Jun 11 03:30

Container Ship Orders Surge As Firms Race To Add Capacity

About a year ago, shipbreaking was in full swing as the global economy was in tatters. After Western economies injected trillions of dollars in fiscal stimulus, supercharging consumers, maritime traffic between the US and China has been off the charts, resulting in shipping lines adding new capacity.

The latest spending patterns in the West show things are getting back to normal as consumers are using credit cards and debit cards (where the stimmy checks arrive) to buy items mostly made overseas. They are highly confident about the future and are spending like there is no tomorrow - triggering supply constraints as supply chains remain tangled from the virus pandemic.

To deal with the resurgent consumer demand, shipping companies are ordering new container ships to increase capacity.

Jun 10 09:55

Copper Is The New Gold For U.S. Ammo Makers And The Chinese Companies They’re Competing With For Scarce Supplies

U.S. ammunition makers are competing with Chinese companies for copper, a metal that is essential for building construction and the manufacture of electronics.

Gun sales are continuing to accelerate to record heights during the coronavirus pandemic, as Americans arm themselves for self-protection against an increasingly scary world with civil unrest and rising crime. Guns need ammunition, and making it requires raw materials like gunpowder, brass for the shells and copper for the bullets.

“Copper is very big for us,” said Vista Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz in a recent interview.

Copper is part of a soft zinc alloy that jackets the lead bullet to protect the inside of the gun barrel when firing. But copper is also an important ingredient in keeping the lights on around the world, and in running our computers and phones.

Jun 10 09:01

China passes law to counter foreign sanctions

China has passed a law to counter foreign sanctions, as it strives to diffuse pressure from the United States and the European Union over trade, technology, Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

China’s top legislature, the National People’s Congress standing committee (NPC) passed the law on Thursday, according to state television CCTV. But details of its contents have not yet been released.

The new law is China’s latest and most wide-ranging legal tool to respond to foreign sanctions and local experts say it is intended to give Chinese retaliatory measures more legitimacy and predictability.

Foreign companies, however, worry about the dampening effect it might have on foreign investment.

Jun 10 08:53

Pentagon announces new classified programs to counter China

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday directed the Pentagon to start several new initiatives to counter China, though details were scarce on what exactly the efforts would be.

Senior defense officials told reporters that the internal directive will "address the challenge from China," mainly through better cooperation with U.S. allies and partners, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

"This directive from the secretary is ultimately about getting the department's house in order and ensuring that the department lives up to the stated prioritization of China as the No. 1 pacing challenge," one official said.

But it was unclear how the initiatives - the result of recommendations made by a 23-member Defense Department task force President Biden set up in February - would be different from those already in place, as several of the new efforts will be classified.

Jun 10 08:51

We've got your back: Japan throws its support behind Australia and blasts China's 'illegal territorial claims' and extraordinary tariffs on our exports - amid fears we're on the brink of war

  • Foreign and defence ministers of Japan and Australia held talks on Wednesday
  • They released a joint statement criticising Chinese 'economic coercion'
  • Beijing has blocked several key Australian exports such as beef and barley
  • Scott Morrison has warned 'conflict' in the Indo-Pacific is growing more likely

Japan has thrown its support behind Australia to slam Chinese 'economic coercion' and 'destabilising' actions in the Indo-Pacific amid fears the region is on the brink of war.

Foreign and defence ministers from the two allied countries held online talks to strengthen their security ties on Wednesday in the face of an increasingly assertive Beijing.

Jun 10 07:33

Mongolia Reports Fresh COVID Outbreak Despite High Vaccination Rates

For weeks now, Mongolia has been touted as an unexpected success story in the international vaccination project: the poor, mostly rural country lies between northeastern China and Russia's resource-rich east.

The country, which struck deals with its neighbors to stock its vaccine coffers months ago, drew attention due to its climbing international vaccination rate. But in recent days, Mongolia's COVID-19 rate has surged, raising questions about the efficacy of China's vaccines.

Jun 10 07:10

Wuhan Lab 'Experts' Deny Lab Leak, Claim No Workers Sickened With COVID-19

Anonymous experts at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) have dismissed theories that COVID-19 leaked from their lab, as well as US intelligence that three lab workers fell ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, according to Chinese state-run ECNS.CN.

The experts, who requested anonymity, said individuals from the West can present their proof if they have any. They also dismissed as groundless the reports from some media outlets that three workers from the institute had contracted the virus. -ECNS

According to a May 23 report by the WSJ, Three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were so sick in November of 2019 that they sought hospitalization.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but what the hell did you expect elements of the CPP to say?!?

Hell yes, we are creating bioweapons with which to kill all Westerners?!?

And I have to wonder; were there, or will there be, "genetic markers" in that Covid-19, or future bioweapons, with which to target certain ethnicities?!?

Jun 10 07:05

Blinken Props Up Biden In European Charade For New Cold War

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Blinken is staying close to his boss during the whirlwind tour, because Biden is liable to spin out of control and reap an embarrassing collapse.

It’s a big ask for a frail 78-year-old U.S. president to rally the world around a series of myths and falsehoods. Biden flies to Europe this week to galvanize allies under strong American leadership of supposed shared “democratic values” in a “historic confrontation” with the “autocracies” of China and Russia.

President Joe Biden’s worldview is so disconnected from reality that it is going to prove difficult mentally for him to consistently and coherently make the case over a series of summits in the next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is of deepest concern to me, watching this charade unfolding, which would be hysterically funny, if not for the potentially deadly consequences, is that it is imminently possible, that Blinken will not be able to manage keeping the wanted "cold wars" against Russia and China, from turning "hot".

The intelligence operatives in both countries are no slouches, and have
probably very much "twigged on" to the reality, that the Unhinged Surveilled State of Amerika, is "woke, broke, dystopian, and at war with itself."

Can a country dealing with these realities succeed in a war against both Russia and China, which would probably be the case, if the US aggravates both or either enough?!?

Folks, the short answer here is, "HELL, no!!"

So, since those in power in this country give not a flying frisbee about what happens to its citizens, should war ensure from their idiotic foreign policies, because they have taken measures to protect themselves from most unpleasantness, we have to take care of ourselves and each other the best we can.

Please make sure that you have potable water; storable food; and extra medications for yourselves and your pets, should the excrement hit the fan.
Flashlights; batteries; basic first aid equipment are also of the highest importance. Find people you know with whom you can create a community, where you can share services and barter.

We could very well be going back to a 19th century life style in a moment's notice, should a series of EMPs take out the electrical grid in this county, in light of the reality that our power grids are woefully unprotected.

Jun 10 06:32

China's White Collar Workers Face Invasive Surveillance By 'Big Tech' Overlords

For a Communist nation, the People's Republic has notoriously weak labor protections. While gig economy workers face tremendous pressure to put in long hours with few breaks, as it turns out, their white-collar cousins are facing similar pressures to put in long hours as well.

