“We’ll know that our disinformation campaign has worked when everything the American public believes is false.” — William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director at his first staff meeting, 1981

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Shocking data released by the U.K. government shows that over the past two years, the vaccinated population in England has suffered an outrageous number of deaths compared to the unvaccinated population, even though approximately 30 percent of the population has not even had a single dose of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

According to the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), by July 2022, 18.9 million people had refused the first dose of the COVID-19 injection, 21.5 million people had refused the second dose of the COVID-19 injection, alongside 2.6 million people who had received the first dose but refused the second, and 30.4 million people had refused the third dose of the COVID-19 injection, alongside 8.9 million people who had received the second dose but refused the third. (Related: CAUGHT: UK hospitals certified pneumonia deaths as COVID deaths to create illusion of pandemic.)

According to the UKHSA’s figures, 63.4 million people were eligible for vaccination at that point. Therefore, as of July 2022, 30 percent of England’s population remained completely unvaccinated; 34 percent was not double vaccinated; and 50 percent was not triple vaccinated. However, the vaccinated population as a whole accounted for 95 percent of all COVID-19 deaths between January and May 2023, while the unvaccinated population accounted for just five percent.

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Concerned about a weaponized financial system, many countries have signaled plans to remove their gold and other assets from the U.S. in the wake of the unprecedented Western sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

And at least one congressman is demanding answers from the Federal Reserve as to how much foreign gold has actually been removed from U.S. shores so far.

According to a 2023 Invesco survey, a “substantial percentage” of central banks expressed concern about how the U.S. and its allies froze nearly half of Russia’s $650 billion gold and forex reserves. One anonymous central banker told Invesco that his country quietly repatriated its gold from London, and some 68% of the banks surveyed said they are keeping their gold reserve within their country’s borders—up from 50% in 2020.

The apparent desire of foreign countries to bring their gold home would accelerate a trend that began when the U.S. decoupled the dollar from gold in 1971. Since then, the Federal Reserve’s custodial services have dwindled from some 13,000 tons of gold to just a little more than 6,000 tons.

But amidst the geopolitical angst, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is refusing to divulge information about the U.S. central bank’s gold holdings. Insiders say such information could be highly damning.

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Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz arrived in the US on Sunday on a trip that was not approved by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to Israeli media, Netanyahu wasn’t aware of the trip until Gantz informed the prime minister of his plans on Friday in a tense phone call. A source told the Israeli news site Ynet that Netanyahu “made it clear to Minister Gantz that the State of Israel only has one prime minister.”

Gantz, the leader of Israel’s National Unity party, is scheduled to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday. In a speech on Sunday, Harris called for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza but quickly clarified that she meant a six-week truce, which is on the table as part of a potential hostage deal.

White House officials told The New York Times that Gantz and Harris are expected to discuss hostage negotiations and the potential for a temporary ceasefire. Israel boycotted the latest hostage deal talks that were held in Cairo on Sunday.

Gantz is also set to hold talks with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and Brett McGurk, President Biden’s top Middle East official on the National Security Council.

Gantz is portrayed as Netanyahu’s moderate opposition, but Gantz supports the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. He recently threatened that Israel will invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah, which is packed with 1.5 million Palestinians, if Hamas doesn’t release Israeli hostages by Ramadan, which begins on March 10

Claire's Observations:  Please remember;  10 March... is this coming Sunday.   

One might be tempted to believe that this trip is just for "grand political consumption" back  home in Israel where, I am quite sure, Gantz wants to stand for Prime Minister in the next elections, whenever they happen.

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Every individual in a position of power/authority within the private or public sector has one job: to ensure that implicit whiteness doesn’t become explicit.

That’s it.

Possibly The Most Overtly Racist Segment Ever On MSNBC, ZeroHedge.com, March 2, 2024

The voting public, and especially the rural voting public, should brace themselves for an avalanche of mainstream media and punditry hate directed toward them in the months leading into the November election.

