"History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh." -- Michael Rivero

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With any credible evidence of alleged Russian mass kidnappings of children from former Ukraine sorely lacking, in order to justify this propaganda narrative, as well as give at least some ostensible “credence” to the recent ICC indictment against Russian President Vladimir Putin, the mainstream propaganda machine is mobilizing all of its forces. Supposed “horror stories” of the “ordeal” these kids and their parents “have to go through” are aiming to cause an emotional reaction and present Russia and its leadership as “monstrous” as they could possibly be. One such “horror story” was published by The Guardian on March 19, just two days after the Hague-based “court” issued an arrest warrant for Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova, Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights.

According to The Guardian, Yevhen Mezhevyi, a 40-year-old Ukrainian citizen now living in Riga (Latvia), claims his children were “abducted and forcibly transferred” to Russia last year. Mezhevyi’s children were apparently taken while he was serving prison time in the DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) due to his three-year service in the Kiev regime forces (2016-2019), including in the notorious Yavoriv military base in the west of the country, infamous for the training of various openly Neo-Nazi units. According to his own admission, Yevhen Mezhevyi knew that the Russian military would be apprehending all former and current members of such Nazi-inspired cohorts, so he tried to hide his past and even threw away his uniforms in an attempt to leave no trace of his time in the Kiev regime forces.

However, despite his attempts to hide, Mezhevyi was caught and sent to a prison near the town of Olenovka, approximately 20 km southwest of Donetsk, where he remained for 45 days. He claims that after Russian forces entered the city, Mezhevyi, his son Matvii (13) and daughters Sviatoslava (9) and Oleksandra (7) were “taken” by Russian soldiers and evacuated to Vinogradnoye, a village to the south-east of Mariupol. There, humanitarian volunteers offered assistance to Mezhevyi and his family, so they “stayed there for a while” (Yevhen didn’t specify for how long). “… but then, one day, after we were taken to a checkpoint and searched, a Russian official saw something in my documents,” he lamented, obviously referring to the fact that the official found evidence of Mezhevyi’s time in the Neo-Nazi junta forces.

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Tucker Carlson unloaded on the Democratic Party over President Donald Trump’s potential indictment in an epic monologue Monday night and issued a dire warning for America should their efforts to stop Trump succeed.
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President Trump responded to attorney Robert Costello’s testimony in front of the New York Grand Jury yesterday. Highly respected Costello destroyed disbarred Cohen.
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Crooked and corrupt Nancy Pelosi says that’s she’s free now after losing the House Speaker role in the 2022 election.
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Roger Stone shared the letters sent to him threatening a lawsuit from Hunter Biden’s attorneys. Roger Stone did nothing wrong.
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Boise, Idaho – The Idaho State Senate passed a bill by a veto-proof majority Monday which would permit execution by firing squad for death row inmates. The option would become available if the state is unable to acquire the drugs needed for lethal injections.
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Preventing another pandemic like Covid-19 requires setting up a planetary response network of “firefighters,” led by the World Health Organization, billionaire Bill Gates has argued. He added that recognized experts and national public health officials should lead this effort.

“We need to prepare to fight disease outbreaks just as we prepare to fight fires,” Gates wrote in a  New York Times opinion piecepublished on Sunday. This means “a well-funded system that is ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice when danger emerges.”

He endorsed the WHO’s effort to create a network of “top health emergency leaders,”called the Global Health Emergency Corps. This “corps of professionals from every country and region” needs to be well-funded and able to deploy in response to “transnational threats,” Gates wrote. 

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Gov. Greg Abbott is calling for a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison for criminals carrying guns illegally after San Antonio Police Department officers arrested individuals for taking over streets in the city.

San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus tweeted Sunday that on Saturday night, “street racers showed up in San Antonio. However, they didn’t all leave, and some left without all the property they came with.”

His officers, working with Texas DPS troopers, he said, made multiple arrests, seized multiple firearms, and impounded vehicles, including one that was stolen.

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The Hunter Biden investigation reached a new level in recent days after lawmakers announced that millions of dollars were transferred from a Chinese energy company with much of it ending up in the hands of the Biden family and associates.

