"There is a fourth function of money: as a means of social control."
- William Michael Cunningham Economist & Author

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Americas Housing Market Is In A Deep Freeze alexmark

This is a very bad time for those that work in the real estate industry.  Thanks to the Federal Reserve, mortgage rates are much higher than they were a couple of years ago, and this has deeply frozen America’s housing market.  Millions upon millions of U.S. homeowners are currently paying off fixed rate mortgages that were financed when mortgage rates were at historic lows.  If you are one of those homeowners, selling your current home and buying another home that will come with a mortgage at a much higher rate would be very painful financially.

Are they going to bankrupt or what? alexmark

After (unexpectedly) tumbling in March, existing home sales were expected to rise modestly (+0.8% MoM) in April. Analysts were wrong as March’s data was revised marginally up from -4.3% MoM to -3.7% MoM and April printed -1.9% MoM (a big miss). That left existing home sales down 1.9% YoY…


Many historians believe, as do I, that the happiest period of history in the Christian West was during the High Middle Ages within the towns that had grown up most notably within Germany, Italy, France, and England.

Probably the most accessible chronicle of what life was like then may be found in Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales.”

West's Plan to Seize Russian Assets: "Legal Loophole or Theft?" MikeRivero

In a recent interview to the Sputnik's Fault Lines podcast, international relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda discussed the West's controversial plan to utilize the interest accrued on frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine.

Sleboda explained that Western governments, facing legal challenges in outright seizing Russian assets, have decided to use the interest generated from these assets. This strategy, they believe, exposes them to less legal liability.

The property of US-linked entities in Russia could face seizure in response to any confiscation of Russian assets by the US government, according to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

The US and its allies have frozen some $300 billion in Russian sovereign assets due to the Ukraine conflict. Western nations are devising ways to use the funds to help Kiev’s war effort against Moscow.