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Ukraine, USA, Russia, and Spheres of Influence

On September 1, 2021, President Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House and continued the American push into Russia’s sphere of influence that has made Russia feel so threatened.

Zelensky has been frustrated because he has been pushing for this meeting since his election in May 2019. Despite the delay, Biden clearly meant to make a bold statement to Russia since Zelensky is only the second European leader to be invited to the White House since Biden’s election. In July, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Biden at the White House.

And the message Biden sent was clear. He referred to "Russian aggression" and said "the United States remains firmly committed to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity." He used code words for NATO encroachment when he pledged his "support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations" and American support for Ukraine’s "being completely integrated in Europe." Zelensky deciphered the code for anyone who didn’t get it when he bluntly declared that he "would like to discuss with President Biden here his vision, his government’s vision of Ukraine’s chances to join NATO and the timeframe for this accession." These comments are deeply threatening to Russia.