest strategy is to move closer to Obama. Kagan has already expressed his admiration for what he sees as Obama's determination to ensure that America remains No. 1 around the globe.

Mar 31 15:31

Supreme Court backs Hawaii [state] in land dispute

The Supreme Court today restored Hawaii's authority to sell 1.2 million acres of state land without resolving prior claims by native Hawaiians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We stole it fair and square!"

Mar 31 14:48

Earth Hour in California - Success or Bust? The CAISO Power graph tells the story.

There you have it, scientific data showing that the Earth Hour was a total bust in California. If you look close, you can see a little bump up above the forecast demand, which tracked very closely with actual power consumed prior to the witching hour 8:30 to 9:30. But, it is clear that power consumption did not drop, it stayed up. Maybe all those protesters forgot to turn off the lights.

Mar 31 14:36

FLASHBACK - Netanyahu warns of al-Qaeda attack on Holy Sepulchre

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Netanyahu is pushing for war on Iran.

He needs a really big bang to kick it off; something engineered to anger all the world's Christians against all the World's Muslims. Then Israel steps back and lets the idiot Christians and idiot Muslims kill each other off, leaving Israel with its hundreds of known nuclear weapons in control of the middle east and via control of the oil, the rest of the world.

Mar 31 14:09

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

In the wake of the accusation by Chas Freeman that his nomination to lead the National Intelligence Council was derailed by an "Israeli lobby," a forthcoming memoir by another distinguished ambassador adds stunning new charges to the debate. The ambassador, John Gunther Dean, writes that over the years he not only came under pressure from pro-Israeli groups and officials in Washington but also was the target of an Israeli-inspired assassination attempt in 1980 in Lebanon, where he had opened links to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Mar 31 13:19

FLASHBACK - Neocons engage in criminal blackmail to foist bankster bailout heist

President Bush sought to provoke a financial panic to push legislation for the bailout through Congress.

This is the first time in the history of the United States that the president has sought to provoke a financial panic to get legislation through Congress. While this has proven to be a successful political strategy, it marks yet another low point in American politics.

Mar 31 13:07

Obama’s Dictator Status Expands With Firing Of Wagoner

This is just the latest expansion of Obama and his administration’s power grab, using the economic crisis created by the central bankers that pull their strings as an excuse to pose as the saviors while completely sinking any chances of a real recovery by not allowing incompetent banks and corporations to fail.

Mar 31 13:05

Hundreds of French workers take bosses hostage

Hundreds of French workers, angry about proposed layoffs at a Caterpillar factory, were holding executives of the company hostage Tuesday, a spokesman for the workers said.
Caterpillar's French staff say they are angry about a lack of negotiations over layoffs.

It is at least the third time this month that French workers threatened with cutbacks have blockaded managers in their offices to demand negotiations. Executives were released unharmed in both previous situations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for the French!

Mar 31 13:01

The Dumbest, Yet Most Widely Accepted 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: EXPOSED

Please take a few minutes as I point out a few small aspects of the silliest, yet most widely accepted 9/11 conspiracy theory to date.

Mar 31 13:00

FLASHBACK - New '08 Iran Rift: Obama Refuses To Sign Dem Letter To White House

Thirty senators sent a letter to the White House on Thursday warning President Bush not to take offensive military action against Iran without the consent of Congress. Noticeably absent from the list of signatories is presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-IL.

Mar 31 12:58

G20 "Terrorist Plot" Exposed As Teenagers With Plastic Guns And Fireworks

Yesterday's reports of a foiled "terrorist plot" in relation to the G20 protests in London have been scaled back after it was revealed that the house raided by police contained only plastic guns and fireworks.

Mar 31 12:57

Pay for Play? Tax Credits for Paid Time Off

Economists are increasingly coming to the recognition that the current downturn is likely to be longer and more severe than they had expected at the time the last stimulus package was approved in February. As a result, there is likely to be interest in additional stimulus in order to boost the economy and lower the unemployment rate.

