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Oct 26 05:38

New England Journal Of Medicine Promotes Mandatory Vaccinations, Tells States How To Do It

As Covid-19 continues to exact a heavy toll, development of a vaccine appears the most promising means of restoring normalcy to civil life. Perhaps no scientific breakthrough is more eagerly anticipated. But bringing a vaccine to market is only half the challenge; also critical is ensuring a high enough vaccination rate to achieve herd immunity. Concerningly, a recent poll found that only 49% of Americans planned to get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.1

One option for increasing vaccine uptake is to require it. Mandatory vaccination has proven effective in ensuring high childhood immunization rates in many high-income countries. However, except for influenza vaccination of health care workers, mandates have not been widely used for adults.

Oct 26 05:37

New US Command for NATO Naval Battle in Europe

Anew NATO command was born in Norfolk (Virginia, USA): the Norfolk Joint Force Command, called "Atlantic Command," is a clone of the Naples Joint Force Command with headquarters in Lago Patria (Naples). Its constitution was approved by the North Atlantic Council at the Defense Ministers level (for Italy the first Conte Government’s Minister Elisabetta Trenta ), in June 2018.

Just as the NATO command in Naples is under the orders of the Admiral who commands the US naval forces in Europe including the Sixth Fleet, the NATO command in Norfolk is under the orders of the Admiral who commands the US Second Fleet. The Second Fleet’s "area of responsibility" covers the Western half of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic, while the other half is covered by the Sixth Fleet. The new "Allied" Norfolk command is, therefore, de facto part of the Pentagon’s chain of command as the command in Naples.

Oct 26 05:37

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l. Message for Freedom and Hope

Oct 26 05:36

Karabagh: NATO supports Turkey while seeking to eliminate President Erdo?an

In the Karabakh War, contemporary law is contradictory depending on whether it is interpreted in terms of ownership of the territory or the self-determination of the people. Taking advantage of this equivocation, the Turkish people (i.e., both Turkey and Azerbaijan) have just attacked this territory, self-proclaimed independent (Artsakh) although de facto linked to Armenia. Russia has already made it known that, according to the treaties, it will defend Armenia if it is attacked, but that its national security is not concerned by what is happening in Karabagh. Therefore, the only question is to establish whether Turkey has acted on the orders of the West, or whether it has taken an initiative that its own allies are likely to turn against it.

Oct 26 05:36

The fall of the Western Model

The Western model, based on capitalism and democracy, no longer manages to defend the general interest or guarantee popular sovereignty. By accumulating these two failures, it brings together the two ingredients of a generalized revolution.

Oct 26 05:35

World War 3 fears SOAR as German spy chief warns China is close to ‘world domination’

CHINA has been tipped as close to "world domination" by the former head of Germany's foreign intelligence agency, who also warned Europe they need to tackle Beijing's influence.

Gerhard Schindler, former head of the Federal Intelligence Service between 2011 and 2016, urged Germany to curb its “strategic dependence” on Beijing. He also urged the country to ban Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from its 5G network, in the same vein as the UK and other Beijing-skeptic nations. It comes world leaders have ramped up sanctions and surveillance against China over human rights violations and military actions in the South China Sea.

Oct 26 05:34

Oxford coronavirus vaccine is to get approval ahead of Christmas so it can be used for medics and the elderly BEFORE final trials are finished, says professor who is leading the project

Medics and high-risk patients are likely to receive Oxford's Covid-19 vaccine before the end of the year, the professor leading the project said.

Adrian Hill said emergency approval would allow those most in need to receive the jab while the final trials are still under way.

Full authorisation would then follow, meaning the rest of the population could receive the vaccine from early 2021.

Oct 26 05:34

Middle-class jobs bloodbath: Commuter towns and seaside resorts are bearing the brunt with a MILLION more people facing the dole before Christmas after furlough scheme ends this weekend, economic experts warn

The pandemic has created a middle-class unemployment crisis that will get 'much worse' as Christmas approaches, experts warn.

Analysis reveals the extent of the jobs bloodbath in commuter towns, resorts and manufacturing hubs.

The number on the dole has already tripled in the hardest-hit towns and cities.