Nikkei's story starts out with testimony from Andy Wang, an IT professional in Hong Kong, whose company has been ratcheting up efforts to monitor its workforce. They call it DiSanZhiYan, or "Third Eye." The software, installed on the laptop of every employee, monitors all their communications and movements, as well as their browsing activity and software and app usage.

The invasive software would automatically file complaints and every once in a while an employee would be fired. Finally, things like 20-hours work days began to seem impossibly daunting.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch for this to become an " expected reality" at American companies as well.

Jun 10 05:07


Jun 09 14:34

As America struggles with gun violence, China faces its own public safety threat: mass stabbings

As the United States routinely faces the tragedy of mass shootings, China is struggling to put an end to its own threat to public safety: indiscriminate stabbings.

Over the weekend, six people were killed and 14 injured after a knife-wielding man stabbed passersby on a pedestrian shopping street in the eastern Chinese city of Anqing. Videos circulating on social media show wounded pedestrians lying on the pavement, covered in blood.

Police quickly arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect, a 25-year-old unemployed man who was seeking to "vent anger over family troubles and pessimism," according to a local government statement.

The incident is the latest among a spate of public attacks in China in recent months. With guns strictly controlled and out of reach for ordinary people, knives have become the most common weapon used in such atrocities.

Jun 09 13:53

China Says 'Biggest Threat to U.S. is U.S. Itself' As Bill to Fund Competition Passes

China has rejected the inclusion of language targeting the People's Republic in a new bill passed by Congress to bolster science and technology.

Beijing believes that the United States' greatest rival is not China, but the U.S. itself.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin criticized what he referred to as the "Cold War zero-sum mentality" that filled the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act passed Tuesday by lawmakers in Washington. A key point of the legislation is billions in funding for research and development, supply chains and other areas meant to "address the rising military, geopolitical, and economic competition from China."

It was this sort of sentiment with which Wang took serious exception.

Jun 09 12:34

Is the “3 Seas Initiative” the West’s Answer to China’s Belt and Road?

Op-Ed by Brian Berletic

To counter not only China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) but also Russia’s growing ties with Western Europe, an “alternative” infrastructure drive is being proposed that if and when completed, Washington, London, and Brussels hopes will further contain Russia and cut China off from European markets.

Called the “Three Seas Initiative,” it is described in a Bloomberg op-ed titled, “This Is How Europe Can Push Back Against China and Russia,” as:

"…a joint endeavor by 12 eastern members of the European Union to update the physical and digital links between the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Seas."

The op-ed argues that the initiative is the only way to fight off “Russian bullying and Chinese meddling.”

Jun 09 09:19

CCP lied; people died..

Jun 09 09:00

More European Firms Onshoring In China Than Offshoring, Complicates Biden's Decoupling Plan

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China published a new survey titled "European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2021," which stated European businesses are onshoring some of their supply chains and investing more in China.

Out of the 585 European Chamber member companies operating in China, about 60% were expected to expand operations in the country, up from 51% last year. Half of the respondents reported profit margins in China were higher than their global average, increasing from 38% a year prior.

Jun 09 08:59

China Mulls Unprecedented Legislation To Counter Western Sanctions

Beijing is poised to take an unprecedented step in its latest efforts to combat US and Western sanctions which have recently been ratcheted up particularly surrounding the Uyghur issue in Xinjiang. A draft law is now being examined by the National People's Congress (NCP) which would shield Chinese entities and institutions from "the unilateral and discriminatory measures imposed by foreign countries" and ultimately the "long arm jurisdiction" of the United States, according to state media.

Jun 09 08:38

America’s Coming War With China

Given the rise in anti-Chinese sentiment spawned by the off-shoring of America’s production base to China, the impact of COVID-19, and hyperbolic rhetoric in Washington regarding China’s alleged malevolent aspirations, any number of observers of American politics might easily conclude that Washington is on the precipice of blundering into another war—this time with China. After all, a similar climate of deep-seated paranoia and military hysteria steered the world’s great powers blindly into war in 1914.

Jun 09 06:57

Watch: Fauci Pal Daszak Describes "Chinese Colleagues" Developing "Killer" Coronaviruses

Authored by Natalie Winters via,

EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak – who collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on research funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease – appears to boast about the manipulation of “killer” SARS-like coronaviruses carried out by his “colleagues in China” in a clip unearthed by The National Pulse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please watch this video, and come to your own conclusions; that process, embracing both logic and deduction, is something that all elements of the Deep State despise when they have collectively been lying through their teeth about.... anything.

And folks, we have been lied to, big-time from the getgo on this Covid-19 pandemic, to save a few uber-affluent jackasses, both Chinese and American, from massive embarrassment.

What about guilt?!? People who do this kind of work, developing bioweapons, have none, as they have had what was left of a conscience surgically removed.

But it is the people at the top, who gave the go-ahead for the development of these "gain of function" experiments, both Chinese and American (and whoever else) who desperately need to be massively discredited.

To those who lost family and friends to this horrible bioweapon, focus your anger not on violence, but ona complete public condemnation of those "Branch Covidians" like Fauci, Gates, ect., whose dogma of "massive population reduction through disease and medications" is writ large, in the escape of this virus.

In my world, they knew it would kill a certain percentage of the people who contracted it, and that, to folks like Bill Gates, is "perfectly wonderful", because we have too many "useless eaters" on the planet anyway.

And now we have people dying from the Pfizer and Moderna medicines, which were NEVER LICENCED AS VACCINES, but emergency licensed as "experimental MRNA gene therapy, but those who developed this knew this was going to happen to a certain percentage of those who got these jabs.

And that is OK with them?!?

Remember: the only people to whom heads of large pharmaceutical companies are responsible, are their shareholderas, period, end of discussion; and those shareholders are looking at one hell of a "cash cow" with these jabs.

Jun 09 06:19


To counter not only China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) but also Russia's growing ties with Western Europe, an "alternative" infrastructure drive is being proposed that if and when completed, Washington, London, and Brussels hopes will further contain Russia and cut China off from European markets.

Jun 08 12:36

China controls 200 square miles in Texas

Jun 08 11:46

Expert: E-Yuan to Expedite China’s Attempt to Topple US Dollar as World’s Dominant Reserve Currency

The Chinese government has stepped up efforts to challenge the dominance of the US dollar as a global reserve currency since 2016 when the International Monetary Fund added the yuan/renminbi to its Special Drawing Rights basket.

Despite still being a dominant currency across the globe, the share of the US dollar held worldwide by the government, central banks, and other financial institutions as foreign exchange reserves has reached its lowest level in the last 25 years – 59 percent – during the fourth quarter of the financial year 2020.

The IMF’s Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserve (COFER) survey has found that the US dollar has declined mostly due to increasing competition from other currencies used by central banks for international transactions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody has to topple the dollar. The dollar, created from thin air and then loaned out at interest, is self-destructing!

