"When the people seek a change in the direction of government, and through voting successive changes in administrations, there is no change in the direction, then you know there is a conspiracy." -- Thomas Jefferson

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As unelected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak whined about ‘democracy’, a man in the UK was imprisoned for two years for the crime of distributing stickers that criticized mass migration.

Yes, really.

Sam Melia, who has a young daughter and a wife 8 months pregnant with their second child, is behind bars after a judge ruled he had ‘incited racial hatred’ by distributing the stickers.

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In an article published yesterday (March 1, 2024) US Army General James Mingus stated that the US Military sent four Stryker-mounted 50-kilowatt laser prototypes to the Middle East last month.

Early last month, the US Army sent four Stryker-mounted 50-kilowatt laser prototypes to the Middle East for real-world testing that includes facing down dust particles, the service’s new vice chief, Gen. James Mingus, revealed to Breaking Defense.

“It’s a prototype, but we want to experiment in a live environment,” Mingus said Wednesday in his first interview since being sworn in as the vice-chief in January. “Is it 100 percent ready? Is it going to work perfectly? Probably not, but we’re going to learn from it.”

At a breakfast in February, Army Chief Gen. Randy George said the US Central Command (CENTCOM) region is aligned to receive new counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) as part of his new “transforming in contact” push where users, developers and testers can converge and provide feedback. Part of that initiative seemingly includes the Directed Energy Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (DE M-SHORAD) prototype that integrates a 50-kilowatt laser onto Strykers to down class 1 to 3 aerial drones and incoming rockets, artillery and mortars.

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I’m so sick of conservatives lionizing Greg Abbott.

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A rally against sending Western soldiers to Ukraine has taken place in Paris, a TASS correspondent reported from the site.

"We came to say that we do not agree with the escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Lawmakers should demand this issue be debated at the parliament and put to voting as enshrined in the French constitution," Florian Philippot, leader of The Patriots party, who initiated the protest, told TASS during the rally.

The demonstrators tore up EU and NATO flags and waved French tricolors instead.

"Long live free France!" Parisians chanted. "One of our goals is France’s withdrawal from NATO. This alliance is constantly pushing us toward war and looking for enemies," Philippot said, adding that the EU is following suit.

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A powerful blast rocked the Russian city of St. Petersburg early on Saturday when a drone crashed into an apartment block, local media have reported. 

The explosion occurred in the northern part of the city, and the facade of a residential block was “seriously damaged.”

St. Petersburg Mayor Alexandr Beglov declined to say whether it was a drone strike.

Local residents report that before the explosion they heard the sound of an engine and saw a bright flash in the sky.

Debris fell next to one of the houses, probably from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

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US Special forces troops will be permanently stationed in Taiwan, UDN confirms.  China earlier warned they would view such a thing as an "invasion."

Along with Marines stationed on the island, US Special Forces are now reportedly permanently based in Taiwan to deter Chinese aggression on the disputed territory!!

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Economists expected ISM manufacturing to improve to a nearly flat 49.5. Instead the index fell to 47.8 from 49.1.

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You have already taken a side on Israel-Palestine. Whether you know it or not. Whether you admit it or not. 

You have either consciously chosen to side with the people who are being continually massacred by Israel, or you have consciously chosen to side with Israel, or you have sided with Israel by being “neutral”, or you have sided with Israel by being indifferent.

As Desmond Tutu said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” 

The powerful oppressors are more than happy for you to be “neutral”. The ones who are already in control want as little scrutiny as possible. From their position the fewer people who are looking them and evaluating whether their actions are right or wrong, the better. Your neutrality just means they get to keep doing what they want to do.

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In a recent development, Catherine Herridge, an Emmy-winning journalist renowned for her coverage of national security and intelligence, was held in civil contempt by a federal judge.

The ruling was made on Thursday due to Herridge's refusal to disclose her confidential sources in a case related to an FBI investigation.

The ruling was handed down by U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Christopher Cooper, an appointee of former President Barack Obama. Judge Cooper imposed a daily fine of $800 on Herridge, but the enforcement of this fine has been postponed to allow the journalist an opportunity to appeal the decision.

