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Comments on Hellstorm Video.

Comments on HELL STORM

Born in late 1930s in Stuttgart,Germany, emigrating to the USA in 1960, well read, interested in history and yet, so much of this I never knew. Sure, we lived through air raids, after war were looted by the the French occupational forces, family members were raped, and the American occupiers confiscated my family home, including furniture and all else and we heard of the horrors experienced by the people fleeing west before the Russians, but I NEVER had any idea just how bad things were for so many. I also never knew of the hate Eisenhower had for Germans. Never was aware that Hitler's Germany lived up to the GENEVA Convention with 90% POW camp survivors, whereas the Allies (including the USA) had 85% death in camps where Nazis were held (all Germans were dubbed Nazis)after 1945.

Then, the Morgenthau Plan, which was meant to permanently erase the Germsan nation and culture within 2 generations.
Well that first attempt starting in 1945 did not work, actually the Germans and the Wirtschaftswunder seemed to bloom from 1949 onward, after the currency was devalued 100:1.

Well, Morgenthau and his compadres can cheer now, because they did not ruin the German spirit at first, no matter how horrid their methods, but with the political correctness, emasculation of the male population, along with the dwindling birthrates and flooding the west with culturally very different, mostly young males, they are well on the way to not only erase German culture but the entire western culture.

Lord of Flies: civilization is, at best, not more than skin-deep

WW Three is an awful idea.

Heaven help us!