Oct 26 05:33

Young family in Australia fined $10,000 for crossing border to buy supplies

A young family from Melbourne, Australia, was fined $10,000 for crossing city borders to buy food and vitamins amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In an interview with Rebel News, the family — identified as Joshua Deen, his wife Ailes and their four children — said they’re struggling to pay the fine, which is almost impossible to do because of the pandemic.

Oct 26 05:32

‘Rigged election?’ Trump seizes on Biden's latest gaffe, boasting about 'most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD' organization

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's remark that his party has created “the most extensive voter fraud organization” has reinforced the former VP’s “gaffe-machine” status, giving the Republicans a free gotcha moment.

"We're in a situation where we have put together – and you guys did it for our admi ... the president, Obama's administration before this – we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics," Biden says in a video that began circulating on social media on Saturday.

The apparent verbal flub, made just 10 days out from the November 3 election, has caught the attention of the former VP’s detractors, including US President Donald Trump.

Oct 26 05:32

Germany's top Covid-19 research body firebombed overnight in possible politically motivated arson attack – police

Unidentified perpetrators have thrown bottles and "incendiary devices" at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. The incident was relatively minor, but the target is a top institution leading the national effort to combat Covid-19.

The attack happened at around 2:40am on Sunday morning, the German police said. The projectiles were thrown at the facade of the building, breaking a window pane and producing some flames. A security guard put out the fire, which caused no injuries.

Whoever was behind the attack escaped the scene. The police said they are treating the investigation very seriously because it may have been a "politically motivated attempted arson."

Oct 26 05:31

Luxury retailers in NYC’s trendy SoHo district looted by BLM rioters, owners threatened to keep quiet or be accused of “racism”

Black Lives Matter rioters have been pillaging luxury goods stores in New York City’s SoHo District, but store managers aren’t going after the looters for fear of being labeled racist and ruining their brand. Interestingly, these are the same luxury brands that supported the BLM movement amid the George Floyd riots in May.

The New York Post reported that luxury shops along Wooster, Greene and Mercer Streets had merchandise worth “hundreds of thousands of dollars” stolen. Security officers assigned to the shops can only do so much: The looters have threatened them to keep quiet or be labeled racist.

Oct 26 05:31

Russia to open WORLD’S LARGEST gold mine in Siberia

Russia's largest gold miner Polyus said it is working on securing 100 percent ownership of the Sukhoi Log gold deposit in Siberia, which has estimated reserves of 540 million tons of ore, containing 40 million troy ounces of gold.

According to the firm, the undeveloped Siberian deposit is the largest in the world. “As of May 31, 2020, ore reserves are initially estimated at 540 million tons with an average gold grade of 2.3 grams per ton. This is equivalent to 40 million ounces,” said Polyus chief executive Pavel Grachev. “This confirms Sukhoi Log's status as the world’s largest new and active gold mine.”

Oct 26 05:26

‘Rocks’ & punches thrown as anti-Trump protesters CLASH with ‘Jews for Trump’ parade in NYC (VIDEOS)

A massive car parade of Jewish Donald Trump supporters was met with violent resistance in New York City, with counter-protesters throwing projectiles at cars and trading punches with the conservative demonstrators.

The cars, many of which sported American, Israeli, and pro-Trump flags, all crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and, at one point, passed Trump Tower, honking repeatedly as they passed the building.

Oct 26 05:26

Peter Hitchens: The UK economy is going to go over the edge

Oct 26 05:25

'Washington Has No Idea About Who It Deals With': Erdogan Brushes Off US Criticism Over S-400

On Saturday, Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar stated that the country’s military is checking its S-400 air defence systems and preparing them for deployment.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made it clear once again that Ankara does not intend to abandon the S-400 missile systems purchased from Russia.

"The United States does not know who it is dealing with. You told us to send the S-400s back to Russia. But we are not a tribal state, we are Turkey", Erdogan told a meeting in the city of Malatya on Sunday.

Oct 26 05:25

UNCOVERED: How Joe Biden Got Millions In Foreign Bribes | Rudy Giuliani

Oct 26 05:24

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Joe Biden's corruption scandal and the social media cover-up

Oct 26 05:24

London Has Fallen | Financial Collapse

Oct 26 05:23

Biden Goes Mental As Nearby MAGA Supporters Are Louder Than His Own Crowd

An irritated Joe Biden lashed out at a group of Trump supporters who tried to crash his campaign appearance in Pennsylvania.

