More than 200 Palestinians are taking part in a two-day vigil in Khan al-Ahmar, east of al-Quds, to block an Israeli attempt to destroy the village and displace its people, while others have gone on strike in al-Quds’s Jabal Mukabber in protest against home demolitions.

The Palestinian protesters gathered at the entrance of the village to voice their objection to the Israeli ruling and prevent the Israeli army from carrying out the demolition.

According to the Palestinian WAFA news agency, head of the Wall and Settlements Resistance Commission Muayyad Shaban said that he had called for the two-day vigil on Tuesday, one day before the Israeli Supreme Court was scheduled to issue a ruling on this issue.

Concern over demolishing the village, where 200 people live, half of them children, was heightened following a call by far-right Israeli minister Itamar Ben Gvir to immediately demolish it and kick out its residents.

Khan al-Ahmar, which includes 25 Bedouin communities, has been at risk of demolition by the Israeli authorities for several years.

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Colonel Macgregor, with the exception of his statement on Solzhenitsyn, basically confirms what I was preaching for many years.  No, not that Washington is incompetent--this has been a  fait accompli for decades now--but that the US is incapable to take on Russia militarily. 

But even the title by Judge Napolitano is somewhat misleading: U.S. Not Prepared to take on Russia. The US is not just "not prepared", it cannot physically fight Russia without sustaining catastrophic defeat even if it spends next 30 years preparing for that fight. For starters, the US de-industrialization and societal ills permanently removed it from the largely self-proclaimed status of hegemon. The US will remain an important and influential country if it manages to keep itself intact (if), but, as I already stated, culturally the United States is not a continental military power. I deliberately used the all encompassing, history too, term "culturally", because military affairs of the nation are rooted in culture. 

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While the drug and chemical industries have attacked and tried to discredit me for years, blatant censorship didn’t begin until 2020, after the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

For legal and historical purposes, I am sharing a timeline of events with you that document a chain of coordinated events and attacks against me and this website. My first article about the pandemic came out February 4, 2020, in which I predicted that it was a grossly exaggerated threat that would enrich pandemic vaccine makers.

March 8, 2020, I published an interview with bioweapons expert Francis Boyle, Ph.D., in which he warned that SARS-CoV-2 had all the hallmarks of a genetically engineered bioweapon. Boyle was among the first, if not the first, to suspect the outbreak was the result of a lab leak.

While every health authority on the planet insisted there was no treatment, and that patients simply go to the hospital to be placed on mechanical ventilation and die, I interviewed medical experts working on early treatment options and published articles detailing the potential benefits of vitamin D, zinc, quercetin and other nutraceuticals that boost immune function, as well as decades-old drugs like hydroxychloroquine.

I also published the testimony of whistleblowers such as Erin Marie Olszewski, a frontline nurse, who warned that patients were being intentionally killed on ventilators as it quickly proved to be a deadly intervention for COVID-19.

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) unveiled seven pieces of legislation on Tuesday to protect American’s freedoms by blocking current and future government COVID mandates.
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Meteorologist Janice Dean said Sunday that multiple outlets had refused to review her new book, “I Am the Storm,” because she worked for Fox News.
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All things end, including people pretending to be someone they aren’t and doing something they shouldn’t.

This ending is the case with Kay LeClaire, who, for quite some time, has pretended to be Native American and part of multiple heritages, including Metis, Oneida, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Cuban, and Jewish, according to a report by the New York Post.

Kay LeClaire, aka Katie and Kathryn, is married to Adam Pagenkopf, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin. According to Fox News, Kay LeClaire is also part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison environment. The university awarded LeClaire $5,000 for a 10-week residency with the goal being to develop a “toolkit and curriculum around cultural appropriation.”

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Project Veritas claimed Monday that YouTube officials distributed a document to employees on how to handle the investigative journalism non-profit’s bombshell video on Pfizer released last week.
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Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor, an African American Democrat, has sided with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the governor’s decision to block a woke AP African American Studies course from being taught in the state that was being developed by the College Board.
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced this week that he has created a new position in his administration to battle President Joe Biden’s continued illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border.
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‘The pilot of a Chicago flight bound for Columbus, Ohio, passed out suddenly after takeoff Saturday evening, prompting a co-pilot to make a return flight back to the airport. The pilot, who was a captain in training for American Airlines subsidiary Envoy Air, later died at the hospital, according to reports.’

While the cause of the pilot’s blackout has not been revealed, incidents like this were exactly what pilots who rallied against mandatory Covid vaccinations were trying to avoid.

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Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) indicated Tuesday that she has reversed course on her previous opposition to removing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee after she met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) this week.
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 High-ranking officials of both NATO and the Russian Federation have now admitted the two entities are at war, the former saying it outright, the latter saying NATO countries with supply lines of weapons to Kyiv could be “legitimate military targets”.

“The idea that we’re going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews – just understand, don’t kid yourself, no matter what y’all say, that’s called World War III,” said President Joe Biden in March of 2022.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo on Tuesday (31 January 2023) for talks on shared security challenges and NATO’s deepening partnership with Japan. “No NATO partner is closer or more capable than Japan,” said the Secretary General.

Acknowledging that transatlantic and Indo-Pacific security are deeply interconnected, the two leaders agreed a joint statement setting out a shared ambition to strengthen NATO-Japan cooperation even further.

The Secretary General and Prime Minister Kishida…agreed that Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine is not just a European crisis, but a challenge to the international order. Mr Stoltenberg warned that: “Beijing is watching closely, and learning lessons that may influence its future decisions.” He underlined the importance of remaining united and firm to protect freedom and democracy from authoritarian regimes’ pushback against the international rules-based order.