Jun 08 10:52

Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens in Southern China

Officials in Guangdong, southern China banned all travel out of the southern province and its capital, Guangzhou, indefinitely starting June 7 to contain a local Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

“Starting from Monday noon, passengers leaving Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province are required to present negative nucleic acid test results from within the last 48 hours, as the city tightens its travel restrictions to curb the COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] spread,” China’s state-run Global Times reported on June 6.

“We call on our residents not to travel out of the province unless necessary. Those who need to travel out of the province must have a negative test done 48 hours before their departure,” Chen Bin, a spokeswoman for the Guangzhou Health Commission, said at a press briefing on June 6.

Jun 08 10:51

‘Breaking the News’: How Pro-China Corporate Media and Left-Wing Activists Gutted Reporting on the Wuhan Coronavirus

As has become clear in recent weeks, the establishment media and Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe were never particularly interested in doing accurate reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic.

As I document in my new bestselling book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, the press sought to turn the virus into “God’s gift to the left” (that’s Jane Fonda’s terminology, not mine), pushing a narrative that we are all victims of the Trump Virus and the former president’s supposed incompetence. The only solution, we were told, was a massive expansion of government and more corporate control over our lives.

Jun 08 10:20

US Sides With Malaysia in South China Sea Dispute With Beijing

The US military expressed support for Malaysia after the Southeast Asian country said 16 Chinese warplanes came close to its airspace. Beijing is disputing the claim and said they only sent two aircraft to the area for a routine mission.

On May 31st, Malaysia said it scrambled jets and saw the Chinese warplanes over the South China Sea, about 60 nautical miles from the Malaysian state of Sarawak, which is located on the island of Borneo.

Whenever there is an incident in the region between China and its neighbors, the US is quick to get involved. In comments to This Week in Asia, an officer from US Pacific Air Forces expressed support for Malaysia. “We support our partners in the Royal Malaysian Air Force and encourage [China] to respect the sovereignty of all nations,” the officer said.

Jun 08 10:16

Wuhan Lab Upheld as Source of COVID-19: China as a Target. Corrupt Political Circus on Behalf of Super-Rich

The commercial media is full of reports about the possibility that the COVID19 virus was released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China and the Republican Party is using this unfounded accusation as a means to further its anti-China agenda.

Donald Trump claimed credit recently for having identified China as the source of the virus and he demanded of 10 trillion dollars in compensation.

The Biden administration has demanded an investigation of the Wuhan labs so as to fend off this Republican assault, but since he has put opaque pay-to-play intelligence organizations in charge, and not established accountable international research teams, he guarantees that we will receive a politicized and meaningless report.

Jun 08 08:05

To fight China's economic extortion, take a page from the Cold War

You may have missed it amid the usual flurry of social media trends, but for a time, there was a campaign amongst politicos and policy wonks alike to encourage the purchase of Australian wines in response to what amounted to a ban from the Chinese Communist Party. In March, some 11,000 liters of wine were seized in Shenzhen alone, as the party imposed over 200 percent anti-dumping duties. The duties were the latest in a string of moves by Beijing to punish Canberra for supporting an international inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, but are also indicative of the growing tension between the two countries.

While the import duties on wine and the resulting social media campaign may seem silly, they are indicative of a much more alarming trend in the behavior of the Chinese Communist Party, which amounts to economic extortion and coercion in support of its geopolitical aims.

Jun 08 06:21

Xinjiang government criticises US, says forced labour claim is ‘card played by anti-China forces’

The Xinjiang government criticised the US over its forced labour accusations and said it welcomed United Nations officials to visit the region to “see the real situation”, in the latest bid to defend heavy-handed policies in Xinjiang amid growing international pressure.

A panel of 10 men, including Xinjiang government officials and industry representatives, reiterated familiar attacks against the United States and the West during a two-hour press briefing in Beijing on Thursday, saying accusations of forced labour of ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang were “pure fabrications”.

Xu Guixiang, spokesman for the Xinjiang government, said forced labour claims were a “card played by anti-China forces in the West” in an attempt to disrupt the region’s stability and to contain China’s development.

Jun 08 05:59

Push of Covid-19 ‘lab leak’ theory ‘no different’ from Iraq WMD lies – Chinese Embassy

Beijing’s embassy in the US has blasted the renewed attempts to blame China for the Covid-19 pandemic, comparing it to how the George W. Bush administration hyped up false claims about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

The origin of Covid-19 is a subject of scientific inquiry that should not be politicized, embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu tweeted, adding: “The campaign to politicize the study of origins and smear China is no different from the lies about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) 12 years ago.”

Jun 08 04:42

5 Disturbing Reports Of College Professors Selling American Secrets To China

American universities are easy targets for Chinese influence campaigns — a reality of which the Chinese Communist Party is well aware.

As former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned last year, the Chinese government knows that “left-leaning college campuses are rife with anti-Americanism, and present easy targets for their anti-American messaging.”

“That’s why they planted Confucius Institutes on our campuses,” said Pompeo, who noted that they are “literally up to no good.”

Beyond their efforts to warm Americans’ views of Chinese communism, Xi Jinping’s government has been bold enough to try and steal research developed by America’s higher education system. From smuggling hard drives into China on private planes to blatantly lying about affiliations with the People’s Liberation Army, federal law enforcement officials have uncovered elaborate plots to capitalize upon the intellectual property produced at American universities.

Jun 07 20:24

China Will Use "Coercive Power" To Force Digital Yuan On Population

It was supposed to be the biggest threat to the reserve status of the dollar (China's denial that it has no desire to replace the USD with the digital yuan only confirms it) since the failed experiment that is the "whatever it takes" euro, but instead it is turning out to be one giant yawn.

While many pundits have argued that China's digital yuan would be a "potentially fatal challenge" to American hegemony according to historian Niall Ferguson, Templeton's Hasenstab saying it could undermine the dollar's role as a reserve currency and even Biden's White House studying the potential threats to the US currency, one month ago we reported that those who’ve actually used the digital yuan in China offer a vastly different response: big shrugs of indifference.

Jun 07 09:26

China to send 3 male astronauts to its space station in June

A three-man crew of astronauts will blast off in June for a three-month mission on China’s new space station, according to a space official who was the country's first astronaut in orbit.

The plans for the station’s first crew were confirmed to state television by Yang Liwei, the manned space program’s deputy chief designer, as an automated spacecraft was launched with fuel and supplies for the Tianhe station.

The Tianhe, or Heavenly Harmony, is the third and largest space station launched by China’s increasingly ambitious space program. Its core module was launched into orbit April 29.

The Shenzhou 12 capsule carrying the crew will be launched from the Jiuquan base in China’s northwest next month, Yang said in comments broadcast Saturday by China Central Television.

They will practice spacewalks and conduct repairs and maintenance as well as scientific operations.

