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"Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners." -- George Carlin

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“For our part, we cannot discern why the Plaintiff would have an individual interest in or need for any of the one hundred documents with classification markings,” the court said.

But what Ellis found was disturbing.

“Huge revelation from the 11th Circuit’s opinion tonight: FBI seized over 1800 ‘other items’ that were not documents. Yet the DOJ maintains that Trump has no ‘possessory interest’ or 4th Amendment claim here?” she said, followed by clown emojis.

“When the FBI executed the search warrant, it seized thirty-three items of evidence (mostly boxes) containing approximately 11,000 documents and 1,800 other items,” the court said.

The special master overseeing the records dispute between former President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice does not want to see classified records.

Posted on: Sep 22 13:12

US defense companies should send their new weapons to Ukraine so they can be tested in actual combat against Russian forces, Kiev’s deputy defense minister, Vladimir Gavrilov, has said.

Gavrilov made the suggestion during a speech before hundreds of American defense industry representatives and military acquisitions personnel at the Future Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas on Wednesday.

“If you have some ideas, or some pilot projects to be tested before mass manufacturing, you can send it to us and we will explain how to do it. And in the end you will get the stamp, proved by the war in Ukraine. You will sell it easy,” he said, as cited by the Military Times.

According to the deputy defense minister, startup companies, including those involved in anti-drone and anti-jamming equipment, have already brought new technologies to the Ukrainian battlefield.

“And they come back with a product that is competitive in the market now because it was tested in a combat zone,” Gavrilov said, without revealing the companies that have worked with Ukraine in this capacity.

Webmaster addition: "We have a great opportunity to test our new Marshmallow Bomb!!" -- The Hexagon

Posted on: Sep 22 13:04

 A young mother who was slammed into by a teenage driver while she was carrying her eight-month-old baby ripped leftist Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón for not notifying her the youth was going to plead for early release.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 22 12:59

Leftists cannot tolerate that not everyone conforms to their politically charged opinions and preferences – and to leftists, everything is political. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 22 12:57

News 10 has confirmed the owner of one of the homes raided by the FBI on Wednesday.

Property records show Everett Adam Livvix owns the home at 6141 Planett Road in northern Vigo County.

If his name sounds familiar to you, he was previously arrested and charged in Israel.

He was accused of plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem in 2014.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:55

 California regulators are considering a ban on new diesel trucks by 2040, according to a policy proposal due for review next month.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:54

Multiple branches of the U.S. military have bought access to a powerful internet monitoring tool that claims to cover over 90 percent of the world’s internet traffic, and which in some cases provides access to people’s email data, browsing history, and other information such as their sensitive internet cookies, according to contracting data and other documents reviewed by Motherboard. 

Additionally, Sen. Ron Wyden says that a whistleblower has contacted his office concerning the alleged warrantless use and purchase of this data by NCIS, a civilian law enforcement agency that’s part of the Navy, after filing a complaint through the official reporting process with the Department of Defense, according to a copy of the letter shared by Wyden’s office with Motherboard.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:50

Hoffman Estates” is a Chicago area location containing an abandoned furniture store and warehouse.  The Obama Foundation leased, then re-upped the lease, to use the facility to store all the paper documents from the Obama administration {Location Link}.

The Obama administration told the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) they were going to upload the documents into a digital form for use in the Obama library.  The paper documents were, still are, held at the Hoffman Estate warehouse while this digitization process took place.  It should be noted, the Obama Foundation has never digitized the records, hence they renewed the warehouse lease.

Contrast against the DOJ-NSD legal position about classified records held in the secure facility of Mar-a-Lago, a 2018 letter { pdf here} from the Obama Foundation to the NARA is an example of the two-tiered selective justice system.  Within the 2018 letter the Obama team admit to storing both “classified and unclassified” documents at the warehouse: 

Posted on: Sep 22 12:49

Zika virus reconstruction

Six months after Zika virus became a household word, we now know the three-dimensional structure of the virus particle. And it looks like very much like other flaviviruses, such as West Nile and dengue viruses.

In the old days, solving a virus structure was a big deal. A virus is, after all, a very large assembly of many proteins. To solve the structure of a virus - which will tell us the location of the amino acid chains in three dimensional space – was a technical tour de force. It was necessary to purify large amounts of virus particles, and then find the conditions to produce crystals, a hit and miss affair. If you were lucky to grow virus crystals – which could take a year or more – you then crossed your fingers to see if they diffracted in an X-ray beam. When X-rays are aimed at a crystal, the beams bounce off atoms in the crystals, and their reflections provide information on where the atoms are located. Finally you could collect the diffraction data, do a lot of math on a computer, and determine the three dimensional structure.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:48

Like several other governors across the nation, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is up for reelection. Challenging Abbott is Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke who has a pretty solid track record of losing political races.