A Thursday the below MSNBC segment was somewhat shocking even for the mainstream in terms of the extent a whole demographic of Americans was viciously attacked stereotyped and labeled as 'all the same'. One online commenter rightly pointed out: ”This might be the most overtly racist thing I’ve seen people say on TV.”

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The United States, in collaboration with the Jordanian air force, dropped aid packages into Gaza on Saturday.

What is being marketed as benevolent assistance amounts to humanitarian aid theater that does nothing to end the systematic and intentional campaign of starvation Israel and its American and European allies, with the complicity of regional regimes, are waging against Palestinians.

Experts and aid officials have made clear that these airdrops are not an effective way to alleviate the starvation of 2.3 million people in Gaza deliberately caused by Israel, with the full backing of the United States.

By participating in these drops, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, but especially Jordan whose air force is carrying them out, are providing public relations cover for countries directly involved in Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

The effect – whether intentional or not – is to relieve Israel and its backers of pressure to lift the total siege Tel Aviv has imposed on the coastal enclave with the clear intent of causing maximum suffering and death to as many people as possible.

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What good is a humanitarian drop if the Jews are just going to open fire on you with tanks when you line up to get your flour?

It is now obvious – or at least obvious to me – that the “Flour Massacre” earlier this week was a planned event. The Jews set up the Palestinians to group together to get food, planning to gun them down while they were waiting in line. The purpose, other than just more deaths, is to make these starving people afraid to go to the aid pickups.

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The Israeli government covertly meddled into American Jewish politics from the 1950s to 1970s, and they did so to quash Jewish criticisms of the 1948 Nakba — the mass dispossession and expulsions of Palestinians during Israel’s founding — and Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. Israeli diplomats who oversaw the furtive campaign were at one point assisted by Wolf Blitzer — today the host of CNN’s primetime show “The Situation Room.”

These are some of the findings of “Our Palestine Question,” an explosive new book by Emory University scholar Geoffrey Levin that offers historical perspective on today’s crisis in Gaza, especially as it plays out today among American Jews.

Since the murderous October 7 attacks by Hamas against Israel, and Israel’s overwhelming retaliatory attacks against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, American Jews have organized dramatic protests. They have demanded everything from a ceasefire and to an end to U.S. military funding for Israel.

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A truly massive storm is rolling through California this weekend, dumping feet of snow with torrential winds. Many resorts have remained closed since Friday as conditions have made it too hard to operate.

Let's take a look at some storm totals from around the region:

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JUST IN – At least nine killed after Israeli air strike hits aid truck in Deir el-Balah, Al Jazeera reports. This is a developing story.

ISRAEL CONTINUES TO SHOOT AT AID SEEKERS – WAFA reports: For the second time in less than 48 hours, Israeli occupation forces opened machine gunfire this evening targeting hundreds of civilians waiting for desperately needed humanitarian aid southwest of Gaza City, resulting in multiple civilian casualties. (More on the “Flour Massacre” below.)

Eyewitnesses reported that the occupation forces opened fire on a crowd of civilians waiting for the potential arrival of aid trucks near the Al-Nablusi roundabout at the Al-Rashid Street southwest of Gaza City, resulting in at least one fatality and the injury of 26 others.

UN OHCHR adds: Between mid-January and the end of February, the UN office said it had “recorded at least 14 incidents involving shooting and shelling of people gathered to receive desperately needed supplies” at the Kuwait Roundabout on Salah al-Din Street and Al Nabulsi Roundabout.

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Three passengers who were on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 when a door flew out midair are suing Boeing for $1 billion.

Attorney Jonathan Johnson stated that Kyle Rinker and his girlfriend Amanda Strickland were seated just two rows diagonally behind the teenager who had his shirt sucked off when the door plug flew off in January on the Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet.

Also included in the lawsuit filed in Multnomah County, Oregon, late last month is Kevin Kwok, who was seated next to the two people.