This paper briefly outlines a method for Congress to quickly boost demand in the economy, while at the same time promoting important public ends: an employer tax credit for paid time off.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is purely cosmetic, and as is typical of a government made up entirely of lawyers and accountants, it is nothing more substantive than a bookkeeping trick.


Anything else is just rearranging the deck chairs.

Mar 31 12:53

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will

" In unusually blunt language, Netanyahu said of the Iranian leadership, “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying, and that is what is happening in Iran.” '

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, Prime Minister, this is not what is happening with Iran; It is, however, what is happening with Israel.

Mar 31 12:04

Former Alabama judge indicted on inmate sex charges

A former south Alabama judge is accused of checking male inmates out of jail and forcing them to engage in sexual activity including paddling, according to officials and court documents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gives a whole new meaning to "Here come da judge!"

Mar 31 12:02

The End of Conservative Talk Radio?

"The dirty little secret of conservative talk radio is that the average age of listeners is 67 and rising... What's more, it's the Internet that is the fast-growing and arguably more powerful political medium -- and it is the province of the young and liberal. The only sensible market view of conservative talk is that it will contract and be reduced, in the coming years, to a much more rarefied format."

Mar 31 10:27

Saint Wal-Mart? well, let's look at the record

While Wal-Mart's primary intent is not to do all the aforementioned social good, what it has done and is doing is raising the living standards of millions of families around the world.

Mar 31 10:22

End the War on Drugs

Prohibition laws negate self-ownership and are an absolute affront to the principles of freedom.

Mar 31 10:02

Censored by the New York Times: The Story Behind a Political Cartoon that the Publisher didn’t want you to see

The Times required several changes to the cartoon so that it conformed to the acceptability standards of the newspaper. These changes were made. The Times production staff then asked for and was sent the camera-ready copy.

I paid the cost of the ad in full.

On Friday, September 19 I received notification that the cartoon’s publication was cancelled by order of the Times’ publisher. I recall simply shaking my head at the news - wryly noting that this action by the Times was validating the very point of the cartoon.

Mar 31 10:00


The Israeli human rights groups B’Tselem, Yesh Din, Physicians for Human Rights and others issued a statement Monday saying “the speedy closing of the investigation immediately raises suspicions that [it] was merely the army’s attempt to wipe its hands of all blame for illegal activity…”

Mar 31 09:58

Ashley Biden Alleged Cocaine Tape Seller Withdraws Under Fire

Dunlap told RadarOnline.com early Sunday that he is no longer involved in the attempted sale of the video and informed his client he would not continue to represent him. The lawyer said he did not want to be involved due to circumstances surrounding the publicity of the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Finding that horse's head in the bed this morning didn't help.

Mar 31 09:50

Looting by U.S. Government at All-Time Highs

There are two bull markets going on right now. They are in U.S. government looting. They are Congressional looting and Federal Reserve (FED) looting. They are bull markets for the government, banks, and select beneficiaries. They are bear markets for the Americans being looted, which is most of us.These bull markets in looting are at all-time highs. Never before has the amount of looting reached such astronomical heights, either in absolute terms or relative to other measures like population or product.

Mar 31 09:45

Government website now offers 'suicide warning signs' for victims of recession

When the government starts warning you not to commit suicide, you know things have gotten bad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please do not kill yourself over the economy.

Killing the people who wrecked the economy makes much more sense.

Mar 31 09:44

Six in 10 Americans back Obama on economy

The survey by the Washington Post and ABC television found that two in three Americans approve of the way Obama is doing his job. Six in 10 specifically approve of his efforts to deal with the economic crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I find these results impossible to believe.

Mar 31 09:44

Do you trust the ABC/Wash Post poll showing 60% approval for Obama?

YES - The corporate media would never lie to us about that.
10% (237 votes)
NO - I don't see 60% approval for Obama among the people I talk to.
90% (2225 votes)
Total votes: 2462
Mar 31 09:34

Drug violence pushes Mexico to top of U.S. security concerns

An epidemic of drug-related violence that has claimed thousands of lives in northern Mexico and begun to spill over into U.S. border cities has thrust Mexico into the first tier of President Barack Obama's security concerns.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is it "drug violence" or are we looking at a civil war where the people of Mexico are trying to get rid of their country's drug corruption?

