The US Could Be Using Iran’s Election to Sabotage Nuclear Deal | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The US Could Be Using Iran’s Election to Sabotage Nuclear Deal

Biden administration officials are downplaying the idea that Iran’s presidential election will impact negotiations to revive the nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA. But the election of Ebrahim Raisi, a judge under US sanctions who is close to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, might give President Biden the excuse to blame the failure to salvage the JCPOA on Tehran.

While he’s viewed as a hardliner, Raisi has endorsed the negotiations with the US and favors a revival of the JCPOA if the US lifts sanctions. The issue is, the Biden administration refuses to lift all Trump-era sanctions. The current government of Hassan Rouhani is negotiating what sanctions the US is willing to lift. Limited sanctions relief might not be acceptable to Raisi since Washington violated the deal in the first place.

Rouhani has little to show for negotiating the JCPOA and trusting the US. Meanwhile, Iran remains under crippling economic sanctions, and the people are suffering. Raisi’s position on the JCPOA might be portrayed as a hardline one by Western media, but any clear-eyed observer could have predicted Iran’s next president would not be so patient with Washington.