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A “Brave School World” of Tracking Student Data for “Social Credit”

By John Klyczek

From Bill Gates to BigQuery, From Blockchain to Hashgraph

In my recent article series, I document how the US Department of Education’s emergency COVID rules for “Distance Learning and Innovation” (85 FR 18638) have deregulated the federal requirements for “adaptive learning” and other ed-tech forms of “artificial intelligence” that are now being bankrolled by floods of stimulus money from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

I’ve also documented how such CARES-financed ed-tech, including adaptive-learning and socioemotional-feedback technologies, are set up to be data-mined through public-private partnerships that are being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s campaign to “Reimagine Education.”

Through Gates-funded corporate-government partnerships, such as the Gates Foundation’s joint venture with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schmidt, who is a “Technical Advisor” at Google’s Alphabet Inc., the Reimagine Education initiative is building a “surveillance capitalist” infrastructure of Big Data to facilitate the tracking of students’ cognitive-behavioral and socioemotional algorithms into “Social Credit” systems which will track the “trustworthiness” of students’ psychological profiles in order to dictate not only their access to “career pathways” curriculums that determine job placement, but also their access to healthcare, transportation, housing, due process, and even food...