End Socialism!

End socialism, all of it. Eliminate public education, real men (children) learn for themselves. Eliminate libraries, if you want to be educated, pay for books like everyone else. Dump public water and power and especially trash pick up – the private sector can handle it all just fine and real Americans are happy to pick up the tab for corporate profits when it comes to human necessity.

Sell the postal service; let the private sector deliver, keep those prices escalating, because profit is god. Shut down any public hospital, the healthy are only those who can afford it – the poor can wither and die. Right there on the streets. Hell, the private sector can pick up their desiccated bodies – I'm sure they'd be glad to charge you to remove diseased corpses from your yard. A real growth industry in capitalist paradises.

Definitely get rid of police and firefighters – both these jobs can be done by the private sector and we can be billed as they see fit. And the courts. Who better than corporations to determine justice, right? Those with the greatest profits can write us up a new corporate friendlier constitution and charge us per use – a proprietary constitution.

And, to be truly rid of the scourge of socialism, we must eliminate the military and other governmental law enforcement agencies – why should someone on the west coast have to pay to protect someone on the east coast from invasion and attack? If we can’t afford to protect their health, why bother protecting their bodies? We can just pay Xe to do it.

Those of us with any money left.

Every rugged individualist was fed by a socialist at some time or another. Socialism is society working for each other, capitalism is gambling for oneself. Is our world stronger inhabited by selfish gamblers or generous workers? One supposes the sickness of a society can be determined by looking at the availability of its health care. According to the World Health Organization, the USA ranks around 39th.

Either accept socialism, or end cherry picking. Society is socialist by its very nature. Civilization couldn’t exist otherwise.