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Israeli war planes vs Palestinian balloons, kites & rockets

Recently, in Israel a columnist for an Israeli news site opined that Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza were “too little and too late” and that fighter jets should have been scrambled after the launching of just one helium balloon from Gaza.

While some media such as the New York Times have begun reporting on this issue far better than in the past, few if any news reports have described the weapons in detail, compared their relative lethality, or discussed the massive disproportionality of scrambling high tech war planes in retaliation to small, hand-launched helium balloons that drift on the wind (some of the time) toward Israel.

If these incendiary balloons are as dangerous as Israel and U.S. media make them out to be, one wonders why Israel doesn’t retaliate by simply launching such balloons itself? After all, they require massively less money and infrastructure than balloons.

Comparing the two methods of delivering bombardment, war planes vs. incendiary balloons, gives the answer.