“We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys,” he told supporters ensconced in about 130 cars at a drive-in rally at Bucks County Community College in Newtown.

He was referring to scores of fans of President Trump, driving pickup trucks and SUVs draped with American flags and campaign banners, who invaded a nearby parking lot to honk horns and try to shout the Democrat down, within obvious earshot of the candidate

Oct 26 05:23

Beijing Slaps Sanctions On Raytheon, Lockheed & Boeing In Retaliation For Taiwan Arms Sales

As President Trump and VP Mike Pence (recent COVID-19 infections be damned) fan out across the country for a last-minute pre-Election Day push to get out the vote, Beijing is adding to its long-promised retaliation for TikTok, Hong Kong, the Xinjiang sanctions, all President Trump's COVID-19-related China bashing and - most importantly - Taiwan.

After Beijing sanctioned Lockheed Martin over its involvement in "Torpedoes for Taiwan", the CCP is following up with more economic attacks on American defense contractors, guaranteeing that the Chinese response, and its attendant economic impact, will be elevated to an important talking point and - more importantly - another risk factor for already-uneasy markets, struggling to digest the political uncertainty combined with new record numbers of COVID-19 cases in the US and Europe.

Oct 26 05:22

The More The EU Tightens Its Grip, The More Countries Slip Through Its Fingers

It finally looks like the four-and-a-half-year saga of Brexit is coming to an ignominious end. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the final bluff of the incompetent bureaucrats in Brussels, walking away from trade talks while leaving the door open.

But that door is only open if the EU is willing to crawl in on its knees and give the UK what it wants, a minimal free trade deal, Canada-style, which was offered by then President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

The EU played hardball giving zero ground for four years while undermining the UK from within its own political and bureaucratic structures. It was as transparent as it was cynical, but it couldn’t sway the British people and that gave Johnson the political will to just say no.

Oct 26 05:22

Watch: Furious Welshman Tears Down Sheeting Off "Non-Essential" Goods In COVID-Lockdown Protest

A video out of Wales shows a furious shopper in a branch of Tesco tearing away plastic sheeting used to cover “non-essential” goods while decrying a COVID lockdown that is robbing people of “basic human needs.”

As we highlighted yesterday, photos began emerging of bedding and other supermarket items deemed “non-essential” being covered with plastic sheeting to prevent people in Wales from buying them.

Now a new video has emerged of an irate Welshman tearing down similar sheeting in a branch of Tesco in Bangor last night.

Oct 26 05:21

'Renminbi Diplomacy': How China Bought The US Government?

In an explosive scoop, alternative news outlet Zero Hedge has laid bare how China’s state apparatchik clandestinely baited the family members of the Obama-era vice president and secretary of state into joint business ventures in order to surreptitiously influence the trade and economic policies of the US government favoring China’s geo-economic interests spanning the globe.

Here are a few relevant excerpts from the investigative report authored by Christopher Balding, Associate Professor at Peking University HSBC School of Business Shenzhen, China, and also a Bloomberg contributor:

“Hunter Biden partnered with the Chinese state. Entire investment partnership is Chinese state money from social security fund to China Development Bank. It is actually a subsidiary of the Bank of China. This is not remotely anything less than a Chinese state-funded play.

Oct 26 05:21

Air Force Selects BAE Systems To Design Combat Drone For Skyborg Program

The Air Force, under the Skyborg program, has awarded defense firm BAE Systems with a contract of up to $400 million to develop a "digital design" for a fully autonomous drone that will fly with the service's stealth fighters.

The aim is for BAE to produce a low-cost autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle that will fly with manned stealth fighters to increase air combat power.

Ehtisham Siddiqui, vice president and general manager of Controls and Avionics Solutions at BAE Systems, said the "need to generate combat power faster than our adversaries is critical to address near-peer threats."

Siddiqui said, "this award will accelerate the development and deployment of manned-unmanned teaming technologies to give the U.S. Air Force a decisive edge in the battlespace."

Oct 26 05:18

Why Equality Of Outcome Can Never, Ever Work

A sharp, divisive cultural debate in the United States is that of equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome.

