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Jerome Hauer and Jack Bauer

I have often thought how fortunate for the creator of the hit Fox action TV show "24" that they picked November of 200l to air the first show. Think of it! This was a TV show that mirrored the times so perfectly. Jack Bauer belonged to an illusive counter-terrorist unit that went out and did things that most elected officials wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. He got to torture Muslim terrorist, for example. He knew the enemies: Muslims, Chinese, and Russians. Jerome Hauer also worked for a kind of counter-terrorist unit, Kroll Associates. Now Jerome is working for Homeland Security and he is worried about a bioterrorist attack. Jack Bauer is worried about a bioterrorist attack too. Does anyone think that Jack Bauer might be the action hero side of Jerome Hauer. Recently I was thinking about 9 11 and how in the end everything comes down to the security company in those buildings, which I think was Kroll Security. Somehow someone had to let those guys into the buildings? Right? We aren't sure. Recently, too, I read that Jerome Hauer is thinking about Jack Bauer because he said on his blog that Jack Bauer was afraid of bioterrorism and he was too. But he is ready to vacinate all of us. Somehow that doesn't make me feel so good. But, then, I never liked Jack Bauer either.