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Have you heard about the agreement that global leaders adopted at the United Nations during the “2023 SDG Summit” that was held earlier this week?  On Monday and Tuesday, officials from all over the world gathered in New York City to commit their nations to fully implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals over the next 7 years.  If you are not familiar with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, you can find them right here.  They are essentially a blueprint for how the globalists want the world to be run.  Just about every area of human activity is covered by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and it would take extreme measures over the next 7 years in order to achieve all of them by the deadline.

But that was what the “2023 SDG Summit” was all about.

Leaders from all over the planet got together and pledged to do whatever is necessary to meet those goals on time.

They are calling it “a new phase of accelerated progress”.  The following comes directly from the official UN webpage about this summit

Posted on: Sep 25 08:31

The United States ruling class continues to push hard for a global war. The U.S. military-industrial complex now wants to put a military base in disputed territory in Venezuela in order to take control of the oil resources in the contested Guayana Esequiba area.

According to the Caracas foreign minister, Washington is looking to set up a military base in the Guayana Esequiba area, That territory is contested by Venezuela and Guyana, the former’s foreign minister has claimed, according to a report by RT. 

In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, Yvan Gil said that the U.S. considers itself “the sovereign” of Latin America, and is now intervening in the more than 200-year-old territorial dispute between Caracas and Georgetown. “The US government seeks to appropriate our oil resources by using the company Exxon Mobil, which has incorporated the government of Guyana into its ranks,” he said.

Guayana Esequiba is rich in oil and gas. The exploration of the disputed territory has been led by Exxon Mobil, which received a drilling license just last week. Guyana is acting “in total violation of international law” by granting those oil permits, the Venezuelan diplomat said. “Unilateral disposal of a disputed territory isn’t permissible, but the government of Guyana persists in its illegal conduct,” he insisted.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:30

If the hottest year ever can’t precipitate ‘ice-free’ conditions in September, what’s it going to take? Arctic sea ice failed to nose-dive again this year, undoubtedly disappointing expects who have been anticipating a ‘death-spiral’ decline for ages. Arctic sea ice hit its seasonal low sometime around mid-September this year and although the precise value hasn’t been published, the average September ice coverage will likely be about 4.2 mkm2 once it gets announced in early October.

This means we have now had 17 years of a near-zero trend for September sea ice, extending the nearly-flat trend NSIDC sea ice experts acknowledged four years ago. This surely busts a huge hole in the prevailing concept that more atmospheric CO2 causes less summer sea ice. Note that CO2 levels measured in August 2023 were 419.7 parts per million (ppm), compared to 382.2 in August 2007, a rise of 37.5ppm with no corresponding decline in summer sea ice (and vs. 314.2 ppm in 1960). Measured in metric tons, CO2 emissions due to fossil fuels rose from 31.1 billion in 2007 to 37.1 billion in 2021 (last year of data), again with no corresponding decline in summer sea ice.

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I was living in Edinburgh when I first saw an advertisement that would transform air travel. “Making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans – £29 one-way.” The fare for EasyJet’s first flights from Luton to Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1995, celebrated in its inaugural advertisement campaign, seems rather pricey by modern standards. You can get a ticket on that route on EasyJet for less than £29 today and fares on some other low-cost carriers can be under a tenner.

But cheap deals might be a thing of the past. France is seeking support from other European Union countries for a minimum price for airfares within the EU in a bid to reduce the number of flights in Europe and reduce the aviation sector’s CO2 emissions. Transport Minister Clement Beaune wants to “open the debate on the fair social and environmental price of a flight ticket”. The Netherlands and Belgium support the idea in principle. Although Brexit means flights from Britain to EU countries might not be covered by any new EU price policies, flights from the bloc to the UK would be.

France has already banned domestic flights for journeys that are possible in less than two-and-a-half hours by train. The Dutch government is going ahead with plans to cap the number of flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport next year, pending EU approval, in a bid to reduce noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:29

In another move that will surely increase tensions, the Biden administration (current ruling class) will be sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine. These machines will arrive sometime next week.

There is no shortage of ways to prolong and advance a war, and the current rulers of the United States are most definitely pushing all the buttons. “Next week, the first US Abrams tanks will be delivered in Ukraine,” Biden said before reporters while sitting alongside Zelensky, who was on his second visit to the U.S. since the war began.

During Zelensky’s visit to the White House on Thursday the only positive news Ukraine received was that it is about to imminently take possession of the U.S. Abrams tanks which were long ago promised, according to a report by ZeroHedge Kiev has long complained about the incredibly slow rate of getting further advanced Western weapons systems.