Jun 07 08:45

Global Steel Production: China Blows the Socks off the Rest of the World, US Production Plunges

Global production of crude steel – ingots, semi-finished products (billets, blooms, slabs), and liquid steel for castings – ticked up just 0.5% in the year 2020, to 1,878 million metric tonnes (Mt), according to the World Steel Association’s 2021 World Steel report today. The 0.5% gain came in two slices: China boosted production and gained a chunk of market share; the rest of the world lost production and market share.

Since 1995, there have been only three periods when annual crude steel production fell: The Asian Financial Crisis in 1998 (-2.7%); the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 (-7.8%); and in 2015 (-3.0%), when China made a short-lived effort to get a grip on the money-losing overproduction at its steel makers that are supported and often controlled by various government entities:

Jun 07 08:38

Russia and China have both warned the United States; Playtime is over

Of course, I have covered the insane level of disinformation, lies, and distortions that are spewed from the American media. I have discussed why and how this has come about, and have provided quite an excessive number of examples. But what this article is about is what is NOT being reported.

If you would tell an American that they are ignorant of the “news” they would laugh in your face. They would respond that that idea is absurd. With the millions of articles being pumped out hourly from the vast American media, in all of it’s forms, of course Americans are “well informed”.

But nope. Americans are not.

Americans are subject to a fire-hose of outright lies, intentional distortions, eye-catching gossip, nonessential tidbits, and fear mongering. It is amazing in it’s size, scope, intensity and diversity.

Jun 07 08:34

US Gave More Money To Chinese Lab For Bat Research Than Fauci Claimed: Documents

The United States gave over $800,000 to the top-level laboratory in China from which some believe the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus escaped, according to newly released documents.

Internal emails from officials with the National Institutes of Health and an office inside the agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), show they discussed in 2020 a question from Republican members of Congress regarding how much the agencies sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The total amount sent between Fiscal Years 2014 and 2019 was $826,777, according to the officials.

The funding went to EcoHealth Alliance, which channeled money to the lab for the purpose of “understanding the risk of bat coronavirus emergence.”

The total amount is different from the amount that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID, told members of Congress the Wuhan lab received from the U.S. government.

Jun 07 08:32

Three US Senators Visit Taiwan Sunday In Another Shot Across China's Bow

Taiwan is about to be front and center again this coming week as Washington prepares for its next shot across China's bow - this time by another high level US delegation, something which China has long condemned as "signaling pro-democracy forces" on the island in contradiction to the official One China policy.

Reuters has confirmed in a weekend report that "Three US senators will visit Taiwan on Sunday and will meet President Tsai Ing-wen to discuss security and other issues, Taiwan's government and the de facto U.S. embassy in Taipei said on Saturday, a trip that will likely irritate China." The meeting is expected to be held at a military wing of the island's main international airport.

Jun 07 08:20

US to send Taiwan 750,000 ‘urgently needed’ Covid-19 vaccine doses after Taipei rejects Beijing’s help

The United States will send 750,000 shots to Taiwan as part of an effort to help combat the coronavirus worldwide, after Taipei rejected similar vaccine assistance from China.
Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat, announced in Taipei on Sunday that the US would send 750,000 doses to the island. “It was critical to the United States that Taiwan be included in the first group to receive vaccines because we recognize your urgent need and we value this partnership,” she said, accompanied by Republican Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan and Democrat Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

The United States is also planning to send vaccines to India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Egypt, and Gaza, to name just a few.

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, who was present at the announcement, praised the US for its support and accused Beijing of causing “trouble,” which has impacted Taiwan’s ability to receive vaccines.

Jun 07 08:12

Microsoft Helping China Hide Tiananmen Search Info On 32nd Anniversary

On the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Big Tech search engines led by Microsoft censored image results across the world for "tank man," a reference to the protester who stood in front of Chinese tanks.

Google's Threat Analysis Group director Shane Huntley first pointed out the phenomenon. "I know Microsoft censor for the CCP in China, but this search is from the US," Huntley tweeted on Friday. Security researcher Kevin Beaumont tweeted the same empty result from the United Kingdom as well.

"There are no results for tank man," is the message that comes up on the Bing website when searching for the term. DuckDuckGo followed suit, an internet search engine that distinguishes itself from others in the industry by emphasizing the protection of user privacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Microsoft is saying this was just a "glitch."

Jun 07 08:12

Jim Banks: Schumer China Bill a ‘Massive Boondoggle that’s Going to Help the Chinese’ and Hurt Americans

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), says the Democrats’ China bill is a “massive boondoggle that’s going to help the Chinese” and hurt Americans, making the remarks during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Banks explained that Democrats are falsely pitching the China bill as a way to better compete with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but he said it is innately flawed as it has absolutely no safeguards to prevent the theft of our intellectual property or research.

The problem, Banks said, is the bill does “exactly the opposite of what the Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer’s reporting that it does.”

Jun 07 07:52

Mach 30 Wind Tunnel Propels China Decades Ahead In Global Hypersonic Race

Following conflicts over trade, technology, and capital markets, the US and China are locked in a great power competition, as some describe it as Thucydides Trap. We believe the battleground for global supremacy is heating up on the hypersonic front.

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), researcher Han Guilai, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said a new wind tunnel in Beijing will "soon be unveiled" and put China decades ahead of the West in hypersonic technology.

Guilai told an online lecture in late May that the JF-22 wind tunnel, in Beijing's Huairou district, was capable of simulating flights at 30 times the speed of sound. He said this would put China "about 20 to 30 years ahead" of the West.

Jun 07 07:41

China To Build 25-30 More Bio-Labs Like In Wuhan Over Next 5 Years

In the next few years, the world could see almost 60 maximum security Level 4 virology labs in operation. The Guangdong province announced in May that it was planning to build between 25 to 30 biosafety labs in the next five years.

"What could go wrong?" questioned Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec:

The facilities will be flung all over the globe, spanning 23 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Gabon, and Côte d’Ivoire.

The current Wuhan Institute of Virology is now at the center of an investigation by US authorities into whether COVID-19 could have leaked from its lab.

About 75 percent of these facilities are or will be built in urban areas, which has experts around the world worried about the possibility of further "lab leaks."

Jun 07 07:37

China Faces Nationalist Anger Over U.S. Plane in Taiwan

China’s muted reaction over a U.S. military flight to Taiwan prompted criticism from nationalists online, underscoring the pressures on President Xi Jinping to follow through on heated “red line” rhetoric.

The U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo plane made a three-hour stopover in Taipei on Sunday to carry a bipartisan congressional delegation visiting Taiwan. Three U.S. senators -- Democrats Tammy Duckworth and Chris Coons and Republican Dan Sullivan -- met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and announced plans to donate 750,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to help alleviate its shortage of shots.

Although Taiwanese media reported that it was the first C-17 visit since at least 1995, the Chinese response was relatively measured. State media including the official Xinhua News Agency didn’t report on the trip while the Chinese Foreign Ministry sidestepped a question about the plane and focused its criticism on the visit by American lawmakers.

