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Ancient Pimple Poppers: Acne Treatments Through The Years

It may sound like a typical modern concern, but acne has challenged the epidermal form throughout history. Today, we treat breakouts with patches and potions specially designed by scientists for such purposes, but almost every culture has its own folk remedies, and some of them are worse than living with only a few pimples. seem.

ancient acne treatment
The ancient Greek physician Theodosius wrote that wiping your face with a damp cloth at the same time would reveal a falling star in the sky, but in the absence of falling stars, the ancient Greeks used salt from the Dead Sea to absorb acne. Kata- cause of oil, among other things. Along with the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, they also used a mixture of sulfur to treat breakouts. This was an extreme solution, as sulfur smells like a rotten egg inside a used gym sock inside a septic tank, but it absorbs oil, restores pH balance, opens clogged pores, and Eliminates bacteria that cause outbreaks, so it was also an effective . Even some modern skin care products contain sulfur.