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The UK government implemented various lockdowns and restrictions in response to the covid “pandemic.” To visualise these responses, the Institute for Government – which “helps those working in government to improve it, and those outside government to understand and engage with it” – published an infographic in December 2022. “I was hoping to see their follow-up, showing what a splendid job they had done in terms of actual mortality reduction,” Joel Smalley writes. However, it appears this is not the case. So, Smalley did his own.
The future of Britain’s oil and gas industry has been thrown into doubt after a landmark decision by the Supreme Court that found emissions from burning fossil fuels must be considered when approving new drilling sites.
According to research by DeclassifiedUK, approximately 180 current Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK have received money from Israel Lobby groups or individuals.
The BBC's decision to ban Reform UK and Nigel Farage - second in the polls – from tonight's Question Time and shunt him to a programme with the Greens next week is an utter disgrace. It's no coincidence that he's the leader calling for the licence fee to be abolished. DEFUND IT!

The Hinduja family, owners of the multinational conglomerate Hinduja Group, have topped the 2024 Sunday Times Rich List, becoming recognized as the richest family in the UK.

Originally from India, the Hinduja relocated their businesses to London back in 1979, steadily expanding its global presence until they became worth an estimated £37bn ($47bn).

Their business operations span 48 countries across various sectors: oil, chemicals, IT, cyber security, automotive, healthcare, trading, infrastructure, media, property, and power.

Just Stop Oil activists have defaced Stonehenge the day before the Summer Solstice in an act of vandalism to raise awareness on climate change. As seen in dramatic images from the Unesco World Heritage site in Wiltshire, the stones have been daubed with orange powder paint in what the protest group calls "megalithic action" to demand the UK to drop fossil fuels in a matter of years.
Party leaders will take part in the two-hour episode hosted by Fiona Bruce - but the Reform UK leader has not been invited to attend. Confirmed participants in the Thursday, June 20 special are Tory PM Rishi Sunak, Labour leader Keir Starmer, John Swinney for the Scottish National Party and Ed Davey for the Liberal Democrats. Despite a concerted campaign by the Reform UK leader, Mr Farage will not take part in the main leaders’ Question Time debate this Thursday.