Jun 07 07:08

How China is trying to fix the biggest problem plaguing its fighter jets

  • China's leaders regularly tout their fighter jets as symbols of military capability.
  • But China's fighter jets have long had a major shortcoming: a lack of quality engines.
  • China's defense industry has struggled with that flaw, but Beijing is working hard to fix it.

Of all the fighters in China's arsenal, none are as important as the J-20. The fifth-generation fighter also known as the "Mighty Dragon" is more than just a stealth fighter. It's an example that China, like the US, can build some of the best military technology in the world.

It has become a symbol for the Chinese Communist Party, shown proudly at military parades and mentioned repeatedly in Chinese defense publications.

After a brutal brawl with Indian troops on their disputed border last year, China sent two J-20s to airbases in Xinjiang.

Jun 07 06:25

Drones, 100s of people & vehicles sent to block UNSTOPPABLE herd of 15 elephants trampling Chinese towns & farmlands (VIDEOS)

Chinese authorities are bracing for more damage as 15 protected wild Asian elephants remain undeterred by people and vehicles deployed to keep them away from human-populated areas.

The herd started on its way from a natural reserve in the southern Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and trekked about 300 miles (500km) over more than a year. On Sunday, a special command formed in Yunnan province to monitor and hopefully direct the migration, and it deployed 14 drones to check on the elephants’ progress.

It also mobilized 510 people and over 110 vehicles in an attempt to block roads and divert the animals away from the provincial capital, Kunming, towards less-populated rural areas, the news agency Xinhua reported.

Jun 07 06:10

China Notes That the Same Journalist Pushing Wuhan Lab Hoax Pushed Iraq WMD Hoax

China’s Foreign Ministry blasted the resurgent interest in the Covid-19 lab-origin theory, noting that the journalist behind a report about Wuhan scientists falling ill is the same one who peddled lies that led to the Iraq War.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin took aim at Michael R. Gordon, a national security correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and one of the authors of the report that added fuel to speculation about Covid-19’s lab origin.

“Not long ago, Michael R. Gordon, an American journalist, by quoting a so-called ‘previously undisclosed US intelligence report,’ hinted [at] a far-fetched connection between the ‘three sick staff’ at the Wuhan lab and the Covid-19 outbreak,” Wang said at a briefing on Friday.

“Nineteen years ago, it was this very reporter who concocted false information by citing unsubstantiated sources about Iraq’s ‘attempt to acquire nuclear weapons,’ which directly led to the Iraq War,” he charged, referring to the 2003 US invasion.

Jun 07 04:13

NATO Summit: West To Move China to Back Burner, Russia and Belarus to the Front

The secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, gave an online address entitled ”NATO 2030: a transatlantic agenda for the future” at an event co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution and German Council on Foreign Relations on June 4.

As the title of the presentation would indicate, his comments, addressed to organizations to which he and NATO are really beholden (as distinct from transitory, ephemeral entities like governments), were apropos the NATO summit in Brussels which will begin on June 14.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing on wanting to drop China as "bad guy in chief", after the Wuhan debacle, was thoroughly predictable, in order to attempt to make people forget the suffering of the last year, both geopolitically induced, and medical, they, or their loved ones, may have endured.

But the reality is, Russia has done absolutely nothing.... to earn these accusations, and NATO leadership knows it.

Jun 07 03:42


The Pentagon gave $39 million to a charity that funded controversial coronavirus research at a Chinese lab accused of being the source for Covid-19, federal data reveals.

The news comes as the charity’s chief, British-born scientist Dr. Peter Daszak, was exposed in an alleged conflict of interest and back-room campaign to discredit lab leak theories.

The charity, EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), has come under intense scrutiny after it emerged that it had been using federal grants to fund research into coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

The U.S. nonprofit, set up to research new diseases, has also partly funded deeply controversial ‘gain of function’ experiments, where dangerous viruses are made more infectious to study their effect on human cells.

Jun 07 03:16


Bing, the search engine owned by Microsoft, is not displaying image results for a search for "Tank man," even when searching from the United States. The apparent censorship comes on the anniversary of China's violent crackdown on protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989.
"There are no results for tank man," the Bing website reads after searching for the term. "Tank man" relates to the infamous image of a single protester standing in front of a line of Chinese tanks during the crackdown.

China censors and blocks distribution of discussion of tank man and Tiananmen Square more generally. This year, anniversary events in Hong Kong have dwindled in size after authorities banned a vigil.

Jun 07 02:34

US Troops In Iraq Targeted By Increasingly Sophisticated Combat Drones

The thousands of US troops still in Iraq are increasingly monitoring the threat from the skies, as a series of combat drones from an unknown source have reportedly targeted American bases over the past few months, according to a Friday report in The New York Times. The report blames "Iran-backed militia" for deployments of sophisticated small drones, citing the usual anonymous sources.

The following day on Saturday, a new attack on Ain al-Asad Air Base in Iraq was reported: "The air defense system at Ain al-Asad Air Base in Iraq, where American forces are stationed, shot down two drones that attempted to attack the base on Saturday night, according to the Iraqi Security Media Cell."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, one can hear the war drums getting beaten with ever greater fierocity by Team Biden and Israel, particuarly in light of Netanyahu's impending (potential) fall from grace in the next couple of days.

Geopolitically, Netanyahu is a wounded animal; wounded animals are always at their most dangerous.

However, I would like to politely point out that a US war against Iran would most probably translate as a war against both Russia and China right now; is US leadership so thooroughly idiotic, as to believe that such a war could actually be won, given that we don't have the troop strength; weaponry; money; or manufacturing to make that happen?!?

Jun 06 07:08


Jun 05 06:52

British doctor and his secret campaign to gag the Covid lab leak theory: He worked in Wuhan and manipulated coronaviruses — yet orchestrated a campaign to clear it of blame and tried to hide his tracks. Now we publish the evidence, writes SIAN BOYLE

The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in the city of Wuhan is a desolate place. The now infamous ‘wet market’, once a bustling centre of people and exotic live animals for human consumption, is boarded up, its stalls shuttered and razor wire entangled in discarded fishing nets.

This is the supposed ‘Ground Zero’ of the coronavirus pandemic, the place where the first cases of Covid-19 were contracted.

But it looks increasingly as if the market’s notoriety has been misplaced, despite Beijing’s best efforts to maintain that narrative.

Jun 04 08:46

BREAKING: Chinese Defector Confirms COVID-19 Was Manmade in a Laboratory – This Is Why the Obama-Biden Gang Has Changed Its Narrative Surrounding the Origins of COVID-19

Over the past half month, there was a sudden change in the reporting related to the China coronavirus. Dr. Fauci’s emails were released and the Biden Admin and the medical leadership in the government suddenly were willing to explore the narrative that the coronavirus was made in a lab.
We now know why.

Adam Housley tweeted that he is being told the increased pressure on the scientific community to be open to and to review the theory that the China coronavirus was made in a laboratory in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge bringing intel to the US that the coronavirus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

Corrupt FBI Director Wray didn’t know right away because lower-level FBI Agents wanted to make sure they got all they needed before telling him. Note those in the FBI do not trust Director Wray so they kept this from him as long as possible.

