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Jan 13 12:26

01-13-17 Thought for the Day

"Presenting the patient with truth and facts is a threat to their identity eliciting anger and resentment" -- Sigmund Freud

While not true for everybody,might very well be true for all people who have mental/emotional problems, even if expressed as a physical illness. Plenty of people get their identity from their 'illness'. They'd rather suffer pain, discomfort, and worse than to let go of it by trying natural methods or change of lifestyle.
How often have I heard diabetes sufferers say: Do you really think anyone would want to have this illness" when offered suggestions for diet changes. Well, what can you say to that other than the honest truth, which simply is "Yes, some rather lose toes, vision, life and limb than make the changes and I do believe that it is because the person holding on to an illness gets more attention, reward by having the problem, than by getting/being well.

Jul 12 11:45

Wow - the attacks are more heavy than ever

This morning I have encountered more error notices - meaning that no connection can be made, than ever before.
Michael, WRH must really hit on nerves.
Consider it a good sign. ;-)

Apr 22 14:58

Comments on Hellstorm Video.

Comments on HELL STORM

Born in late 1930s in Stuttgart,Germany, emigrating to the USA in 1960, well read, interested in history and yet, so much of this I never knew. Sure, we lived through air raids, after war were looted by the the French occupational forces, family members were raped, and the American occupiers confiscated my family home, including furniture and all else and we heard of the horrors experienced by the people fleeing west before the Russians, but I NEVER had any idea just how bad things were for so many. I also never knew of the hate Eisenhower had for Germans. Never was aware that Hitler's Germany lived up to the GENEVA Convention with 90% POW camp survivors, whereas the Allies (including the USA) had 85% death in camps where Nazis were held (all Germans were dubbed Nazis)after 1945.

Then, the Morgenthau Plan, which was meant to permanently erase the Germsan nation and culture within 2 generations.

Mar 27 15:36

Why Women Destry Nations

While probably VERY unpopular with women's libbers, this nonetheless is a most interesting program, one I had not seen discussed much.

As a woman, old enough to have lived through WWII in Europe, post war and women's Lib era as well as being a student of history and current events, I would say that this is possibly one of the most interesting bits I have come across in quite a while.

Mar 19 12:55

About the flaws of science

Here is a link to listen to about how flawed science can be.
I enjoyed listening while breakfasting in the sunshine. Well worth it.
Listen to this article for the blind from Analog Magazine:

Mar 13 15:39

Hungary fights refugee invasion with pigs

That's the Spirit:
How the Hungarians are stopping Muslims from crossing the border into their country

WEBMASTER ADDITION: The above image is faked.

Hungary, and many places in the world depend heavily on pork for a meat source, also for many other products.
But in many places in the UK and Canada now school lunches etc. are to be pork free.
Even a Tennessee school wanted to go that way:

Then, there is the Pershing story:
(Although Snopes, hardly an unbiased source, is not confirming it but can't deny it either.)

and a TEXAN after my own heart:

Mar 11 12:53

If economy so good, why this?

Is the Obameconomy as good as he says and unemployment as low as the government says?

If it is, then how can they explain what happened in Palmdale, California yesterday?

Smart and Final had a job fair to hire 50 employees for ONE new store here. 2,000 people showed up, starting before daylight at 4:30 AM.

That does not sound like the healthy economy Obama claims.

Mar 11 11:05

Happy Birthday WRH

Happy Birthday and may the day come everybody tells what really happened.

Mike and Clair,you and WHR deserves more than a TWINKY. If I knew how, I'd put up the picture of one of those 12 tier cakes used at some weddings.

Keep up the good work.