"You cannot have free speech and not offend people. That's why the whole political correctness movement was a form of cultural marxism, to trick people into not expressing their opinion because someone, someplace on the planet, might have their feelings hurt; to surrender freedom of speech without realizing that was what was happening." -- Michael Rivero

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Universal Studios Hollywood is teaming up with Los Angeles Pride to host an all-ages after-hours “Pride” celebration at the theme park.
Posted on: May 29 13:52
Conservative House Republicans reacted angrily Sunday to the compromise agreed to between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden to raise the debt ceiling.
Posted on: May 29 13:51
Russia's Interior Ministry has issued an arrest warrant for South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham after video surfaced of the Republican hawk telling Ukrainian officials that "Russians are dying" due to US military aid and that "it’s the best money we ever spent." There are claims that the video released of the Friday meeting in Kiev wherein Graham spoke the words to Ukraine's President Zelensky were edited, however. And yet, it was Zelensky himself that posted the edited clip to his official social media channels.
Posted on: May 29 13:28
Olympic skier Charlotte Kalla was dancing the paso doble with her professional partner Tobias Karlsson as a man and woman launched themselves in front of the pair while hundreds of thousands watched at home. But one cameraman wasn't having any of it, and used an overhead rig as a battering ram to charge at the man and knock him to the ground.
Posted on: May 29 12:59
To commemorate “Pride Month” Kohl’s has released new LGBTQIA+ themed apparel for adults, children, and even babies.
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Posted on: May 29 12:03
“Boycott Target” by Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy, featuring Nick Nittoli and Stoney Dudebro, has reached number two on iTunes Rap and Hip Hop Top 100 chart.
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Posted on: May 29 12:03
The FBI in the month of May uploaded several high-profile records into their vault which included reports on Queen Elizabeth II, the San Bernardino attack, tech guru John MacAfee and QAnon.
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Posted on: May 29 12:02
In a significant development following embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s investigation, the biggest children’s hospital in the United States has decided to discontinue hormone therapy and other transgender care for minors.
Posted on: May 29 12:01
Fat activists cheered as Mayor Adams signed a bill banning weight discrimination in New York City.
Posted on: May 29 12:01
Megaplex, a “furry convention” in Orlando that hosts fetishists interested in anthropomorphic animal characters, announced it is banning minors from attending this year’s convention due to Governor DeSantis’ “Protection of Children Act.”
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Posted on: May 29 11:58
Retail giant Target has lost $10 billion in ten days amid a conservative boycott over Pride-themed clothing items for children.
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Posted on: May 29 11:57
These five models emit some of the strongest radiation on the market: Motorola Edge ( 1.79 w/kg); OnePlus 6T (1.55 w/kg); Sony Xperia XA2 Plus (1.41 w/kg) Google Pixel 3 XL (1.39 w/kg); and the Google Pixel 4a (1.37 w/kg) in a tie with the Oppo Reno5 5G (1.37 w/kg). Men, don't store your phone in your pant pockets. Ladies, keep it out of your bra. Not far behind, were the Google Pixel 3 (1.33 w/kg), Huawei's P Smart (1.27 w/kg) and the OnePlus 9 (1.26 w/kg). If you're concerned about your SAR risks, but don't feel like the hassle of keeping your phone at a distance all the time, these are the phones known to emit the least radiation: the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G (0.19 w/kg); Samsung's Galaxy Note10 (0.21 w/kg); the Samsung Galaxy A80 (0.22 w/kg); LG G7 ThinQ (0.24 w/kg); and the Motorola Razr 5G (0.27 w/kg).
Posted on: May 29 11:57
A woke actress had an epic meltdown on social media over Target removing some of its LGBTQ products and got obliterated by conservatives afterwards.
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Posted on: May 29 11:57
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday claimed victory in the presidential runoff against challenger Kemal Kilicdaroglu.
Posted on: May 29 11:56
Food prices have steadily climbed over the last two years thanks to Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies.
Posted on: May 29 11:55

The glaring association between the COVID-19 vaccines and sudden cardiac death in healthy adults (e.g., athletes) who would never die otherwise has made at least half of the public believe these unsafe injections are causing sudden adult death syndrome (SADS).