“This is mostly about the systemic problems at Boeing, which is jeopardizing the lives of the entire traveling public who travel on Boeing aircraft,” Johnson told the press. “They should not be trusting luck to avoid a planeload of people being killed.”

According to Rinker, about five minutes into the flight “we heard the loud pop. We were just sitting there trying to relax … and then, that thing just happened. The oxygen masks come down, just like, ‘Oh, wow, something’s going on. We gotta get these on.’”

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An esteemed molecular biologist has come forward to warn of "smoking gun" evidence that COVID-19 not only originated from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, but it was engineered by researchers at the Chinese lab.

Richard H. Ebright, Ph.D., is a molecular biologist at Rutgers University and is on the Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University and Laboratory Director at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology. The Harvard Junior Fellow earned the Searle Scholar Award, was named a Johnson & Johnson Discovery Research Fellow, was awarded the Walter J. Johnson Prize, was named Infectious Diseases Society of America Fellow, and took home the National Institutes of Health MERIT Award.

Ebright has also served on the National Institutes of Health Molecular Biology Study Section and National Institutes of Health special emphasis panels.

He has more than 175 publications and more than 40 issued and pending patents.

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The genocidal Zionist war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has been ongoing for nearly four months without the occupation state achieving any of its stated goals. It has not eliminated Hamas, and has not been able to liberate the Israelis held hostage by the movement. Instead, some of them have been killed by Israeli bombs and bullets during the brutal onslaught against the Palestinians.

The occupation forces have even failed to force the Palestinians to flee from their homes across the border into Egypt, despite Israel’s murderous “encouragement to leave voluntarily”. The displacement of Palestinians from Gaza has been a dream of the Zionists since the time of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister. The Palestinians learned their lesson from the first Nakba and know that if they leave their blessed land they will probably never be allowed to return, despite it being the right of all refugees to return to their land; a right that Israel has never allowed the Palestinians to fulfil. They have also learnt that the Israeli enemy is not invincible.

Moreover, Israel has failed to win the media war; its propaganda has been exposed as lies time and time again, and its killing of tens of thousands of civilians — most of them children and women — has disgusted people around the world. And despite the huge difference in weaponry and military technology in favour of the apartheid state, it has been unable to defeat the stubborn resistance of the Palestinians who are using largely self-developed weapons and have an unshakeable faith in the Almighty, their legitimacy and their rights. Video evidence of the fighting, as well as of the captives, intensifies the psychological and popular pressure on the far-right government of Benjamin Netanyahu, killing his hope of creating the impression that Israel is winning.

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A Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo on Sunday for hostage deal talks, but Israel has boycotted the negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke off hostage deal talks because Hamas did not provide a list of all the living Israeli hostages. Sources in Israel’s security cabinet criticized Netanyahu’s demand in comments to Haaretz.

“As with the previous deal, one could assume there would eventually be proper lists of the hostages and of those no longer living. This didn’t need to be made into a deal-breaker for advancing the negotiations,” one source said.

The potential deal that’s on the table is for Hamas to release about 40 Israeli hostages in exchange for a six-week ceasefire and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Hamas has been seeking a permanent ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, but there were signs on Sunday that the Palestinian group may be more flexible on its demands.

A senior Hamas source told Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen that a deal could be reached soon despite “obstacles” being put in the way by Israel. “Despite these obstacles, the possibility of reaching an agreement is still viable, especially as the occupation is being dealt heavy blows in Khan Younis and al-Zaytoun neighborhood,” the Hamas source said.

Citing Arab media, Haaretz reported a Hamas source said the group could be flexible on the length of the ceasefire and the number of Palestinian prisoners that will be released. But both Hamas sources said they are standing firm on two conditions: Israel allowing displaced Palestinians to return to northern Gaza and the delivery of much more aid to the north.