Now, critics say the Hunter Biden scandal could jeopardize the president’s reelection hopes.

“The promise of Joe Biden the candidate was a return to normal. He presented himself as the kindly older guy who had seen and heard everything and would be a transition away from the tumult of Trump,” Republican strategist and Co-founder of South & Hill Strategies Colin Reed told The Center Square. “He wasn’t going to light the world on fire, but he wasn’t going to wreck the car either. The reality of Joe Biden the president has been anything but, especially as the saga of Biden Inc. continues to unfold in real time. It’s beyond clear at this point that the questions cannot simply be dismissed as fake news or politically motivated.”

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The Dearborn Police Department released video footage that shows one of its shooting a man inside the police station.

However, Fox2 Detroit notes that the police officer did so only because there was a 33-year-old man who came into the police station with a gun and pointed it around. The man was shot and killed just a week before Christmas at the police station.

Ali Naji, 33, was killed on December 18, 2022, when he went into the police station and pulled a gun in the lobby of that area. Fortunately, the gun that Naji had malfunctioned and jammed before he could fire it. A police officer in the station shot and killed Naji at that time. It had to be done to ensure that Naji did not continue to pose a risk to anyone else at the police station.

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McCaskill observed Pelosi react to a speech given by Biden on March 9 pitching his budget proposal for fiscal year 2024. At one point during his remarks, Biden harkened back to his 2020 election contest against former President Donald Trump.

“I had a big fight with the former president and maybe future president — bless me, Father,” Biden said. Amid a wave of boos in the room, Biden indicated he was joking.

Pelosi, who watched the address from her office, was not amused.

“Oh, please. Don’t even say such a thing,” Pelosi said. “That isn’t kidding. That’s horrible.”

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No longer are actual human doctors making personalized decisions in patient care for elderly people on Medicare. Instead, artificial intelligence (AI) robots are deciding who lives and who dies.

The inevitable outcome of Barack Hussein Obama’s infamous death panels, AI-driven medicine is fast becoming the norm, not only for seniors but for everyone. If you are on Medicare, beware: things are getting uglier by the day in terms of being an absolute Orwellian nightmare.

Take the case of Frances Walter, an 85-year-old Wisconsin woman with a shattered left shoulder and a respiratory condition who was forced out of her nursing home by an AI algorithm that decided she only needed to stay there for 16.6 days. On day 17, her Medicare Advantage insurer, Security Health Plan, cut off payment for her care in accordance with the algorithm, even though she was not yet healed.

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Deborah Conrad, a physician assistant in New York, was fired from her job after reporting COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).
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DC resident filleting Dr. Anthony Fauci and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as they went door to door in his Anacostia neighborhood encouraging residents to receive the COVID -19 vaccine.
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FOX and Friends Weekend host Pete Hegseth joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Hannity on Monday night. This was after Governor Ron DeSantis finally came out and commented on the Democrats’ latest political assault on President Trump.
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A 68-year-old Florida woman is suing an eye drop company after their product aallegedly caused an infection that required the surgical removal of her eye.
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Robert Costello, the former legal adviser to Michael Cohen, spoke to Tucker Carlson on Monday night after he testified to Manhattan Grand Jury investigating President Donald Trump.
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National Security Council (NSC) Strategic Communications Director John Kirby joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss the growing relationship between China and Russia.
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An overwhelming majority of respondents polled on Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform suspect demonstrations against the former president’s arrest will make protesters susceptible to a January 6-style set-up.
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CBS reporter Robert Costa took to Twitter on Monday morning and uploaded a video that shows NYPD officers placing steel barricades all around the Manhattan DA’s office.
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Federal prosecutors announced that Sarah Jane Cavanaugh was sentenced to almost six years in federal prison in a Tuesday news release.
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At the end of January, a high level delegation from the United States travelled to the United Arab Emirates.

Led by Brian Nelson, the under secretary of the treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence, the trip was preceded by a private diplomatic note stipulating that the US officials wanted to meet with high-level members of Abu Dhabi’s ruling al-Nahyan family. 