O’Rourke ran unsuccessful campaigns for both the US Senate and even the presidency. Nevertheless, Texas Democrats nominated O’Rourke to challenge Abbott this go-around, deeming him as the party’s best chance.

It’s not looking good for the Texas Democrat, however. Despite multiple campaign strategies from lying about his policies to hijacking a press conference in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting, O’Rourke is barely a blip on Abbott’s radar.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:47

A BP spokesperson told Reuters the BP-Husky Toledo refinery in Oregon, Ohio, has been "safely shut down" in response to Tuesday night's fire. 

The fire's cause is still unknown, but sources told Reuters, "leaking fumes from a crude unit may have caused the ignition in another unit at the facility." 

The source added: "Workers finished a maintenance turnaround at the facility in recent weeks and the plant had resumed operating."

The refinery processes up to 160,000 barrels of crude oil daily, providing the Midwest with gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, propane, asphalt, and other products.

There's no word if the refinery will spark fuel shortages across the Midwest. 

Posted on: Sep 22 12:46

Fears have been raised about the future of artificial intelligence after a robot was found to have learned 'toxic stereotypes' from the internet.

The machine showed significant gender and racial biases, including gravitating toward men over women and white people over people of colour during tests by scientists.

It also jumped to conclusions about peoples' jobs after a glance at their face.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:46

The Russian deputy foreign minister on Thursday said Moscow will take seriously any sign from the US regarding improvement in relations. 

"We will take the slightest sign of readiness to move towards improving very seriously, whether it's public signals, whether it's some actions, but so far, unfortunately, the trend and the tendency are opposite," Sergey Ryabkov told a news conference in Moscow.

The US and its European allies have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Moscow, and has supplied Kyiv with weapons and supplies in the wake of Russia's war on Ukraine.

Ryabkov said Moscow has formally approved Lynne Tracy for the post of the US ambassador to Russia.

"They requested an agreement (formal consent) for it some time ago. They announced just recently that she had just been nominated for this position. And we gave agreement," he said.

Tracy, a career diplomat, was nominated by US President Joe Biden earlier this week.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:45

 Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley grilled Colleen Shogan, President Biden’s nominee to lead the National Archives and Records Administration, noting that she had written a paper he said disparaged every two-term Republican president since World War II.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 22 12:43

 Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher will be taking over as host of “FOX News @ Night,” replacing Shannon Bream who moved to “Fox News Sunday.”

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 22 12:41

 Citadel CEO Ken Griffin revealed on Tuesday that he moved from Illinois to Florida after a senior colleague was robbed at gunpoint during a coffee run in Chicago, while another was attacked without provocation by a “random lunatic.”

Posted on: Sep 22 12:41

About a month into the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, we noted the threat of tropical disturbances could wreak havoc on oil/gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico and send gasoline prices higher. Well, July and August passed with barely any named storms. Enter the second half of September, a week past the peak of hurricane season, the tropics seem to have woken up, and a new disturbance could spell trouble for the Gulf area. 

As of Thursday morning, Hurricane Fiona is the strongest hurricane of the Atlantic season and is barreling towards Canadian Maritimes as a Category 4 storm, but new forecast models show a disturbance with high chances of becoming the next tropical storm -- named Hermine -- in the next 48 hours (located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea) could quickly intensify and become a major hurricane next week, with landfall impacts possibly somewhere along the eastern Gulf coast or the Florida Straits. 

"The fact that nearly every computer model out there develops this into a westward-moving hurricane is absolutely concerning," CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:38

LITHIUM mining for electric vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment and about as far from “green” as you can imagine


Electric vehicles are promoted as the solution for combating “climate change.” Governments are currently incentivizing the production of electric vehicles, while punishing the fossil fuel industry. However, lithium mining for electric vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment, and is about as far from “green” as one could imagine. Not to mention, most of the lithium-ion batteries produced today come from China and require water-intensive mining operations that ravage natural environments throughout Australia, Argentina and Chile. The process depletes ground water, and leaves behind toxic wastewater that contaminates fields and harms wildlife. The mining process is not carbon dioxide free, either. The mining process releases 15,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions for every ton of lithium that is extracted.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:37

 Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams said in a recently surfaced video that at six weeks, unborn babies’ heartbeats aren’t real but a “manufactured sound designed” to take away women’s rights.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 22 12:36

 Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is acting like he wants to be president.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 22 12:35

The 41-year-old man who allegedly admitted to murdering a Republican teenager over politics at the start of the week said this week in court that he did not want to lose things in his life due to bond because of the charges.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:33

Today on TruNews, host and founder Rick Wiles checks in from Amman, Jordan, providing updates on his trip to the Middle East. Later, Vladimir Putin looks to be ramping up to full mobilization in the ever escalating conflict with Ukraine, with Dmitry Medvedev saying the world will need new maps in the near future. Fuel shortages are already putting the crush on Europe, as rationing is in the cards in the near future. Finally, Rick and Doc talk about drag queen shop classes in Canada.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:21

A former advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened nuclear war at the very beginning of a radio interview on Wednesday.