At the same time, Russia has warned that they will initiate World War 3 if lethal weapons are sent for Ukraine’s use. So far, Russia has not made good on its vows, and the U.S. keeps pushing further across the line.

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CLAIM: During a Friday appearance on MSNBC, Al Sharpton bemoaned the inability to secure more gun control and claimed there would be no mass killings without “mass instruments.”


Breitbart News reported Sharpton suggested gun control can be pursued under the banner of “civil rights.”

He went on to say that whether gun control is pursued as a civil right or “just on guns, people cannot do mass killings unless they have mass instruments.”

Sharpton focused on AR-15s and suggested he is shocked by people who say, “No, we’re not giving up our AR-15s.”

He did not mention the work done via a partnership between Northeastern University, the Associated Press, and USA Today, which traces “mass killings” back to 2006 and shows “semiautomatic handguns are far more common in mass killings than guns that are typically characterized as assault weapons, such as the AR-15.”

Graphs used by Northeastern/AP/USA Today show handguns are used in “mass killings” almost twice as much as “long guns,” the latter being a category which includes shotguns, rifles of every kind, etc.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:27

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were spotted at the Plains Peanut Festival in their hometown of Plains, Georgia, on Saturday, according to a tweet from the Carter Center.

The couple, who are the longest-married presidential pair, were seen enjoying a ride through the festival, a week ahead of Carter's 99th birthday.

The Carter Center shared a video of the couple's outing, tweeting, "Beautiful day for President & Mrs. Carter to enjoy a ride through the Plains Peanut Festival! And just a week before he turns 99. We’re betting peanut butter ice cream is on the menu for lunch! #JimmyCarter99."

Posted on: Sep 25 08:26

The looming government shutdown boosts the odds that the Federal Reserve calls time on its war against inflation, according to Morgan Stanley's chief US economist.

Ellen Zentner said Friday that the likelihood of the central bank raising interest rates again in November will fall if a political deadlock in Washington means that government agencies can't provide it with key economic data like the monthly Non-Farm Payrolls report.

"In monetary policy making, uncertainty tends to lead to policy paralysis," she told Bloomberg's "What Goes Up" podcast.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:23

My estimation of global official gold reserves hit 38,764 tonnes in Q2 2023, breaking its previous record from 1965. The new high confirms the world has entered a new era of gold. Central banks will continue to accumulate gold and the metal’s role in the international monetary system will increase to the detriment of the US dollar.

Analysts widely use the International Monetary Fund (IMF) calculation for total official gold holdings, though what is usually overlooked is that this number is an estimate by the Fund. As mentioned in my previous article on the official gold reserves of China, not every central bank is transparent about its gold holdings. The Chinese central bank (PBoC) reports to have 2,113 tonnes, while it’s an open secret in the gold industry the PBoC owns much more than that—about 5,000 tonnes, according to my analysis. Another example, the central bank of Syria stopped reporting its gold holdings in 2011. For its computation of world holdings, the IMF carries forward the last known data point, assuming Syria still holds 26 tonnes.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:23

Republican lawmakers recently predicted their investigation into the Biden family could prove the Biden business raked in more than $50 million, about $30 million more than bank records show thus far.

“Based on the evidence I’ve seen so far, I think the number is going to be north of $50 million that we’re talking about here,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said on Fox News.

Throughout the investigation, the House Oversight Committee unveiled several tranches of Biden business bank records. Those showed the Biden business received at least $20 million from business schemes in Romania, China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. In total, nine Biden family members received payments from the family foreign business ventures, including two of Joe Biden’s grandchildren.

“This will go down as one of the most politically corrupt presidents and families in U.S. history,” Mace added. “And we’ve got to show and prove it to the American people. We’ve got to show them everything that we have.”

Posted on: Sep 25 08:22

Armenia on Monday prepared to receive more ethnic Armenians fleeing from neighboring Azerbaijan's breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Armenian government said on Sunday that more than 1,000 refugees from the enclave had arrived, following Azerbaijan's military operation to take control of the disputed region populated mainly by ethnic Armenians.

Media outlets in Russia, Armenia's long-standing ally, reported early Monday that nearly 3,000 people crossed from Nagorno-Karabakh into Armenia as of 5 a.m. local time (0100 GMT).

