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China Mulls Unprecedented Legislation To Counter Western Sanctions

Beijing is poised to take an unprecedented step in its latest efforts to combat US and Western sanctions which have recently been ratcheted up particularly surrounding the Uyghur issue in Xinjiang. A draft law is now being examined by the National People's Congress (NCP) which would shield Chinese entities and institutions from "the unilateral and discriminatory measures imposed by foreign countries" and ultimately the "long arm jurisdiction" of the United States, according to state media.

Called the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, a vote by lawmakers is expected soon after a series of reviews by committees under the NPC, it will allow or possibly even require quick retaliatory measures in instances a foreign country targets a Chinese company, entity or individual with punitive legal measures - ensuring a greater level of tit-for-tat escalation. In short it would mean the power of the Chinese government to sanction all who comply with US/EU sanctions by drawing a bright red line, forcing entities to choose whether to comply to Washington's side or Beijing's side. Or in even simpler terms, it's something which the United States has already long practiced - for example in the case of far-reaching Iran sanctions which blacklisted European or other companies which had dealings with the Islamic Republic.