"It is very difficult to maintain any kind of a 'common cause' with a Federal government which appears to have lost all common sense." -- Claire K. Rivero

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Posted on: Mar 23 17:22

A study conducted by scientists from several respected institutions across Germany & Switzerland has discovered that 1 in every 99 Covid-19 vaccination children aged 5 and under require emergency care or hospitalisation.

The scientists also found that the risk of children requiring emergency care or hospitalisation following Covid-19 vaccination was 117% higher than the average risk following vaccination with any other type of vaccine.

Posted on: Mar 23 14:23

Secretive data, strangely given to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) by the Australian Government confirms the first 38 weeks of the year 2021 saw a shocking 1,452% increase in excess deaths following the rollout of the Covid-19 injections compared to the same period in 2020.

Unfortunately, as the months passed, the situation only worsened.

By 2022, the nation was hit by a devastating blow, with a shocking 5,162% increase in excess deaths in the first 38 weeks of the year following the repeat rollout of the Covid-19 injections compared to the first 38 weeks of 2020, at the alleged height of the pandemic.

But instead of the people of Australia being in shock and disbelief at this devastating increase in excess deaths, they are carrying on with their lives, none the wiser as to what has happened.


Because their Government and their Mainstream Media refuse to tell them the truth and instead fill their heads with propaganda and lies on a daily basis.

Posted on: Mar 23 14:21

New York City Family Devastated After Shelter Euthanized Their Dog Just Hours After it Was Lost

Posted on: Mar 23 14:18

DNA Test Results Are In For 'Mystery Animal' Rescued By Texas Cops

Posted on: Mar 23 14:17

You Might Be Unprepared To See What an Offspring of a French Bulldog and a Husky Looks Like

Posted on: Mar 23 14:16

Pennsylvania Woman Fatally Mauled By Neighbor's Dogs She Had Gone Over To Feed

Posted on: Mar 23 14:16

A former end-of-life caretaker from Great Britain has come forward to blow the whistle about how authorities at the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) blatantly lied about covid deaths in order to inflate the covid numbers as part of the psy-op plandemic.

While previous to covid there were four different types of pneumonia that comprised the primary cause of death in the UK, that number was reduced to zero after the “pandemic” was declared, we now know. Instead, a newly implemented Medical Examiner System for death certifications instructed medical personnel to categorize all pneumonia deaths as “covid,” which is how the covid death numbers eventually grew into the millions both in the UK and all around the world.

Posted on: Mar 23 13:50

It may come as no surprise that people who wish to mutilate their genitals are experiencing some type of mental illness, but one study shows just how strong the need for psychological help is among people seeking sex reassignment surgery.

Researchers at the Iran University of Medical Sciences found that 81 percent of people who say they are transgender are experiencing major personality disorders.

According to the study, 57.1 percent of transgender individuals have narcissistic personality disorder, while the overall average number of psychiatric diagnoses for transgender patients is three.

The study concluded: “Personality disorders are common in patients with Gender Identity Disorder who are candidates for sex reassignment. As a result, the assessment of Personality disorders before sex reassignment surgery and offering psychological and medical intervention care, if needed, is strongly suggested.”

Posted on: Mar 23 13:45

The latest casualty of the ESG implosion is Amazon, with over 9000 layoffs announced this past week, along with cuts being made to various Amazon subsidiaries including the Twitch video streaming service popular with gamers.  The San Francisco based company has an extensive and ugly history of EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) measures that have greatly influenced its hiring practices as well as its censorship practices.  The platform is notorious for its crackdown on content that runs contrary to their social justice sensibilities.   

Posted on: Mar 23 13:33

Amid the justifiably shocked outcry from Credit Suisse junior debtors, who saw their entire AT1 debt tranche wiped out before the equity was fully impaired, violating every conventional liquidation waterfall, on Thursday Swiss financial regulator Finma has defended its decision to wipe out a huge swath of risky subordinated bonds as part of the Credit Suisse rescue deal even as an army of bondholders is preparing to sue the Swiss government.

Sunday's shocking bail-in, which rendered $17BN of investments worthless, has become one of the most controversial elements of the shotgun marriage between Credit Suisse and its larger rival, UBS, brokered by Swiss authorities. Just hours after the deal was announced, other large market regulators began to distance themselves from the decision, fearful that it would endanger banks’ ability to raise capital in the future.

Meanwhile, enraged bondholders have pledged to sue the Swiss government and Finma over the matter the FT reported

Posted on: Mar 23 13:28

A mostly 3D-printed rocket, measuring 110 feet high, blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Wednesday night and encountered a mid-flight problem preventing it from reaching orbit.

Launch startup Relativity Space Inc.'s Terran 1 is the first of its kind with an 85% 3D-printed structure. A live stream of the launch showed the two-stage rocket failed to ignite its upper-stage engine that would've propelled the rocket into orbit. 

Relativity launch director Clay Walker confirmed an "anomaly" occurred with the rocket's upper-stage engine.

Posted on: Mar 23 13:25

The CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, was questioned by Senator Rand Paul about his company’s knowledge of the vaccines’ myocarditis risk during a Senate Committee hearing about Covid vaccine price increases.


Posted on: Mar 23 13:05