Police arrested Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’, age 22, yesterday following the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. 

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 A school board director in Washington state is rightfully coming under fire for hosting a series of sexual education classes for minors, focusing on sex for pleasure for kids as young as nine. 

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Biden is considering removing President Trump’s tariffs on China.  President Trump knows they help America.  Biden doesn’t seem to care. 

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) is paying a private company $1.5 million to develop a "transgender programming curriculum" to be used across all U.S. prisons.

The DOJ’s Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) entered a contract on July 1, 2021, with The Change Companies in Carson City, Nevada, for $1.5 million for developing transgender-specific programming for transgender prison inmates.

The BOP's Office of Public Affairs explained in a statement to Fox News Digital that The Change Companies is creating a curriculum for transgender federal inmates that "teaches techniques to seek support for mental health concerns and skills to advocate for physical, emotional, and sexual health and safety."

"The BOP provides services and programs tailored to address the needs of the transgender population," the statement read. "By entering into a contract with The Change Companies, the BOP is able to expand program offerings for transgender inmates."


Webmaster addition: Are you kidding me?!?

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For more than 60 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has known that the changes occurring to planetary weather patterns are completely natural and normal. But the space agency, for whatever reason, has chosen to let the man-made global warming hoax persist and spread, to the detriment of human freedom.

It was the year 1958, to be precise, when NASA first observed that changes in the solar orbit of the earth, along with alterations to the earth's axial tilt, are both responsible for what climate scientists today have dubbed as "warming" (or "cooling," depending on their agenda). In no way, shape, or form are humans warming or cooling the planet by driving SUVs or eating beef, in other words.

But NASA has thus far failed to set the record straight, and has instead chosen to sit silently back and watch as liberals freak out about the world supposedly ending in 12 years because of too much livestock, or too many plastic straws.

In the year 2000, NASA did publish information on its Earth Observatory website about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, revealing that the planet is, in fact, changing due to extraneous factors that have absolutely nothing to do with human activity. But, again, this information has yet to go mainstream, some 19 years later, which is why deranged, climate-obsessed leftists have now begun to claim that we really only have 18 months left before the planet dies from an excess of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The truth, however, is much more along the lines of what Serbian astrophysicist Milutin Milankovitch, after whom the Milankovitch Climate Theory is named, proposed about how the seasonal and latitudinal variations of solar radiation that hit the earth in different ways, and at different times, have the greatest impact on earth's changing climate patterns.

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Fact: At least 37 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 175 wounded and 82 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs).  The most important fact about this list, is that these are only cases where the information about their psychiatric drug use was made public. (See full list below)

The below list includes individuals documented to have been under the influence of psychiatric drugs and not only includes mass shootings, but the use of knives, swords and bombs.  27 international drug regulatory agency warnings cite side effects including mania, violence, psychosis and even homicidal ideation.

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The Biden administration is planning to sue Arizona over a new state law that requires proof of citizenship to vote for president.

Kristen Clarke, the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, said she has authorized going to court over what she contends is a violation of the 1964 Voting Rights Act. The only thing that would stop that, Clarke said in a letter to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, is if the state is willing to settle the issue, presumably by an agreement not to enforce the law.

Brnovich responded Friday telling her, in essence, he will see her in court.

And he told Capitol Media Services this is about more than simply protecting the state's right to ensure that only citizens vote in elections. Brnovich said there is reason to believe all this is part of some larger scheme by some, including "neo-Marxists'' to allow people not in this country to influence elections.

The legal issues however, may not be as clear as Brnovich contends, with two conflicting laws.

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A Florida judge temporarily blocked a new 15-week abortion ban days after it took effect in the state.

However, a state appeal means the court’s order has automatically been stayed, keeping the law in place for the time being.

“In a lengthy ruling issued Tuesday, Leon County Circuit Court Judge John Cooper stated that the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – which overturned Roe v. Wade – has no bearing on this case. That is because while Roe was based on the idea of a right to privacy that is not explicitly in the Constitution, the Florida state constitution specifically does include a right to privacy,” Fox News reported.

“The right to privacy under the Florida Constitution is ‘much broader in scope’ than any privacy right under the United States Constitution,” Cooper wrote.

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In the wake of the COVID jab rollout and additional boosters, a number of health conditions are on the rise, including cancer, most notably cancers of the uterus, endometrial cancers, and very aggressive blood and brain cancers

Cancer has been on the rise for decades, thanks to dietary factors, but the COVID jabs appear to dramatically accelerate the disease process. Many doctors report cancer patients with stable disease, and those who have been in remission for years, will suddenly and rapidly develop Stage 4 disease

A military whistleblower has come forward with data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) database showing dramatic increases in medical visits for cancers and other conditions, post-jab

For neurological side effects of the shot, four remedies that can be very helpful are fluvoxamine (an antidepressant that blocks cytokine production in neural tissues), pharmaceutical grade methylene blue (improves mitochondrial respiration and repair), near-infrared light (triggers production of melatonin in your mitochondria) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (boosts mitochondrial function, decreases inflammation and much more)

The COVID jabs also downregulate toll-like receptors 7 and 8, which allows latent viruses such as herpes EBV4 — Epstein-Barr, aka, mononucleosis — to flourish that would otherwise have been kept in check

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The international LHCb collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has observed three never-before-seen particles: a new kind of “pentaquark” and the first-ever pair of “tetraquarks”, which includes a new type of tetraquark. The findings, presented today at a CERN seminar, add three new exotic members to the growing list of new hadrons found at the LHC. They will help physicists better understand how quarks bind together into these composite particles.