And if the Mexican people are trying to get rid of the drug criminals who have taken over their government, why is the US trying to prevent the Mexican people from getting guns?

I mean, the druggies already HAVE guns, so this claim that guns are being smuggled from the US into Mexico means the people are trying to arm themselves to drive the druggies out.

So, whose side is the US Government on?

Mar 31 09:32

FDA warns consumers against pistachios

Federal food officials are warning people not to eat any food containing pistachios because of possible contamination by salmonella, in another food scare sure to rattle consumers already upset by the contamination of peanuts with the same bacteria.

Mar 31 09:30


Yesterday was the Global Day of Action for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. Motorola Corp. was the target of this demonstration held outside of their Brooklyn headquarters.

Motorola has for years been a supporter of apartheid in Israel…. these demonstrators ask the public to ‘hang up on Motorola and apartheid’.

Mar 31 09:21

Seymour Hersh: Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in a Dozen Counties, Including in Latin America

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh created a stir earlier this month when he said the Bush administration ran an “executive assassination ring” that reported directly to Vice President Dick Cheney. “Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or to the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving,” Hersh said.

Mar 31 09:19

Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa

The damage-estimates are being undertaken right now by the local farmers' cooperative, Grain-SA. Monsanto claims that 'less than 25%' of three different corn varieties were 'insufficiently fertilised in the laboratory'.

However Mayet says Monsanto was grossly understating the problem.According to her own information, some farms have suffered up to 80% crop failures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And, if the botched genes that led to the failure of these corn crops spreads to other farms, (as it is already proven does happen) then those crops will fail in succeeding years.

Mar 31 09:11

IPhone users will be able to make free phone calls from today as Skype becomes available for the first time on the popular Apple gadget.

Mar 31 09:10

Barak welcomes IDF decision to end Gaza misconduct probe

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday welcomed the military advocate general's decision to discontinue the inquiry into soldiers' accounts of alleged misconduct and serious violations of the army's rules of engagement during Operation Cast Lead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel cannot honestly think that this "inquiry" has convinced anyone. Yes, it will give the owned corporate media an excuse to insist that Israel did nothing wrong and that their feces are not odoriferous, but in truth all that will happen is that the flight of audience from corporate to alternative media will accelerate.

Mar 31 09:07

Spring on Mars: warmer weather and lots of gas

Spring on Earth is marked by daffodils and budding leaves. However spring on Mars sees plumes of carbon dioxide vaporising from solid blocks of dry ice as they warm up in the sunlight towards the end of the Martian winter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Carbon Dioxide!!! They have SUVs on MARS?!?!? WE MUST impose a carbon tax now to save the solar system!" -- Al Bore

Mar 31 09:05

Geithner's Five Big Misconceptions

Tim Geithner has finally revealed his plan to fix the banking system and economy. Paul Krugman, James Galbraith, and others have already trashed it.


In short, because the plan is yet another massive, ineffective gift to banks and Wall Street. Taxpayers, of course, will take the hit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But THAT is why it's such a great plan!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 31 08:59

Strange Maps: Palestine's Island Paradise

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Map shows how Israel is intentionally fragmenting Palestine to prevent the formation of a Palestinian state.

Mar 31 08:50

Congresswoman brags of checking with Zionist Organization president before she signs on to legislation

Mar 31 08:46


Demonstrate at the G20 on 1 April

Webmaster's Commentary: 

TAKE YOUR WRH SIGNS AND SEND ME A PICTURE! First person to do so gets a free WRH coffee mug!

Mar 31 08:42

`We've Got To Bring the Hammer Down on Iran'

Retired Army general Vallely is currently the head of the Military Committee of Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy and a member of the Iran Policy Committee, a gaggle of neo-conservatives formed to promote war and rebellion in Iran. He was interviewed by telephone on Aug. 15 by Bill Jones. In an earlier conversation, Vallely had told Jones that he knew that Osama bin Laden was in Iran, and that Ken Timmerman (author of Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran), had learned from Iranian dissidents in Europe that Iran already had nuclear weapons. "All roads lead to Teheran," Vallely said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The push for war in Iran is back on.

