"The very least that scammers, politicians and governments could do it seems to me is not insult the public’s intelligence with lies which wouldn’t pass muster in a primary school detention." -- Frank Haviland

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A reclusive tribe in the Amazon finally got hooked up to the internet, thanks to Elon Musk — only to be torn apart by social media and pornography addiction, elders complain.

Brazil’s 2,000-member Marubo tribe has been left bitterly divided by the arrival of the Tesla founder’s Starlink service nine months ago, which connected the remote rainforest community along the Ituí River to the web for the first time.

Hackers Demand CDK Pay Millions In Ransom To End Auto-Dealer Cyberattack Ladylove

Hackers Demand CDK Pay Millions In Ransom To End Auto-Dealer Cyberattack

by Tyler Durden

Saturday, Jun 22, 2024 - 03:40 PM

An urgent warning has been issued to all the 400 million Outlook users after an bug was uncovered that lets enables email spoofing - a cybercriminal activity where someone impersonates another.

Over 15,000 auto dealerships nationwide face major disruptions due to an ongoing cyberattack for the third day, shutting down their backend management systems. This has halted sales for some dealers and forced others to complete transactions the old-fashioned way: by hand. 

Authored by Riley Waggaman via Off-Guardian.org,

As expected, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was the hottest anti-globalist multipolar traditional RETVRN values conference of 2024 - possibly of all-time.

When Joe Biden entered office, some taxpayers were worried. The career politician was likely going to use his power to pass massive spending bills that would burn up tax dollars but may not actually achieve anything tangible. And many say this is exactly what happened: Biden’s administration has spent trillions of dollars within the last few years.

And we could ask, what do we have for that? Well, it seems we’ve got, among other things, a wide open border, raging crime, rampant inflation, and two wars overseas.

Meta has identified another reason AI might produce rubbish output: Hardware faults that corrupt data. As noted in a paper emitted last week and a June 19 write-up, hardware faults can corrupt data. No prizes for Meta there – phenomena such as "bit flips" that see data values changed from zero to one are well known and have even been attributed to cosmic rays hitting memory or hard disks. Meta labels such "undetected" hardware faults – we'll assume they mean errors that aren't caught and dealt with on the fly – as "silent data corruptions" (SDCs).

President Joe Biden’s expensive promises to build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations and provide high-speed internet to rural Americans have largely gone unfulfilled. Despite allocating $7.5 billion for EV stations and over $42 billion for rural internet, progress has been minimal.