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Ben Shapiro on Friday defended every member of Congress having an AIPAC Babysitter by claiming said babysitters are not "handlers" but "just constituents" who "agree with the cause of AIPAC" and lobby on their behalf.

"The people that, for example, Thomas Massie is talking about, those are just constituents who actually agree with the cause of AIPAC and then lobby his office -- that's not a handler," Shapiro said.

Shapiro also excoriated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for suggesting that "AIPAC is in control of the United States Congress."

Dirty FOX News Polling Is at It Again Shamelessly Setting the Table for Another Potential Joe Biden Steal MikeRivero

On Thursday FOX News released another of its notoriously fraudulent polls.

In this latest fake news poll, FOX News insists that Joe Biden is leading Trump with rural voters, who he vehemently loathes.

Webmaster addition: I live in a white rural area and I can count the number of Biden voters on one hand ... and have a finger left over!

Before we get into this abysmal segment, let’s not forget that this network is doing its job: keeping liberal blood pressures low by feeding the sheep grade-A liberal propaganda. It’s not a shock that MSNBC host Joy Reid and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) would label the rape of a minor by an illegal alien as “fearmongering.” 

The Supreme Court has an opportunity to save free speech and, ultimately, free elections in America. At the end of June, two cases regulating social media and government speech censorship are on the docket. 

The highest court in the land will be focused on cases from Missouri and Texas that aim to prevent social media outlets and the Biden Administration from censoring and banning users based on their political views.

Democracy Just Died a Painful Death in California Ladylove

Democracy Just Died a Painful Death in California

The true architects of societal wisdom—the elders who historically guided younger generations through life’s complexities—have been marginalized. In their place, ideologues wield influence, lacking the sagacity essential for balanced governance and cultural cohesion. This shift represents a broader loss of wisdom in American culture, supplanted by biases and prejudice.

Throughout history, the longevity of elders was synonymous with wisdom.