After decades of conflict, local Armenians fear expulsion or revenge from authoritarian Azerbaijan.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:20

A NASA capsule has returned to Earth after seven years in space, carrying rocks and dust from an asteroid named Bennu. Scientists hope the material can provide vital clues about the origin of the solar system billions of years ago.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:19

The Phoenix PD responded to a 9-1-1 call in the evening of September 8, according to Fox 10 Phoenix, reporting a home intruder. Arriving at the scene around 10 p.m., they found the intruder, one Juan Saavedra. 

Saavedra's criminal record was redacted from documents made available to the press but included multiple priors and convictions. Saavedra is also a known transient. 

The home is occupied by a family, including both parents and five children. The mother stated that she had exited the home and told Saavedra – a stranger to them – to leave her front yard or else and that they would defend their home with gunfire, if necessary, in an effort to scare him off. 

It didn't work. Saavedra pursued her, and she ran back into the house, locking the carport door and calling authorities while retrieving a gun and calling 9-1-1. She advised her children to hide, but her 13-year-old son remained by her. 

Saavedra shattered the glass of the carport door and was reaching through to unlock the doorknob. The boy recognized that his mother wasn't doing anything, took her gun and opened fire. 

Posted on: Sep 25 08:15

The United States Senate Banking Committee will meet this week to discuss the “SAFER Banking Act,” a bill by Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) that stops the Biden administration from pressuring banks to close the accounts of law-abiding Americans engaged in businesses that offend liberals.

Daines pointed to “Operation Chokepoint,” an Obama-era Treasury Department program to close the bank accounts of legal gun sellers, current Biden administration efforts to cut off access to banks by legal cannabis retailers, and proposed plans to shut off bank accounts of so-called “climate offenders” or otherwise do not comply with so-called “environmental and social guidance” rules written by liberal activists.

“The ‘SAFER Banking Act' is about keeping our Montana communities safe and reducing the risk of crime but it's also an important opportunity to ensure all legal businesses, including firearm manufacturers and energy producers, are protected from the Left's woke agenda. No legal Montana business should be shut out of banks or credit unions. I'm glad to work with my colleagues to strengthen this bill and ensure Montana businesses are able to access financial institutions,” said Daines.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:13

Not only has illegal immigration exploded under the Biden administration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fails to track migrants it is supposed to monitor after releasing them in the U.S. Incredibly, the agency created after 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack is not making much of an effort to find the missing foreigners who in thousands of cases were freed despite not providing the agency with a valid domestic address or after furnishing a bogus location including car dealerships, bus stations, restaurants or churches.

Between March 2021 and August 2022, DHS lost track of more than 177,000 migrants inside the country, according to a scathing report issued recently by the DHS Office of Inspector General. The watchdog found that 80% of addresses provided to the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) by migrants were recorded at least two times and 54,000 were simply left blank. More than 780 addresses were used over 20 times and seven were recorded by federal officials over 500 times, apparently without raising any red flags. Some of the addresses were charities or federal government agencies. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) also got trashed in the report for failing to always validate migrant addresses prior to releasing them into communities throughout the United States.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:13

Bad news for team Biden…

A recent NBC News poll revealed just how unpopular the senior President is and it's not pretty.

In addition to Biden's disapproval rating rising to its highest point of his presidency, the poll also revealed the President's popularity is slipping with critical voting blocs.

The Hill has more:

Biden's disapproval rating ticked up to 56 percent, with 41 percent saying they approve. The survey also shows support for Biden slipping with voters aged 18-24, who reported a 46 percent approval rating; Latinos, who reported 43 percent; and independents — who will be key to deciding the general election — at 36 percent.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:12

In recent months, Americans have woken up to the increased danger of foreign espionage. Communist China was caught flying a balloon over the entire country. Later, we discovered that Chinese police were in the country, monitoring Chinese nationals. Coupled with millions of migrants flooding the border, Americans have good reason to worry about national security.

A new story is revealing just how serious the situation is becoming. The Department of Justice just arrested a man. He is being accused of endangering the United States. This man was connected with two federal agencies, with top secret clearance. And this was going on under Joe Biden’s nose.

From Fox News:
The Justice Department announced Thursday that Abraham Lemma, a 50-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen of Ethiopian descent living in Silver Spring, has been charged stemming from his alleged actions while working as a State Department IT administrator and management analyst for the Justice Department.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:11

Judicial Watch announced today it received 90 pages of records from the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, a component of the Department of Justice, in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that detail the extensive apparatus the Biden Justice Department set up to investigate and prosecute January 6 protestors.’’

The documents were uncovered by FOIA lawsuit against the Justice Department and FBI for records related to the death of Ashli Babbitt (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:21-cv-02462)).

