"I have come to the conclusion that the government, rather than representing the best and brightest among us, is just a High School rich kids clique all grown up." -- Michael Rivero

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Swedes will be 'sent to their deaths' if they join NATO, Russia's ambassador to Stockholm has warned in a tirade of attacks on the Nordic nation.

Viktor Tatarintsev claimed in a statement on the Russian embassy's website that Sweden and neighbour Finland would both face 'retaliatory measures', including 'military ones', if they join the international military alliance.

Over one year ago, on March 11, 2022REUTERS reported that, “The World Health Organization advised Ukraine to destroy high-threat pathogens housed in the country's public health laboratories to prevent "any potential spills" that would spread disease among the population.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has pledged that Beijing is willing to become the first nuclear-armed state to sign a treaty that makes Southeast Asia a nuclear weapons-free zone, The South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.


The President of the USA Joseph Biden has repeatedly visited the USSR and Russia during his almost half-century political career. On January 15, 1988, a meeting was held between Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Andrei Gromyko and American Senator Biden in the Kremlin. It was mainly devoted to the upcoming ratification of the Soviet-American treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles.

The Russian state media covered the meeting, emphasizing the Kremlin’s position on the signing of the treaty:

A large-scale command-and-staff exercise of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, involving more than 3,000 servicemen, began in Russia on Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists.

The exercise will involve the Omsk Missile Formation and the Novosibirsk Missile Formation, equipped with mobile Yars launchers.

"Overall, the exercise will involve over 3,000 servicemen and about 300 items of military hardware. A commission of the Strategic Missile Forces’ command will assess cohesion among the personnel fulfilling their tasks," the ministry said.

The Ukraine war has become a game of resources. Both the Russians and the West (the US and NATO) are throwing in vast amounts of munitions, armor, aircraft and manpower. Both sides are concerned about the galloping consumption of assets. Each would like to shock the other into quitting. Both are saber rattling. But only one appears to be saber rattling with nuclear weapons – risking an escalation that would devastate Europe.

Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, head of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops, noted that only members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are known to regularly use armor-piercing tank rounds containing depleted uranium, most notably during the Iraq War, when the United States used at least 300 tons of depleted uranium. “As a result, the radiation situation in the city of Fallujah was much worse than in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear bombings by the United States,” said Kirillov.