Jun 04 06:03

Academic paper reveals Hong Kong student protesters were paid to be guinea pigs in bizarre experiment that may have gone wrong

Allegations that pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have been paid for their activities have swirled for years but have always been strenuously rubbished by the Western media. Now, an academic study seems to confirm just that.

Secreted in the depths of academic journal American Economic Review’s June edition is an absolutely extraordinary research paper, revealing that a team of Western scholars conducted a somewhat peculiar study analyzing why students attended protests in Hong Kong – and that participants were paid to do so.

Jun 03 11:24

Top California Democrat and Think-Tank Titans Slated to Attend Chinese Communist Diplomacy Event

The Democratic majority leader of the California state senate and officials from some of the United States’s top foreign policy think tanks will speak this week at a forum organized by a group with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The China Public Diplomacy Association, a group founded by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will host the 2021 China-U.S. Public Diplomacy Summit in Beijing on Friday. The association, which has received little attention in the West, is led by several officials at Communist Party front groups. Robert Hertzberg, the majority leader of the California Senate, is slated to speak on a panel at the summit, as are scholars from the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Wilson Center, the Asia Society, and other prominent U.S. think tanks.

Jun 03 11:09

Moment a huge 80,000-tonne cargo ship smashes into a dock toppling a crane on to containers which then crash down around terrified workers in Taiwan

  • An 80,000-tonne ship caused mayhem after it crashed into a port in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, today
  • The cargo vessel was coming in extremely close to the port when it suddenly collided with overhead crane
  • The crane was sent tumbling towards a stack of shipping containers, which fell towards terrified workers
  • Two engineers, aged 33 and 31, were trapped in collapsed wreckage and had to be rescued this afternoon
  • A port worker, 58, surnamed Chang, was sent to hospital for a cut on his arm after the shocking collapse

Jun 03 05:31

China – Analysis: Mystery of 1999 US stealth jet shootdown returns with twist

The articles that recently surfaced dig right into the issue. The real reason the Chinese embassy was targeted was the existence of the wreckage of a U.S. stealth fighter in the embassy, the articles hint.

Just over a month before the embassy bombing, a U.S. F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter sent over the Kosovo conflict was shot down by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile fired by the Serbia-led Yugoslavian military.

The wreckage was strewed over farmland, and some parts were later displayed at Belgrade’s air museum. But Chinese agents also crisscrossed the area, buying up parts of the plane from local farmers, Adm. Davor Domazet-Loso, then military chief of staff in neighboring Croatia, told The Associated Press in 2011.

Jun 02 14:58

Did Fauci Spend US Tax Dollars On China's Bio-Weapons?

American taxpayers apparently financially supported a Chinese "biological weapons program against the U.S.," according to Far East relations specialist Gordon Chang on Newsmax, who argued U.S. government cooperation in the global coronavirus pandemic will not be brought forward by the Biden administration.

"The intelligence community, our intelligence community, should just declassify that now," Chang told Monday's "John Bachman Now." "We don't need to wait 90 days to get a highly politicized report from people who have gotten it wrong on China consistently over decades."

President Joe Biden put the onus of a 90-day report on the COVID-19 origins on U.S. intelligence officials after closing the State Department's probe last week, Chang said, noting a severe, if not dangerous, battle of interest for the U.S. government.

Jun 02 12:21

Aussies Threaten To Boycott Snickers After Finding Out They're Made In China

Australians have reacted in horror to discovering their beloved Snickers are made in China.

The revelation was laid bare in a TikTok video, where a shopper was perusing through the shopping aisles at his local Woolies and landed on the famous chocolate.

Melbourne man Jeremy Toh uploaded the video to his social media account asking whether anyone else knew the nutty chocolate bar was no longer being produced Down Under.

He picked up one of the bars at the supermarket and twisted it to the backside. Sure enough, it says it as clear as day: 'Made in China. Imported by Mars Chocolate Australia'.

Jun 02 10:50

European Parliament Freezes Ratification Of China Investment Treaty

The European Parliament has halted ratification of a controversial investment treaty with China until Beijing lifts sanctions on European lawmakers, academics and think tanks. The move, a rare display of fortitude by an institution notorious for vacillation, reflects a hardening stance in Europe toward the Chinese Communist Party.

The ratification freeze, backed by all of the major groupings in the European Parliament, is significant for several reasons:

it represents a turning point in EU-China relations, in that Beijing no longer calls the shots;

it marks a shift in the balance of power in favor of the European Parliament at the expense of the European Commission;

and it signifies the beginning of the end of Merkelism, and ideology which has, among other things, consistently prioritized commercial interests over human rights concerns, whether in China, Russia or Iran.

Jun 02 10:09

Why China Is Cracking Down on Bitcoin Mining and What It Could Mean for Other Countries

The annual spring rains bring many changes to southwestern China’s Sichuan province. Downpours transform the mottled landscape into lush emerald, while azaleas bloom and migrating cranes and storks begin the long journey back north. The rainfall also brings trucks stacked with computers to hydropower dams, where entrepreneurs can tap cheap electricity for mining bitcoin—the arcane process that accumulates the cryptocurrency using huge amounts of computing power to solve equations.

“We’re like bees chasing flowers,” Tang Wanlong, chairman of bitcoin mining company Sichuan Duo Technology Co. Ltd, told TIME from his penthouse office in Sichuan province capital Chengdu last month.

Jun 02 09:43

Man’s Lung Bursts Pushing His Heart To The Right Side Of His Body After Running Wearing A Face Mask

In Wuhan, the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic, a man’s lung compressed 90%, which forced his heart to the right side of his body. Health officials believe that the man’s lung burst because he was running whilst wearing a mask.

The jogger was rushed to hospital after he ran 2.5 miles in Wuhan, China, whilst wearing a face mask.

After arriving at hospital, the man underwent major surgery after developing the potentially life-threatening condition.

Following this incident, doctors are now urging people not to wear masks while running, as (surprise, surprise) face coverings over the mouth and nose can make it harder to breathe.

Jun 02 07:05

China May Be the Answer to Janet Yellen's 'Mystery'

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's “mystery” may be moving toward resolution.

When she led the Federal Reserve, Yellen puzzled over inflation’s failure to fire despite low unemployment, years of shallow interest rates and several rounds of quantitative easing. Claudio Borio, a top official at the Bank for International Settlements, likened the situation to peering through a looking glass: Central banks that once strove to quash inflation subsequently found themselves trying to lift it. Both he and Mark Carney, then governor of the Bank of England, also spent some time sleuthing. At least part of the answer, they thought, lay in the globalization of labor markets. It no longer mattered much what the factory next door paid workers or charged for their products; the key was what the competitor or supplier on the other side of the world was doing.

