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Biden’s opposition to an Israeli ceasefire is nothing new

The headlines read various versions of “Biden supports a ceasefire!” Israeli bombs and missiles have killed 232 Palestinians, 65 of them children, and left more than 1,900 wounded and 75,000 homeless in Gaza. Twelve have died in Israel. Shouldn’t support for an immediate end to the slaughter be automatic? What does it mean when the leader of the most powerful country in the world refuses, through days of death and devastation, to call for a ceasefire, and actually prevents the United Nations from doing so?

In fact, U.S. opposition to UN efforts to call for a ceasefire when Israel wanted to continue bombing and airstrikes, is a familiar sight. Fourteen out of 15 members of the Council pleaded for a strong statement demanding an immediate cessation of the violence on all sides in Gaza and Israel. In a move consistent with the last half dozen or more U.S. presidents, Biden’s Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield prevented the UN body from acting. (And this was only to issue a Council statement –real action to pressure Israel for a ceasefire was never on the agenda.)