Sergei Markov appeared on the BBC 's Today program after Putin ordered a partial mobilization of his military, which would call up an estimated 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine.

Putin, in a televised address that aired on Wednesday morning, also accused the West of engaging in nuclear blackmail , and warned that "if Russia feels its territorial integrity is threatened, we will use all defense methods at our disposal, and this is not a bluff."

Markov hadn't even been asked a single question when he remarked that Putin's speech was saying that he "will be ready to use nuclear weapons against some countries, including nuclear weapons against Great Britain."

Posted on: Sep 22 12:20

Vanderbilt University Medical Center promoted mutilating “gender transitions” for minors as a “huge money maker” and saw moral objections to participating in the practice as a problem to be punished, according to explosive video uncovered by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. 

On Tuesday, Walsh published a Twitter thread highlighting his findings about Vanderbilt’s transgender clinic in Nashville that has seen children as young as 13, the details of which were then compiled and elaborated upon in a Daily Wire report.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:19

YOUNG-onset dementia refers to a dementia where symptoms occur at less than 65 years old. It encompasses about 5–10% of all dementias, with currently 28 800 people in Australia with this diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia are common causes of dementia occurring in younger people.

Young-onset dementia is important for multiple reasons: it occurs in people often of middle age and doesn’t usually present with the typical memory difficulties frequently seen in dementia of older people. The initial presenting symptoms, which can be depressive, anxiety and psychotic in nature, can be mistaken as stress, depression or anxiety, leading to referrals to counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists etc.

Because having dementia is not expected for younger people, it can take on average 5 years or more to get a diagnosis of young-onset dementia (here and here). There are not many services specifically focused on this younger group. The Medicare-funded Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS) tends to focus on the assessment and diagnosis of dementia in older people, aged over 65 years. Younger individuals often see private specialists like neurologists or psychiatrists and need to self-fund investigations like brain imaging and neuropsychological testing, which are expensive.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:19

According to the Norwegian authorities, power facilities have been stopped before, “but not because of falling objects,” with Ånstadblåheia Wind Park marking the first time. However, Norway has resumed the licensing of onshore wind power projects after a hiatus was prompted by a backlash against construction on untouched land.

The Norwegian Directorate of Water and Energy (NVE) has said it would close down the wind park in Ånstadblåheia in Nordland County due to several turbines falling in strong winds over the past two years.

Ånstadblåheia Wind Park started production in 2018, only four years ago. It has 14 wind turbines and produces enough electricity to supply 7,500 households.

NVE section manager Anne Johanne Kråkenes assured that the regulator takes the situation seriously.

“We have repeatedly recorded falling objects from the turbines, linked to strong winds. This should not happen,” Kråkenes told national broadcaster NRK.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:06

Some analysts have been claiming that Beijing is “breaking” with Moscow over the issue of Ukraine. In June this year the Chinese government conducted military drills in its northeastern border with Russia, while Moscow was mostly preoccupied with its own military operations in Ukraine. This event led some Western observers to speculate, albeit there is no evidence, that this could be a sign China has unfinished business in that border area.

The 1858 Treaty of Aigun established much of the modern border between Manchuria (Northeast China) and the Russian Far East. From a Chinese Perspective, especially since the rise of Chinese nationalism in the 1920, it was an “unequal treaty”, having been signed, as it was, when the Chinese Empire was in a weakened state: it gave the neighboring Russian Empire over 600,000 square km from Manchuria.

As a legacy of the 19th and the 20th century, the Eurasian great powers often have border disagreements. Japan historically has variances with Russia over the Kuril islands, for example, as it has with its other “neighbors” China and South Korea as well. India and China notoriously have theirs too, which, by the way, has not stopped both of them from cooperating with one another, as is exemplified by the fact that they have recently withdrawn their troops from the disputed Ladakh region’s border area, thus moving one step towards the Asian century.

Indian-Chinese cooperation in fact is particularly remarkable, considering the former’s position within the QUAD, which is seen by many as a Western anti-Chinese “new NATO”. Yet even amid serious bilateral disagreements, Eurasian states have shown that there is plenty of room for cooperation on a number of levels, and, in the same way, New Delhi has also maintained close ties with Moscow, while getting closer to Washington. The same logic must apply to Sino-Russian cooperation, notwithstanding their differences over the Northeast China-Russian Far East border region.

Posted on: Sep 22 12:06