Claire's Observations:  Netanyahu isn't talking cease-fire, because he doesn't believe, at this point, he has to.  

Egypt has been "bought" with a ginormous $2 billion dollar "loan" (read:  bribe) from the IMF, and has "deigned" to put tent encampments up in the Sinai, for those Palestinians left breathing, after Israel's Palestinian genocide in Gaza. 

Of course, most of this money will most probably be "siphoned off" by President El-Sisi and his minions, but DAMN, it's going to "look good/accountable" to the IMF bureaucrats who read it!! 


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In the heart of Arizona, a fourth-generation rancher named John Ladd has been grappling with the harsh realities of the border crisis under President Joe Biden's administration.

His 1,600-acre ranch, which stretches 10.5 miles along the southern border, has become a grim testament to the crisis, with 17 dead bodies, so-called 'rape trees,' and illegal immigrants found on his property.

Ladd, 68, has been vocal about the border crisis, expressing his concerns about the Biden administration's policies, which he believes favor illegal immigrants over American citizens. "That's a rape tree," Ladd revealed to The Daily Mail, referring to a tree on his property adorned with women's underwear, a chilling symbol used by cartel smugglers. "Almost all the women who come across get raped by their guides, who then throw their underwear in the trees," he added.

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In a significant move, the Florida House of Representatives, under Republican control, approved a bill on Friday that proposes to reduce the minimum age for purchasing a firearm from 21 to 18.

The bill, HB 1223, also known as "Minimum Age for Firearm Purchase or Transfer," was passed with a 76-35 majority. The legislation, initially sponsored by Republican Representatives Bobby Payne and Tyler Sirois, will now proceed to the state Senate for further deliberation.

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An ear-shattering, harrowing sharp noise has been blaring throughout the Washington DC  Correctional Treatment Facility for weeks where January 6 political prisoners are detained.

J6 defendants housed in C3A, the cell block known as the Patriot Pod in the DC gulag where J6ers are segregated from the general population, called The Gateway Pundit urging the American people to demand oversight of the jail from US Marshals and members of Congress.

As TGP has reported, J6ers have been brutalized and tortured for exposing the corruption within the Bureau of Prisons System and the Department of Justice to the media. In February, two political prisoners were ripped from their cells, abducted and transferred to the country’s most hostile anti-Trump correctional facilities and barred from communication for regularly speaking out.

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A lot of people have been waiting for a meltdown of America’s financial system, but the truth is that it is already in the process of melting down.  As you will see below, the size of the monetary base in the United States has gotten more than six times larger since 2008.  If we continue down this road, it won’t be too long before we start looking like Germany during the Weimar Republic.  But if we stop creating money at a feverish rate, we won’t be able to service our debts and we will plunge into a very deep economic depression.  Those that run things desperately want to avoid short-term economic pain, and so they just continue to take the easy way out.  Unfortunately, taking the easy way out time after time will only lead to heartache.

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A headteacher has unleashed fury after she dumped the names of two British naval heroes from school buildings, saying they don't 'represent the values and inclusive nature' of the school.

Parents at the elite £17,000-a-year Exeter School in Devon were told Elizabethan-age heroes Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake had 'less than positive connotations' in modern times and would be scrapped.

The important historical figures led expeditions to the Americas and helped defeat the Spanish Armada.

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On Thursday, President Joe Biden, accompanied by several top-ranking officials, made a visit to the southern border in Brownsville, Texas.

Notably absent from the delegation was Vice President Kamala Harris.

The President's visit to Brownsville followed a series of meetings with Border Patrol, local law enforcement, and community leaders. In his address, Biden called on Republicans to support a bipartisan Senate bill he believes could provide a solution to the escalating crisis at the southern border. "It's real simple, it's time to act, it is long past time to act," the President declared. "It's time for us to move on this, we can't wait any longer."

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According to a recent news statement, New York Attorney General Letitia James ordered that Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman lift a ban on transgender athletes participating in women’s and girls’ sports, calling the rule a “discriminatory and transphobic executive order.”