In the early 20th century, in support of equality of outcome, Soviet communist dictator Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase, "Who, Whom." The concept was simple.

In a socialist society, where equality of outcome takes precedence over equality of opportunity, a critical question arises: who plans, directs, and redistributes the resources of a society, and to who is the beneficiary, or victim — the object, the "whom" — of said redistribution?

Oct 26 05:06

Beyond Parody: CNN Warns Conservatives Are Seeking to 'Discredit' Facebook & Big Tech Ahead Of Election

Big Tech seizing control of our entire election apparatus, banning right-wing dissidents en masse, rigging search results, giving billions-worth of in-kind contributions to Democrats and tens of millions directly to get-out-the-vote campaigns in Democratic strongholds, and censoring news stories to protect Joe Biden and help defeat Donald Trump is nothing to worry about -- the real threat is conservatives complaining about it online!

Oct 26 05:05

Joe Biden Confuses Donald Trump With George Bush

If you're wondering why Joe Biden on Sunday decided to call a lid on in-person campaigning with just 9 days left until the election, this might be a clue!

Oct 26 05:05

Kamala Harris Rally In Detroit Draws Dozens

A few hours after Joe Biden called a lid on all in-person campaigning, Kamala Harris held a rally in the Democratic stronghold of Detroit which drew dozens.

Oct 26 05:04

Report: Trump Will Move to 'Immediately Fire' FBI Director Chris Wray, CIA Head & Def Sec If Reelected

President Trump is reportedly looking to clean house during his second term.

October 25, 2020

Oct 25 21:17

Feds Halt Coronavirus Vaccine Awareness Campaign That Included Santa, Report Says

The federal government has brought a coronavirus vaccine advertising campaign that would have included Santa Claus performers to a grinding halt.

Oct 25 21:16

Pelosi Says She Wants To Be Speaker Again If Dems Control House

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who is seeking an eighteenth term in the House of Representatives, told CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Sunday morning that she also wants to be Speaker of the House again, should Democrats retain their majority.

Oct 25 21:14

Expensify users drop company after left-wing CEO sends unsolicited email telling users to vote for Biden

The CEO of Expensify, a software company that developed an expense management system for businesses, made headlines last week for sending his 10 million customers an unsolicited email claiming they are voting against democracy if they support President Donald Trump.

Oct 25 21:13

Buzz Aldrin shuns fellow astronaut Mark Kelly, will endorse Arizona Republican ?Martha McSally

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin endorsed Republican Sen. Martha McSally for the Senate seat in Arizona, snubbing her challenger, former astronaut Mark Kelly.

Oct 25 21:11

Biden Draws 130 Cars At Rally, Obama Doesn’t Fare Much Better

For example, on Saturday, only 130 cars reportedly showed up for a Biden drive-in rally at the Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania, according to the New York Post.

Oct 25 21:11

‘60 Minutes’ Host Tells Harris She Is The Most Far-Left Member Of U.S. Senate. Harris Struggles To Respond.

“You’re very different in the policies that you’ve supported in the past,” CBS News host Norah O’Donnell said. “You’re considered the most liberal United States senator.”

Oct 25 21:10

Massive 'Jews for Trump' rally in NYC, pro-Trump caravan attacked with rocks, eggs and paint

There was a massive pro-Trump car parade on Sunday in New York City. The parade was touted as the "largest Jewish car parade in history." Vehicles left from Coney Island to drive by Trump Tower in Manhattan and finish with a Trump rally in a park in Brooklyn.

Oct 25 19:21

Green haired girl has voted TRUMP

Oct 25 18:58

Reports: Wray Had Hunter’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Since December — Kept It a Secret from President Trump

On Saturday Chinese G-TV released several images and video from Hunter Biden’s laptop including video and photos of his drug-induced sexual escapades.

Oct 25 18:36

Statistical analysis of 118 studies proves 'efficacy' of Hydroxychloroquine

Positive Hydroxychloroquine trials and studies continue to pour in from across the world supporting the efficacy of the drug in treating COVID-19 despite the “sneering luvvies,” according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Mr Dean said a group of PhD researchers and scientists have done a statistical analysis of all 118 studies from around the globe and have reached some “crushing conclusions”.

