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US scraps military equipment worth billions before leaving Afghanistan

The US military has destroyed more than 77,000 metric tons of military equipment - including mine-resistant troop transport vehicles - as it prepares to withdraw from Afghanistan in late 2014, the Washington Post reported today.

More than 7-billion-dollar worth of military equipment is no longer needed, or would be too expensive to ship back to the United States, and much of it is being shredded and sold locally as scrap metal, the Post reported, citing US military officials.

Donating the gear to the Afghan government is difficult because of complicated bureaucratic rules, plus US officials do not believe the Afghans could maintain the gear.

Plus, it would also be too expensive to sell or donate the gear to allied nations because of the cost of getting the equipment out of Afghanistan.


I don't believe a word ...

michael mazur

of this.

Could not be plainer. When NKorea was being bombed, bombed, and bombed some more, in the 1950-53 assault on innocents, formally known as the Korean War, the pilots were complaining that there was nothing left to bomb - nothing more than a two storey building anywhere.

This needless use of high explosives was extremely profitable for the manufacturers.

Same with the needless destruction of mil equipment in preference to being left behind in Afghanistan, the manufacturers get to make replacement equipment.

michael mazur

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