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In a surprising turn of events, Mark Green, the Republican Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has decided to seek re-election, reversing his previous decision to retire.

This announcement came on Thursday, following numerous appeals from constituents, colleagues, and notably, former President Donald Trump.

Green, a representative from Tennessee, stated, "While my strong desire was to leave Congress at the end of this year, since my announcement, I have received countless calls from constituents, colleagues, and President Trump urging me to reconsider." He further declared his commitment to resolving the border crisis, stating, "I will be running for re-election so I can be here on Day 1 next year to help President Trump end this border crisis once and for all."

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Joe Biden twice confused Gaza with Ukraine as he was announcing that the US would provide desperately needed aid to Palestinians.

The US president, 81, confirmed on Friday that humanitarian assistance would be airdropped into Gaza and said the US would “insist” Israel did more to facilitate help for those affected by famine and the effects of war, saying: “Children’s lives are on the line”.

Biden twice mistakenly referred to airdrops to help “Ukraine”, leaving White House officials to clarify he was in fact talking about Gaza.

Biden made the announcement while hosting the Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, in Washington.

He said: “Aid flowing to Gaza is nowhere nearly enough. Innocent lives are on the line and children’s lives are on the line. We won’t stand by until we get more aid in there. We should be getting hundreds of trucks in, not just several.”

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Right-wing British activist Sam Melia was sentenced to two years in prison in the UK on Friday for "intending to stir up racial hatred" by sharing various anti-immigration stickers stating "White Lives Matter" and "We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066."

From GB News, "Free speech activists outraged after man jailed for two years for running 'far-right' stickers library":

Free speech concerns have been raised after a Leeds man was sentenced two years in prison after being found guilty of inciting racial hatred with a library of stickers.

Sam Melia, 34, was in charge of an online collection of downloadable stickers that contained anti-immigration messages for activists of the “Hundred Handers” group.

At Leeds Crown Court last month, Melia was also found guilty of encouraging racially aggravated criminal damage because his collection was involved in multiple “stickering” incidents.

During the trial, jurors were told that members of the group would access the downloadable stickers that they could download and stick around their communities.

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French President Emmanuel Macron caused a furor this week by speculating that NATO troops may end up being deployed in Ukraine. Hold it. They have been for over a decade, that’s why the war in that country erupted two years ago.

It was comical – if not pathetic – to see the French leader speaking out of turn, trying to project a tough-guy image with his delusions of grandeur as if he was Napoleon or De Gaulle reincarnated.

Macron puffed out his boyish chest and declared Russia “must not win the war in Ukraine”; and he suggested that in order to prevent that assumed dreadful outcome Western soldiers would get their marching orders to enter the conflict. (Note the unbridled arrogance and how the logic of such false assertions is not even remotely explained or justified. It’s total diktat.)

Immediately, however, the American and European counterparts balked at Macron’s troop talk and hurried to deny their support for Macron’s willingness to deploy NATO battalions. Notably, even the usually hawkish British and Polish quickly quashed the French proposal.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was particularly anxious to repudiate Macron’s loose talk of troops. Herr Scholz said there would be no NATO or German soldiers going to Ukraine.

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On February 17, after Ukrainian units in Avdeevka had started to leave their position, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, General Syrski, announced a retreat to new defense lines:

"Based on the operational situation around Avdiivka, in order to avoid encirclement and preserve the lives and health of the military, I decided to withdraw our units from the city and move to defense on more favorable lines," Syrskyi said.

He emphasized that Ukrainian soldiers had fulfilled their duty with dignity, did their best to destroy the best Russian military units and inflicted significant losses in manpower and equipment on the enemy.

"The lives of servicemen are the highest value. We will take back Avdiivka anyway," the Chief added.

As some had already predicted it turned out that the "more favorable lines" Syrski promoted did not exist.

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As the United States hurtles into an era of unprecedented national debt, concerns are mounting over the implications of the staggering financial trajectory. The national debt, surging by an alarming $1 trillion approximately every 100 days, paints a concerning picture for the nation’s fiscal health. Starting the year at $34 trillion, the debt catapulted to $34.5 trillion by the close of February, reflecting an alarming addition of $470 billion in just two months.

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