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Washington’s Hypocritical Iran Obsession

Since Joe Biden took office as president in January, there has been considerable speculation about the prospects for successful U.S. negotiations with Iran to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) regarding Tehran’s nuclear program. President Donald Trump effectively torpedoed that agreement when he rescinded Washington’s adherence to its provisions in 2018. The chances of resuscitating the JCPOA remain uncertain, even as tensions between the United States and Iran on the nuclear issue continue to simmer.

However, ongoing suspicions about nuclear matters is not the only manifestation of ill-will between Washington and Tehran. Two other recent developments are notable, and the Biden administration’s stance on both of them highlights the chronic blind spots and hypocrisy that have plagued US policy toward Iran for the past four decades.

In late May, the Iranian government dispatched two of its ships, a frigate and a converted oil tanker, on a voyage that US leaders worried might end up in Venezuela as a symbol of support for Nicolas Maduro’s beleaguered, anti-U.S. regime. The Biden administration reacted like a scalded cat. U.S. officials warned Caracas that such a deployment would be an unwise provocation. A National Security Council spokesperson later emphasized that Venezuela had purchased weapons from Iran over a year ago, and warned that any new delivery of weapons “would be a provocative act and a threat to our partners in this hemisphere.”