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What John Dugard tells us about apartheid in South Africa and Israel/Palestine

Palestinian solidarity advocates know that April 27 was a red-letter day for the cause: the ugly “apartheid” label seems finally to have stuck fast to Israel, thanks to the 213-page report released that day by Human Rights Watch. It came soon after the blow struck in January by B’Tselem, when it declared that Israel is an apartheid state from sea to shining Jordan River. Together, the two reports brought to a conclusion decades of arguments and warnings in which the term was brandished as an epithet that allegedly – or might one day — describe the State of Israel. Apartheid Israel has now been declared an established fact.

The two groups’ finding should smooth the way for the International Criminal Court’s unprecedented investigation of Israel for war crimes, and crimes against humanity, including apartheid. Already, the finding helped set up a May report from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace calling for a global pivot to reframe the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” into a question of how the international community can secure equal rights for Palestinians.

The advocates of human rights in Palestine have broken through. Hallelujah! Unless the opening is bolstered, however, its effect may be surprisingly limited. The denial, obfuscation, and special pleading that have long protected Israel from the truth may again cloud Americans’ perception of the moral disorder at the heart of Israel’s problem – apartheid.