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I will have to say I am truly grateful that California’s politicians voted for a Reparations Panel.

The organization is proving critics who insist there is no appeasing racial justice activists right in every move. In fact, I would suggest that its theme song be The Cure’s “Never Enough.”

Granted, the band may be too white for the group, but the reparations panel hasn’t hesitated to step up its grasping demands for more, more, and more money. First, the panel demanded over $200K for each black in California. Then, it was a cool $1 million. Next, it insisted that $5 million was fair.

All this was in a state that never had legalized slavery.

Now California’s controversial reparations panel is upping the ante yet again. It wants the state’s legislature to close ten prisons…and that current inmates also receive fair wages and are eligible to vote.

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No one saw this coming. Except just about everyone.

While Florida’s Stop Woke Act has been enjoined by a federal judge, DeSantis had a back up plan. I noted that plan on January 15, 2023, DeSantis Permitted To Gather Data On “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” in Public Universities, Judge Rules (emphasis added):

The State has filed with the 11th Circuit for a stay of the injunction pending appeal, to which the ACLU has responded and the State replied several days ago. So we may hear soon from the 11th Circuit if Judge Walker’s injunction continues pending appeal.

But in the meantime, as we previously reported, DeSantis has required Florida public higher education institutions to provide data on the funds and programming supporting DEI.

So, the ACLU filed a motion claiming the state request for data violated the court’s prior injunction….

The Court in a short form order quickly found there was no violation of the injunction…

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN in an interview he was ready to consider the role of a mediator in the Ukrainian crisis if all stakeholders ask him to do so.

"If asked by all relevant parties, I’ll certainly consider it, but I’m not pushing myself in," he said, adding that his country’s close ally, the United States, will also need to ask.

Netanyahu told CNN he had been asked to act as a mediator between Moscow and Kiev in the very beginning of the Ukrainian crisis.

The premier said he was an opposition leader at this point, but did not answer the question of who asked him. He also said the request was unofficial.

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The Biden administration has reportedly caved to the new Republican-controlled Congress and will allow top Border Patrol chiefs to testify in a hearing next week.
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An organization representing more than 2,000 rabbis is urging congressional leaders to keep Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) off the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her extensive history of anti-Semitism.
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Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) said during an interview Monday that the classified document scandal that has engulfed several top U.S. political leaders is a “mess” and that politics needs to be kept out of the investigations.
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Chris Wallace’s new CNN show is called Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? but they should change it to Who’s Watching Chris Wallace?
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Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is calling for universal school choice through the use of education savings accounts, or ESAs.
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In his interview published by The Washington Post on January 30, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, admitted the responsibility of the Kiev regime for the terrorist attacks on the Russian territory.

The “young and brave Ukrainian” who is serving as the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine tried his best to assure the interviewer that Ukrainian intelligence keeps Russia in awe; but in fact, he confirmed the terrorist nature of the Kiev regime.

In his interview, he assured that Kiev has its agents in Russia involved in preparation of various attacks.

“There are people who plant explosives. There are drones. Until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored, there will be problems inside Russia.” he said.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence also claimed that Kiev is trying to recruit Russians “who understand that Russia should be different.”

So far, the Kiev regime attempted to deny its links to any attacks in Russia.

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Legendary poet Maya Angelou is famous for her quote “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” A far-left Nebraska state senator decided to declare war on religious families despite her protestations afterwards that she was merely trolling.
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A lunch lady was arrested for stealing $1.5 million worth of chicken wings from “low income” Illinois schools during the height of the Covid pandemic.
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Gonzalo Lira did a video recently on the race riots he sees coming to America this Spring. I want to go a bit deeper. True, we can expect the usual suspects at ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter) funded by billionaires. He mentioned the recent murder of a Black motorist by 5 Black police officers in Memphis. I would add that quota cops can be just as dangerous as quota engineers, lawyers and professors.

Gonzalo sees World War III as the collapse of the American Empire. I recently wrote that Putin said Nyet to WW III when he announced the creation of an Army that the whole of NATO could not touch. He is upgrading to the S-500 air defense system. By comparison the US Patriot system is highly inferior to the Soviet S-300 of the late 1970s.

Putin will be adding 5 divisions of artillery. Russia, unlike America, never passed legislation to close 80,000 manufacturing plants so they could become a post-industrial nation. Russia will be able to fire up to 90,000 artillery shells and rockets a day. When they get their 1,000th Tornado MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) , they will be able to fire volleys of 12,000 rockets that are as accurate as HIMARS but with a 50% greater range and twice the payload. They are upgrading their naval cruise missiles to the Mach 9 Zircon. Meanwhile, the US Navy is sporting subsonic cruise missiles. Did I mention the Mach 12 Kinzhal missile which digs a 98 foot (30 meters deep) hole in the ground where its target used to be?

No military man will go to war against Russia even if the Neocons insist.

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The number of the repair crew workers that were killed in a Ukrainian strike on a railway bridge in the Zaporozhye Region has increased to five, Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the We Are Together with Russia civil society group, told TASS on Tuesday.

Yevgeny Balitsky, the interim governor of the Zaporozhye Region, earlier said four people were killed and five were wounded in the Ukrainian strike on the bridge in the village of Svetlodolinskoye. According to preliminary data, Ukrainian forces had fired three projectiles at the bridge using a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system.

"Five people have been killed and four wounded. Ordinary workers, and not servicemen, or law enforcement personnel," he specified.

"Ukrainian forces are taking out anything that’s related to the organization of normal, sustainable logistics in the liberated territories. That strike is due to systemic terrorist activity to incapacitate the Zaporozhye Region’s transportation infrastructure."

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