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Guy Posts 12 ‘Facts That Can Save Your Life’ And People Really Needed To Know

The difference between surviving and perishing in an emergency is often a matter of knowledge. Thankfully, some people are more than willing to share that knowledge with the rest of us clueless folk, and there’s no better or faster way to spread that knowledge than the internet.

TikTok creator knowledgeasaurus is putting his internet speed to good use sharing videos of random (and often helpful) knowledge with world. One of his best videos, though, is on “Facts that can save your life”.

Knowing the below 12 facts will increase your chances of survival.

How to notice a tsunami before it is too late.

Tilly Smith was only 10 years old when she used this fact to save the lives of 100 people on Maikhao Beach in Thailand in 2004. Tilly learned in school that when you see a beach where the water has receded far away from where it normally is, you need to get out of there because a tsunami is coming.

The young and attentive student raised the alarm and as a result, 100 people are alive today that wouldn’t have been otherwise.

911 works even if you have no service.(zero long as you have cell signal)
Your phone might not have service, but an emergency call can likely still be made. 911 calls will go through on any connection, even if the service provider is not your carrier. Even if your phone says you have no service, 911 will likely still work.

If a tornado looks like it’s not moving, that means it’s coming at you.

Sometimes tornados look like they aren’t moving but that’s just how they look when they are moving directly at you. You should probably move.

Fill your sinks and tubs with water before a natural disaster.
If a natural disaster is headed your way, it is recommended to fill your sinks and tubs with clean water. Following natural disasters, water is often cut off or highly contaminated. The water you filled in your tub and sink will provide you with clean water until the city’s supply is safe again.

Don’t shout if buried under rubble.
If you find yourself buried under rubble, perhaps from an Earthquake or something similar, yelling is just going to waste energy. Instead, try finding something to tap on in intervals of three. People are very adept at noticing patterns, and hearing something make a tapping sound in 3 distinct intervals is very noticeable. Once you can hear rescuers near you, then start yelling.

Many hiking backpacks have built-in whistles.
If you are lost while on a hike, check the clip on your backpack. It might have a hidden whistle that you can use to alert others to your whereabouts. Better yet, check to make sure you do, in fact, have a whistle attached to your pack. Probably wouldn’t hurt to throw one on the keychain, too.

If your car ever goes into the water.
If you ever find yourself in a car that has become submerged in water, open the doors and windows immediately. If you don’t do this as soon as possible, the pressure differential will make it impossible to do so until the car is completely filled with water.

Square waves in the ocean mean danger.
Square-shaped waves (similar to those shown above) have powerful underwater currents that could potentially sweep you under. If you see them, get out of the water.

If you get caught in a rip current.
Similarly, if you get caught in a rip current do not try and swim directly against it. These currents flow from the shore out into the ocean so your initial instinct might be to swim against it and toward the beach. Instead, try and swim sideways. This will make it easier for you to swim to an area outside the rip current.

Warm-up people with hypothermia slowly
If someone has fallen through ice or has developed hypothermia by being exposed to the cold, it is important to warm them up slowly. Bloodflow has problems adjusting from extreme cold to extremely hot conditions, and the results can be fatal.

Use aluminum foil to increase battery size.
If you need Double-A batteries for something but you only have AAA batteries, just stick some tinfoil on the end of them and it will transfer the electricity. This will allow you to use smaller batteries for something that requires larger ones, like say a flashlight.

Watch out for windshield wiper bait.
Car thieves are looking for a moment when a car door is open, the keys are in the ignition, and the car’s owner is distracted by something else. A common method for creating this situation is putting something under a person’s windshield wiper.

The driver will sit down, put the keys in the ignition, then see the thing under the wiper and either open the door or the window to reach out and grab it. This is when the car thief will strike. Remove tickets, flyers, or anything else from under your windshield before getting in your car.