A January 25, 2021, confidential draft chart indicates staff assignments. Several “Lead AUSAs” (assistant U.S. attorneys) are listed. One is assigned to “White Nationalist Militias.” Two others are assigned to “Proud Boys.” Another is assigned to “Oath Keepers.”

Posted on: Sep 25 08:07

Prominent pollster Rasmussen announced recently that it cannot produce accurate polls on elections because of the massive amounts of voter fraud occurring in this country. 

Rasmussen will now provide evidence for why they cannot produce their results. 

“Election fraud renders scientific election forecasting worthless. So we will continue to cover all official investigations into it. The question is, why don’t others? And, yes, Arizona and Georgia are mostly Republican controlled,” Rasmussen reported.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:06

Joe Biden is in trouble with black voters going into the 2024 election.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, a poll released Sunday by ABC News and the Washington Post has Trump leading Joe Biden in a 2024 rematch, 52 percent to 42 percent among registered voters.

74% of Americans say the economy is poor. Americans are rejecting the propaganda promoting Joe Biden’s economic agenda dubbed “Bidenomics.”

The economy sucks. Inflation is still high, groceries prices are soaring, mortgage rates are at 20-year highs and gas prices are through the roof.

Blacks and Latinos are jumping ship and abandoning Joe “you ain’t black” Biden.

Also according to the NBC poll, Biden’s approval among black voters is down a whopping 17 points since the first year of his presidency.

Posted on: Sep 25 08:05

Philippine authorities Monday vowed to remove a floating barrier installed by China's coast guard at a disputed lagoon in the South China Sea.

“We condemn the installation of floating barriers by the Chinese coast guard,” Philippine National Security Adviser Eduardo Ano said in a statement Monday.

The Philippines “will take all appropriate actions to cause the removal of the barriers and to protect the rights of our fishermen in the area," Ano said, without elaborating on the specifics.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:56

The use of A.I. was the final sticking point. The writers didn’t want studios to use their work to teach chatbots how to write, feeding A.I. old scripts so the chatbots could generate writing in a similar style.

The writers also worried that studios would ask chatbots to rewrite or refine the first drafts of their work — for scenes or whole shows. “That’s the nightmare scenario,” said John August, who is on the Writers Guild negotiating committee.

The studios had initially said that too much was unknown about the technology, and that the guild would need to wait to discuss it in future contract negotiations.

But over the weekend, the studios proposed a few paragraphs to be inserted into the new contract that addressed a writers’ concern about A.I. and old scripts. The two sides spent several hours negotiating the language on the final night of talks.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:56

The family of a woman who died of a septic abortion are now suing Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas as part of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Alyona Dixon, 24, died on September 28, 2022, less than a week after she sought help from a Planned Parenthood clinic for a medically induced abortion, according to KLAS-TV. Just four days after the visit, she went to St. Rose Dominican's Blue Diamond campus in Las Vegas with what was characterized as a "sharp" lower abdominal pain that had started the day prior.

After a few tests were run, Dixon was discharged on September 26, according to the lawsuit. She was subsequently told to follow up with a gynecologist, and to go to the emergency room if her symptoms worsened.

She ultimately paid the emergency room a visit around 11:00 p.m. on September 27, with reported vaginal bleeding. The physician there described her condition as the following: "abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, severe dehydration, acute renal failure, leukocytosis, sepsis, lactic acidosis, hypokalemia, sinus tachycardia, metabolic acidoses, pulseless electrical activity, respiratory failure.”

Posted on: Sep 25 07:55

A pimp in New York has reportedly admitted to murdering his prostitute girlfriend and sex trafficking eight other women.

Somorie Moses, also known as "Sugar Bear," apparently known for his "extreme violence," reportedly beat Leondra Foster, 32, to death on January 13, 2017. And then he allegedly used a knife and saw to dismember her body, according to Fox News.

Four days after the horrific event, Moses allegedly disposed of the woman's torso and limbs at a sanitation site in Bronx, New York. However, the head, hands, and feet of Foster were discovered by the authorities in a deep freezer at Moses' Brooklyn home.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:53

A former teacher and youth hockey coach in Carlsbad, California was sentenced to almost 16 years in prison after he was found guilty on Tuesday for playing a role in baiting children into sending sexually explicit images and circulated them online.

Daniel Zachary Dasko, 32, reportedly pleaded guilty to one count relating to the distribution of images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct back in April, per KSWB-TV. However, he is currently out on bond and was ordered to report to prison on October 3.