Oct 25 17:57

Biden 'Called A Lid' With 9 Days Until Election, NYT Reports

"With nine days until Election Day, Biden has no in-person events today and his campaign has called a lid," New York Times reporter Thomas Kaplan revealed Sunday, citing reporting from fellow Times reporter Katie Glueck.

Oct 25 16:43

Joe Biden: We've Put Together 'The Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization' In U.S. History

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden boasted Saturday that his campaign has put together "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."

Oct 25 11:53

Birth rates will drop, people will stay single for longer and women will sexualise themselves more: Scientists predict how society will change in a post-COVID world

A multidisciplinary team of experts reviewed 90 studies to make their forecasts
The team predict various social impacts — even among those not infected
Gender inequality could rise due to lockdown, as could social conservatism

Oct 25 11:36

Pence To Keep Up Campaign Travel; Members Of Staff Have Contracted Virus

Vice President Mike Pence will continue to hold campaign events as an outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred among top aides in his office, the White House said Sunday.

Oct 25 11:33

Activists In Poland Protest After Court Rules Women Can’t Abort Babies With Congenital Defects

Abortion activists in Poland have been protesting for four days after the country’s constitutional court ruled it unconstitutional to abort a fetus with congenital defects.

Oct 25 11:30

ll provide updates as we know more,” Conley wrote.

New York state faces a nearly $60 billion budget deficit through 2024.
The answer? Pot.

Oct 25 11:27

Biden, While Promoting ‘Unity,’ Insults Trump Supporters As His Rally Gets Drowned Out: ‘Those Chumps’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden insulted Trump supporters who showed up to a speech of his in Pennsylvania on Saturday in such overwhelming numbers that, according to journalists at the event, the event practically turned into a Trump rally.

Oct 25 11:18

CNN's Van Jones attacked by liberals for saying Trump 'has done good stuff for the black community' and 'does not get enough credit'

CNN commentator Van Jones applauded President Donald Trump for the work he has done for the black community. Liberals immediately turned on Jones, lashing out at the progressive pundit for giving Trump even the slightest acknowledgment that the president has attempted to help black Americans.

Oct 25 11:17

Backlash is swift and immediate against 'former Republican' who targets, doxxes Trump-supporting nuns

Three nuns wearing "MAGA" face masks attended President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Ohio on Saturday, setting the internet ablaze.

Oct 25 11:15

California middle school student threatened with jail for missing online Zoom classes

A middle school student in California was threatened with being put in jail for missing online Zoom classes, according to the boy's father.

Oct 25 10:57

Trump tears into Biden's 'corruption' and tax plans, slams 'hate-laced' Obama and promises a 'thundering victory' over the 'anti-American' Democrats during back-to-back rallies in Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin

President Donald Trump wrapped up a series of campaign rallies in swing states on Saturday, blasting his Democratic opponent Joe Biden as a corrupt politician and creature of Washington while painting himself as a political outsider.

Oct 25 10:55

FIVE of Mike Pence's aides test positive for COVID: VP's chief of staff, his senior political advisor and three more of his staff members get infected

Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, senior political adviser and three other members of staff have tested positive for coronavirus, according to reports.

Oct 25 10:54

The Trillion-Dollar F-35 Fighter Program Does Not Make Americans Safer

Overspending on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program does not make America any safer. The president’s military spending increase is based on the false premise that more spending equals more security. More spending may even make America less safe by spending us into bankruptcy.

The F-35 program is expected to cost well over $1 trillion when it is fully operational and deployed. That massive investment will serve to enrich government contractors while giving interventionist politicians an offensive weapon of war. This program was created as a “too big to fail” scheme where once the government starts the process of making these fighter jets, they will have spent so much money that they can’t back away. The F-35 program is a bad deal for the taxpayer while promoting a policy that will make these same taxpayers less safe.

Oct 25 10:53

Trump the Winner in November – Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, predicted in September that the massive cheating campaign by Democrats will not work. Celente said, “Trump will use the power of the Presidency to extend this thing as much as he can, proving fraud and not leaving because of that. Now, Celente has a few new predictions. Celente contends, “Young people are not going to come out to vote for Joe Biden. . . .You can see this at his campaign rallies because nobody is showing up. The young just don’t have the enthusiasm for Joe.”