Merkel Is Sent Letter on Assange Before Her Visit to Biden | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Merkel Is Sent Letter on Assange Before Her Visit to Biden

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is headed to Washington on Thursday for a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden and a group of 120 Bundestag members, German journalists, writers and artists have sent her a letter telling her to ask Biden to “save face” and release imprisoned journalist Julian Assange on humanitarian grounds.

“We sincerely ask you to help build bridges in the Julian Assange case,” says the letter, dated July 11, according to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa). Merkel was told “how important it is in the interests of defending freedom of the press to drop the lawsuit against the Wikileaks founder so that he can recover freely with his family.”

Merkel was urged to find “a humanitarian solution for Assange and a face-saving solution for the U.S. President,” the letter said. “It would be a strong, lasting humanitarian gesture at the end of your term of office and for President Joe Biden, finally, an opportunity to leave the Donald Trump era behind completely in the interests of protecting freedom of the press and freedom of expression.”

Merkel is leaving office later this year and this will be her last trip to Washington. Days after Assange’s 2019 arrest, a spokesperson for Merkel’s office said his case “is a matter which doesn’t concern Germany and is in the hands of British justice.”