Dasko apparently lured the minors into sharing explicit material by posing as adolescent girls on social media. It was only then that he would prompt them to send the illegal images.

“This defendant is a sexual predator who used his position as a teacher and coach to inform his sexual interests and to target kids for online abuse,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Andrew Haden.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:52

In a story that will have a big impact on the budget debate this week, the CBS News program 60 Minutes broadcast a report Sunday night on U.S. government aid to Ukraine that revealed that in addition to the billions in military aid to help the country defend against Russia’s invasion, the U.S. has spent nearly $25 billion in non-military aid including paying the salaries of Ukraine’s 57,000 first responders and subsidizing small businesses to keep Ukraine’s economy functioning.

60 Minutes correspondent Holly Williams traveled to Ukraine this summer to report on what the U.S. is funding and how it is being accounted for. The report will give ammunition to both sides of the arguments on the U.S. funding Ukraine, however it is pretty clear the report is intended to buttress those supporting funding Ukraine’s war effort.

Joe Biden is facing resistance in Congress to his request for another $26 billion in military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Williams met up with three U.S. Senators while in Ukraine, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and featured late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in the report.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:27

Hundreds of Illegal aliens in El Paso, the majority from Venezuela, will be sleeping in the streets since the shelters are at capacity. Among the illegals sleeping on the streets are innocent children. The shelters are so full that they have literally run out of room.

The Biden Regime doesn’t care. Millions of illegals have poured in since January 2021 when he was installed in the White House. It’s deliberate.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:27

Judicial Watch announced today that it received 29 pages of records through the California Public Records Act that confirm illicit labs owned by Chinese nationals housed biologicals in hazardous and non-compliant conditions, multiple infectious agents, and starving and dead mice. Judicial Watch investigators also uncovered court documents which detail the deplorable conditions at the lab (which conducted “COVID” research), including photos of dead mice.

The documents were produced by the Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) in response to a request for:

Records and / or communications maintained by the Fresno County Public Health Department, including emails, email chains, email attachments, text messages, meeting minutes, interviews, voice recordings, video recordings, photographs, correspondence, statements, letters, memoranda, reports, briefings, affidavits, inspections, presentations, notes, or other form of record, regarding Prestige BioTech and Universal Meditech Inc.

Prestige Biotech reportedly runs Universal Meditech, Inc.

The records show that, on May 31, 2023, Dr. Rais Vohra, then-interim health officer for the Fresno County Department of Public Health, had issued an order to Prestige to close its operations in Reedley, CA, and clean up dangerous materials at the site:

This Order is issued as a result of the City of Reedley’s attempts at gathering authorized representative contact information, repeated requests of complete lists of biologicals present, and an inspection pursuant to Health Officer Order dated April 21, 2023, which revealed biologicals in hazardous and non-compliant conditions, the presence of multiple infectious agents and pursuant to Title 17 California Code of Regulations Section 2500, and multiple City of Reedley building and fire code violations, including but not limited to, failing refrigeration, and documented out of compliance electrical additions.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:26

A Nigerian scientist has lashed out at projects backed by the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros, who are using Africa to secretly test unproven vaccines and experiment with dangerous technology, killing and maiming millions of people in the process.

Gates has a long history of disastrous medical trials in Africa, most recently involving children who were paralyzed by vaccine-derived polio linked to the new nOPV2 polio vaccine developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi, who announced the news in March this year.

Bill Gates also recently announced plans to force-jab every single African child with a new dangerous meningitis-causing vaccine.

Gates has also supported technology in which particles would be spread in the atmosphere to block sunlight from reaching the surface of the planet, as noted by Forbes. In February, Soros lent his support to a project using solar geoengineering to reflect more sunlight back into space, according to Fortune.

However, Chukwumerije Okereke, director of the Center for Climate Change and Development at Alex Ekwueme Federal University in Nigeria, said these concepts should not be tried out using Africa as a giant petri dish.

Posted on: Sep 25 07:06

Representative Clardy of the Texas House of Representatives, is the living definition of a hypocrite. He voted against school choice in Texas and claimed there was no wokeness in his district. Turns out he sends his kids to private school, is funded by teacher’s unions, and his district’s schools are filled with wokeness. 

We decided to do a deep dive into the schools in his district and we found very disturbing content so we reached out to Rep. Clardy for comment and his thoughts on forcing children to attend failing public schools where they are subjected to this material. His response was bizarre on many levels. We will detail it all below so get ready for a wild ride!

Posted on: Sep 25 07:05