Guess who will pay for it.

Guess who will die in it.

Mar 31 08:39

'Dead' Pakistan Taleban Chief Takes Credit for Lahore Terror Attack

All I know is, I want to come back to life as a Taleban or al-CIAduh commander. Such men are truly immortal.

Mar 31 08:37

Divorce Jackpots Have U.K. Bankers Begging for Relief

Bankers and other high earners in the U.K. are asking to reduce their divorce settlements as the financial crisis shrinks their net worth, according to five family-law attorneys, including Julian Lipson of Withers LLP.

Mar 31 08:36

Chavez to seek Arab backing for `petro-currency'

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sought Arab support Tuesday for his idea of a new oil-backed currency to challenge the U.S. dollar.

Mar 31 08:32

Your daily dose of BOOGA BOOGA!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By the way, the guy they are claiming is making this threat, Pakistan Taleban chief Baitullah Mehsud, DIED SIX MONTHS AGO!

Mar 31 08:30

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell by a Record 19%

Home prices in 20 U.S. cities fell 19 percent in January from a year earlier, the fastest drop on record, as demand plummeted and foreclosures rose.

Mar 31 08:30

Chicago Sun-Times owner files for bankruptcy

Newspaper publisher is fifth to file for Chapter 11 in recent months

Mar 31 08:27

Security experts eye worm attack

While no-one in the industry is 100% sure of the aim of Conficker, they are positive the people behind it are more concerned about making money than causing mayhem.

That is a view backed by PC Magazine editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff.

"People write malware today not because they want to make a public splash. It's old school to want to make computer screens turn red and say Love Bug.

"Today crime syndicates run these things because they are interested in making money and if they are not making money there is no point in it."

A recent report by security firm Finjan claimed that cybercrime is as lucrative a business as drug trafficking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember, Microsoft has a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Conficker's author(s).

Mar 31 08:23

IBM files for patent on offshoring jobs

As IBM was firing thousands of American workers last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Big Blue's application to copyright a computerized system that calculates how to offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an April Fool joke, right?






Mar 31 08:22

Gaza offensive: Israeli military says no war crimes committed

The Israeli military has concluded that no war crimes were committed during its recent offensive in the Gaza Strip, dismissing as "hearsay" the testimonies of soldiers who allegedly admitted intentionally killing Palestinian civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And anyone who doesn't believe is is just a filthy anti-Semite, already!" -- Tel Aviv

Mar 31 08:20

That didn't last long: DEA raids San Francisco Medical Marijuana Clinic

This guy seems hell bent on breaking every single campaign promise as fast as he can. Oh well!

Mar 31 08:12

Commentary: War on drugs is insane

So how's this war on drugs going?

Someone described insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. That's a perfect description of the war on drugs.

Mar 31 08:11

Tough times for university students in Gaza

Mar 31 08:09

US Used by Afghan Drug Clan to Take Out Rival

A "high-ranking member of al-Qaida" was seized during a recent US mission in Afghanistan which left five people dead. But the Americans were set up: The tip-off as to his location came from a drug clan who wanted to get rid of a rival.

The American forces were tricked by a drug clan into taking out a rival as part of an operation to seize an al-Qaida member. Now German soldiers are paying the price for the operation's civilian casualties.

Mar 31 08:08

Mysterious East Coast Boom Was Falling Russian Rocket

The mysterious boom and flash of light seen over parts of Virginia Sunday night was not a meteor, but actually exploding space junk from the second stage of a Russian Soyuz rocket falling back to Earth, according to an official with the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Mar 31 08:07


The Babes of Fox News set to music, New York, New York. Fox and Friends news babes, great smart witty women, with great sexy legs! And they love to show off in high heels, stokings, and pantyhose! Crossed legs, uncrossed legs, booty shows, hot girls! Laughing, funny, booty shaking, bouncing, breasts and cleavage. Upskirts, panties, and nylons!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To hell with serious news, let's show some SKIN!!!!!!!!!

