"Political correctness is the religion of sheep." -- Michael Rivero

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Global government is the endgame. We know that.

Total control of every aspect of life for every single person on the planet, that’s the goal.

That’s been apparent to anyone paying attention for years, if not decades, and any tiny portion of remaining doubt was removed when Covid was rolled-out and members of the establishment started outright saying it.

Democratic Senators have dismissed both impeachment charges against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and blocked a historic trial over his role the border crisis.

President Biden's border chief escaped an investigation and first impeachment of a cabinet secretary in 150 years after the Senate voted along party lines to kill both articles.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D-Colo.) has announced a new spending package that will fund the hordes of illegal aliens flooding into the state, including cutting the city police department’s budget by $8 million in order to support illegals.

An Indiana National Guard member reportedly shot an illegal immigrant who stabbed another unlawful immigrant at the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to an internal Border Patrol bulletin obtained by News Nation, a member of the Indiana National Guard discharged his weapon at an illegal alien, stabbing another illegal immigrant on U.S. soil near the edge of the Rio Grande River.

A couple of weeks ago, President Trump in a radio in Michigan raised the issue of immigration’s contribution to crime:

The presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee sat down with West Michigan Live with Justin Barclay on Monday to talk about ”Biden migrant crime“ and promised to deliver the “largest deportation in history“ if he is returned to the White House in November.

The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project posted an image on X of what they say is a flyer from a non-governmental organization operating in Mexico encouraging migrants to vote for President Biden once they arrive in the United States.

"Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open," part of the flyer read. 

Yesterday, Shai Davidai, an Israeli professor at Columbia Business School, posted a thread on X with video of anti-Israel protests in New York that disturbed him. 

Of course, many of these anti-Israel protestors were Muslim immigrants. Ironically, Professor Davidai published a study a couple of years ago, arguing that immigration wasn't zero-sum, and so Americans need not worry about demographic change. It appears that he was wrong.