SADS emerged from a related condition, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which many likewise associated with vaccination. For example, there have been countless cases of a parent taking their child in for a routine vaccination, being told the infant is completely well, and then their child dying suddenly for no explicable reason later that night.

Posted on: May 29 10:48

Whatever era the election of Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs in Arizona was supposed to usher in, it certainly wasn’t “unity.”

Since taking over from GOP Gov. Doug Ducey following a controversial 2022 election, Hobbs has been butting heads with the state’s Republican legislature, rejecting more bills than any Copper State governor who came before her. And in a record amount of time.

And on Friday, she vetoed several more pieces of legislation the GOP legislature sent her, including four measures Republicans said were aimed at providing more election “transparency,” bringing the total of vetoed bills to 99, according to The Epoch Times.

One measure known as Senate Bill 1135 aimed to remove Arizona from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and transfer voter registration to a “contracted third party.” Additionally, the bill mandated the use of blue or black pens for filling out ballots.

Posted on: May 29 10:45

According to the federal government, “incidents of domestic terrorism increased by 357%” – a nearly fourfold increase – “between 2013 and 2021.”

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), an agency of the federal legislative branch, defines “domestic terrorism” as “involving criminal acts dangerous to human life occurring in the U.S. that appear intended to coerce a civilian population or influence or affect the conduct of government.”

“This kind of vague definition is a hallmark of government bureaucratic agencies,” noted CatholicVote Director of Government Affairs Tom McClusky. “What it really means is that unelected agency directors have the latitude to define essentially whomever they disagree with as a ‘domestic terrorist.’”

Back in March, the GAO’s official website posted an article on their website entitled “The Rising Threat of Domestic Terrorism in the U.S. and Federal Efforts to Combat It.”

Posted on: May 29 10:45

A GOP lawmaker on Friday suggested that the Republican-led House jump-start new investigations into failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after special counsel John Durham’s report cited her campaign as being responsible for the phony ‘Russian collusion’ allegations against her rival, Donald Trump.

In an interview with Fox News, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) responded after co-anchor Sandra Smith noted that much of the mainstream media came out in defense of the FBI even after Durham’s report also pointed out that the bureau launched an investigation into Trump’s campaign over the collusion charges despite having no evidence to indicate they were valid.

“The media was in on this from the beginning, in my view. They’re the ones who were willing to launder out Hillary Clinton’s phony, made-up information about Donald Trump,” he said, adding it was “the same information that she used with her friends at the upper echelon of the FBI to start the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ investigation.”

“So her media friends are not gonna come out now and say, ‘Oh yeah, you know what? We were wrong, and this is damning,'” Donalds continued. “They’re just gonna laugh it off, cover it for one or two days, and then ignore it. This is really dangerous for our country.”

Posted on: May 29 10:31

At least six House Republicans have already announced they will vote no on Kevin McCarthy’s spending deal with Joe Biden.

Democrats were able to increase spending to historic levels with the deal despite the greatest inflation numbers in 40 years.

The weaponized IRS and FBI will be fully funded in their expansion efforts to wreak havoc on the American public with the deal.

GOP Representatives Good, Roy, Bishop, Norman, Boebert, Biggs, Rosendale and Buck are hard nos.

Posted on: May 29 10:27

On Friday, Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes stated that he does not believe that current President Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party nominee in the 2024 race, noting all the different aspects of the failing Biden administration. 

The media giant’s chairman appeared on Fox’s ‘America’s Newsroom’ discussing the massively negative reception of the economy under President Biden. Forbes referred to the Biden economy as “the economic version of walking pneumonia.” 

“I think there is economy fatigue, one thing after another. So, inflation has come down a little bit. Prices are still going up. Wages aren’t going up fast enough,” the chairman said. “There’s a feeling the country is adrift. These whole negotiations on the debt ceiling, my goodness! They can’t control spending even though it’s $2 trillion higher than it was a couple of years ago. People just throw up their hands and say these people are out of control.”

The Fox News host then noted a statistic that 48 percent of Americans believe that the economic policies of the Biden administration are hurting them, stating that numbers like those would make his 2024 run much harder.