Jun 02 05:38

Malaysia to summon Chinese envoy over 'suspicious' air force activity

The foreign ministry of Malaysia on Tuesday said it would summon China's envoy to explain an "intrusion" by 16 air force planes into its airspace, after the Southeast Asian country's military detected "suspicious" activity over the South China Sea.

Malaysia's air force said it scrambled jets on Monday to conduct visual confirmation after the planes flew within 60 nautical miles off Sarawak state of Malaysian Borneo.

It described the incident as a "serious threat to national sovereignty and flight safety".

The Chinese planes did not contact regional air traffic control despite being instructed several times, the air force said.

Jun 02 05:37

Why the EU is lining up against China

he European Parliament on May 20, 2021 froze the ratification of the EU-China Investment Agreement, concluded in December by the European Commission after seven years of negotiations. The resolution was approved by an overwhelming majority with 599 votes for, 30 against and 58 abstentions [1]. 1] Formally, it is motivated as a retaliation to Chinese sanctions against members of the European Parliament, decided by Beijing after its officials were subjected to sanctions on the accusation, rejected by China, of human rights violations, especially of Uighurs. EU lawmakers argue that while the Chinese sanctions are illegal because they violate international law, the EU sanctions are legal because they are based on the UN’s defense of human rights.

Jun 02 05:36


Jun 02 05:03

Pentagon Warns Middle East Countries Against Security Cooperation With Russia, China

A senior Pentagon official on Tuesday warned that Middle Eastern countries that test waters of deeper security cooperation with China or Russia put at risk their partnerships with the United States.

“It’s... clear that certain countries and partners would want to hedge and test what more they might be able to get from the United States by testing the waters of deeper cooperation with the Chinese or the Russians, particularly in the security and military space,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Dana Stroul said during a webinar at the Middle East Institute. “And I would just caution them again that there is a point that it will tip into the strategies that will not only threaten your partnership with the United States but will actually threaten your national sovereignty in countries like Lebanon.”

Stroul claimed that the potential benefits of cooperation with Russia and China pale in comparison with what the United States can offer in terms of security cooperation.

Jun 01 12:17

Top Chinese mouthpiece suggests country prepare for nuclear war with US as Wuhan lab leak theory gains momentum

Hu Xijin, a top Chinese propagandist, declared recently that China should prepare for a nuclear showdown with the United States after President Joe Biden affirmed continued investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What did Biden say?
Once decried as a conspiracy theory — despite a lack of evidence disproving the possibility — the Wuhan lab leak theory as the origin of the pandemic has gained significant footing in recent weeks, with high-profile scientists saying the possibility demands increased investigation.

Biden responded to growing confidence in the theory last week by calling on American intelligence officials to conduct more investigation into the pandemic's origin, including the possibility that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Jun 01 12:12

61-Year-Old Woman Living Near Wuhan Lab May Have Been 'Patient Zero' - Three Weeks Before CCP Claims First Case

Three weeks before China admitted that a mysterious virus was circulating in the city of Wuhan, a 61-year-old woman who lived about a mile from several bat research facility was known as "Patient Su" at a local hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

Her identity was accidentally revealed after a leading Chinese official sent a screen-grab to a medical journal which partially revealed personal information, including the fact that she was admitted to the Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan, and "almost certainly lived in the Kaile Guiyan community on Zhuodaoquan Street, about 600 metres from the medical centre."

Jun 01 09:09

China Thought They’d Beaten COVID, Now the Indian Variant Is Surging

The Chinese government has taken the drastic measure of cancelling hundreds of flights and locking down several streets in the city of Guangzhou, which has a population of over 15.3 million, because of the rapid spread of the Indian variant of COVID-19.

The bustling city has had, until now, very few reported cases, but since the weekend, the number of new infections tied to the variant first identified in India and now known as the Delta variant, has been doubling daily, according to Chinese state media, which often under reports statistics about the pandemic.

“In this race against the virus, we must run a bit ahead and run faster than before in order to block the spread of the virus and cut off the infection chain in time,” Huang Guanglie, director of the Guangzhou municipal health commission said Tuesday.

Jun 01 08:46

China announces three-child limit in major policy shift

China has announced that couples will be permitted to have up to three children in a major policy shift from the existing two-child limit, after recent data showed a dramatic decline in births in the world’s most populous country.

“To actively respond to the ageing of the population … a couple can have three children,” state media Xinhua reported on Monday, citing a meeting of China’s elite politburo leadership committee hosted by President Xi Jinping.

China’s fertility rate stands at 1.3 – below the level needed to maintain a stable population. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there were officially 12 million babies born in 2020, 2.65 million fewer than were born in 2019, an 18% fall. Preliminary data released earlier this year, based on registered births, had indicated a year-on-year drop of 15%.

Jun 01 08:28

China to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Palestine

China will provide emergency humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian government at the earliest possible date, a spokesperson with the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) said on Friday.

CIDCA spokesperson Tian Lin said that in order to help the Palestinian government and people cope with the emergency humanitarian crisis and demonstrate the international humanitarian spirit, the Chinese government had launched a humanitarian assistance response mechanism.

The Chinese government will provide emergency humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian government in accordance with the urgent needs of Palestine as soon as possible, and help the country carry out treatment of the injured and resettlement of the displaced, Tian said. Enditem

Jun 01 07:55

Beijing’s Mouthpiece Calls for Equipping PLA With More Nuclear Weapons to Intimidate the US

Chinese state-owned media outlet Global Times has urged the regime to equip the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with the largest possible number of nuclear warheads and missiles in a short time, to “make the U.S. elites tremble when they think about fighting with China.”

“We must prepare for a tense ending to the United States’s and China’s relationship,” Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, wrote in a May 28 editorial. “Once this happens, having a big stock of DF-41, JL-2, and JL-3 missiles will be a pillar of strength to support China’s will to fight.”

The DF-41 is China’s solid-fueled, road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, and the JL-2 and JL-3 are China’s intercontinental-range, submarine-launched ballistic missiles. All three of these missiles can carry nuclear warheads.

Hu’s comments are in response to Kurt Campbell, President Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific policy coordinator, who recently said the United States and China are competitors.

Jun 01 07:54

Coronavirus began in US, not China, Chinese official suggests

A spokesman for China's ministry of foreign affairs has lashed out at the United States' handling of the coronavirus outbreak, saying COVID-19 may have been brought into China by US soldiers.

Lijian Zhao, a prominent firebrand official with more than 300,000 followers on Twitter, took to the social media platform to suggest the origin of COVID-19 was in fact the United States, not China.

"When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals?" Mr Zhao wrote on Twitter.

"It might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan."

Jun 01 06:59

61-Year-Old Woman Living Near Wuhan Lab May Have Been 'Patient Zero' - Three Weeks Before CCP Claims First Case

Three weeks before China admitted that a mysterious virus was circulating in the city of Wuhan, a 61-year-old woman who lived about a mile from several bat research facility was known as "Patient Su" at a local hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

Her identity was accidentally revealed after a leading Chinese official sent a screen-grab to a medical journal which partially revealed personal information, including the fact that she was admitted to the Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan, and "almost certainly lived in the Kaile Guiyan community on Zhuodaoquan Street, about 600 metres from the medical centre."