Quarks are elementary particles and come in six flavours: up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom. They usually combine together in groups of twos and threes to form hadrons such as the protons and neutrons that make up atomic nuclei. More rarely, however, they can also combine into four-quark and five-quark particles, or “tetraquarks” and “pentaquarks”. These exotic hadrons were predicted by theorists at the same time as conventional hadrons, about six decades ago, but only relatively recently, in the past 20 years, have they been observed by LHCb and other experiments.

Webmaster addition: Particle physicists like to joke that studying matter with colliders is like smashing two mechanical clocks together and trying to guess what the clocks looked like based on the springs, gears, and levers that fly out. Let us take that analogy one step further and speculate that given enough speed at the moment of collision, individual teeth from the clock gears will come flying out as separate distinct pieces. But clearly, prior to that moment of collision, they never did exist as separate distinct pieces. Their separateness is created by the collision at that very moment. The same may well be true of the ultra-tiny particles generated by the collisions of the LHC

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Incongruity was the hallmark of the extraordinary NATO summit just concluded in Madrid. NATO offered bluster and promised muster: more troops against its "most significant and direct threat ," Russia. Meanwhile, Russian "cauldron"maneuvers in Donbas methodically destroyed or enveloped major units of Kyiv’s army, further strengthening Russia’s position there.

Those of realistic and compassionate bent can but harbor hope that, before there is only a cadaver of Ukraine left to defend, Kyiv sees the handwriting on the wall and cries Uncle, despite what they are hearing from an Uncle Sam. He seems to have a remarkable tolerance for carnage – in Ukraine.

As for NATO bluster, it was "One for all and all for one" – as if Dumas composed yet another swashbuckling adventure meme for The Thirty Musketeers. Part of the U.S. muster of troops is destined for Poland, where President Biden says the US is establishing a permanent headquarters.

Polish President Andrzej Duda claims "Russia is a threat for all of NATO" … and that multiplying NATO’s "Rapid Reaction Force" will make Europe "safer." No, this is not a Polish joke.

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Marvel Comics revealed last week that it is introducing a variant of its iconic Spider-Man character who is gay, with “fearlessly femme” detailing.

One of Marvel’s Spider-Man writers posted a tweet on Thursday revealing “Web-Weaver” and the character’s costume designs. He wrote, “Something I realized immediately when conceiving Web-Weaver is that he can’t — and shouldn’t — represent ALL gay men. No single character can. His fearlessly femme identity is central to who he is, but it’s not the STORY— which you can experience for yourself in September!” he added.”

After some predictably harsh responses, Foxe later protected his Twitter account so that only his followers could see his posts.

The comics giant has scheduled the new character’s first appearance in Edge of the Spider-Verse #5 to be released in September. The new character’s secret identity is a “not-so-mild mannered fashion designer.” Marvel said that each issue of the special series will include three stories about variants of Spider-Man, and will end the story arc in a “blaze of glory.”

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Police provided the public with details on Tuesday at a press conference, where they said that the rifle that was used was legally purchased.

Robert Crimo III, 21, allegedly opened fire from a rooftop during the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, and evaded arrest for hours. Police said that Primo wore women's clothing in an attempt to conceal himself, specifically to help cover up his face tattoos. He may have worn a wig during the shooting.

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GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) lamented that all civility is lost to Democrats when they don’t get their way.  During an interview over the weekend, she said Democrat tantrums include recent calls to change congressional rules to fit their agenda.

The senator added, Democrats also threaten to defy the rules to enforce their demands. She mentioned the outcry over the recent Dobbs decision at the Supreme Court that has resulted in far-left activists calling for violent attacks on justices. Blackburn stressed when they don’t get their way, they usually take to the streets.

“And what they would be doing is defying a Supreme Court decision and also they want to go around the Hyde Amendment, they want to go around Mexico City policy,” explained the lawmaker. “To them, it is imperative that they, the federal government, be able to control access to abortion. They do not want this to be sent to the states as the court has said. It is the jurisdiction of the states to set the regulation and restrictions around abortion, but for them that’s not good enough.”

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Vice President Kamala Harris likened the end of Roe v. Wade to slavery by saying that the Supreme Court's ruling was an instance of the United States government "trying to claim ownership over human bodies."

Harris made the comparison while talking at the Essence Festival in New Orleans on Saturday.

"We have to recognize we're a nation that was founded on certain principles that are — that are grounded in the concept of freedom and liberty," she said to the crowd.

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Exactly for the Independence Day holiday in California: an increase in the state’s already sky-high gas tax.

The 51-cent tax jumped 3 cents on Friday, just adding to the discomfort for motorists paying upward of $7 a gallon, the highest in the nation, in the Golden State. The Democratic supermajority in the legislature did not suppress a regular annual tax increase despite intense lobbying by Republicans.

Friday’s AAA gas tax index lists California’s average price at $6.27 a gallon and a nationwide average of $4.84. California’s gas is more expensive in the summer when it utilizes a “summer blend” to cut down on emissions when the automobile-loving state is at its most active.

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Internet users have denounced a clip revealing a tiny child being led by the hand by a drag queen with huge uncovered boobs throughout an event at a Miami bar.

The 16-second video sees the young girl, who appears to be aged between two and four, dressed in a tiara as she marches with a woman in skimpy clothing.

That performer - who appears to be a transgender woman - proudly displays gigantic boobs, with her nipples hidden with pasties while wearing lingerie stuffed with dollar bills.

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A woke news reporter working for The Guardian's US website has been denounced after she took to Twitter to announce that people who doubt trans ideology are fascists.

"I think that we’re entering a period when the most meaningful political distinction will be fascist and anti-fascist. It’s really important to understand that transphobia is one of the most potent entry points to fascism today - and act accordingly," tweeted Julia Carrie Wong on Sunday.

Wong was quickly taken to task over her 'woke' take by Twitter users who asked why a news reporter was imposing her views on her 59,300 Twitter followers.

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