On Friday, the attorney general of New York blasted a Long Island lawmaker with a cease-and-desist letter for releasing an executive order that was deemed “discriminatory and transphobic” and aimed to prevent transgender athletes from participating in sports.

Bruce Blakeman, the executive of Nassau County, was given an order by James to “immediately rescind” it because she believes it violates New York law by discriminating against individuals based on their sex, gender, or identity.

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A federal judge has upheld provisions in Arizona voting laws that require voters to provide proof of U.S. citizenship to vote in elections.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled Thursday that the legislation requiring tighter voting restrictions did not discriminate or violate civil rights.

“Considering the evidence as a whole, the court concludes that Arizona’s interests in preventing non-citizens from voting and promoting public confidence in Arizona’s elections outweighs the limited burden voters might encounter when required to provide (documentary proof of citizenship),” Bolton wrote, according to ABC News.

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Shehbaz Sharif, the chairman of the PML-N party (Pakistan Muslim League-N), has been elected as the new prime minister of Pakistan by lawmakers in Pakistan's National Assembly on Sunday, according to national broadcasters.

This will be the 72 year-old Sharif's (who is brother of Nawaz Sharif) second time to lead the country as prime minister, having previously been in office between April 2022 and August 2023. He's entering office for a five year term.

New Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, via PTI

Sharif said in his acceptance speech after a tumultuous and at times violent election season, "We were subjected to political victimization in the past but never took any revenge." This appeared to be a shot at former PM Imran Khan, but without naming him directly.

Sharif had secured 201 parliamentary votes to become the clear victor over rival Omar Ayub (at 92 votes), who significantly had the backing of Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. Khan has been urging on his political movement and allies, candidates which were forced to run on independent platforms, from jail.

Khan's party has repeatedly claimed that the election "was stolen during the vote count" but the Election Commission vehemently denies this charge.

The Associated Press writes of the past weeks since the early February election, "Following days of negotiations, Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League party and his supporters formed an alliance after the Feb. 8 election, which was overshadowed by militant violence, a nationwide mobile phone shutdown, Khan's exclusion from the vote, and an unusual delay in announcing the result." This delay was used of Khan's party to issue charges of vote rigging and corruption.

Opponents made their anger known during new PM Sharif's acceptance speech before parliament, per the AP:

Holding portraits of Khan, some lawmakers stood in front of Sharif when he began his speech, shouting “vote thief” and “shame.” Sharif denounced their actions, saying they were causing chaos in parliament. He also said they should present their evidence of vote rigging to the "relevant authorities".

Claire's Observations: So, what if the "relevant authorities" have already been bought, and the proverbial "fix is in"?!?

And to those in  US authority who are "high fiving" this outcome, because Sharif was the guy they wanted in power, you may have just purchased yourself a revolution in Pakistan, the outcome of which is a country which becomes  very China-Centric  and Russia-centric.   

And God forbid, anything happens to Khan while he is in prison:  that will be an accelerant to a fire which the Pakistani government/military forces will  barely be able to quench, even with US "help"




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It was the tongue that stopped me cold. The tongue and the savage, shit-eating grin on the soldier’s face as he and his buddy mug for the camera. Look at us! Look what we found. It’s a bra, a woman’s bra, a Palestinian woman’s bra left in a home she was forced to flee. And now it’s ours, and we’re going to play with it because we can, and we’re going to take it on the street and pose with it and show the world who we are, frat boys pumped for genocide. 

There is something unspeakably vile and infantile about the images of Israeli troops circulating on social media showing them posing for pictures with intimate apparel pilfered from the bedrooms of Gazan women. Amid the daily onslaught of murder, deprivation, and forced starvation, not to mention images of mutilated Palestinian children, here are Israeli soldiers beside themselves with self-congratulatory glee, gallivanting around snatching bras and ogling panties.

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