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Facebook Sets Its Sights On Religion. Should Americans Be Worried?

Facebook has been courting partnerships with religious groups in hopes of becoming their virtual home, the New York Times reported in late July. Experts and religious leaders told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the social media platform’s interest in shaping the future of religious experience should be closely monitored to protect religious freedom.

Though it is unlikely that a virtual religious experience will replace in-person religious services, the Times acknowledged, Facebook’s partnerships with religious groups expose Facebook’s plans to shape the future of the religious experience — as it has done with both political and social life.

“I just want people to know that Facebook is a place where, when they do feel discouraged or depressed or isolated, that they could go to Facebook and they could immediately connect with a group of people that care about them,” Nona Jones, a nondenominational minister and Facebook’s director for global faith partnerships, told the Times.


I noticed that FaceBook changed its vaxx propaganda tactic


Instead of trying to intimidate into vaxxing now it started pushing cutsie funny cartoons, comparing Covid to the Titanic's sinking, etc. Yeah, Adolf Hitler posed feeding a cute young deer too. It worked really well for him.

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