Posted on: May 29 10:26

Kohl’s is the latest big retailer facing calls for a boycott after shoppers found gay Pride gear for babies — with some calling it “time for a Bud-Lighting.”

The department store saw a rising number of #BOYCOTTKHOLS hashtags online after conservative commentators posted about how it was selling a Pride onesie for 3-month-old kids.

“In case you need clothes for your Gay or Trans 3 month old, Kohl’s has you covered,” online commentator ALX wrote alongside a screenshot of the onesie. “Yes this is real.”

Benny Johnson also asked his 1.5 million followers: “Why is Kohl’s selling ‘Pride Merch’ for 3 month old babies?”

A widely shared video — which the maker said was initially removed for hate speech — also highlighted other Pride clothing for kids. 

Posted on: May 29 10:23

The White House has experienced unprecedented departures under President Joe Biden. According to a new report, First Lady Jill Biden’s office is now undergoing massive turnover as a top aide has departed.

Elizabeth Alexander, Jill Biden’s communications director, will take a brief leave of absence to lead the “messaging arm” of President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign.

“The move speaks to how Biden’s campaign is still taking shape, one week after he announced he would seek another term. The campaign announced only two staff hires on its first day: campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez and principal deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks,” Brookings reported.

“Since 2006, Elizabeth has been a steadfast advisor to President Biden and the first lady. Her deep communications knowledge and expertise will serve the campaign well — helping stand up a campaign communication team that will reach voters where they are across all forms of media while staying true to who Joe Biden is,” Anita Dunn, a Biden adviser, said in a statement.

Posted on: May 29 10:23

Kohl’s is facing a growing backlash from parents after shoppers slammed the store’s latest LGBTQ and transgender-themed apparel for infants and babies as young as 3 months old.

The LGBTQ+ pride-themed onesies, which have been tailored to June – known internationally as Pride Month – sparked massive outrage.

One Twitter account said Kohl’s is asking for a Bud Light-style boycott for pushing transgender-themed clothes on babies.

“Looks like another company needing Bud-lighting!” they wrote.

It does appear that Kohl’s wants to go down the same route as Target and Bud Light.

Posted on: May 29 10:22

The IRS whistleblower who claims that the Department of Justice interfered with the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden has broken his silence and what he had to say could be devastating for President Joe Biden.

Gary Shapley, who has been employed by the IRS for 14 years, spoke to CBS News on Wednesday where he said that federal prosecutors were giving special treatment to the president’s son.

“When I took control of this particular investigation, I immediately saw it was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past,” he said.

And he said he was frustrated with the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office’s progress in the case.

“There were multiple steps that were slow-walked — were just completely not done — at the direction of the Department of Justice,” the whistleblower said.

“These deviations from the process,” he said, “seemed to always benefit the subject.”

Posted on: May 29 10:17

Judicial Watch announced today it received 552 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which include the initial grant application and annual reports to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from EcoHealth Alliance, describing the aim of its work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China to create mutant viruses “to better predict the capacity of our CoVs [coronaviruses] to infect people.”

Eco Health planned to sequence the spike protein from coronaviruses obtained from bats for the purpose of “creating mutants to identify how significantly each would need to evolve to use ACE2,” which is explained as “the receptor to gain entry to human cells.”

Judicial Watch obtained the records through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request it filed in December 2021 for:

All reports submitted by EcoHealth Alliance to NIH or its sub-agencies related to NIH Grant No. 1R01A|110964 titled “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” during the term of the grant.

Posted on: May 29 10:13

On Friday afternoon, a bomb threat to multiple locations prompted the evacuation of a Target store in Utah.

The incident unfolded at a Target store located at 810 West 2000 North in Layton, Utah. Law enforcement, including a bomb squad and K9 unit, immediately responded to the scene around 1 pm, according to local news outlet KUTV 2.

All customers and staff were directed to the parking lot as a precautionary measure.

The threats extended beyond the Layton location, with stores in Salt Lake, Taylorsville, and Provo also targeted.

Posted on: May 29 10:13