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Treasury Secretary Yellen says the world needs to spend $150 trillion to fight climate change. More than the entire world’s annual GDP. 1 3 weeks ago George
Dwayne Johnson will no longer use real firearms in his productions 1 3 weeks ago George
WHAT. A. FCKING. KAREEEN. (Video) 1 3 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
VIDEO: "We want to rewire the entire global financial system for net zero", pledging to make the UK the world’s first net zero finance centre. 1 4 weeks ago George
Lame Duck? Defeated Joe returns home from Europe shook and silent… 2 4 weeks ago George
Zillow Quits Flipping Homes! Real Estate Firm Lays Off A Quarter Of Its Staff After Algorithm To Buy And Sell Houses - Predicted To Bring In $20bn A Year - 'Didn't Work Out As Planned' 1 4 weeks ago George
Billionaire Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez flew by private jet to discuss climate change with Prince Charles over a cup of tea on the eve of Cop26 - days after he and 50 guests flew choppers to Bill Gates' superyacht birthday 1 4 weeks ago George
Jeff Bezos tells COP26 how going to space made him realise 'how thin the globe's atmosphere' and says 'the private sector must also play its part to reduce carbon emissions'... after flying in on his £48million private jet 1 4 weeks ago George
Debtor Nation: US Treasury to borrow $1 trillion per quarter as cash runs out… 1 4 weeks ago George
STUDY: In order to “save” 14 children from covid, 28 MILLION kids have to get “vaccinated” with experimental cocktail posing severe long-term risks 1 4 weeks ago Apotheek
The COVID-19 pandemic has now killed 5 million people around the world : NPR 1 4 weeks ago George
Saudi Arabia starts construction on its $100 billion eco-city that will have NO STREETS and be ready for residents in 2024: 105-mile-long 'linear' paradise will have no cars and no carbon emissions 1 4 weeks ago George
Dark winter: Google sister company partners with Pfizer on study of ‘long-term safety’ of the jab… 1 4 weeks ago George
Is this finally proof China created Covid? Group of online sleuths fought to discover if the virus was engineered by scientists in Wuhan lab at the heart of probe into the pandemic's origins 1 4 weeks ago drag
Dems Reportedly Scrap IRS Bank Reporting Plan After Manchin Slams "Screwed Up" Surveillance Scheme 1 4 weeks ago drag
Globalism is Getting Weirder and Weirder by the Day 1 4 weeks ago George
And Then, One Day, For no Reason at All, People Voted Hitler Into Power, the 2021 Edition 1 4 weeks ago George
“You want to join the fight?”...Huge Crowd of New Yorkers Protest, Dump Trash on de Blasio’s Gracie Mansion Lawn to Protest Vaccine Mandate [Video] 1 4 weeks ago George
Biden Has Major Brain Fart, Turns Into a Statue After He Completely Forgets What He is Talking About 1 4 weeks ago George
Incredible scene in Switzerland… 1 4 weeks ago George
The U.S. Effectively Surrenders in the Argument About the Origin of COVID-19 1 5 weeks ago drag
Twitter is the biggest woke shithole (Picture) 1 5 weeks ago George
‘Fauci is a mad scientist playing God’… 1 5 weeks ago George
Canadians Will Be Required To Present COVID Vaccine Passport When Traveling By Air, Sea Or Train 1 5 weeks ago George
'Two metres, get away from my fence': Grandmother, 61, who sprayed next door neighbours with disinfectant after they 'exaggerated coughing' in their garden during lockdown is convicted of assault 1 5 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
Here’s Why the New Climate Agenda Could Lead to an Energy Crisis of Epic Proportions 1 5 weeks ago George
US Airstrike Kills Senior Al-Qaeda Leader In Syria Two Days After American Military Outpost Was Hit By Coordinated Attack 1 5 weeks ago dean_saor
A new whistleblower reportedly claimed Facebook exempted right-wing outlet Breitbart from certain rules because it didn't want to 'start a fight with Steve Bannon' 1 5 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
6 Or More Total Pos (Video) 1 5 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
Young gun! Girl, 8, tests out rifles, handguns and even a flamethrower on her YouTube channel where she boasts 12 MILLION views as her proud dad says she's a 'great role model' 2 5 weeks ago George