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In pictures: Palestinians return to piles of rubble following Gaza ceasefire

After a ceasefire came into effect in the early hours of Friday morning, Palestinians poured onto rubble-filled streets across Gaza as they returned to see what was left of their homes after 11 days of aerial bombardment by Israel (All photos by Mohammed al-Hajjar/MEE).

The Israeli air strikes, which killed at least 243 Palestinians including including 66 children and 39 women, wiped out entire residential buildings.


Look at the pancaked. . .

michael mazur

apartment bldgs. 243 dead? What about the countless bodies squished between floor slabs?

Know how it's done?

Long cylindrical delay fuse bomb is dropped from a great height dead centre on a apt bldg, and it crashes thru the many floors, finally resting in the basement car park, to only then detonate, blowing away the bldg supports.

2,000 dead is my guess, but that won't be admitted as Hamas no longer exists, except as a Jewish booga booga media construct.

Proof that Hamas no longer exists is the total absence of any damage to Israel - except that effected by building wreckers with a pick or a shovel or a crowbar to simulate some rocket damage.

Further proof that Hamas does not exist is that had they existed they would have declared that no rockets were fired at Israel as these would do negligible damage, to only elicit a million fold response.

How many Jews killed ? Zero, nada, zilch.

michael mazur

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