The Americans were in the Gulf to “continue coordination on illicit finance and other regional issues”, meaning that they had come to talk about how the UAE is being used to circumvent western sanctions on Russia. This visit was followed not long after by one from James O’Brien, the head of sanctions at the US State Department. 

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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented Monday as the Supreme Court wiped out a federal appeals court ruling that upheld the right of a minor to go to court to obtain permission to seek an abortion without parental notification.

That lower court decision, issued last April by the St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, seems moot as a result of the Supreme Court’s momentous Dobbs ruling last June that overturned Roe v. Wade and ended the federal constitutional right to abortion.

The high court’s order Monday directed the appeals court to vacate the judgment in the case out of Missouri and declare it moot.

The Supreme Court issued no opinion or detailed explanation for its action. However, Jackson penned a solo, four-page dissent arguing that the justices have become too liberal in granting requests from parties to nullify rulings issued by lower courts.

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2023 has not been a glowing one for JPMorgan.

In mid-January, we discovered that the giant US bank was tricked into paying $175 million for some millennial's fake rolodex to enhance its college financial aid platform.

Javice allegedly fabricated an enormous list of "fake customers – a list of names, addresses, dates of birth, and other personal information for 4.265 million ‘students’ who did not actually exist."



But, now, in mid-March, we may have an even more embarrassing moment for Jamie Dimon.

Some may remember, but in early February, we reported details of a huge nickel trading scam that involved Trafigura (one of the world's largest commodity traders) facing 100s of millions of dollars in losses, after discovering metal cargoes it bought from an Indian businessman didn’t contain the metal they were supposed to.

Since late December 2022, a small proportion of the containers purchased from these companies have been inspected as they reached their destination, and were found not to contain nickel,” Trafigura said in the statement.

Well, it turns out, Trafigura was not alone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to people familiar with the matter, JPMorgan owned the LME nickel contracts that turned out to be backed by bags of stones rather than metal.

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Democrats have been on a rampage ever since the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade. Abortion activists have tried to force this barbaric practice onto millions of Americans, the will of the people be damned. But numerous red states have struck back, passing laws that restrict abortion or outright ban it.

The left has tried to launch numerous lawsuits to counter these moves, along with Biden’s attempts at putting the deadly abortion pill into women’s hands. But the left continues to get served major setbacks in its “abortion only” campaign. In one state, they passed a law to memorialize those countless lives lost. And the governor just signed it into law.

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Biden might be gearing up for a 2024 run, but perhaps he should be gearing up for a prison cell. For years, we’ve seen signs of his family’s corruption. Again and again, the Biden family has been implicated in all kinds of shady deals with foreign nations, including everyone from China to Russia.

Biden has dodged accusations by claiming innocence. That is, until Republicans took over the House. They have revealed numerous members of Biden’s family received payments from a foreign power. And now, one expert says this blows the case wide open.

From Fox News:

After President Biden claimed allegations of family payments from Hunter Biden’s business associate are “not true,” one China expert and author has signaled an “admission of corruption” from the First Family…

Hunter, the president’s brother, Jim, and Hallie Biden, the widow of the president’s late son, Beau, received payments from Hunter’s business associate Rob Walker and their joint venture with Chinese energy firm CEFC.

A spokesperson for Hunter Biden’s legal team confirmed the payments Thursday, but emphasized that the recipients’ accounts “belonged to Hunter, his uncle and Hallie – nobody else.”

Posted on: Mar 21 10:10

 President Biden’s top spokesperson refused to comment Monday on why two Russian billionaires associated with first son Hunter Biden have escaped US sanctions over the year-old war in Ukraine.

The Post asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for an explanation after reporting fresh details last week on the association between the Biden family and oligarchs Vladimir Yevtushenkov and Yelena Baturina.

“Could [you] share the reason why President Biden hasn’t sanctioned the Russian billionaires Vladimir Yevtushenkov and Yelena Baturina?” The Post asked Jean-Pierre at her regular briefing.

“How is he handling the conflict of interest there given his son was a business associate of these two people? And can you confirm that, as sitting vice president, he dined with Baturina in Georgetown?”

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