What's more, "Patient Su" became ill three weeks before China claimed anyone had been stricken with the novel virus.

The academic then detailed two more suspected cases reported to Wuhan doctors on November 14 and 21, along with several others before December 8 – the date that China gave to the World Health Organisation for the ‘earliest onset case’.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF in fact true, the CCP and its scientific community have some heavy explaining to do!!!!

Jun 01 00:53

Global shipping crisis

In all of my years I have never seen freight prices double and now triple in the last 6 months! A normal 20 foot container with 20,000 would normally cost around $4500 cleared. The container that arrived 2 weeks ago was $9800.00. The containers coming this week could exceed $15,000 each! In my lifetime my industry of construction equipment would see around a 3% increase annually. I have raised prices double digits 2 times already and the Chines will possibly honor a quote for 24 hours and that is it! If it gets manufactured then good luck finding a container! The MSM says we are having small Inflation! The problem is that the situation is getting much worse! What Americans and the world do not understand is how fast the Chinese move! They are so far ahead of us it insane while we sit on our Asses and remind ourselves how great we are!

May 31 10:40


A century-old celestial mystery is one step closer to being solved as researchers discover a dozen ultra-powerful natural particle accelerators in our galaxy.

The findings help astronomers understand the origin of cosmic rays — charged particles and atomic nuclei flying through space at near light speed that have been imbued with mind-boggling amounts of energy.

Discovered in 1912, cosmic rays arrive from almost every direction in the Milky Way, though scientists have yet to determine exactly how they reach their ultra-fast speeds, according to NASA.

Many researchers suspected that cosmic rays are flung away from massive stars as they die in supernova explosions, Siming Liu, an astrophysicist with the Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, told Live Science. During such events, “stars release the same amount of energy in two months as over their whole life,” he added

May 31 10:29

China reports sudden surge in COVID-19 cases causing flight cancellations

A sudden surge of COVID-19 cases in the southern region of China has caused a spate of flight cancellations.

On Sunday, 27 new cases were reported by China's national health authority, out of which only seven were imported, with the rest originating domestically in the Guangdong province, Reuters reports. Out of the 20 that originated in China, 18 were reported in the city of Guangzhou. The other two cases were reported in Foshan.

Nineteen asymptomatic cases were also reported in China, though the country does not count those as confirmed cases.

By the afternoon, more than 500 flights had been canceled at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. These account for more than a third of total flights that were scheduled for Monday, Reuters reports

May 31 05:55

Pentagon Special Forces nominee says US should ‘strongly consider’ training Taiwanese guerillas against ‘Chinese invasion’

US President Joe Biden’s nominee to oversee the Special Forces said officials should “strongly consider” deploying American commandos to Taiwan, where they could school local troops on how to deter a potential “Chinese invasion.”

Christopher Maier – who’s been tapped to be the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict – told lawmakers this week that special operators could be sent to the island to instruct Taiwanese forces on irregular warfare and resisting an “amphibious landing” by Beijing.

“I do think that is something that we should be considering strongly as we think about competition across the span of different capabilities we can apply, [special operations forces] being a key contributor to that,” Maier told Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) at an Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, when asked about ways to deter “Chinese aggression.”

May 31 05:49

EXCLUSIVE: COVID-19 'has NO credible natural ancestor' and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with 'retro-engineering' to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats, explosive new study claims

An explosive new study claims that Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a Wuhan lab, then tried to cover their tracks by reverse-engineering versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.

The paper's authors, British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen, wrote that they have had 'prima facie evidence of retro-engineering in China' for a year - but were ignored by academics and major journals.

Dalgleish is a professor of oncology at St George's University, London, and is best known for his breakthrough creating the first working 'HIV vaccine', to treat diagnosed patients and allow them to go off medication for months.

May 31 01:37

China Millionaires To Double By 2025 As America Fades Into Darknes

Rising wealth in China and the number of millionaires and the middle class is set to increase through the midpoint of this decade as the country grows more affluent and smarter.

HSBC Holdings Plc's new report "The rising wealth of China; Millionaires and the middle class lead the way" predicts a world where millionaires in the country are set to double in the next five years, and the middle class will increase by nearly half.

From an asset manager's point of view, China could be the next hot spot for new clients mainly because the report shows 2 million high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), those with the equivalent of at least $1.55 million in investable assets, are set to more than double to at least 5 million by 2025.

The bank also estimated the middle-class number (currently at 340 million) would increase by more than 45% to over 500 million in the period.

May 31 01:32

ABC's chief White House reporter: A lot of reporters have 'egg on their face' over Wuhan lab-leak theory

ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl admitted that many reporters were wrong to dismiss former President Trump’s assertion that the coronavirus originated from a laboratory.

Karl was asked on ABC’s "This Week," by guest host Martha Raddatz on why it matters that the lab-leak theory was initially met with dismissal or skepticism.

"Yes, I think a lot of people have egg on their face. This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, Donald Trump, and look some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them," Karl said. "Because Trump was saying so much else, that was just out of control, and because he was, you know, making a frankly racist appeal talking about kung-flu, and the China virus, he said flatly this came from that lab, and it was widely dismissed... but now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry."

May 30 16:22

Tesla Facing "Further Fallout" In China As Local Governments Mull "Security Risks" Of Vehicles

The rocky road between Tesla and the Chinese Communist Party looks like it is continuing.

The automaker is facing "further fallout" in China as some local governments are reviewing Tesla vehicle ownership among their staff, citing the vehicles posing potential security risks, according to Bloomberg.

Government bodies have been asked to check and report on employees who own Teslas in Zhejiang and Guangxi. Employees are being "forbidden" from driving into certain official areas, due to supposed security risks, the report notes.

Other official Chinese bodies are following suit. The China Meteorological Administration, for example, has already told its employees not to buy Tesla EVs and, if they have already, to transfer ownership of the vehicles. The Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party (yes, this is actually what it is called) is also "checking whether any employees or their family own Teslas."

May 30 12:20

Hong Kong Authorities Warn of 5-year Prison Term for Attending Tiananmen Massacre Vigil

By Oiwan Lam

Following the ban by Hong Kong’s police on the annual candlelight vigil held at Victoria Park to commemorate victims of China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Security Bureau warned Hongkongers against taking part in this year’s vigil on June 4, or the commemorative long-distance run Sunday, May 30.

It said in a statement issued on May 29:

"The relevant meetings and procession are unauthorised assemblies. No one should take part in it, or advertise or publicise it, or else he or she may violate the law."

The bureau warned that under the Public Order Ordinance, offenders will face up to five years in prison for attending, or one year for promoting, the vigil...

May 30 07:46

China PUNISHES Brazil with Coronavirus Terror