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Nuclear War: Hopefully Just A Bad Dream

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From the conclusion:

Notably, there were two types of nuclear scenarios with which The Powers That Be in my dreamworld had not seen fit to torture me, and with which I therefore had not had the misfortune to have had any familiarity. One of them is the aftereffects, environmental and political, of a modern-day First Strike by the United States....


Dreamt, last night, that WW3 started.

And we may have started it.

Well, can't say for sure if it was a world war, since the dream ended after the detonation of the (first?) rather large device. Somewhere very far away, due west (I live in Oakland, CA)....


I used to have incredibly realistic nightmares, all five senses included, at least once a month and sometimes once or twice a week, starting when I was maybe six or seven and only subsiding in young adulthood.

I have... been at ground zero, where the last living thought (Stupid, stupid, senseless waste) persists from a kind of inertia an infinitely long nanosecond after my body has been vaporized into hot dense wet light.

Been far enough away that it takes two weeks or more to die... Been farther out, having to cope with the despair, and the panic, and the sheer impossibility of keeping fallout out of your house and your food and your body...all manner of devices, high and low yield, tactical, air-burst, underwater, neutron, lithium, ICBM, rogue, you name it...

Hope this one was just a bad dream.

Be seeing you,

a female faust.