Mar 31 08:04

President Obama's security bubble

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If they are reporting on Obama's car, it means there is something else going on they dare not mention yet.

There are rumors that the G20 will demand the abandonment of the dollar as the world's reserve currency because of the Federal Reserve's inflationary practices.

Mar 31 08:01

Israel Abandons Gaza Probe

Ultimately, they decided that all the testimony from every single soldier who reported these events was based on hearsay, and that not a single one of them was true, sparking astonishment that the Israeli military has so quickly and publicly condemned its own soldiers as liars in the press.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel stands there with their hair on fire and insists they cannot smell smoke.

Mar 31 07:51

US warships creep into N. Korea backyard

Japan, South Korea and the US move warships into offensive positions as tensions rise over North Korean plans to test a ballistic missile.

The US, South Korea and Japan warn that North Korea will face UN sanctions under a 2006 Security Council resolution banning the country from any ballistic activity.

"This provocative action, in violation of the United Nations mandate, will not go unnoticed and there will be consequences," said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a recent visit to Mexico.

Clinton warned that Washington would itself put the issue before the UN Security Council for punitive measures.

The Japanese parliament has also taken an aggressive stance on the issue and passed a resolution on Tuesday, urging North Korea to abandon its planned launch.

Mar 31 07:31

Stop Arming Israel

Nearly everyone, with the possible exception of Dick Cheney, would agree that eight years of President George W. Bush did major damage to the good name and reputation of the United States. President Barack Obama, citing the sharp decline in favorable opinions of the U.S., repeatedly asserted that he would give top priority to restoring the country’s reputation in the eyes of the world. On a practical level, he has understood that a nation’s good name is a major component of an effective foreign policy, a highly desirable element that costs no money or lives but which can be more effective than any aid program.

Mar 31 06:39

Guns on Campus: Bills would allow concealed weapons on Texas college campuses

Guns on Campus: Bills would allow concealed weapons on Texas college campuses

By JIM VERTUNO | Associated Press | Mar 29, 09 12:06 PM CDT in US

John Woods sometimes sits in a classroom at the University of Texas and wonders what would happen if somebody walked in and started shooting.

Mar 31 06:13

Geithner's 'Dirty Little Secret' The Entire Global Financial System Is At Risk

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has unveiled his long-awaited plan to put the US banking system back in order. In doing so, he has refused to tell the 'dirty little secret' of the present financial crisis. By refusing to do so, he is trying to save de facto bankrupt US banks that threaten to bring the entire global system down in a new more devastating phase of wealth destruction.

Mar 31 06:10

Will $900 Baseball Tickets Sell? - Apparently in New York City Obama's Bailout Money is Betting, YES!

The New York Times Floyd Norris - Notions on High and Low Finance - This is the year that both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets open new stadiums, with fewer seats than the stadiums they replace. Both also have raised prices to levels that only an unlimited expense account could appreciate.

Mar 31 05:29

Paying in Full as the Ticket Into Colleges - The Meritocracy Has a Blow-Out

The New York Times Kate Zernike Facing fallen endowments and needier students, many colleges are looking more favorably on wealthier applicants as they make their admissions decisions this year.

Mar 31 04:40

It's a bird...It's a plane...No, it's Spitzer to the Rescue

Consider what Spitzer is saying; that the lumbering Goliath, AIG, is at the very center of the gigantic derivatives fraud which took trillion of dollars of undercapitalized credit default swaps (CDS) and sold them (as insurance) to myriad other financial institutions to help them maintain artificially high ratings on complex securities whose real value was always in doubt since the underlying collateral was connected to uncreditworthy borrowers who were more likely to default or go into foreclosure. Whew! These CDS are the paper claims to fictive wealth which greatly inflated the world's biggest speculative bubble. These unregulated swaps are the tissue that holds together the failing shadow banking system which both Geithner and Bernanke are committed to preserve.